Ava and the Cocky Jock

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Jonathan was playing his freshman year at college and just like during his high school day, his mother Ava was attending the games to cheer on the team. The team had a few games already played when Mike suddenly joined the team. Mike was playing in the outfield and was very good.

As Ava waited for her son to come around, she saw Mike loading up his bag off to the side of the dugout and decided to welcome him to the team. As she approached, Mike glanced up at her, immediately noticing how attractive she was, but wasn’t quick to show it.

“That was a good catch you made earlier today, and 2 RBIs too. Very impressive.” Ava said as she approached.

“I was just taking it easy out there. We had these guys beat already.” Mike said not looking at her yet as he continued to load his bats and gear into the long duffel bag.

Ava smirked at his confidence. “I haven’t seen you here before, how long have you been attending school?”

Mike stood up and shouldered his bag. “I haven’t…not here anyway. I just transferred this week from Texas.”

“I see,” Ava continued. “My name is Mrs. Holder, I am Jonathan’s mother and one of the team moms. He’s the catcher, you know. Where are your parents?”

“I am Mike, but people call me Ace,” he said, dusting off his hand and offering it. “My folks are still in Texas, you probably won’t see much of them.”

Ava offered her hand gently. “Well welcome to the Cyclones, Mike. Since your folks aren’t around, you should feel free to contact a team mom if you need something like a ride or a home cooked meal. And you can count on us to always be here at the games rooting you on as well.”

“Is that what the team mom’s do? That’s cool I guess. I don’t need a ride though, I just live a few blocks away in tenant housing. You don’t look old enough to be a mom though, you look more like a woman I would date.” Mike rubbed his thumb over her hand before releasing it, looking directly into her eyes as he spoke.

Ava cackled, embarrassed by his flirtation as Jonathan approached. He rolled his eyes and spoke curtly. “I will be in the car.”

Ava turned to him and called out, “I guess you have met Mike?” she said cheerily.

“Yeah, we have met,” he grumbled.

Ava smiled nervously at Mike, feeling sheepish about her son’s behavior. “Sorry about that.”

Mike had taken the opportunity to steal a glance at her legs and chest and raised his head back to her eyes as she turned away from Jonathan. He shrugged and blew it off. “You and the other moms ought to get some shorts and t shirts with our colors on them, so we can see you in the stands more easily. Maybe you could even work on a cheer together.”

“That is a great idea, Mike. I will pass that on, thanks.” And with that she turned away to the car to join her son who was already getting into the car. Mike watched her walk away and wondered if she always swayed her hips like that or if she was just giving him a show.

At the next game, Ava was in the stands wearing yellow, shimmering shorts and a red V-neck tee shirt with white trimming, as were some of the other moms. Mike hit a homer this time and everyone stood up and cheered as he added another RBI to his stats.

After the game, as Ava walked around to meet Jonathan, she saw Mike again. “Congratulations, Mike,” she smiled as she walked by.

“Thanks” he beamed.

Ava stopped and spun back around. “Are you going home for July fourth weekend?”

“No, I haven’t any plans.”

“Well, Jonathan’s dad is coming over and we are having a cookout. You can come over if you like.”

“Oh yeah? That might sound good. How about I give you my number and you remind me about it later?”

Ava approached him and retrieved her phone from her cloth shopping bag, then added his digits as he stated them to her, then sent him a text so he would have hers. “Don’t worry about bringing anything, we will have plenty.” she said.

“It was cool to see you in our colors today,” Mike continued. “I looked for you as I came around third.”

“Oh, well, I am glad you were inspired.” Ava replied.

“Definitely so, I can do a lot out there on the field with the right motivation, if you know what I mean.” Mike said with a cock sure attitude.

“Is that so?” Ava grinned. “Well, we might have to test that out sometime. I will call you later.” and she moved on to meet Jonathan.

Jonathan saw his mother leaving Mike and how Mike was leering over her as she walked. “What are you talking about with Asshole?” he spat.

Ava laughed, “Is that what you guys call him, Ace the Asshole?”

“I am sure as hell never going to call him Ace, he is such an arrogant ass. He thinks he knows everything and is so good. It pisses a lot of us off. I don’t think he gets that this is a team sport.”

“I didn’t know. I kind of feel bad now, I invited him to our upcoming cookout.”

“Mom! Are you kidding me? Oh man!” Jonathan spun around on his cleats and marched off the field to the car, not saying another word until he got home.

In the car, Ava defended herself. “He is here all alone canlı bahis without family. I feel bad for him, you know?”

A few days later, Ava called Mike to give him the address to the house, but he didn’t answer so she left a message telling him when and where the cookout would be and volunteered her estranged husband to pick him up. A few hours later, she received a picture text from Mike. He was shirtless and posing. ‘Thanks, I will be there, don’t need a ride from him. : ) ‘

Ava blushed a bit. Was he really coming on to her like this or was she just misinterpreting the text? The picture was definitely meant to impress her, but what about the part of the “ride from him”? Was that some kind of double entendre? Later that night, while lying in bed, she found herself touching her feminine parts as she looked at the picture again. As she reached over into her nightstand drawer and retrieved her vibrator, she fantasied about being in the arms of a younger man, pleasuring herself before falling into a restful sleep.

The question burned in her mind as the days went by and she thought she had better end whatever it was Mike was trying to do before things got out of hand. She replied to his text. ‘I don’t think that picture was appropriate. Let’s try to be a little more respectful in the future.’ She took a deep breath and hit send then waited. But no reply was ever sent back to her.

At the next game, she wore the new team mom uniform again and watched Jonathan play a really good game. When she saw Mike, she couldn’t help but imagine those young rippling muscles under his shirt as he got on base again this time. She hoped she wouldn’t think about that again as she sought him out after the game. Mike was already walking across the park field towards home when she caught up with him. “Mike? Are you still coming over for the cookout this weekend?”

“Huh?” Mike said in surprise, turning to see Ava trotting his direction. He noticed the way her ample breasts swayed as she did. “Oh yeah, definitely so, why wouldn’t I?”

Ava closed her eyes and shook her head a little trying to dislodge the thought. “I …just wasn’t sure since you didn’t reply to my last message.”

Mike laughed. “That’s not the first time a MILF has told me to behave myself, it’s cool, really.”

Ava was stunned. “I am not sure that calling me a MILF is quite the respect I was looking for, but …thanks…for the compliment?” she trailed off.

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed. “See you on Sunday.” as he continued out of the park.

That Sunday, Ava put on a loose fitting pastel dress and pinned her hair up to keep her neck cool. It was going to be a hot day. Jason, her husband, was already in the back yard, preparing brats, ribs and chicken on the grill and waiting for Ava to bring out the corn and beans. Jason and Ava had been living apart for almost two years now, but were on friendly terms. Divorce was probably inevitable, but neither of them knew how soon that would be.

The door bell ring and she called for Jonathan to get the door. She could here him growling in displeasure as he welcomed his teammate into the house. Jonathan left him standing alone as Ava came down the stairs, putting in her last earring as she did.

“I am glad you could make it, Michael.” she smiled at him.

“Me too,” he said as he pulled out a thin vase from behind his back with a few Gerber daisies in it. “Although, I was hoping to see you dressed a little more casually.”

“You don’t like it?” she held out the hem of the skirt wide and swayed back and forth to show it off.

“I would really like to see you some daisy duke shorts.” he stated frankly.

Ava gulped nervously and giggled. “Why don’t you go outside and sit with John and his dad? You might have to introduce yourself though, Jonathan isn’t using his best manners today.” as she took the flowers from him and placed them on the buffet in the foyer. She watched him go outside through the sliding screen door then went back upstairs to change.

A while later, she came out onto the deck carrying a plate of corn on the cob still in the husk and a pot full of beans. She approached Jason who looked at her but didn’t react to her outfit, assuming she was just trying to stay cool. She was wearing a pair of jeans that had been cut very short, the bottoms of the pockets showed a little as she would sit. Her top was a halter, not too revealing in the chest, but held up by thin straps that didn’t cover her bra straps at all.

“Mom, do you think that is appropriate clothing when we have a guest?” Jonathan glared, looking up from his cell phone. Mike was situated on the other side of the table, definitely eye banging his mother. “What was wrong with the dress you had on?”

“I just decided it was too hot, alright? Quit embarrassing me.” she scolded. Her ex-husband joined in.

“Why don’t you both quit arguing and embarrassing Mike?” he commanded. He looked over his shoulder at Mike, “Sorry, bud.” Jonathan stood up and walked back inside, muttering a final complaint about her ass hanging out of the shorts.

The bahis siteleri three stayed on the porch visiting and cooking, getting to know each other a little better until the food was done. Jonathon came back outside to eat but didn’t say much and quickly went back indoors afterward. Ava helped clear off the table and Jason scrubbed down the grill before retiring into the living room with Jonathan to watch a baseball game on television. Ava then returned outside and sat under the umbrella in a chair close to Mike.

“I am sorry about our little squabble earlier.” Ava started.

Mike shrugged it off and leaned onto the table, allowing himself a closer view into her cleavage. Ava was wearing a demi bra and he was sure that if her shirt was just a little lower, he would be able to see an aerola. “It’s no big thing, it was worth it to see you take up my suggestion. Why did you do it?”

Ava was embarrassed by the question but tried to sound confident. “I guess I was flattered by your attention and thought I would give you a thrill. But don’t make too much of it. After all, I am still a married woman.”

“Right, but one that doesn’t wear her ring anymore. And judging by the lack of concern your husband shows, I think it is safe to say that this isn’t the home of Ward Cleaver.”

Ava opened up another beer. “No, you are quite right. Jason and I haven’t been living together for a long time now.”

Mike glanced over his shoulder and then lowered his voice. “That’s cool, ’cause I would really like to see more of you, Ava. One thing I like about those shorts on women is that you can almost see their panties, that is …unless they are wearing a thong or nothing at all.” he added with a hopeful grin.

Ava raised her eyebrows at his inquisition. “I don’t know about that myself, I suppose since you showed me yours, I could show you mine.” as she stood up, thinking about his picture text earlier. She walked over to the other end of the deck near the grill and peeked through the door. The other men were still watching TV. She took a deep breath and then bent over, pretending to pick something up. Mike was already up and crept up behind her, bending slightly to look, he could see a little of her pink fabric peeking out between her thighs. He got behind her and slid a hand through the leg opening and over her exposed cheek, squeezing it firmly as she shot upright again, spinning around and pushing him off.

“What the fuck, Mike?” she hissed.

He took a step back, hands up in front of him, giggling loudly. “Hey, I just couldn’t resist!”

“I think it is time for you to leave,” she replied sternly, crossing her arms over her chest, denying him any last look at her augmented 34Ds. He smirked and nodded, turning towards the patio door.

As he walked past the living room, he paused and said a cordial farewell. “Thanks for the invite, guys. See you on the ball field Jonathan.” Jason stood up and walked over to shake hands once again, Jonathan only raised his hand and didn’t take his eyes off the TV.

Later that evening after Jason had left and Ava was getting ready for bed, her phone buzzed. It was a text message from Mike. “I had a great time today, hope to see more of you later.” Ava rolled her eyes and set the phone down and returned to the routine of getting ready for bed. A few minutes later her phone buzzed again. This time it was a picture text from Mike. In it was a picture of his lower torso and waist. He was wearing very tight briefs underwear and the swell of his penis was very noticeable. ‘Thought I would show you mine since you showed me yours’ was all the message said.

“Uh!” she muttered aloud, placing the phone in quiet mode before setting the phone down again. She wished he would quit teasing and taunting her. She couldn’t deny there was some wicked attraction she had for him, but he was not taking the hint to back off. She slipped into bed and tried to drift off to sleep, but her mind was clouded by the brazen touch of the young man at the cookout that day. In the morning, as she stirred awake, she fantasized about him undressing her there on the porch and pushing her roughly over the patio table, shoving her panties into her mouth to keep her quiet while he fucked her even while her husband and son sat unaware in the house. She awoke feeling very horny and wet.

After her shower, she got into her bra and panties and began to apply her makeup when her phone signaled that she had email. As she cleared off the message from a retailer, she noticed that there was another text message from Mike that must have arrived after she muted her phone.

‘Aren’t you into sexting? Where’s my pic?’

Ava sat down looking at his picture again. It was unbelievable what young people were into nowadays. ‘Sexting? Did he really forget how old I am?’ She pondered this for a moment then threw caution to the wind. Standing in front of the mirror, she took several pictures of herself in the same fashion as he had; waist down to the thighs, showing off her bikini Pink underwear. Some of the pictures she used a mirror and others she took directly. bahis şirketleri It took a lot more time than she expected since she used multiple angles and poses, not sure whether she wanted to show more or less of her ass. She eventually decided on a pose taken from an angle that profiled the side of her thigh and some of the front of her panties. She placed the picture into the text message and then paused. Should she really do this? He seemed to take every inch she conceded to him and push the limits.

She looked at the picture again. Ava had to admit, she looked pretty good for her age, even if her breasts weren’t natural, the rest of her had retained its shape with a little care at the gym and good eating habits. Her thumb hovered over the send button until the sensor felt the presence and registered the command. She closed her mouth tightly thinking to herself, “No turning back now.” She returned to the task of getting dressed.

A few hours passed before Mike contacted her again, asking if she were free to talk. A few minutes later her phone rang. “I didn’t think you would actually do it” was the first thing he said.

“And good morning to you too” she replied half hearted.

“I have taken a few more of myself and am sending them to you now,” he continued. “I want to see more of you too.”

“Yeah, right. So you can black mail me later or post them to the internet? I don’t think so.”

“Alright, so how about a little more in person then? I want to see those panties up close and personal.”

“After the last time we were together, I don’t know that I could trust you to keep your hands to yourself.”

“Come on, what do I have to do? Sing you a song?” he complained.

The picture arrived on her phone and she put him on hold to look at them. There were two pictures of him. The first showed him from the knees up, naked except for his ball cap, which he as wearing cocked to the side. The second was a close up of his erection, which he held in one hand at the base and extended away from his body. Ava, who wasn’t a saint during her unmarried years and had seen plenty of man meat, was impressed.

After unmuting the call, Mike said, “What do you think? That was showing a lot more than I am asking for.” Point taken, she mused.

“Alright, I tell you what. If you can get three RBI’s this weekend, I will let you see my panties up close and personal.” Ava challenged.

“Oh, it’s on woman, that’s just the kind of motivation I need.” The two talked and teased each other for a few minutes more before hanging up.

At the game that weekend, Ava was again in her school colors, but the shorts were a little more athletic cut this time and showed more skin. She cheered happily as she watched Jonathan’s game play improving, but was a little more reserved when Mike was up to bat.

And each time Mike approached the base, he searched the stands for his inspiration and smiled and one time even extended his bat towards the fences, Babe Ruth style. He scored a double, an infield home run and a sacrifice; four RBI’s in total. Ava would have been mortified, but she had a plan.

She didn’t stick around this time, instead waiting for Jonathan in the car. Her phone buzzed and she looked to see another picture of Mike’s junk with the message, “Hammer time! I be pounding for those panties.” Oh my gosh, she wondered aloud. Is he even careful about where he is when he sends these? She rolled down the window and tried to scan the park for him but only saw Jonathan approaching. As he got in the car, she started the engine praising his play and taking a short spin around the park to look for Mike. He could now be seen walking home and she assumed he must have sent it as he walked. Jonathan didn’t notice her quick glance towards Mike as he talked about their chances to make the playoffs.

Early the next day, Ava got into her car and drove over to Mike’s small apartment. It was an old two story home that had been converted into three apartments. She pulled out her phone to confirm his address, then slipped a package into his mailbox. Then called his phone while she drove away. It was early enough that he wasn’t awake yet, as she suspected. “Hey sleepy head, you will want to check your mailbox before the mailman does” was all she said. She laughed all the way home.

As Ava started to make dinner that night, she got a text message from Mike. ‘Good one Ava.’ She imagined Mike opening the package to find a pair of her panties therein. She had to contain her laughter so that Jonathan wouldn’t be suspicious.

After dinner, Ava went for a walk in the neighborhood. Her phone buzzed and she opened it; there was a picture text from Mike. He was holding up the panties and smelling the crotch. She smiled. The panties were cleaned but she had sprayed them with her perfume. Another picture arrive; this one was more humorous and the panties were on his head with one eye looking from the leg hole. A final picture arrived, this time the panties were dangling from his erection. She felt the heat stirring in her capris pants as she looked upon his man hood again. He always seemed to get the better of her. A text message followed. ‘I might have to wash these after tonight, lol’. She was satisfied however she had gotten the best of him for once and continued on her walk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20