Ava’s Insatiable Itch

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This story contains incest between consenting adults. It is a quick scene based on characters I created for a three-chapter series called, “Ava’s Immoral Soul.” If you would like to read more about Ava and Rob, check that out!




“Please, daddy. I want you inside of me…”

Rob groans as he wakes up, loath to leave the erotic dream his sleeping brain lovingly crafted for him. In the dream, his curvy daughter was rubbing his tingling cock, begging him to fuck her.

It had been a good dream. No wonder he didn’t want to wake up.

Disoriented, he turns his head to look at the bedside clock. Its softly illuminated numbers shine the time: 2:27am. Behind the clock, his sleep-gummed eyes spy swirling snowflakes beyond the window. Screw you, storm, he thinks disjointedly, imagining the torment his back will endure in six hours when he has to shovel the driveway.

But for now, at least, he is warm and cozy in his bed. Beneath the blankets his arms and legs feel heavy and sluggish, and for that matter, so do his eyelids. He is drifting off again when the door to his bedroom creaks, jarring his consciousness back from the depths to focus on his surroundings.

Faint footsteps are muffled by the plush carpet, just barely audible. Dread begins to spike the tiredness in his veins and he draws in a steadying breath, only to catch a familiar whiff of shampoo and sex.


A moment later his blankets are moving, drawn to the side as his daughter slides onto the bed beside him. Rob keeps his eyes closed, measuring his breaths to maintain a façade of sleep. He wishes his cock would play dead, too, but it was already at half-staff when he woke up and shows no sign of relenting now.


Her voice is little more than an expulsion of breath; testing him, he realizes, to see if he’s awake. Rob says nothing, waiting to see what his behaviorally-challenged daughter is up to. He doesn’t have to wait long to find out.

Ava’s hand rests lightly on his chest, the tips of her fingers brushing gently through the hair. “Are you awake?” He is glad that his head is turned away from her, that she cannot see the way he struggles to remain still as her hand drifts lower, smoothing down his abdomen towards his stirring cock.

“Don’t be mad, daddy,” she breathes, gripping the half-stiff pole in her skillful hand. He hears her moan, pleased with the state she found it in. “Ooh, that’s it. Get hard for me.” It is hard to deny his daughter anything, even when he’s supposed to be sleeping. As she slowly but deftly works her snug fist along his length, Rob can feel himself swelling. The rush of blood going straight to his cock leaves his whole body tingling with a pleasurable lightness.

The bed creaks as Ava moves, lifting the covers cautiously to straddle his thighs. Her pussy makes brief contact with the side of his leg, and even though he has intimate knowledge of her body, it still surprises him how wet she gets. Her juices cling to his skin, musky and fragrant in the draft created by falling covers.

“Oh, daddy, you’re so fucking hard,” she sighs happily, still gripping his engorged meat in her fist. Straddling him as she is, sitting upright on her long plump thighs, Rob is tempted more than ever to discard his ruse of sleep to watch her. He can only imagine how erotic she must look right now, those gorgeous breasts of her unrestrained in the soft winter moonlight. His throat is dry, lips clenched into a thin bloodless line to prevent any moans from escaping him.

His restraint is tested when she shimmies closer to his hips, purposefully guiding his cockhead against the slippery slit between her legs. Exhaling heavily through his nose, Rob’s fingers clench into the sheets, wishing he had a fistful of her round ass instead.

Ava teases herself with his cock for what seems an eternity. As she rubs the fleshy head of his dick around her clit and juicy slit, she makes soft little sounds of pleasure, whimpers and moans and sharp inhales that have his balls churning with lust. The heart in his chest is pounding, driven mad with the urge to grab her hips and drive her down, forcing her to take every inch of his throbbing erection.

His white-knuckled grip in the sheets tightens, but casino oyna he doesn’t move.

“Look at how wet you make me,” she whispers, gripping his cock firmly to seat it in place as she rotates her hips. Settling her weight lower on her hips, she grinds her soaked lips against him. With every press and dip he feels the velvety lips of her pussy yield. Maintaining his even breathing is near impossible now that he can feel the inviting softness of her sweet, hungry little cunt.

He hears her breath catch, too. The scent of her arousal is overpowering him in the darkness. His balls and shaft are already dripping with her juices and he hasn’t even penetrated her yet. Rob’s teeth clench, jawline rigid as he struggles against the urge to take control away from her teasing hand and hips.

Sweet relief comes a moment later. “Fuck,” she whimpers, “I’m sorry, daddy.” Pressing down with her thighs, those saturated lips stretch to accommodate his girth. Inch by inch she takes him, her ravenous cunt devouring his aching cock. By the time she grinds her hips forward, full fit to burst with him inside her, Rob can’t fake it anymore. He groans loudly, rolling his head to gaze up at her.

His daughter’s head is leaned back, dark hair spilling past her smooth shoulders. The breasts he has worshipped too many times to count are swaying with every press of her hips, nipples puffy and shiny in the pale moonlight. Her hips bunch and roll forward, making the muscles in her belly taut with every press that grinds him deep inside her.

Upon hearing him, she opens her eyes and looks down, resting her hands on his chest. Sable hair falls forward, obscuring one breast from his covetous eyes. “What are you doing, baby,” he asks, voice crackling in a throat tight with lust.

“What’s it feel like I’m doing?”

“Mmm… it feels like you’re breaking curfew.”

“Shut up, daddy.”

“Make me.”

His ploy works; those succulent breasts press against him, mashing flat against his chest as she kisses him. Her nipples are hard. Her lips are soft and plush, her tongue sleek and wet. Rob’s hands finally encircle her thick hips, squeezing hard enough to elicit a throaty moan from his daughter. Jerking her forward, he pushes his hips to meet her, driving his cock deeply into her creamy cunt. The maneuver leaves them both gasping for breath, mouths barely touching.

Digging his fingers into her supple skin, Rob tries to set a faster pace but his daughter quickly reaches back, grabbing his hands and urging them away. “No, stop it.”

“Why, honey? It feels good.”

“I have an itch, daddy,” she whimpers. “Let me scratch it.”

Staring up into her strange yet beautiful face, Rob lets his hands fall. “Okay. You’re in control.”

In the depth of night, her large green eyes seem impossibly dark. They are fixed on him as she resumes her slow inexorable grind on his cock. Succumbing to the sensations, Rob exhales with a slow sigh, reveling in each contraction her snug pussy makes around his throbbing flesh. Ava presses her hands into his chest, raising her upper body once more to tower above him as she rocks.

Unable to resist, Rob props himself up on one elbow, curling his other hand around a fleshy breast. His daughter murmurs her approval in a heated little moan as he captures her nipple in a languid suckle. Pulling it into his mouth, he lavishes it with attention, bathing it with the flat of his tongue. Hunching her hips faster, she grinds her clit over his pelvis, breathing harder every second.

“Oh, daddy, I’m gonna come…”

Rob isn’t surprised. He can tell by how swollen her pussy lips are that she is close. His little girl never needs much to go over the edge. Sucking harder on her luscious breast, his hand glides over to the other, pinching and rolling the hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. Ava shifts, pushing one foot into the mattress to bring her knee up. Her soaking cunt is grinding in earnest over his lap now, greedily pushing every last centimeter of his meat. “Oh, oh, oh, fuck, daddy, I’m cumming, oh, fuck, sogood, it feels so good…”

Balls tighter than a drum, Rob bites and pulls on her nipple, letting his daughter grind out an orgasm on his stiff cock. With every twitch and pulse of her satiny walls, she seems canlı casino hell-bent on milking an early finish out of him. Her breathing is ragged by the time she stills her erratic hips, breasts swaying with every exhale. One nipple is shinier than the other, coated with spit. Winding both of his arms around her, Rob guides Ava to lay on her back, loving the way her body moves so fluidly after an orgasm. The way she rolls and stretches out in bliss, he might as well have poured her into position. Reluctant as his cock is to leave her dripping pussy, Rob unsheathes himself. They both make a noise of disappointment as his cockhead pops out of her gooey cunt.


“I’m going to destroy that pussy in a minute, baby. I promise. First, I just want to taste you.”

Ava’s body gives him all the encouragement he needs. Knees falling to either side, she arches her back and presses her hips off the mattress, brazenly displaying her body to him. Crawling down between her legs, Rob shoves the covers out of the way to get a nice close look at her pussy.

Remembering the first time he ever saw this delectable cunt, Rob wonders how it’s even possible that it has only grown more beautiful. Every inch of her, from the soft curls of hair above her clit to the deep cleft of her ass is coated in a thick clear fluid. The tips of his fingers explore her copious wetness, rubbing it between them to savor in the luxurious texture. She smells so musky, so ripe and wanton. Leaning in close, he breathes her in, reveling in her essence.

“Daddy, please…”

Cock twitching between his legs, Rob remembers his dream. He loves it when Ava begs for him, but desperate as he is to mercilessly pound out an orgasm between her wet thighs, he wants more. His daughter is an insatiable creature, one who requires constant stimulation. It’s a tough job, but not entirely thankless.

At first taste, she is smooth and a little salty. There is a hint of sweetness, just a touch of sour. Stroking her slit firmly with his tongue, Rob winds his arms around her legs and grips into her curvy hips. As Ava moans loudly, tipping her pelvis even closer, he latches onto her clit and gives it a good long suckle.

Within seconds his slut of a daughter is writhing on the bed, releasing a torrent of nonsensical murmurings with every hitching breath. Tightening his grip on her hips, he forces stillness into her lower body, making it easier for him to lavish attention upon her desirous cunt.

“Bite it, daddy, make it hurt, I wanna cum so bad!”

He doesn’t follow the order. Not at first. Instead, he grazes that hard bundle of nerves with his teeth, raking them slowly down her clit and slit.

Oh, but she tastes so good…

“Mmm, mm…”

He loves her delirious little moans. Loves the way she hums when he gently grips her puffy and moisture-slicked pussy lips between his teeth, tugging them playfully. Loves the way she all but fucks his face when he tenderly bites her exquisite clit, hood and all.

As he sucks, licks, and bites on her trembling flesh, Rob brings one hand between her legs. The other roams over her tensed stomach to the magnificent breasts he loves so much, groping and squeezing her ample tits to her delight. Sliding two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, he fucks her roughly but slowly, teeth nibbling at her lips and clit.

Within moments she is a twisting, bucking, screaming bundle of pleasure. Her pussy clenches and grasps at his fingers and he slides a third inside her, priming her for the fucking to come. As Ava’s orgasm subsides, she tugs on his hair and ears, trying to drag him upwards along her quivering body. “Daddy, please! Please, I need more!”

How can he deny his daughter what she so desperately needs? Giving her pussy one last loving lick, Rob climbs between her legs and strokes his fat cock. It is ready for her, hot and throbbing in his fist. Ava is staring at it eagerly, and for a moment he entertains the idea of shoving it in her mouth. He loves watching his horny little girl deepthroat him, loves pumping his cum down her spasming throat.

But he can see the need in her eyes, brows drawn tight with anticipation, both of her hands kneading and squeezing at her heaving breasts. Pushing the head of his cock kaçak casino against her pussy lips, he groans as he drives his hips to her thighs. Her silky-wet flesh parts easily, lips hugging his cock in a steamy embrace. “Oh, my little girl,” he groans, lowering down on an elbow to lick and kiss her breasts. “You’re so wet.”

“Scratch it, daddy,” she nearly sobs. “Make it stop.”

Ava’s insatiable itch fills his aching balls with need and purpose. There’s something fundamentally wrong with him because of it, but selfishly he knows he wants to be the one to slake that itch for the rest of his life. Possessiveness spikes his veins as he growls, teeth nipping and tongue flicking at her breasts, shoulders, and neck as he slams his cock into her oozing cunt like a battering ram. Ava is gasping. He is fucking her so hard that she can’t even breathe outside the rhythm he sets. With every thrust he bottoms out, feeling her spongy cervix yield to every press.

Her smell is everywhere. Juices on his face, hands, balls, the sheets. Her thighs are slippery. He knows he is pounding her in a giant wet spot, that even after he washes the sheets her scent will linger in this bed for weeks. Ava is grunting, inarticulate with need as he bunches his spine and plows into her even faster.

His lust spikes to a dangerous peak. It catches Rob off guard, how inexplicably violent his urges are when he’s fucking his daughter. The need to control her, to absolutely subdue her and sate that itch once and for all, consumes him until he is fierce and mindless in his pursuit. Pulling away from her throat, he grabs her knees and shoves them back, until they are flattening her tits against her chest and her battered pussy is on lewd display.

He is hurting her now even more than before with each burrowing thrust. She sobs for breath but her arm has come around her body, fingers mashing and pulping the inflamed nub of her clit. With every driving press he can feel her fingertips, and even as she gasps with tears running down her face he knows she’s close to cumming. Her cunt is clenching at him, milking him for all he’s worth, and as his balls tighten to the point of agony he snarls.

“Cum for your daddy, Ava!”

With a strangled cry, she does. He doesn’t stop battering her pussy, and she doesn’t stop rubbing it. Together they beat the mind-numbing orgasm out of her, until her hand falls slack at her side and her chest heaves desperately in an attempt to catch her breath.

But Rob doesn’t stop. His balls are churning, seized up in the heightened throes of lust. Burying his cockhead against her cervix, he shoots spurt after spurt of hot sticky fluid into her already soaked cunt. Ava moans, deliriously taking her daddy’s seed without complaint.

Without a condom.

Shuddering as the last sticky rope of semen dribbles into her steamy pussy, Rob collapses on her chest. Hot open-mouthed kisses traipse from her temple to the curve of her jaw. Ava winds her arms around him, clutching his back as he trails kisses down to her succulent breasts. He doesn’t pull out of her, plugging her up with his slowly softening cock even as his mouth pays tribute to her stiff nipples.

“That was amazing,” she manages to say at last, her husky voice low and breathless. Rob agrees, giving one last loving kiss to a nipple before pulling his sticky cock from between her legs. Pearly fluid oozes out of her ravaged pussy, dribbling down the crack of her ass. Laying down beside her, his dick twitches half-heartedly against his thigh.

“Scratched the itch?”

Ava’s hands glide down her curvy body, fingers exploring the wet and sticky mess between her plump thighs. The twitch of his cock is less half-hearted when she brings back a shiny finger, licking it clean. Those strange eyes close, lashes fluttering as she savors their comingled flavors on her tongue. “Mmm, no. I want more.”

So does Rob, but his balls are slack and sated, and his softened dick lays sluggish on his leg. With his heartbeat returning to some semblance of normalcy, exhaustion seeps into his veins. “In the morning, sweetheart,” he promises.

Nestling his cheek into the pillow, he bunches an arm under his head and drapes the other over her abdomen. He is drifting off into that peculiar someplace, not-quite-but-almost-sleeping, when he feels her fingers brush past his arm to grind and rub the neediness between her thighs.

His last wakeful thought is twinged with despair: how can one man ever be enough for her?

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