Bachelor Auction

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Rick was nervous as he stood in the wings of the stage waiting to go out in front of the crowd. The announcer was telling the crowd the rules for bidding on the eligible bachelors who had agreed to let themselves be auctioned to the highest bidder. There were nine other men along with Rick who stood listening to the announcer. Rick didn’t know any of the other men but he struck up a casual conversation with some of them. Looking at the other men, Rick began to feel a bit inadequate as his own fears surfaced. “What if I’m not good enough for the lucky lady or what if Carol or Kathy get their hands on me” he thought as they waited for the announcer to introduce them. Rick thought back to that fateful phone call a month ago from Betty, the organizer of tonight’s festivities.

Rick was at work when the phone call came. “Hello Rick, this is Betty with the Greater Awareness Club and we are holding a special event to raise money for our clubs community service programs. We were wondering if you would be so kind as to help us out this year in a special way.”

“What is you want me to do to help your club” Rick said thinking they wanted money from him or his company.

“Well we are having a special bachelor auction after the main dinner and program is completed. Your name was given to us by someone who thought you’d like to do this valuable service for our community.” Betty listened to the dead silence on the other end of the phone as she waited for Rick’s response. Betty continued, hoping to convince Rick to accept her offer “Before you answer, let me explain the details and how the auction works. She spent the next few minutes explaining the function of the club and the many community services they performed. One of the women in the group came up with this idea and after much discussion decided to give it a try. She went on to explain that the festivities were to be held in a downtown hotel.

Rick had many questions about the highest bidder’s expectations from the auction. “What exactly would be required of him after the auction was completed?” he asked. “Would he be required to be her escort for the evening or was he required to take her out on a date.” “That is completely up to you” Betty answered.

“I will tell you that we’ve reserved and paid for a room for each of the bachelors so they don’t have to worry about going home that night. You may choose to stay by yourself or if you and your bidder hit it off … well you know what I mean” she said letting her final words sink into his brain. “Let me think about it Betty and call you back” Rick said still stunned about her request.

Rick mulled over the pros and cons of Betty’s request for a few days before finally deciding to accept her offer. “What the hell it’s for a good cause,” he thought to himself as he picked up the phone to call Betty about his decision. Betty told him how happy she was of his decision and told him he would not regret his decision to help their club.

When he arrived at the hotel, Betty introduced him to a number of different people associated with the organization. Rick noticed a few of the women staring at him as he conversed with different people. They knew he and the other bachelors were on the auction block and they were looking over their potential purchase. A dark haired woman in a blue low cut gown, which showed her ample cleavage, grabbed his ass as she walked past and murmured “mmmm nice ass. I bet you go for a lot.” He watched her walk back to her two friends, whispering something in their ears, and then the three of them laughing. He began to feel rather uncomfortable when it hit him that he was on display. He felt like he had made a mistake and was thinking of withdrawing when Betty introduced him to Carol. She told Rick that Carol was the vice president and was the one responsible for all the evening’s festivities details.

Carol looked at Rick and was glad he had accepted their invitation to be auctioned off. Ever since she saw his photo come across her desk, she knew she wanted to meet him. She thought to herself that he looked much more distinguished in person than he did in the photo. Standing before her in his tuxedo, she admired the silver hair and muscular facial expression that gave him a distinct look. She felt a shiver run through her body as she silently looked him up and down, wondering what he looked like without his clothes.

Rick noticed her eyes move up and down his body as he also took in her body. Her light green dress with spaghetti straps holding it up brought out her soft facial features and her bodily curves. His eyes stopped at her exposed cleavage, watching the creamy white skin rise and fall gently as she breathed. He noticed the ruby necklace lying on her soft skin just above her cleavage matching the earrings in her. He wondered what her breasts looked like if they were exposed casino oyna to his touching and kissing. A stirring in his cock and balls further excited his thoughts as he looked her up and down. Their eyes met and they felt an awkward silence between them when they both sensed what the other was thinking.

The announcement for dinner interrupted their awkwardness and gave them both a sense of relief. Carol took Rick by the arm and informed him that he was to be seated at her table. She explained that all the gentlemen to be auctioned off had an escort for dinner and she had chosen him. Rick felt her breast rub against his arm as she held him close to her. He felt his cock stir again as they walked to the table. Carol had grabbed onto his arm and pulled his arm tight against her, wanting him to feel her breast against him. She purposely kept her arm tightly interlocked with his as they walked to their table feeling her juices start to dampen her panties.

Rick was surprised to find the dark haired woman who had grabbed his ass sitting in the seat next to his. She smiled broadly when Rick sat down and introduced herself as Kathy, a good friend of Carol’s. Rick sensed there was a competition between the two friends as the dinner began.

Throughout dinner, Rick felt their hands on his thighs, gently rubbing and squeezing. At one point, their hands touched each other and their eyes glared at each other across Rick. Carol leaned over and whispered to Rick “don’t worry about Kathy she is all show and no action. She doesn’t know how to treat a man right.” “And you do?” Rick responded smiling into her pretty sensuous green eyes. “If I get my wish tonight, you’ll experience the pleasures you only dream about” she whispered back.

Not to be outdone, Kathy squeezed his thigh harder and whispered “I heard what that little slut told you and I can assure you that if you spend the night with me you’ll be so worn out that you’ll need to take a vacation to recuperate.” Rick looked into her dark brown eyes and saw the smoldering lust burning brightly. “Ladies I think this is getting out of hand. We haven’t had the auction yet and what if you don’t bid high enough. Or what happens if I decide not to take either of you to my room tonight?” Rick said putting an element of doubt in each of their minds. Carol responded immediately “oh don’t worry about that honey, we are not going to let you get away that easy.” Carol and Kathy looked at each other and smiled as if to say the battle lines had been drawn.

Betty rescued Rick from the two women as the dinner portion came to a close. She informed him that he and the other gentlemen needed to get ready for the auction while they had their program. Carol licked her lips and whispered in his ear “I’m going to fuck your brains out tonight.” Kathy whispered at almost the same time “I’m going to suck your hard cock until you cum on my face.” Rick was shaken and horny as he got up from the table. He wasn’t sure how to handle the situation but muttered “good luck to both of you and may the best woman win.” He didn’t know what it was about him that had turned these two women on, but his cock was straining against his bikini underwear as he followed Betty to the rear of the stage.

Rick met the other men on the auction block for the evening and each had a similar story to tell about their escort. It was as if these women had already made their choices for the evening. Rick looked at the men and noticed that they ranged in ages from the young to the more experienced as he liked to think of himself and anyone else around his age. Betty explained once more how the auction would proceed and asked if they had any questions. Hearing none, she picked up a glass bowl, which had slips of paper and explained that they would be auctioned off according to the number on the slip. Rick waited his turn and picked the number six. At least he would have the opportunity to see how the auction progressed before he had to face the crowd.

The announcer completed his instructions and then proceeded to call each man’s name and asked them to join him on stage. Each man received a round of applause as his name was called and he walked out onto the stage. When Rick’s name was called he felt nervous and excited at the same time. Walking onto the stage, he saw Carol and Kathy standing near the middle of the stage clapping and smiling broadly. He took his place in the line of men and saw the two women whispering to each other. “What on earth could they be up to?” he thought as the last of the men was introduced.

The auctioneer called the first man out to center stage and briefly described his background that each man had prepared. Asking for an opening bid of $500, the auctioneer tried hard to find a bid and finally settled for an opening bid of $200. Rick knew that the opening bid is deceptive because usually the first item at any auction draws a low opening bid. Depending upon its value to the crowd, the bidding will pick up as the auctioneer canlı casino works the crowd. The auctioneer got into his rhythm and soon had the bid up to $800. He tried to shame the crowd into more money, reminding them that the proceeds of the auction would help the group do good things around the city. Knowing that he had reached the limit of this particular sale, the auctioneer settled for a bid of $800. The lucky woman wrapped her arms around him when he was led off the front of the stage. She kissed him deeply on the mouth, rubbing her body against him.

Each man was paraded front and center as his price was haggled over by the auctioneer and the crowd. Rick noticed that some of the younger men were going for a high price and were being paid by older mature women. Each of them was greeted by a passionate kiss from their new owner for the night. One by one the men were auctioned off until Rick was the next in line. When the auctioneer called his name, he saw Carol and Kathy smiling as he walked forward. He saw Carol lick her lips and laugh to something said to her as the auctioneer read Rick’s background. He started the bid where all the other bids got a quick response. “Do I hear $200 for our next eligible bachelor” his voice rang out. A hand in the back shot up and the bidding was underway. The auctioneer continued until he reached $800 and the bidding seemed to stall out. Carol’s hand raised to take the bid at $800 and smiled broadly as the auctioneer badgered the crowd for more. As with most auctions, just when it seems that you’ve won your prize, someone else decides to jump into the game.

A hand shot up in the rear of the room upping the bid to $825. Carol’s expression went from one of happiness to disbelief with the new bidder. Her and Kathy turned to see who was bidding and saw the slight redhead in the rear smiling with some satisfaction. Rick peered out into the dim light and recognized the girl as one of Kathy’s friends who laughed when Kathy grabbed his ass earlier in the evening. The auctioneer sensing new blood, began to urge Carol to bid higher. Carol was a bit dismayed at this new turn of events, thinking she had already won her prize. She upped her bid to $850 and waited with her breath held tight as the auctioneer barked out for more takers. Again, the redhead upped the ante to $875, crushing Carol’s hope for an early end. Carol began to converse with Kathy, as the auctioneer coldly wanted another bid. Rick saw them nodding their heads together as the auctioneer asked for the second time if there were any other bids. Carol’s hand shot high into the air before the auctioneer could yell sold and bid $900. The auctioneer now knew he had two women wanting the same prize. Talking directly to the redhead, he got her to go to $950. Looking down to Carol, the auctioneer pleaded with her to go to $1000. Carol and Kathy talked quickly as Rick, the auctioneer, and the crowd looked on. Rick wondered what they were discussing when Carol and Kathy hugged each other and Carol took the bid to $1000. The redhead spent some time conferring with her friends who were telling her to go for it. As the auctioneer counted down, it was evident to Rick that the redhead was out of it. The auctioneer knowing that no new blood would bid closed out the bidding and declared Carol the winner. Applause went up from the crowd as Rick was led to where Carol and Kathy were standing.

They both had huge smiles on their faces when Rick reached them. Carol grabbed Rick and kissed him hard on the lips. She pushed her breasts into his chest feeling them flatten. Her tongue darted into his mouth as she held him tight against her. Rick’s arms encircled her waist and pulled her tight against him. He felt his cock harden and push against her thigh as their kiss lingered. When they broke their kiss, Kathy pulled on Carol’s shoulder. Kathy wedged herself between them and kissed Rick passionately just as Carol had done. Rick wondered to himself what was going on as he felt her body mold against his. Carol leaned close to Rick’s ear and announced “the only way we were sure to get you was by pooling our money. Now we have to share our prize.”

The two women clung to Rick as they watched the rest of the auction. Rick had one arm around each of them, feeling a breast pushing against each side. They laughed and clapped as the remaining men were auctioned off. The final man went to the redhead who had upped the bid on Rick. She walked arm and arm with her prize and offered congratulations to Carol and Kathy. She winked at Rick and said, “I knew I could get them to pool their money to buy you sweetie.” Carol and Kathy looked at each other and laughed “our man is going to get twice the pleasure tonight as yours sweetie.” Rick sensed that the night was only beginning as he pulled both women close and said “we had better get started if I’m going to get two for the price of one.”

Both women clung to his side as they entered the elevator. Once the doors were closed, their lips found his kaçak casino neck and softly kissed and licked each side. Carol’s lips sucked some of the skin into her mouth and softly sucked. Rick felt their combined lips kissing his neck causing shivers to run through his body. Carol’s hand rubbed his chest and then trailed to his crotch. She felt a large stiff lump in her hand and started to stroke his swollen cock. “Kathy I think there is enough here for the two of us” Carol commented as she continued to massage his cock. She felt Kathy’s hand cover hers and push it harder against his hard manhood. “Mmmm. I think your right Carol. I can’t wait to taste this big boy in my mouth” Kathy moaned. Rick moaned softly from the massage that two women were giving his hard cock. Carol’s lips found Rick’s and pressed urgently against his closed lips. His tongue slipped through his lips and lightly ran over her soft lips. Their kiss deepened and when they finally broke their kiss, Kathy grabbed his head and pulled his lips to hers. Their passionate panting and moaning filled the small elevator cab as they rose to Rick’s floor. They half stumbled out of the elevator, driven by the desire to get to his room quickly.

Rick opened the door and once inside the two women again attacked him. Carol latched onto his lips with hers, pushing her body against his with more urgency. Kathy walked behind Rick and pressed her firm tits into his back as her arms circled his waist. She felt Carol’s body pressing into him from the front and her breasts pushing against her palms. Kathy and Carol had been friends for a long time and she often wondered what it would be like to touch and suckle on her ripe breasts. Carol felt Kathy’s hands on her breasts and she wondered what Kathy was thinking. She pressed harder and shuddered when she felt her fingers running over her hard nipples.

Carol pulled away and announced “Kathy let’s see what our money bought us tonight.” Carol’s fingers went to Rick’s buttons, undoing each one as fast as her fingers could undo them. Kathy pulled off his coat and then untied his cummerbund. Her hands snaked around to the front of him and undid his belt. She felt Carol’s hands on hers searching for the zipper and then pulling it down. Carol’s one hand pushed into his pants enclosing his cock in her hand. Her other hand helped Kathy pull his shirt off. Carol moaned when she felt his stiff cock pushing outward against her hand. Her lips trailed down to his nipple and she sucked it into her mouth. Rick’s gasp of pleasure filled the room and his hand went to her head holding it firmly against his nipple. Kathy pulled his pants down exposing his red bikini briefs. Rick kicked off his shoes and Kathy pulled his socks off as she knelt behind him.

Kathy saw his tight ass staring her in the face and leaned toward it. She grabbed his hips and slowly kissed his backside as Carol’s hand stroked his hardness. Kathy’s hands roamed to his front and helped Carol’s hand massage his cock. Her lips pressed against his backside, slowly nipping at his skin with her teeth. Rick’s body rocked back and forth from the touches of these two sexy women. Carol’s lips left one nipple and her saliva left a trail to the other nipple before she captured it in her mouth and between her teeth. Kathy’s hands grabbed his briefs and pulled them down exposing his cock. Carol felt the soft skin of the stiff cock as she grasped it in her hand. Looking down she exclaimed “ohhh Kathy I know he can please us both tonight. Look how big his cock his.” Kathy quit kissing Rick’s ass cheeks and moved to look at his cock. “Mmmm baby I can’t wait to taste that cock” she said as she stared at his cock poking out of Carol’s hand. “You’ll get your chance soon enough” Carol said pushing Rick back onto the bed. Rick looked at the two women still dressed standing before him. He saw his cock waving in the air and said, “you gals have me undressed. Now how about letting me see what I get for being such a good sport and letting myself be auctioned off.”

Carol and Kathy looked at each other and smiled. “Why don’t we give our guest here a bit of a show?” Kathy said looking at Carol’s heaving breasts. “I can’t think of anything I’d like to do better than show Rick what he’s getting tonight” Carol answered.

Kathy walked behind Carol and pulled her zipper down her back. Carol felt a twinge rush through her when she felt Kathy’s hands on her shoulders, pulling the straps off and then pushing her dress down, letting it fall in front of her. Rick saw her white lace bra and panties as her dress fell about her knees. Kathy undid her clasp in the back, exposing Carol’s breasts to Rick. Kathy’s hands circled her and grabbed a tit in each hand. “Do you like these breasts Rick? Would you like to suck on them and make her nipples nice and hard in your mouth?” Kathy taunted Rick as she rubbed Carol’s nipples. Carol felt her Kathy’s soft touch making her nipples respond by hardening and sticking straight out. Carol moaned loudly and let her head fall back against Kathy’s shoulder as she stroked her swollen breasts. She felt Kathy’s lips kiss her bare shoulder and her breasts push against her back, sending sweet sensations through her body.

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