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Willard Strong looked out through the peephole of his apartment, chuckling to himself when he saw who had knocked on the door, and while he wasn’t really surprised to see the young man out there he was a bit shocked to see how little time Bobby McDonald wasted before coming back for more.

Less than 24 hours earlier the lad had emerged from the old man’s apartment quite different that he had been when he entered the modest dwelling an hour before. The kid had come in there thinking he was doing the old guy a favor by running an errand to the store for him, but what he got in return as appreciation was something young Bobby not only hadn’t expected but had never experienced before by anyone male or female, young or old.

“Wait for it,” Willard said to himself as he watched Bobby fidgeting on the other side of the door, trying to decide whether or not to knock again while Willard – well over three times the age of his eighteen year old neighbor but almost as anxious – waited as long as he dared before answering the knock.

“Oh – Bobby!” Willard Strong said after he opened the door, acting like he was surprised to see the lad, and when Bobby saw that he must have woken up this neighbor because he was glad only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts he got even more flustered.

“Uh – sorry Mr. Strong,” Bobby mumbled, his occasional stuttering problem becoming more apparent as he tried to both apologize and explain why he was there. “Didn’t mean to – uh – wake you up.”

“Oh I was up already,” Willard replied, and after a pause added, “Nice to see you again Bobby. What brings you here on the beautiful morning? Did you forget something yesterday?”

“Uh no,” Bobby said as he shuffled his feet while looking around to make sure nobody was watching him. “I was just wondering if you – you know – needed anything? Stuff at the store or anything?”

“I don’t think so,” Willard said as he pretended to think about the question while looking at the cartoon character on the lad’s t-shirt and trying to figure out who the hell these Super Mario Brothers were. “Nice of you to stop by to check on me though.”

“Oh,” Bobby said as his foot pawed at the door mat in front of the old man’s door, and after Willard felt the lad had suffered enough, continued.

“Would you like to come in?” Willard asked, and the boy’s Adam’s apple bounced wildly before he nodded and stepped in quickly like Willard was going to change his mind if he delayed. “It’s such a nice day and I’m sure you and your friends have a lot of stuff planned now that summer vacation has started.”

“No,” Bobby said as he entered the apartment. “I had fun with you yesterday, talking and stuff.”

“I sensed that,” Willard said, although he knew damn well that it wasn’t the talking that brought Bobby back, it was the other “stuff”.

Strange that the lad had managed to go 18 years without having his cock sucked, Willard had thought, because although the skinny and awkward kid was very awkward socially and had a bit of a speech impediment, he wasn’t all that bad looking.

Bobby was rather intelligent as well, although his nervousness made that fact difficult to detect at first. What Bobby was most of all was naive, but he had learned a little the day before and now that he had returned to Willard’s lair, the retired widower wanted to expand the soon-to-be college freshman’s education.

As the two went into the kitchen Willard wondered whether he had ever been as naive and confused as Bobby was. Willard had been 18 back in 1940, 49 years ago, and that world was much different than the world of 1988, but Willard admitted that he was pretty lost back then himself until and alder man took him under his wing.

Just paying it forward, Willard thought while justifying what he had done yesterday to Bobby as well as what he wanted to do now and in the future. That was what Bobby wanted as well, even if the lad didn’t know it yet, and after he poured his company a glass of orange juice Willard decided to put Bobby even more on the defensive.

“I’m just curious,” Willard mused aloud as they sat at the kitchen table. “After you left here yesterday, did you run and tell your friends all about what happened?”

“Me?” Bobby asked, and as he shook his head so hard it must have hurt he mumbled, “No sir. I would never do anything like that. Besides, I don’t have many friends anyway.”

Willard had sensed that after watching the young man come and go, with most of the other kids that got off the bus with him in front of the apartment complex grouping off without Bobby, and it was probably that loneliness that made him so eager for a friend.

“I assume that you didn’t say anything to your mother either,” Willard asked, even though he knew the answer before he asked the question.

Bobby lived with his mother in this run-down apartment complex, and apparently his old man divorced his mother which explained why Bobby was kind of a Momma’s boy although the lad had bristled the day before when Willard had suggested canlı bahis that he should ask his mother if it was okay to run errands for a stranger.

“I’m a man and can do what I want,” Bobby had announced, thrusting out his chest and announcing that his mother couldn’t tell him what to do anymore, of course that was when that chest was covered by a shirt and his shorts weren’t in a bunch on Willard’s floor.

“So exactly what is it that brings you back here?” Willard finally asked as Bobby sipped his juice and stared at the floor space between them.

“Nothing to do,” Bobby said, and offered to leave if he was being a pain.

“No, you’re fine. I like the company,” Willard said, and it was amusing that he had remained fully dressed all yesterday afternoon, unlike how he was there in the kitchen. “Would you feel more comfortable if I got some clothes on? You caught me a little by surprise here this morning.”

“No,” Bobby said and then shrugged his shoulders while nodding down. “I was just staring at your legs.”

“Not what they used to be I’m afraid,” Willard said with a twinge of regret about his spindly limbs.

“No, they’re neat,” Bobby said. “Really hairy.”

“That so?” Willard replied as he reached down and ran his hand over the sliver and black fur on his calves. “Back when I was young they were a lot hairier. Guess when I got old a lot of his fell off, like on my head.”

“My Dad had hairy legs too,” Bobby said in a sad voice. “Always hoped mine would get like that too.”

“Give it time,” Willard responded as he looked at the light down at the inside of Bobby’s legs, which were even skinnier than his own, and he was tempted to tell Bobby that he liked him just the way it was but held his tongue. “So Bobby, are you going to tell me why you’re here? Why you really came back?”

“Um…” Bobby offered, and following a few awkward attempts at a coherent sentence before Willard told him to relax and that he was his friend, the lad said. “The stuff we did yesterday. You know yesterday?”

“Yes, I remember yesterday quite well, although as I recall the stuff that you said we did was actually stuff I only did to you,” Willard said, and while the old man didn’t mind pretty much sucking on the lad’s cock for almost an hour non-stop and swallowing all three orgasms from the lad he wanted to make Bobby feel guilty.

“All that time I pleasured you – and by the way you seemed to enjoy it so much – but you never once offered to reciprocate in any way,” William said as he tried to make his voice sound sad. “That made me feel that you didn’t really like me.”

“I like you Mr. Strong,” Bobby insisted. “It’s just that I never ever did anything like that stuff before and I was scared.”

“I understand, but you never even touched me,” Willard sighed. “Not so much once.”

Willard watched Bobby set down his juice glass and reached over to where Willard was cradling his coffee cup in his weathered hands, and as Bobby’s trembling fingers touched the back of his weathered hand the old man whispered, “That’s a start, Bobby. Not so bad is it?”

“No,” Bobby said as he stroked the long wrinkled fingers, digits that had managed to get Bobby’s timid penis erect yesterday after a lot of patient handling, and once he got hard he pretty much stayed stiff the rest of the time.

“Here then,” Willard replied before leaning back a little in his chair so he was away from the table, and after lining up across from Bobby the old man lifted his leg up and put his barefoot right on Bobby’s upper thigh. “You can rub my legs a little if you like, since you seem to like them for some reason.”

Bobby looked at the foot which had landed just to the side of his crotch, and after swallowing hard put his hands on Willard’s foot and ran them up his ankle and calf.

“Like this?” Bobby asked as he fingers ran up against the hairs before letting his hands slid back down from where they came.

“Exactly like that.” Willard sighed, the feel of the boy’s soft hands against the wiry hair on his legs sending shivers down his spine, and after a few more trips of Bobby’s hands up and down his calves the old man slid the ball of his foot over a bit.

Bobby gasped when he felt the heel of the old man’s foot land on his cock, and Willard smiled at both Bobby’s response and at finding that the lad’s dick was stiff. After wiggling his foot a little more the senior citizen made another suggestion.

“Why don’t you take of your shorts and underwear?”

“Here?” Bobby said, and after the old man nodded and moved his leg away for a moment, Bobby jumped to his feet and yanked them down and off, causing his erection to bounce around crazily before he sat back down.

“Now where were we?” Willard mused aloud as he lifted his legs up again and carefully placed his foot on Bobby’s lap, placing the hell right in the space between the top of his wrinkled pouch and the back of the lad’s arching erection.

Arching was a good word for Bobby’s organ, which had a distinct bahis siteleri upward curve when it got fully erect, and although Willard had expressed a bit of dismay when he had first gotten Bobby’s underwear off the day before and saw his very modest limp penis, the lad had proven to be quite a grower.

“Look at you!” Willard had exclaimed when after an extended period and pulling and sucking Bobby had started to relax and his organ blossomed, and that had made the young man lose his self-consciousness. “Look how big you are!”

Indeed, and although the lad’s cock was slender the length of it was quite impressive, easily 7″ or maybe more and it looked even longer attached to Bobby’s scrawny frame. Adding to that attraction was the fact that Bobby’s cock was beautifully shaped and the pale skin was as smooth and pure as the young man who owned it, with the gumdrop glans of the cut organ just a little pinker in hue than the rest.

“This feels wonderful,” Willard exclaimed as Bobby’s rubbing of his calf resumed, and when the old man ground his foot a little bit into the back of Bobby’s arching manhood he made the young man groan. “Isn’t this fun?”

Bobby nodded as his eyes blinked furiously as the sweat poured down from the strawberry blonde roots of his scalp, and when Willard tilted his foot he could see most of the undercarriage of Bobby’s cock as the skin stretched and strained as he got more and more excited.

When the tiny dot of pre-cum swelled until the big white ball of cum covered the entire tip of the conical cock-head, Willard eased up with the foot message he was giving Bobby and asked his young neighbor whether he would like to go back to the bedroom where they had been yesterday.

“Yes sir,” Bobby said, and after Willard moved his leg back onto the floor the old man rose and offered his hand to his naive neighbor.

“Let’s go,” Willard replied, and after Bobby got up he wrapped his arm around his shoulder and herded him into his lair, mentioning that he hadn’t made his bed yet.

“Let’s get this soggy shirt of you,” Willard proposed, and after Bobby lifted off the t-shirt which wasn’t drenched with sweat a little while ago, his weathered fingers tweaked the tiny buds on the lad’s smooth chest before he sat on the edge of the bed.

The old man was staring at the rope of pre-cum which was now hanging loosely from the tip of Bobby’s dick as he stood there naked, and while Bobby wasn’t overflowing with confidence he was also a far cry from the frightened creature who had been shaking like a leaf the day before.

“I can see how very excited you are Bobby,” Willard remarked at he watched the rope of pre-cum drop onto the carpet, only to see another one begin to form. “How many times did you have orgasms in my mouth yesterday? Three times?”

“Yes Mr. Strong,” Bobby gasped at the old man’s hand reached out, and after his fingernails raked through the tiny tuft of golden hairs above his arching plum, Willard reached down and cupped the lad’s dangling scrotum and gentle squeezed the nuts as they rolled in his hairless wrinkled sac.


“And when you got home yesterday, I bet you got yourself off again too,” Willard suggested.

“Yes sir. Twice and then once in the shower before I came over this morning,” Bobby admitted as he squirmed in place.

“And something tells me you want to cum again right now,” Willard opined as he leaned forward and gathered up the string of seed without touching the dick.

“But if I let you cum again, are you going to leave?” the old man asked, and after Bobby assured him he wanted to stay Willard asked, “Does that mean we’re going to play all afternoon? With each other this time I mean?”

“Yes sir,” Bobby said, he voice pleading for release, and after hearing that the wrinkled hand that had been busy kneading Bobby’s nut sack let go and with one finger on top of the pulsating member pressing down Willard opened his mouth and let his lips slide down the length of his dick.

Willard’s lips had barely reached the stump of the slender prong before he heard Bobby groan loud, and as the old man’s fingers reached around and cupped his little ass cheeks to pull the lad close he felt the dick jerk in his mouth. The old man held onto the lad’s ass tight as the cock erupted into his mouth and down his throat, and his lips didn’t stop siphoning the dick until it had shriveled down to next to nothing.

“There, that might take the edge off for you,” Willard suggested as he savored the lad’s sweet buttermilk-like semen while looking at the wrinkled little spout which now bore little resemblance to the long arching prong it had been a minute earlier. “Now why don’t you help me get comfortable along with you?”

With that Willard raised his arms and the young man took the hint, reaching down and lifting the old man’s t-shirt up and over his head. Willard watched Bobby’s eyes look at the mostly silver cloud of hair on his chest as the elder ran his hands through it to fluff it up a bit, and bahis şirketleri then he rose so that Bobby could finish undressing him.

“You’re doing fine,” Willard assured his protege as he reached over and patted him on the shoulder, and although the old man was no more than a couple of inches taller than Bobby, Willard knew that the difference seemed much greater to the lad.

I was once just like you, Willard tried to say with his eyes, and he suspected that forty or so years down the road Bobby would be breaking in a young man no older than he himself was now. The circle will not be unbroken, thought the elder as the reassuring hand on the shoulder exerted a little more pressure.

“There’s no snap,” Willard explained after Bobby fumbled at the top of the briefs for a second. “Just ease them down. That’s it.”

Willard watched with barely restrained enthusiasm as the shaking fingers grabbed the elastic and began to coax them down, reveling when he saw Bobby’s eyes widen after exposing more and more of his cock, leaning back on his heels after finally getting the briefs down past the cock and balls.

“Wasn’t so bad was it?” Willard asked as he stepped out of the briefs, and while Bobby stared dumbfounded at what he had unwrapped the old man asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing,” Bobby mumbled, but a second later he continued. “Yours is so big. Way bigger than mine.”

“No it isn’t son,” Willard responded as he rubbed the lad’s scalp affectionately and he was telling the truth. “Maybe a little bit, but you’ll see that in the end there isn’t much difference and furthermore it doesn’t matter, I promise you. Yours is so much more attractive too.”

Bobby still seemed terrified, and the old man tried to get him to relax by getting him to touch what he seemed so intimidated by.

“Go ahead. Touch it. Hold it and do what I did to you yesterday,” Willard suggested, and after Bobby lifted the meaty organ and squeezed the rubbery hose Willard told him that felt nice.

The elder didn’t blame Bobby for being scared because unlike the delightfully shaped and flawless cock the lad had, his was downright ugly. Riddled with veins the dark beige organ hung there ominously and Willard suspected than his being uncut made it more intimidating.

Bobby perhaps also thought that the six or so limp inches would increase in size like his own did when it got hard, but that wasn’t going to happen. The faster Bobby got him hard, the quicker he would find that they weren’t so different after all.

“That’s it,” Willard sighed when Bobby started to gently pull on his aged weapon, and to the senior’s delight his trusty tool began to respond to the young man’s timid efforts.

Bobby began to pull on Willard’s rubbery hose with a little more enthusiasm, and after sheepishly looking up at his mentor a couple times the lad leaned forward and pressed his lips lightly to the organ.

“That’s my boy. Not too bad, is it?”

“No sir,” Bobby said before doing it again, and after Willard suggested he lick it, the boy did just that.

“Here,” Willard said as he reached down and retracted his foreskin, and after exposing the mushroom shaped glans the old man added, “How’s this?”

Bobby grinned at that and began to work the foreskin on his own, and when the young man ran his tongue over the tip Willard’s knees got a little rubbery.

“Go ahead,” Willard said in his best grandfatherly tone while running his hand through Bobby’s hair, and after a couple of false start the lad’s mouth opened.

Willard winced as Bobby’s teeth left an impression on the tender glans but the discomfort wasn’t enough to hamper his growing erection, and after a minute or so of the lad’s lips going up and down the head Bobby’s fist was holding a throbbing erection.

“Oh man!” Bobby mumbled after leaning back and looking at what he was sucking on, but Willard just smiled as he eased his protege’s face back onto his cock and then put his own hand over Bobby’s to encourage him to jerk the shaft while he sucked the knob.

Willard enjoyed what had to be the worst head anybody had ever given, although he recalled how bad he himself had been that day decades ago. What was enjoyable was seeing the wide-eyed look on the lad as he stained to get him lips down to where his fist was.

“Don’t forget these boys,” Willard suggested as he lifted his cock to remind Bobby about his balls, and the young man obediently ducked under the upraised member and took the low-hanging sack in his palm.

“Oh!” Willard groaned as he felt Billy take his left nut into his mouth, just like he himself had experienced the day before, and after sucking that one for a moment went to the other.

“Am I doing it okay?” Bobby asked after William reached down and grabbed under his arms to lift the young man up to his feet.

“You’re doing great,” Willard assured his protege, and while his intention was to get Bobby onto the bed, the young man was distracted when their bodies touched.

“Oh my!” Willard exclaimed when he saw Bobby’s erection poking him. “You’re hard again – and so fast.”

“Kinda excited,” Bobby said with a blush, and when the lad looked down and saw their cocks dueling down there he giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20