Back to School to Party this Time

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Wrote this story last spring then forgot about it. A totally fictional story with fictional characters all over 18. Proofed and edited with software, so there are likely some mistakes. Comments on my stories are always welcome.


After my failed marriage, going back to finish College was one of my goals. I really wanted to finish my degree, but even more than that I wanted to have some fun. I missed out on having fun when I was in school the first time. I thought I was in love, and made the bad decision to get married in my sophomore year. We had dated the freshman year and I missed making all the mistakes a female freshman usually makes.

Yes, it might sound dumb, but all my friends have stories of threesomes, public nudity, even fucking multiple guys as others watched at parties. They have no regrets, you only get one chance at that kind of thing, you have to take advantage of your youth, even if it’s just to get it out of your system. The stories always came out when we were on a girls night out, so they must have been important in the development of them as adults. I missed out on all that. Jim, my husband was just not an exciting guy, our sex was so basic, and I did not know any better. If I had not met Steve, and later some of his friends I might have spent my whole life with a dud. Steve and I started our relationship as a one-night-stand, he was my first cheat in my marriage. Once I got a taste of real sex, we hooked up again, we did not even know each other’s names for sure until our second hook-up. We were becoming friends with benefits. My first group sex was with Steve and a younger friend of his, Tony, who was hung like a stallion. Poor Steve did not get much of my attention during that tryst, the feel of his large penis filling my vagina was one of total ecstasy. Although I did not care for Tony like I did Steve, it was fucking him that finally convinced me to file for a divorce.

Like me, Steve decided to go back to school too, he had finished but, wanted to get his masters. He is younger at 24, but still too old to live in a dorm, I am 28, so it was so out of the question for me. We found a little off campus apartment we could share. My

goal is the degree, but after having the threesome as the only girl with Steve and his friend, I realized that it was exciting, and just sex, and fantastic sex at that. I wanted to have more of those experiences, and some of them with younger guys, I was going to be an older sophomore, but I wanted to go back, and at least try to live out the fantasy of what I missed.

My first young guy was a 19-year-old freshman, I met on the quad, not sure sex was the first thing on his mind. I brought him home mostly with the promise of beer, and we had a few. We kissed a bit, but he was too shy to make a move, so I undid, and pulled his pants and boxers off, then his shirt, and started sucking his cock. I was a little disappointed by what he was packing, but loved having him naked, when I was still dressed. I eventually gave up my top, to try to get him to participate too. He played with my tits but not in a way that gave me any pleasure. I was really horny, and I gave up my shorts and panties to hopefully get some cunnilingus. I gave him every hint I could think of, outside of sitting on his face, but he did not seem willing, so I decided to cut my losses. I just rolled over on my back, and spread my legs to get him to fuck me. He was so nervous, I had to reach down and put it in for him. I don’t think he was a virgin, but not far from it. I would have loved to have had a hidden cam going when he freaked out on me. Steve had came home, walked by us, my legs were up, as he pounded me on the living room couch. He seen him come in, and wanted to get up and run right then, and might have. But I had a good hold on one of his ass cheeks, and my other arm around his neck holding him from getting up. I let loose of his neck then, and grabbed both of his ass cheeks, forcing him to keep stroking me, so he would not lose his erection.

Steve went in his room, then came back to his doorway to watch, as the kid had his back, well more like his ass facing him. He was my first 18 year old, and being watched gave me a thrill, but I had to fake an orgasm, and winked at Steve as I did, he wanted to crack up. The kid did not last long, Steve probably got more pleasure watching than I did by taking his dick. He was not lacking cum wise, he shot quite a load in me. When he dismounted, he saw Steve had been watching, panicked and could not dress and get out of there quick enough. Steve and I had a good laugh about that, joked about putting a sock on our bedroom door knobs, but only so we would know there was a show to watch. It was hot taking a young guys cock as my roommate watched. Steve and I had to many drinks as we joked and laughed, I sensed how turned on he was, and ended up blowing him, before he dipped his cock in the young guys cum, got me off, then added his load.

It was nice having casino oyna Steve around to provide an occasional fuck, and occasionally he would bring home a friend to join in.

I wanted even more excitement sexually, meaning more guys at once, and my chance came at a frat party with Steve. It was a welcome party for the new members who just got through initiation, I told Steve I wanted to fuck some guys in front of the party, he said he thought I would be the target of a bunch of the new young guys, and that they would take advantage of me.

I wanted to prove him wrong, and show him that I could turn that scenario around, and take advantage of them instead. Hence, the party we were about to attend, was with him as an escort but not a date. I was free to do what I want, but Steve, would be there to rescue me if the guys or I get out of hand. I am going to put it bluntly. I wanted to be a slut that takes on multiple 19-20 year olds. I guess the best way to describe what I wanted was to be used, but not too abused.

Steve, and I walked into the party, and got some drinks. I then realized I was the only female there so far. I was enjoying being the focus of attention, and was flirting with everyone we met. They liked my short skirt, and how my sexy panties would show when I bent over the slightest bit. After I got lit, and more girls, much younger than me came, I needed an edge. So I used the bathroom, and ditched the panties. I made sure enough guys got a beaver shot, that word got around, making me the most popular girl there, even though I was not fresh meat age wise. Young guys were asking me to dance, so they could grope me, I let them of course. They would swing me around, so my skirt would lift, to show off for their friends, they thought they were cute, but it was just more advertising, and thrilling for me.

I had enough booze in me that I was ready to get things going, and fuck some young guys. One of the guys put his hands up under my top, and under my bra cups to push it up, and off my tits. I am at the party for not even a half hour, and I was about to be topless, and pantie-less in front of a crowd of immature males who’s attention were on me. I think the cheering emboldened him, and then he pulled my top off too. It was fine with me, my tits are my best feature, and I like to be topless in front of strangers. I found that out going to a clothing optional beach. I got more cock there topless, with a string bikini bottom, then if I went totally nude.

I lifted this young guy’s tee, and as he was pulling it off over his head, I reached down, and de-pantsed him, taking both them, and his boxers with them. He was a bit shocked by my actions, and did not know how to react standing there the only one naked at the party. I pushed him toward a opening on a couch before he could react, and sat him down, and climbed on his lap. Now the crowd was going crazy, and I just started grinding on him, I still had the skirt for cover, so I did not feel like he had the upper hand, then we started kissing. All kind of suggestions were being made by the crowd, and I loved being topless with a totally naked young guy, and like the feeling of his package on my shaved genitals. I felt like not only did I have the upper hand, I was no doubt the focus of attention.

I wanted to blow their minds, so I turned around, reached down and grabbed his, I would have to say just an average cock. Now I was facing the crowd, and could see their reactions as a topless girl sat there with a naked young guys cock exposed, coming out from under the front of her short skirt, I lifted it up, so they could see his cock pushing against, and splitting my pussy’s lips. My big tits were flapping up and down as I pretended to be fucking him, it almost hurt as they hit. I was in heaven, what a slut I was. I really got off knowing that I was the cause of the bulges growing in a lot of young mens pants. I rode him for a while as his cock got hard enough, to really arouse, and get me wet, so I dismounted, and turned around to get on my knees, and sucked him, now the crowd was circled around the sofa, watching. It was not like the rest of the guys were going to get bored seeing a topless girl sucking a naked guys cock, the only thing different about this from scenes seen on the internet at college parties was, that it was the guy, not the girl that was totally naked.

Things took a turn when a guy got the nerve to lift up my skirt to show my naked ass, and pussy, and then started fingering me. Eventually, he found the button on the front waistband, and released it. The next thing I knew my skirt was gone, and I was then feeling other fingers in me, then the tip of his cock. I could have stopped it, Steve and his friend were just waiting for my word, but I told them what I wanted, and the rules before we got there. Steve gave the guy the rules, he needed to strip naked too, if he wanted to fuck me. I was drunk, and honestly I loved being the slut getting fucked in front of canlı casino a crowd of strangers for the first time.

I was leaned over the couch with a cock in my mouth, and pussy at the same time, and soon had an assembly line for lack of another term. I would take a new cock in my pussy, or in my mouth after each one blew their loads. Every time a new one tried to enter me Steve told them, put on a condom, or do not cum in her, and regardless take your clothes off. I did not want to be the only one naked, and have a bunch of guys with their pants pulled partly down fucking me. I did not want to look like a total slut, not to mention the added risk of getting all scratched up from belt buckles, most of the guys unloaded on my ass, or chest.

Steve was doing a good job as an enforcer, at least till it got a little overwhelming. I started tiring after a while, not from being cummed on and fucked, as immature males cheered, and as young girls stared in amazement. I was only tired of the position I was in. I worked my way down to the floor, and laid back on the carpet, now I had the whole front of me exposed, with my legs spread, and up in the air, Steve told me later, how hot it looked that each time I would change guys, he could see my hole quivering, and dripping waiting for a new cock, I would have a cock in my pussy, two in my hands, and one trying to get a turn in my mouth. My first gang bang, and in front of a crowd.

I was cum coated eventually from my face to my pussy, on both sides. It was obvious it was time to cut things off, but something inside me was loving the feeling of being dominated by all these young men, in some sick way in the heat of it all, I had a feeling of being worshiped, and was honored to have all these young men, some 10 years my junior, that wanted to fuck this near 30 year old, and willing to expose their naked body’s, and cocks of all sizes to the crowd.

Why is there such a double standard, why is a woman looked down on because she likes to be fucked, and is able, unlike a man to take on multiple partners at once. It’s something a straight man can not do. If men had a endless supply of cum, they would let women take turns on them until their penis’s became raw. I was on such a high, and was willing to take on everyone there, but things got so out of hand that Steve could not keep up, a couple of guys came inside me without condoms, when Steve seen their cum running out of me, he shut things down, and took me home. He was my ace in the hole, no one messed with him. I was not even embarrassed being carried to his car still naked, he is so big and strong.

Surprisingly I woke up the next morning with no regrets, and feeling pretty good, other than a sore coochie. I was not sure I wanted to do the same thing, the same way again, but I looked forward to being taken by more than one guy at once again, that part was addictive.

A couple of weeks went by, and I got lost in the crowd at such a big school, and decided to study hard, and not repeat the same mistakes the first time I tried to get my degree.

Things were getting a little boring, and I felt like I needed to let my hair down a little again when Steve, very reluctantly I could tell, ask me for a favor. It was a doozy. He said a couple of his old friends, one an old roommate were coming to visit. He wondered if I minded them bunking down in our two bedroom, for the night. What did I care, I had my bedroom, they had to use an old futon, and a used couch we picked up.

Steve got to the extent of the favor after I gave him the OK. He said even though they were not party people in school, they all had a lot of fun, and really liked fucking with each other, mind fucking, he then added to be clear, and he wondered if I was up for it. Well of course, I thought it might be fun, especially when I heard the plan.

He wanted them to meet me, since I was such a bombshell, (sure I thought, me always give you a “big” complement before they ask for a “big” favor) but I was game. I owed him for being my protector when I got crazy naked, and took a train of young guys in front of a party crowd.

I was fine with the plan, if fact I was a little excited even if it only was only a riff he was pulling on them. His plan was to tell them when they were out, about his female roommate. He would show them a sexy pic of me on his phone, nude, but I would be turned, so I could not be identified, and just showing enough skin to prove it. He said, “I will then tell them that you were a dedicated nudest, that refused to wear clothes in the apartment regardless of who was there.” He said they would automatically use their bullshit detector, and refuse to fall for it. My part was next, all I had to do was walk from the bedroom to the bath naked with my towel over my shoulder to seal the deal, if a bet had been made I could have the payoff. Hey why not, I could use the thrill, the possible cash payout, and who knew they might be good-looking. My heart sunk a kaçak casino little when he said they were both married, but actually that would make the tease more fun for me.

We had a photo shoot in my bedroom, I was turned so my face was not visible, (a side shot) and only my ass, and one breast could be seen in full.

I spread my legs, and offered him a shot “of” my shaved pussy, he said he did not need it, then I offered him a shot “at” my shaved pussy. He took the latter, we ended the photo shoot right there on my bed, and eventually had his hard cock in me. So at least I got some cock our of it.

Hey, things like that happen when you are taking naked photos. It is such a good relationship we have, its not about love, although we do deeply care for each other, but we are there for each other in many ways, sex just being one of them.

The weekend arrived, and I made sure not to be there when they came, and got a text signal from Steve later, they were out pub hopping.

I finished reading several chapters of a book I needed for a class. I figured they were drinking, I might as well have some drinks as I ate my dinner alone, and thought about what I was about to do. Like any woman, I stripped, and looked in the mirror to make sure I had not gotten fat since the last time I looked, probably that morning. I had to make sure I had no pimples or new moles that might show, I did notice I needed a shave down there, and tended to that. I did not have to pick out something to wear.

They got back late, real late, that was not mentioned in the deal. I had been drinking, not for courage, just out of boredom, as I sat watching TV with a blanket over me. I got his signal as they left the pub, and went to my room.

I heard them walk in, they had drank enough to be loud, and I waited for my cue. Steve saying, “sorry guys, she is always watching TV naked at night, but she must have gone to bed, we were out so late. I don’t hear anything coming from her room and her car is here.”

My cue was to listen to them demean him, and then use my discretion as when to come in. I was to walk through, then stop as he introduced me, and then continue on my way.

They started getting on him, and he pretended to try to call off the bet, (I was glad to hear that money was wagered.)

I was sitting there with a sheet over me keeping me warm, and was so excited I was dripping. As soon as they settled down I made my debut, I came out of the room, trying not to look at them, and lose it, as I strolled by naked, and slowly. Steve called my name, and said he wanted me to meet his friends. I walked up to the couch that they were sitting at, faced them directly, and shook their trembling hands.

According to the plan I was to just go about my way, only flashing again as I returned from the bath, but I thought why not have some fun with Steve too. As I showered I came up with a plan, after I dried off. I opened the door, and all eyes were on me, so I said, “Well, I see my roommate, who is also a good fuck buddy, and occasional threesome partner Steve, is not a good host. You all three have no drinks in your hands let Sue take care of that, we have beer, and the ingredients for basic mixed drinks. They both went for the first option, “Ah, beer, would be just fine, any kind.”

I got the beers, and sat down across from the couch in one of the arm chairs, using the excuse that I wanted to be facing the crowd, lifted my one leg up, on the arm of the chair to turn their way, to give them a good view of my bare coochie. “I hope you don’t mind if I have one with you before I go to bed alone, since Steve has company.”

I actually think Steve was showing more signs of shock than Rob, and Jason, I had went rogue on him.

We talked some about my major, and plans, typical stuff. I could not help but move my other leg more to the left, to open my legs ever so slightly as the conversation progressed, I loved seeing them glance, afraid to get caught staring at my shaved, and now excited coochie. I hoped I was not upsetting Steve, but he seemed to not be just OK with it, he was enjoying seeing me fucking with them, and getting a break from having to entertain them.

The entertainment was just starting as my legs were then open enough to spread my pussy lips, and make sure to show off my newly acquired clit piercing, hey I was a college girl, I wanted them to know I was keeping up with the times. I loved the attention, and was certainly creating a wet spot on the chair.

I decided to take the conversation to my naturist dedication, even though I did not have one, and did not know much, if anything about the lifestyle. I assumed they did not either, how many people do know what a naturist’s credo is, if they even have one. I laid it on, talking about how freeing it is, and that I started out with just a few people, three or four, like the group we were in, and that I have even managed to get Steve to join in a small party I had, even in front of one of my male friends, and added, “I detected maybe a little homophobia in him, but it faded quickly as one of my nude female friends with first class breast took a liking to him, and sat on his lap.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20