Backalley Girl

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She knew they were following her, she could almost smell the three of them as they stalked her down the dark street. One of them had found her outside the bar, just as her friends got in their taxi, and the others had swarmed as she moved off by herself. She was getting further from the crowds now, deeper into the back streets of the city.

Taking a turning she found herself in a dank alleyway filled with skips, rubbish bags and other detritus of modern life. She thought she heard a rodent scurrying through the waste, but as she turned she saw one of her pursuers, a large man, heavily built and looking as much like a wall as the brick and mortar beside her.

She could tell even in the darkness that his eyes were already undressing her and she knew that his companions were even now circling round to block the other end of the alley. She would soon be trapped, too soon to get away. Turning boldly, she stood her ground. If she were trapped, she would be trapped on her own terms. The flimsy night’s clothing was better at showing off her assets than hiding them, so she posed for her observer in such a way as to work the clothes to their best.

A noise behind her told her the others had arrived, but she only glanced coolly over her shoulder, retaining her poise before the growing threat. All the pieces were in place now and everybody knew what was about to happen.

Taking the first casino oyna move she pulled her top up over her head in one smooth motion, her breasts flopping down in the cold night air, her nipples already beginning to harden as the breeze swept across them. She stared defiantly at her opponent, listening to the silence as the others tried to understand what was happening.

He moved quickly, grasping her under her arms and lifting her with apparent ease as he pinned her to the wall, his face buried between her tits. He nuzzled and sucked like a wild animal, his tongue stroking roughly across her sensitive skin as he passionately explored her. His mouth fastened onto her nipple and his teeth bit the nub as he pulled it back, his tongue whipping across the tip as he mauled her.

His colleagues moved up now that the action had started and the game was on. One of them dropped to his knees and reached under her short skirt, finding her slight thong with his probing fingers and ripping it away with practiced ease. Quickly she felt a tongue lapping against her pussy lips, invading her in a way far too pleasing to be defended against.

She felt her body responding treacherously to the harsh treatment, and she was loving every second of it! She bucked her hips against his face and craned her neck back, pushing her tits out as far as she could.

The third man grabbed her jaw, forcing her mouth canlı casino open as he pulled her head around the forced his tongue into her mouth with a savage kiss that had nothing to do with affection and everything to do with the savage hunger running between them. She responded eagerly and massaged the invader with her own tongue as it slid around her mouth.

Dropping her to the floor, the trio pulled her body around, one of them holding her legs apart as he barrelled into her cunt with his stiff cock, another shoving his meatstick into her mouth while the third grabbed her hand in his and wrapped it around his member.

All three pumped into her, grinding her against the rubbish piles as they defiled her young body. The cock in her mouth was banging into the back of her jaw, the precum smothering her taste buds as it was forced down her throat. At the same time her knuckles were being crushed by the other man’s tight grip as he squeezed his cock with her delicate fingers. Her pussy was being completely stuffed and her hips were beginning to ache from how hard her legs were being held.

Reaching some silent consent, the three men shifted position. The cock stayed in her pussy, but the man it belonged to leaned back on the floor grabbing her head as her went and guiding her down to lay on top of him. The penis was removed from her mouth, but she was only able to get a couple of gulps of kaçak casino rank air before it was forced back in, this time with the owner kneeling next to her head, his balls smashing into her chin.

Thankfully her hand was released and she flexed the fingers to get the circulation, but worse was yet to come. Her tormentor moved round behind her and gripping his hard-on in his hand he positioned it against her arsehole. The puckered opening was twitching as the cock in her pussy drove into her and it nipped at the new threat as the third man prepared for his assault.

He pushed in gently and his colleague at her mouth pulled out to give her the chance to moan, which she did with wanton abandon as the cock slid up her anus, filling her completely and matching thrusts with those of her pussy assailant, pushing her against the penis in her mouth.

She was in heaven, three strangers were treating her like a common whore, worse even, they were using her body with no regard for her worth at all and she could feel her orgasm building, preparing to rip through her. But the boys beat her to it.

Her pussy was the first to feel the hot stream to burst inside it, filling her with the stranger’s seed. He was soon joined by another stream that spilt straight down her throat, filling her stomach, and another filling her bowels. The three man got up off the floor, leaving her there, fingering her pussy as cum dripped out of her orifices.

They walked away, leaving her in the refuse, her hands rubbing at the soiled mess between her legs, desperate to reach the high that so soon before had seemed so close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20