Bad Penny Ch. 05

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Readers please note: This is the fifth part of a series recounting the development of a relationship over some years – it hardly need be said that it will make more sense if read after the earlier chapters. It should also be noted that this story has so far included themes that could be posted under other headings than just ‘group sex.’ Light bondage, submission and dominance, homosexual activity between male and female couples, anal play and enemas with hints at watersports and some encounters that push the boundaries towards non-consent/reluctance. There is also a fair amount of the sort of partner swapping and voyeurism and submissive material common in the ‘loving wives’ section. I also tend to write long sentences, because I trust that my readers are capable of understanding them and know how to parse parentheses. I also like zeugma and puns. If any of this disgusts you, you may wish to read no further. I don’t want to offend anyone. If not, please read on, and remember, you have been warned…


By the time we got to Belfast I was ready to die. I probably shouldn’t have been driving. I almost collapsed into the spare bed at Mike’s house. I slept for hours.

I was woken by Penny, bearing orange juice and coffee, toast with butter and marmalade, and wearing nothing but jewellery, a collar and cuffs and a butt plug. She had been shaved again, although she had a little heart-shaped tuft just above her slit.

The jewellery included clip-on ear-rings attached to her nipples, with matching ones on her ear-lobes. It took me a moment to figure this out, and I decided I quite liked the effect.

“I didn’t want to wake you, Master,” she said, “but Mistress Tara insisted. She said you would feel better for something to eat and drink.”

“Hmmn, well, she may be right,” I grumped. Hang-overs make me ungrateful and ungracious.

Of course she was right, and as humanity returned I had more time to look at Penny, and realise that I had not paid much attention to her recently. She had lost a little weight, tightened up a little, and looked generally fitter and she moved more fluidly. She was confident and relaxed, and happy. Which seemed strange, given her adopted low status, but then again, was understandable. She had shed her worries and her inhibitions, and lost her fears and her self doubt. Because of her slavery she was free, and beautiful, and loved, and cherished, and she knew it.

Gratitude and grace bloomed with the blood-sugar, and I became more polite, and more concerned about my companion. We talked about her day. Mike had also crashed out and was now being roused by Tara in the same way as I was attended by Penny. The girls had slept for a couple of hours, but being the stronger sex, had recovered faster than us. They had woken and bathed together, Tara had shaved Penny and given her an enema, and lubed her up and plugged her, before doing her hair and make-up and jewels. I complemented the latter, and asked if they were comfortable.

“They pinch a little, but it isn’t sore. And when they swing they are really quite stimulating. I wouldn’t want to wear then all the time, but actually they are rather nice. Do you really like the look, Master?”

“Yes. Very pretty.”

“Thank you, Master. Mistress Tara says that some girls get them pierced, like ears, so they can wear rings in them all the time. Would you like me to get that done?”

“Good lord, no!” I said, with feeling. The idea of having a needle shoved through her beautiful nipples was horrifying. I could feel my balls contract at the thought, and a slight additional nausea that was not alcohol related.

Penny looked almost disappointed, rather than relieved, and said “But you could buy me secret things to wear. I would have them on me all the time. Tara showed me some photos. They looked quite exciting, Master.”

“Really?” I asked, amazed. “Well, I’ll have a look, but to be honest I don’t think I would like that. I like sucking your nipples very much. Having lumps of metal in the way would be a nuisance.”

I reached out and took one of the hanging jewels and pulled it gently towards my mouth. It made her nipple peak up as I drew it towards me and she moaned when I unclipped it and sucked on the hard bud.

I played with her breasts for a while, taking off the other clip and sucking on that nipple as well, and asking her about her adventures of the previous night.

Andy fainting on top of her had given Penny quite a scare, and she was still a bit twitchy about it. But she had enjoyed the rest of the night, and thanked me for displaying her to the others. “I liked that, Master. It is nice to know you think I am worth showing off. And that they can see I am yours.”

“You know I had never suspected this exhibitionist streak in you existed. You have blossomed in the last few months. How do you feel about that?”

She paused, and bit her lip. “She was a bit of a prig, wasn’t she? The old me. She wanted not to be, but she wouldn’t dare. Last night I had beautiful girls kiss me and touch casino siteleri me and I had three men who all wanted me, and looked at me like I was beautiful and desirable. And I enjoyed it. But I do enjoy this, just us, alone.”

We kissed and rolled together, getting beneath the covers, and luxuriating in the feel of naked flesh.

It had been ages since we had lain like that, simply kissing and stroking and holding each other. I found myself discovering the hollow of her spine, and the outline of a muscle on her arm. Parts of her I had forgotten, or at least not paid attention to. It was almost like being back in our innocent early days. Except that her pussy was hairless, she had straps on her wrists and ankles, a collar on her neck and the end of a six inch rubber dildo sticking out of her bottom.

Flashes of memory attached themselves to the places I stroked and kissed. Some were erotically charged (Penny kissing Lucy, Penny riding Mike); some were disturbing (Penny in the harness with Andy pouring drink into her, Penny bathing the bite-marks he had left); some were somewhere in between (Penny tied up with Mike taking her anally while Tara used a vibrator on her pussy, Penny bent over in the Student’s Union to receive a butt-plug before she went to a lecture).

Despite the intimacy of the moment I found my mind turning to plans for future scenes, ideas about what I could do to her, or get her to do with others. Or just do with others myself. Lucy and Shauna both drifted into my imagination.

I caught myself. I was in bed with the woman I loved, who was nearly naked, and she was clearly in an affectionate and intimate mood. Why was I thinking of the smell of Lucy’s neck, or the curve of Shauna’s hip? For that matter why was I thinking of seeing Penny in mini-skirt and tee-shirt with her hands tied up to the hook in the ceiling and Mike sticking his cock in her ass? Or having her naked in the back of the car, between Mike and Tara, the two of them fingering her and sucking her tits while I drive them through town and along the motorway?

The power of that fantasy image shocked me. It aroused me as well. A fact that she noticed.

“Hmmn, you must be feeling better,” she purred as she pressed her tummy against my erection.

“And how are you?” I asked.

“Well, when Tara was shaving me, and doing all those other things, she played with me but wouldn’t let me come. And she made me play with her, which also always gets me turned on. So I would have to say, I’m ready and more than willing, Master.”

“Oh good.” I said, and pulled her on top of me, gripping her bottom to draw her up so my cock tip was against her pussy, and pushing down on her to enter the soft, warm, slippery depth of her body.

She wriggled her hips to settle me deep inside her, and gave a contented sigh.

I pulled her face down to mine, and we traded kisses, my hips and hers making small circles, my fingers on her back, hers in my hair.

“Oh, Sean, I have missed you there,” Penny breathed, her voice full of sincere emotions that I realised I did not understand.

My strange mood that had been triggered by the events of the previous weeks had left me feeling detached and dreamlike That had faded a bit, but it hit me again now. I murmured something like “I’ve missed you too,” and accepted her passionate kisses, but inside my head I was speeding through a riot of conflicting thoughts.

As Penny rode me softly, making love to my body, my mind was analysing each move, each physical sensation, and comparing them to the feel of Naimh, or Lucy from the night before, or Shauna or Tara, or one of the other girls I had been intimate with, and even with the way Mike had touched me. Was Penny so different? Had I missed her doing this with me? This was good, it had to be said. It was more than good. But did it have some extra quality that sex with others did not have?

A few weeks ago I would have been enraptured and ecstatic. To be enfolded in Penny’s embrace was the height of physical pleasure. It was to be loved, to be cherished. Now I found myself comparing her body to those of all the others who had held me. For the most part favourably, but I couldn’t help pondering on the feel of Lucy’s bottom, the fullness of Naimh’s breasts, the blonde curls of Shauna, the sensuous mouth of Tara, and on the the merits of pale skin and red hair, longer fingers and slimmer thighs. Penny was a good looking girl, sexy and sensual, and loving in all the best ways, but, I realised, not perfect. Not the only girl for me. No single girl could be.

It was like a physical shock to think that. The next thought hit me harder. Penny was not the girl I used to know. Not the girl I fell in love with.

So as she approached her climax and then rested on my chest, and spoke her love for me, and I said what I always said, for the first time I wondered if I was lying.

My head spun as she slipped off my cock and slid down to suck it. She licked my shaft and over my balls, tasting herself, before canlı casino concentrating on my glans. Her mouth was warm And she sucked me firmly as her head bobbed in my lap, and I looked at her in wonder.

I did love her. It wasn’t a lie. But it wasn’t the same. I wanted her to be happy, her well-being mattered to me, I wanted to protect her and help her and yes, I certainly did find her attractive. If anything she was now more exciting and sexy than ever before, with her confidence and submission, her physical fitness and mental openness.

But, I realised, while I loved her deeply I had lost something. I wasn’t in love.

She was taking me deep now. All the way down, her lips touching my stomach and balls. She looked up at me, and I could see her eyes filled with pride and joy and hope. She was enjoying this, loving it. Loving me.

I smiled back. I told her how good it looked and felt, I told her I loved her doing that, loved all the things she did, that I loved her, I was proud of her, that she was beautiful. It was all true, and as each truth fell from my lips I felt my heart rise, because I knew it was true.

It was a sea change.

It all made sense.

I had been unable to be her Master, which she so much wanted me to be, because it could not fit with my idea of being in love. To be in love with someone they have to be your superior, or at least your equal, in your heart. They have to matter more than you. Their desires are more important, even if they conflict with yours. I hadn’t been able to connect that with her demand that I let her submit herself to me. So I went mad, and my grip on everything had loosened.

It was like a rush of light into my brain. The world crystallised into a new shape. I loved her, but I could love a slave. I could be her Master, with her consent, because I loves her, not despite it. I wasn’t lying. I wasn’t living a lie. I could look in the mirror again and not feel contempt. And I could take this girl and pull her up off my cock, spin her round and bend her over, just like this. I could pull the plug out of her bottom and throw it aside, and putty cock against her soft opening, and push in, like this. I could grab her hips and pull back on her, drive my cock all the way in her ass, like this. I could pump it hard and fast, deep and long, and feel my balls slam against her wet, bald pussy, like this. I could pop it out, slam it into her other hole, fuck her hard like this. I could pull it back and just poke it into her ass again, feel it open to me as I took her, feel the sweat slick curve of her buttocks on my stomach, my chest on her back, her tits in my hands like this. I could come inside her like this. I could do it again and again. I was free.

I rolled over and she slid across onto me, seeking my lips and sucking my breath away.

“God, Sean, promise me you’ll do that to me every day,” she said.

“As often as I can, Penny darling,” I replied. “You came, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Thank you, for doing that.”

“My pleasure. Which is as it should be, since you are my pleasure slave. And it pleases me that you should come.”

“I’m glad you are pleased, Master. Can I do anything else to please you now?” she asked, amused.

“Well, I think I would like to rest a moment. But perhaps you should find that butt plug and show me how you put it in yourself again.” I said.


“Go get it Girl,” I replied,slapping her bottom. “I want you to kneel there and bend over so I can see it going in.”

She squawked when my other hand slapped down and I pulled her ass cheeks apart for a moment. “Go on, Girl, hop to it!”

She was a little slow to comply, still heavy with post orgasmic lethargy. It made her movements languorous, louche, almost graceful but not quite fluid enough. Sexy.

Penny found the plug, on the floor. It was covered in fluff and detritus. “Eww.” she said “Dust bunnies!”

“Go and wash it and bring it back.” I ordered. She went.

I was sitting up with pillows behind me, the covers up to my waist, when she returned.

Penny was beautiful in the doorway. Her collar, cuffs and anklets emphasised her nakedness.

Her dark brown nipples were hard, her breasts moving in fascinating soft bounces as she walked towards me. Her hips were swaying slightly, highlighting her curves, her readiness for sex. She had the butt plug in her mouth. All of it, just the flanged base showing, covering her lips.

She stepped up onto the bottom of the bed, and turned around, bending down to kneel where I had indicated. She had one knee on each side of my feet, her bottom pointing straight at me, so I could see her shaven pussy lips and the puckered entrance to her ass above. She moved then to drop her face to the bed, spreading her legs a little more, displaying herself without any reservation. Her left hand came into view, from beneath, her fingers sliding up over her mons into the slit of her pussy. One finger penetrated, curling into herself. Then a second. She slid them in and out kaçak casino a little for a couple of strokes, and then pulled them out and opened them wide, spreading her lips, showing me the pink inside of her open, wet and sticky tunnel.

I made a low noise of appreciation, and she wriggled slightly.

Then her other hand appeared, holding the plug.

I had noticed that the area around her anus was shiny and slick. She had lubed herself up in the bathroom when washing the plug. So as she passed the tip over her opening, circling round and across it, she picked up a little of the lube.

The tip settled against the centre of her ass, and she wiggled it from side to side, gently pressing in, opening herself a little, getting lined up. I held my breath as she pushed in about an inch of the black rubber cone.

For a long moment she held it there, and then pulled it back a fraction before pushing in again with a twisting motion, turning it one way and then the other, and sighing as she did so.

It was four inches in, the widest part, when she stopped. For a long moment she held it there, and then pushed it firmly home.

Penny took her hand away and I saw the plug pulse in and out a little as her muscles settled around it.

A shiver went up her spine, shaking her body in a very arousing fashion.

“Thank you Penny, that was very sexy.” I said. “How does it feel?”

“Full. Good. I’m very turned on. I liked showing you that.”

“Show me more. Play with your pussy.” I commanded.

“Yes, Master” she said, as her hand began to move on her pussy lips again.

I watched as she rubbed along the slit, and put two fingers inside. She brought her other hand underneath to draw circles round her clitoris. She spread herself again so I could see the pulsing of her muscles inside, and then she plunged a finger in.

She was breathing in rhythm with her movements, and I heard the catch in her throat. I loved that sound.

Her hands shifted. One hand stayed beneath her, a single finger on her clit. The other came over her bottom, pressing the plug in with her palm and sending one finger down to penetrate her pussy.

I was hard again. I stroked myself in time with her, and watched as she moved her finger to rub in and out of her pussy, up over the lower edge of her opening, the perineum and under the flange of the plug to touch her sphincter.

“Can I play with my ass, Master?” she asked plaintively.

“Yes. Go ahead. Make yourself come for me.”

She gripped the plug and started to pull it out a little, just enough to bring the bulge of the wide part up to inside of the ring of muscle that gripped it. I could see how it brought the flesh up around it.

She pushed it down and pulled up fast, stopping each time as the plug pulled at her. Sometimes she pulled up a little more, stretching the sphincter open.

Her breathing changed. I heard her make that tiny “Oh” that made my heart leap. Penny pulled the plug up, past the bulge, almost all the way out. There was a moment of stillness as she caught her breath, and then she plunged it in.

This time she stopped just short of the maximum diameter in her ass, and started pistoning it fast and hard as her other hand turned to a blur, frigging herself in double time.

She came, noisily. Her back arched and she froze. The plug was almost out, and she held it there for an age as her body twitched. Then with a sigh she slid it back in, all the way, settling it in place with a final push and a sigh, and a clenching of her thighs.

She slumped, her body relaxing totally.

I was still slowly wanking, looking into her open vagina.

“My god, you are incredible,” I said, and meant it. “That was, wonderful. Unforgettable. Come here lover, come and kiss me.”

When Tara knocked at the door, about half an hour later, Penny was asleep on my shoulder. I was wide awake, admiring the naked girl draped over me, and revelling in plans for the future. I had so many ideas.

I told Tara to come in. She slipped through the door quietly, seeing Penny was asleep, and came to sit on the bed beside me. She was wearing a silk robe, the green one I had seen before.

“Mike is making dinner. Would you like some? How’s the hangover?”

I thanked her, saying we would come down shortly. She looked at me and then Penny.

“How are things between you guys? I’ve been worried all week, you know. You seemed strange last weekend, and at the party yesterday,” she said.

“I’m fine, Tara. We’re fine. I was kind of mixed up last week. Lots of stuff to think about. But I’m sorted out in my head now. I love her, you know. That’s what matters.”

Tara looked at Penny and a soft expression passed over her face. “She is very loveable isn’t she? And very sexy. Would you mind if I woke her up?”

“Sure,” I said, although the request seemed strange.

Tara spun round and got on all fours on the bed. She leaned over me and put her face down close to Penny’s. She smiled as she looked at her, and then kissed Penny lightly on the lips. “Wake up, sleeping beauty. Dinner time, and then I want to play with you.” Tara said, with a sing song tone. She kissed her again and said “Wake up lover.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20