Bad Wife Ch. 01

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Tuesday 11:29 am

The bed creaked as they moved. The pictures on the bedside table shook, the family depicted smiling and happy. Her wrists were tied to the bedposts with silk sashes that left red marks on her flesh. The shades were drawn, as they always were – the neighbors liked being nosey.

The camera light was blinding so she kept her eyes closed – it made the situation more erotic anyway. Her breasts bounced as the man between her legs rammed her repeatedly, her mouth wrapped firmly around a large black cock. The men grunted with perverse satisfaction while they fucked her, using her, their little whore.

It was never the same men twice in a row. Hell, it was not always men. She had been feeling particularly horny however, having not had her morning goodbye fuck. John was running late, and had left with just a quick kiss before bolting out the door. Well… now he’d regret it.

She moaned while she sucked off the black guy feeding her his cock, spit and precum rolling down over her chin, sloppy, wet and messy. The other one fucked her so hard she wanted to scream, his cock stretching her out, filling her pussy completely. She was so hot and wet the sounds of their fucking were audible, his balls slapping against her ass.

This was round three. casino siteleri She’d already been covered in their cum once, the sticky white splotches still gleaming on her tits and stomach, pooling in her navel.

“Fuck! Eat it all!” the black man cried as he came, shooting himself deep in the back of her throat. She wasn’t expecting it, gagging a little but he held her head to his cock, forcing her to swallow it. She drank it all, swallowing load after load and still it was too much, the creamy liquid leaking out the sides of her mouth.

“Gods, Tammy!!” the other screamed, his cock spasming inside of her, shooting cum so deep inside she was certain there would be an addition to their family.

She wasn’t on the pill after all – she’d stopped. Oh sure, John still thought she was taking it, he didn’t want any more kids. Really she didn’t either but it was her silent protest against his job. He traveled too much, spent more time at corporate meetings or dinners than satisfying her like he should.

She called them at least three times a week, always at different times. The camera rolled each time.

She writhed as she came too, pulling her mouth off the cock so she could scream in earnest, hoping the prudish bitch that liked to snoop around heard her canlı casino and wished she were being fucked half as good.

The guy between her legs bent forward to kiss her. Tom was his name, she knew that. He had been with her a few times. His cock was thick and the perfect length. He liked it when she invited others, liked tasting other men on her. She liked it too. His tongue was rough against hers, forceful, probing, almost painful. If he kept kissing her like that she was sure to cum again and again, his cock still buried so deep inside of her nothing escaped.

“You like the way I taste, Tommy boy?” Damien asked. He was new, stroking her hair while she kissed Tom.

“Untie me,” she commanded, using her foot to shove Tom off of her. They complied. They always did. Sure they would take her anyway they wanted, fuck her brains out and leave her sprawled on the bed like a piece of garbage but they listened, always listened.

She got to her knees, feeling Tom’s cum slide out of her pussy, down over her thighs to the bed sheets. She caressed their faces, kissed Damien first, then Tom and shoved each one down to her breast to clean up their messes.

She moaned again when their mouths closed over her nipples, their tongues swirling over her tit, biting, kaçak casino nipping – God she was so hot!

“Damien lie down!” she barked suddenly, needing more, always more. She yanked him down so that his head was hanging over the bed and mounted him, sliding his long hard cock into her. She was so loose and wet still that he just slipped right in. She started riding him, bouncing at a fast pace so her boobs jiggled for the camera.

“Tom, fuck my ass!”

“You’re still bou-“

“Just do it!” she screeched. “Now, damnit! Fuck! I want him to see!!”

He didn’t argue anymore, moving onto the bed behind her, his cock still wet with her juices and his own seed. She didn’t give him any time for anything else, slowing only long enough to let him force his thick cock into her tiny hole.

“Oh GOD!!” she screeched, the pain and pleasure so much she came on the spot, rubbing herself over Damien while Tom slammed in and out of her ass.

“Are you watching this John!” she hollered at the camera, her eyes smoldering as she stared right at it, both holes being fucked at once. “This is what a REAL man should do for his woman!”

John came home at 7:30pm sharp, expecting his welcome home blowjob before sitting down to a home cooked meal. Instead, he found a TV dinner and a stack of videotapes with a tiny red bow on it and a little hand written note:

Hi baby, dinner’s on the table. Now be a good little bastard and watch all the videos. Its time you learned your place in this house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20