Ballet School Ch. 05

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Chapter Five-Beck and Call

Jim stopped by at his usual time and told me to follow him.

I got to his room and went inside and on the bed were a series of butt plugs, small to really big.

Here’s what we’re going to do Chris. Because I know you are horny for cock in your ass all day long, we’re going to keep that beautiful ass filled up and pulsating with pleasure all day long. How does that sound. I was a bit confused and also turned on. It sounds good, but how can I dance with the plugs in me. He showed me a small one. You’ll use this and you’ll get used to it. The larger ones you’ll wear in class and during lunch and breaks. Here’s how it works Chris, these are all vibrating and remote controlled. You’ll start your day with this small one which you’ll put in after breakfast. Whenever I want I can activate it and when I do, you are to come and see me here. I’ll remove the plug, fuck you and replace it with the next size up. When you have dance training, you’ll switch back to the small one. You have break twice a day and lunch and also time after second dance class, which gives me four times to fuck your ass. At the end of the day, you put in this large one before you go to dinner. I want your ass full and stuffed before you come back for your session at night. When you do your evening training, you’ll leave the large one in. When I turn on the vibration, you will come to me, strip down to nothing but your dance belt and kneel facing the bed. I will spank you and paddle you every night with that big beauty in there and then you will get fucked again and after I come in your ass, I will fuck you with this. He showed me a new vibrator, glass about 6″ around and easily over 12″ long. I smiled and said when do we begin.

The next morning as instructed I finished breakfast, went to the bathroom and inserted the small plug in. I put on my dance belt and it held it snugly in place. It was a weird feeling at first, but Jim was right, after about 20 mins I barely noticed it, except when I moved my ass on the classroom chair. Like clockwork, just as the first break bell rang, the plug started buzzing. Man, my head was spinning. The sensation in my ass was incredible. I practically ran to the back room and knelt on the floor as instructed. Jim was waiting with his cock lubed up and shining in the warm red light of our little sex den. He slowly pulled the plug out and without hesitation plunged his cock in. I gasped in pain as his head burst through my anal ring and filled my aching hole. It hurt so good, I leaned my head back and moaned, fuck me Master. Fuck me hard. Jim was so turned on, he came quickly pounding my tight, well trained ass. He came inside me, as he refused to wear a condom now, swearing that I was the only one he was fucking. My ass was slick with his juices, as he slid the next size plug in there, with a resounding pop, it filled me nicely. This I could feel a lot more. It was longer and thicker than the small one, but it felt good in my now stretched out hole. See you at lunch Chris.

I walked carefully back to class wondering if it was showing through my tights. I went to the bathroom to check and couldn’t see anything unless I bent right over and stuck my ass out. I went to class feeling really sexy and hornier than I had ever allowed myself to feel. I was a committed slut at this point and would do whatever Jim asked me to without question. Five minutes before lunch, I felt a gentle buzzing in my ass. Apparently this one had different speeds, because each minute it went faster and harder, and when the bell finally rang, I was so anxious I was sweating a little. I waked quickly back to the room and as I entered, Jim grabbed me by the nape of my neck and threw me down on his bed. He pulled my tights down and without even removing them or my dance belt he pulled out the plug, slid my dance strap aside and jammed his thick cock up my ass. He pounded me hard and fast driving me into the bed with his meaty arm across my shoulders and neck. He was being really rough and he leaned into my face with his beard and hot breath and whispered in my ear, I own your hole you whore don’t I. I nodded weakly and he pushed on my neck and drove his cock into me deep, saying to me say it louder Chris. Tell me I own you. Say it. I said it over and over. You own me Jim, I’m yours, my ass is yours, my cock and mouth are yours. He fucked me so fast and hard I came inside my belt, cum leaking out all over the bed and my inner thighs. He smacked my ass hard several times in a row and then blasted his load deep inside of me. He wiped me down and put the small plug back in and helped me dress. He kissed me on the mouth running his thick fingers through my hair. You’re a sweet man Chris. I really like fucking you. I left for dance canlı bahis class a bit weak in the knees, but found I barely noticed the plug once I got moving.

I reported back after class and Jim was waiting with the massive butt plug that I had been eagerly anticipating. First I’m going to stretch your ass Chris, then I’ll park this bad boy up your sweet hole. He had me kneel facing the bed and squirted a big dollop of lube right into my ass and all over his hand. He worked slow at first, using just one finger and really working my ass all over. By the time he had four fingers in there I was wide open and super horny. He grabbed the giant plug and lubed it up before slowly corkscrewing it up my ass. It hurt like a mother and I didn’t think it would go in, he pushed down on my shoulders and instructed me to breath and arch my ass while spreading my legs as wide as I could. It helped and finally it popped in and locked in place. I felt so full with the plug rammed in deep and stretching me wide apart I didn’t think I would be able to move at all. It hurt like a mother too and I knelt there panting and moaning on his bed. Jim helped me up and turning me around, knelt down and turned on the giant plug. I shook and convulsed from the powerful vibrations and Jim slowly started licking my cock, all around the head sticking his tongue in my slit and caressing my shaft with his lips, jamming my balls into his mouth and sucking me till I blew a huge load and almost collapsed from the amount of sex I had had that day.

The plug felt warm and full now and my ass was stretching to accommodate its depth and girth. At its widest it must have been five to six inches and at least as long. Wait till after dinner slave. You get to meet Mr Big and he placed the huge dildo against my lips and said open up and suck it and look in my eyes while you do it. I opened wide and could barely fit it in my mouth. He teased and pushed it in and out of my mouth while his other hand pressed the plug in and out of my asshole. I was burning up I was so horny.

Suddenly he stopped and I stood naked and trembling in front of him. He wrapped me up in his big bear arms and held me close rubbing my ass and nibbling my ear and neck. He kissed me long and slow and rubbed his cock against mine. Thank-you slave. You make me very happy. It’s time for you to go. I’ll dress you. He put on my belt and positioned my cock and balls just right for me, gently patting my balls and smoothing the material over my erect cock. He slid on my tights pulling them up tight and hard just the way I liked them and held them up past my hips with both his hands, lifting me up on my toes, he pulled me into him and kissed me slowly and passionately. I whimpered with his soft ministrations and rubbed my cock against his, feeling so close to him. Later slave, later. You better have a nap, it’s going to be a long night.

Wait I have something for you. He gave me a hoodie that was extra long. This will cover your beautiful ass, so no one will know you have a massive butt plug jammed up there. It was black and on the chest was the writing, property of…

I loved it. Thanking him I headed out feeling really tired. A nap sounded good.

I walked slowly back to my room, and at first couldn’t find a rhythm. It felt so big in my ass that I had to walk almost bow legged. Eventually it levelled out and I figured out that walking a bit on my toes with my ass out helped. The sweater he gave me covered my ass so no-one would see the plug which I’m sure would be visible. Walking this way also made the plug move a little and the sensation was incredible. When I got to my room I stripped down to my dance belt and set my alarm for an hour later. That would give me 15 mins to get ready for dinner. I woke up with a big erection and I definitely felt the plug bulging in my ass.

Suddenly it started vibrating, hard. I lay back down and grabbing my legs pulled back till they were in the air, the plug was so strong it was almost shaking my bed and then it stopped. I had almost cum in my belt. I smiled and got up feeling wide awake and unbelievable horny, thinking about Jim fucking me long and hard and that giant dildo ramming up my stretched out ass. I couldn’t get over how much I loved sex now. I guess when you’ve repressed your feelings and your true self for so long, when it comes out, it explodes out. I enjoyed what we were doing and I liked pleasing my hairy bear master.

I sat down at dinner and immediately felt huge pressure on my prostrate. It was making me very horny and I had trouble concentrating on what people around me were saying. I couldn’t take it anymore so I excused myself to get a jump on training. I went to the studio and turned on the music and began stretching which bahis siteleri was rather difficult with a giant butt plug reaming my ass every time I moved and my erect cock jamming hard into my belt. It was awkward and sensual at the same time. I decided to move slower and more sensually and the plug made me more aware of my movements. I lowered the lights and put on slow music and began dancing sensually, crawling on the floor, sliding my cock across the polished wood, spinning and rolling on the floor, filling my ass with each revolution of my supine body. I sensed someone watching me and caught Jim standing in the doorway arch watching me intently. I pretended not to see him and decided to put on a show. I slithered and crawled and humped the floor moving towards him in a seductive dance. About 20 feet away, I rose up and twirled slowly on one leg, arms overhead, wrists together. I wanted him to suspend me again and spank and whip my ass blood red. I wanted him to squeeze, slap and punch my belt clad balls till they were swollen and numb. I cross-stepped towards him and crumpled at his feet, legs askew looking into his eyes.

He spoke softly but with dark intent. Does slave wish to be punished? I nodded yes. Follow me slut he said. I got to my feet and as if in a trance walked behind him. We got to the room and he motioned for me to go in first. I walked in and he had lit candles, soft music played quietly in the background and on his bed, were paddles, lube, cock rings, nipple clamps, rope, a riding crop, a cat of nine tails, a braided whip, a thick leather spiked collar, a black, silk blindfold and pliers. I was very curious, aroused and somewhat concerned about the large set of pliers on the bed. Take off your shirt he commanded. I took off my sweat soaked T shirt as ordered. Remove your tights slowly and I want you to look me in the eyes the entire time. I turned to face him and staring at his eyes, began peeling my tights down over my hips, bending down to pull them over my knees. I glanced downward and swish, his hand smacked me hard in the face. Look at me slave he commanded! My face burned from the sting of the slap and the shame of not being a good slave. I quickly looked at him again and pulled the tights over my feet and off of me. Stand tall and let me see you, all of you. Turn and flex slowly all of your muscles, especially your ass and legs. I did as commanded and began to feel myself drifting into a different state of conscious. I felt like I was outside of myself watching this seduction dance. Stop and face me he commanded. I stopped and looked into his eyes.

He had the nipple clamps, with adjustable screws connected by a chain, and they looked formidable. He placed one on my right nipple and began tightening it down. At first it was a nice even pressure and then it started to hurt. I winced and he warned me not to make a sound or he would make it tighter. I bit my lip and took slow breaths till he was done. It was very tight, almost flattening my nipple. He did the same to my left nipple and then grabbed the chain and pulled me into his eager mouth. He parted my lips with his tongue and drove it deep into my mouth, pulling me close and tugging down on the chain. It hurt but his kiss was beautiful so I didn’t make a sound putting my angst and pain into kissing him deep and hard, sucking each other’s tongues and lips, I was lost in ecstasy.

He stopped suddenly and ordered me to turn around. He put the blindfold over my eyes, tying it snug around me and fastened the collar tightly around my neck. He turned me around and connected the nipple clamps to the collar. Then he stood back and looked at me for a long time, there was silence. Just the music and his and my breathing. I heard him walk behind me and he pulled my arms over my head, tying them together and looping the rope through the ring on the ceiling. He slowly pulled raising me up till I was on my toes and then he secured the rope. I was stretched out fully and my legs immediately felt the strain of standing on top toe, but I was confident I could hold this for a long time.

You look ready for a spanking slave. Are you ready. Yes master I said. I can’t hear you boy. Suddenly his hand sped through the air and smacked my balls hard. I rocked backwards and moaning gasping yes master I’m ready. Good boy!

He began slowly with the cat of nine tails, swishing my ass and back and balls in a constant rhythm that grew heavier with each stroke till he was really leaning into it and creating a deep warm burn on my ass, back and balls. He quickly switched to a riding crop and started aiming for my balls and the butt plug. Each resounding crack on the butt plug sent an electric charge through my whole body. I was twisting and turning and dancing on my bahis şirketleri toes, the pain getting almost unbearable. I didn’t want to give in. I wanted to take it all. Finally he stopped and got me so water and drank deeply himself.

You impress me whore. I think you’re ready for my hands. What do you think my little slut he said clenching my tightly clad ass in my dance belt, a giant butt plug deep inside of me, my cock stiff and full of blood. I shouted out loud please Master please. More I need more.

Good boy. Time for my hands and more. His first few slaps on my already reddened ass stung, but didn’t hurt. Then he started leaning into it. He began swinging hard smacking my exposed butt cheeks and my balls. I couldn’t see and never knew where he was going to hit me and it was making me crazy with lust. Suddenly he slammed his hand into my balls, squeezed and lifted me off the ground, while reaching around and grabbing the end of the butt plug and twisting and pushing it into my ass. It was tightly locked in my ass and it hurt like hell when he twisted it. I screamed out and he twisted and pushed more, squeezing harder on my balls. I felt like I was going to pass out and felt my legs going limp when he released me and delivered a wicked smack to my ass that quickly woke me up.

I think you need something to keep you awake slave. I’m fine master. He grabbed me by the chin and glaring at me told me not to talk unless he spoke to me. He turned and grabbed the pliers and grabbed my dance belt ripping it down off of me. Time for a little individual attention. The pliers had rubber sleeves on the ends and were quite large. He grabbed my nuts and pulled them out in front of me. Taking the pliers he placed them around one of my balls and started squeezing. It was unreal. It hurt but I loved it. More I said.

Oh you little whore, you’re asking for it.

He squeezed hard and I cried out in pain and lust. He switched back and forth applying more and more pressure till I felt for sure I was going to cum. He put the pliers down and gently massaging my balls took my dripping cock into his mouth and sucked and licked my cock until I blasted a huge load into his mouth. He licked his lips and kissed me dripping my cum onto my tongue and lips. I drank it up greedily and kissed him back hard.

I think it’s time to fuck that sweet hole again slave. He reached around and grabbed the end of the butt plug and twisted it slowly pushing it back and forth loosening it up in my ass. I was really enjoying this feeling of having my ass stretched to the maximum. He started to pull it out slowly and then rammed it back in hard. He stopped and grabbed the lube and drizzled it all over the plug end. He pulled it almost past the thick middle and rammed it back again. He did this over and over till I felt my cock growing hard again. Finally he pulled it out and then immediately rammed three fingers up my ass, lifting me off the ground, grinding his hand deep into my ass. He pulled out his hand and went over to the rope lowering me down a few inches till my feet were flat on the floor. He came back over and grabbed me by the hips, sliding his cock between my legs against my stretched hole. His cock slid in easily and he grabbed my thighs by the back lifting my legs up and driving his cock into my soaking wet, stretched out ass. I moaned loudly and shouted out for him to fuck me harder. He pistoned his cock in and out fast, and quickly blasted a huge load deep into my ass.

He held me up and shook as his cock emptied into me. I was delirious at this point, but without hesitation he grabbed the large glass dildo he had shown me and with two hands drove it hard into my ass. It was huge and easily filled my ass tight. It felt cool to the touch and massive. My ass was so full and alive with sensations. I was completely wasted and so horny I couldn’t think straight. I’m going to fuck you with this till your pass out boy. Then I’ll carry you to the bed and keep on fucking you all night long. We’re just beginning.

Eventually I did pass out hanging from the ceiling, a massive dildo up my ass. I woke up on his bed, my wrists chained to the bed and Jim on top of me fucking me again. His cock felt sweet and warm and was moving easily in my sweet hole. I moved against him grinding my ass against his hips. I was completely gone. The old shy, conservative Chris I knew was gone. I was a sex crazed nympho and I loved it.

He finally finished with me late in the night. We lay in bed my head on his chest and his hands all over my body caressing and stroking me gently all over my hips, thighs, ass, and cock and balls. I was so blissed out I almost fell asleep. He nudged me awake and told me I had to go. You should go Chris. It’s late and you need to get back to your room.

I got up and he helped me get dressed as I was really sore and weak in the knees. Oh Chris before you go, don’t forget this. He handed me the small butt plug. Tomorrow’s another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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