Barber College Specializing In Women Intimates

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Barber College Specializing In Women Intimates

When I entered Barber College I had women in mind. Mom knew a lot of women through her Country Club, Bridge Club, and her Tennis Club so I would have an unlimited supply of subjects to practice on.

As classes started and I progressed, Mom was able to get several women to volunteer to let me wash their hair, blow dry it, and style it for them. Some let me practice dying their hair and others allowed me to put in high lights. I got to tweezer some eyebrows too.

When it came time to actually cut hair they were not as pleased to let a beginner practice on them, but a few were.

Things progressed very well in school and in practice and Mom was pleased with me. Then I started my ‘Women’s Intimate Classes’ and things changed. That involved plucking stray hairs from around their nipples, trimming their bikini line, and shaving around their assholes. In addition I had to learn to bleach assholes too.

Now it was one thing to work on the head of a woman but quite another to work on her pussy. My own mother was quite reluctant to bare her intimate parts to me.

However, three women seemed more excited by that, than they were with me playing with their heads.

The first one wanted me to come to her house so that she would have the privacy that she wanted. She had agreed to the full works, nipple plucking, bikini shave, and asshole bleaching. She would even let me shave her underarms and legs. Wonderful!

When I arrived she had a white fluffy terrycloth bathrobe on. She told me that she wanted me to give her a douche, an enema, and a bath too. She said that was as intimate as she could get with me, unless I wanted sex too. The big smile on her face suggested that sex was a given, if I wanted it.

She took me up to her master bedroom, which was practically a suite in itself. She had a mini kitchen, a mini bar, a walk in closet, and the biggest bathroom that I had ever seen. If I had a bedroom like that I would never come out.

She locked the door including the dead bolt and dropped her robe to the floor, standing there naked. I inspected her from a distance and then she smiled and turned around slowly. She was a magnificent woman for her age. I estimated her to be close to fifty but she certainly didn’t look it. There were no telltale signs of age on her body, no wrinkles, no unnecessary sag anywhere. Her breasts only sagged due to their size and gravity of course. I estimated them to be a C-cup. Her pussy had not been trimmed all winter and was due for a serious makeover.

I took her hand and said, “Lets started with the enema and clean out the dirtiest part first. That seemed quite easy, seeing as how it was my first time ever. Next I got to give my first douche. The way she kept looking at me I decided to go as far as I dared too.

I said, “Now I need to make sure that you are clean. Please sit up her on the counter.”

I’m not sure what she expected but she giggled when I bent over and lifted her knees up to her breasts. Then I licked her asshole a few times and declared, “That’s clean.” I then stuck my tongue in her pussy and ate her out to an orgasm before saying, “Not bad, not bad at all. In fact I think I like that.”

Mrs. Blakely said, “So did I, so did I.”

I told her that a nice bubble bath was soothing but that in our case a shower would be better. Then I undressed and started the water. When it was the right temperature for me I helped her in. I washed every inch of her body and a few places more than once. I got out to get my razor and got back in. I shaved her underarms, her beautiful long legs, and around her asshole. When we got out I dried her off.

Next while lying on her back on her huge bed I started to inspect her breasts and pulled a few tittie hairs from around her nipples. After plucking I sucked on her nipples to prevent any swelling. That didn’t work and we both laughed. But it was the thought that counted.

Then with her legs splayed wide open I started to inspect her pussy. She was swollen with sexual arousal, her pussy was very wet, and her clitoris was begging for attention. We discussed a heart, a landing strip, and just the bottom half shaved. I said that oral sex would be better that way so that the guy won’t have to shave his teeth in the casino siteleri morning. She giggled and said that I could shave the bottom half if I wanted to, then maybe the heart the next time, and then a landing strip the time after that. Okay.

Of course I wanted to prove to her that I was doing the right thing so I started to eat her out again to an orgasm. When I was done I pretended to slit out a pubic hair that was in my mouth and she giggled. I shaved the bottom half of her wonderful pussy twice to make sure that it was smooth. Then I started to eat her out again. That time I cooed and made noises to show my utter approval. She enjoyed another orgasm.

Finally, I announced that I was done, that there was no charge for my services, but that a nice tip would be appreciated. That was when I poked the tip of my cock into her opening and said, “That tip will be perfect.” Mrs. Blakely said, “That was the same amount that I had in mind.”

Soon my whole cock was buried in her and I was really going to town, she asked me to slow down so that she could enjoy it too. I told her that she had already enjoyed several orgasms and that this was my payment and for my pleasure alone. I then told her that I would slow down for the next three. That brought a smile to her face.

When I thrust into her hard and cum inside her she said, “You can do that three more times too.”

I replied, “Like I said, this one was for me. You have three holes and I am going to pleasure you in all of them before I leave here.”

Mrs. Blakely said, “I don’t do anal.”

I laughed and said, “Oh yes you do. I cleaned it out, I shoved my tongue in there, I even shaved around it, sure as hell I’m going to stick my cock in there…and believe it or not, you will enjoy it.”

Mrs. Blakely liked giving oral sex and showed me just how much she could tease me. In the end she took it all and swallowed every drop. She came up licking her lips too.

For the anal I greased her up real well, fingered her appropriately, and then slid my cock all the way up into her rectum. I had her on her back, her feet were up on my shoulders, and I could see the smile on her face from the pleasure. I knew she would enjoy it.

Our last fuck of the day was a nice slow one that lasted forever. After all I had cum three times in her already. She moaned and she groaned, she purred and she cooed, then her breathing became irregular and she cried out as the biggest orgasm of her life raked through her.

I gave Mrs. Blakely another enema, douche, and then I kissed her goodbye in her hot bubble bath. I let myself out but already had an appointment for the following week to shave her bushy mound into a heart shape.

Mrs. Collins was not as old but she wasn’t as pretty either. I got the impression that she really didn’t want me there so I asked, “Why did you agree to this if you didn’t want it?”

Mrs. Collins replied, “Because when I mentioned it to my husband he got all excited and told me to do it. It made him so excited that he took me right in the kitchen with the children in the next room. There I was with my blouse and bra pulled up above my breasts and my panties and skirt down around my ankles with him forcing his big cock into me from behind. I held onto that table for dear life and prayed that no one would come looking for us. Then he told me to let you do whatever you wanted to do to me as long as I told him everything afterwards.”

I asked, “What do you expect to happen here today?”

She blushed and replied, “You are going to see me naked, touch my body, and do things to me that no man has ever done to me before.”

I asked, “Does that scare you?”

Mrs. Collins said, “No! On the contrary it excites the hell out of me. My panties are dripping wet now.”

I asked, “And your husband wants me to take advantage of you?”

She replied, “Yes. You can do anything to me that you want too. All I have to do is tell him about it afterwards.”

I smiled and drew her in closer. I kissed her and I pulled her ass into me crushing my erection into her pelvic bone. When the kiss ended she said, “Wow. I haven’t been kissed like that since high school.”

I had her take me to her bedroom. It was a normal bedroom with the bathroom down the hall. I left her bedroom door wide open and started to remove her clothes. I canlı casino could tell that she was embarrassed. I decided to let her be completely naked and vulnerable all alone, with me fully dressed. Hopefully, that would add to her embarrassment.

Then I asked, “How many men have you been with?”

Mrs. Collins replied, “Only three including my husband of the last twenty years.”

I asked, “Who were the other two?”

She blushed a crimson color, looked at the floor, and then she said, “One was my brother, he was my first. The other one was my oldest son when he came home from college for Thanksgiving. He got drunk one night and practically raped me down in the family room.”

I asked, “Did you enjoy it? Will you let him do it again?”

Again she blushed and replied, “No, I didn’t enjoy it, and yes I would let him do it to me again.”

I asked, Does your husband know about your son?”

Mrs. Collins said, “No and he can’t. Please don’t tell him.”

I said, “Nothing we do or say will leave this house. You can tell your husband whatever you want too.”

I then took her down the hall to the bathroom. I gave her an enema, a douche, and then I sent her into the shower alone. She expected me to go in with her, but I didn’t.

I had her get on her bed so that I could inspect her breasts and her crotch. I decided that she needed a few wild hairs removed from around her asshole but that I was going to pluck them. She cringed with every pull and her pussy started drooling. I then bleached her very dark asshole. I shaved her love mound into a big triangle with one corner pointing down to her treasure. I shaved the rest of her pussy bald and then I plucked three hairs from around her left nipple.

Finally, without saying a word to her, I just pulled my cock out of my zipper, and plunged it into her open hole. Her mouth formed a perfect circle and then she said, “My you’re big.” Now I knew that I was only average so I assumed that her husband and son were on the slightly smaller side. Either way she was enjoying the feeling of fullness. I fucked into her slowly so that she would know what it was like to be made love too by me. I was in no hurry after Mrs. Blakely.

Mrs. Collins lay there panting whenever an orgasm struck her and several hit her. I couldn’t help but think that after twenty years of marriage, sex with her husband might have become boring. Then the thought of her own son fucking her was the ultimate, until the drunken bastard fucked that up. I was going to hit a home run, hell I was going to win the whole fucking ballgame. After I filled her honey hole with my seed, I stayed right in there until I was hard again. Then I went right back to work. That seemed to amaze her, I was impressed myself, and I lasted almost a half-hour before cumming in her again.

I asked her if she had a digital camera. Her husband did and she pointed to it up on his dresser. I slipped my semi-hard cook back inside her and took a few pictures like that. I took one in a mirror that showed the two of us together. Then I took several more pictures of her lying there leaking cum from her crotch.

I made her stand next to me as I transferred the contents of the disc to his computer and then sent them to myself. I deleted the last few that I had taken and put the camera back where I had found it.

I told her to expect me next week on the same day and then I left. When I got home I looked at the pictures as they came up on my monitor. They were all of her, naked, and doing some incredible things. I had no idea that Mrs. Collins was a gymnast. She could do a split, a handstand, and she could put both of her feet behind her head and lick her own clit. Wow! She was a very talented lady.

The following day I went to Mrs. Dylan’s house. She was eager to see me. She was wearing just a transparent white robe that did absolutely nothing to hide her body from me.

She said, “Okay, I know what you did to those other two women and I want the same thing. Use me, abuse me, and cast me aside like an old shoe.”

I took her into my arms and kissed her forcing my tongue as far into her mouth as I could. I fondled her flabby breasts, her flabby ass, and her meaty pussy. She was a lot more woman than I was used too. She was also the oldest one. She must have been sixty or more. She was a very important kaçak casino lady too, she was the President of the Women’s Auxiliary at the Country Club, and her husband was a State Senator.

I said, “Then you know that I butt-fucked Mrs. Blakely and that I took nude pictures of Mrs. Collins.”

Mrs. Dylan said, “Yeah, yeah, and you fucked their brains out too. Mrs. Collins said that you were the best that she had ever had.”

I said, “She hasn’t been with too many men.”

Mrs. Dylan said, “Yeah but Mrs. Blakely has and she said that you fucked her three holes four times. Mrs. Collins said that you didn’t even pull out of her and fucked for a second time in a row.”

I said, “It looks like you need some excitement in your life.”

I took her hand and then I walked her out to my car in just that transparent robe. I put her in the front passenger seat and then I got behind the steering wheel.

I placed two phone calls and drove to Mrs. Blakely’s house. Mrs. Collins pulled in right behind me. I walked the two ladies up to the front door and rang the bell. Mrs. Blakely took her sweet time letting poor Mrs. Dylan inside and out of sight of the prying eyes of old Mr. Gunther across the street sitting on his porch in his rocking chair. It was probably the most exciting thing that he had seen all year.

I took Mrs. Dylan up to the master bedroom, removed her robe, and then I took her into the bathroom. I gave her an enema, I gave her a douche, and I tasted her with my tongue to make sure that she was clean. Then I had Mrs. Collins taste her too. That caught all three women off guard. Mrs. Collins gave her a few licks and then stepped aside to let Mrs. Blakely in there. I hadn’t told her too, but it was nice that she volunteered. I then told Mrs. Collins to give her a thorough shower.

I got undressed and then shaved Mrs. Dylan’s legs and underarms. I had her bend over and grab her ankles so that I could shave around her asshole. She expected me to butt-fuck her. Who was I to disappoint her? I soaped her up and myself before I slipped the head into her rectum.

I a voice loud enough for the other two women to head she said, “Please be gently. I haven’t had a cock in there since the Governor at his Christmas party. Not only is he an asshole, but he likes to fuck them too.”

I did just what she had expected…I slammed into her hard and started cumming. Without a thought she turned right around and started sucking my cock. That woman was terrific. I plucked hairs, I shaved most of her pussy, and I spanked her for the hell of it. She ate the other women’s pussies and begged for more. I had cum in her ass, in her mouth, and in her pussy before we were done. As a finishing touch I had her put her transparent white robe back on and then I walked her over to old Mr. Gunther. I had her introduce herself with her first name only, I had her kiss the old guy, and then I had her suck his cock.

On the way back to her house she told me that I had made her day and that I was ten times more than she had ever expected.

She also told me to be expecting about thirty ladies from the Country Club Elite to be calling me for my services. She also told me to charge them five hundred dollars apiece.

I finished my Barber College, specializing in Women Intimates. I thought about opening a shop but I really didn’t have too, all my clients had homes, so why bother. I could fit in two women a day for five days a week and make five thousand dollars easily.

Mrs. Collins son tried to fuck her when he came home from college again but she wouldn’t let him.

Mom became one of my weekend girls, the ones that I did for pleasure.

Mrs. Dylan took me to the State Capital and to the Governor’s Mansion so that I could take care of the Governor’s wife before a pool party. She wanted to look her best…and Mrs. Dylan wanted me to butt-fuck the Governor’s wife, which I gladly did…twice. Apparently she was used to taking it up the old poop chute.

She jokingly said, “Everyone does to me, what my husband is doing to the State.”

Mom was surprised when we received our invitation to a pool party at the Governor’s Mansion for the Forth of July.

I finally met Senator Dylan for the first time.

Mrs. Dylan introduced me to several other Senator’s wives…my business just kept growing and my clientele got richer and more famous. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Sandra Bullock one of these days.

The End
Barber College Specializing In Women Intimates

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