Barriers Ch. 07

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I got out of the shower and stared into the mirror as I dried my hair. I wasn’t anything special, my chest was flat, my rib cage was showing towards to middle of my torso and my abs where as plain as could be. I didn’t see what drove Jon crazy about. My dick was an average 4 inches soft, hung gently over my balls. I wondered what I could look like with a couple of months at the gym; a fleeting thought as I turned on the blow dryer. I hate when your hair is long enough to hang over your face but not long enough to tie into a bun, mostly because it was a bitch and a half to dry in a reasonable amount of time. A haircut was at the top of the list of things I needed to do when I was back home. I threw on the clothes I had brought into the bathroom as Jon jokingly said we wouldn’t make our reservation if he saw me naked. Suzy was right. I did look great with the blue and white. I really had to add lighter colors to my wardrobe instead of the blacks and navy’s I chose to wear every day.

As I came out of the bathroom, I found Jon putting the finishing touches on his dotted tie. He was wearing a black and red checkered dress shirt with a blazer with the handkerchief pocket. Jon no doubt had learned how to dress up, everything about how he looked was meticulously perfect. He looked over at me and whistled.

“Fuck I owe Suzy now, you look fantastic.” He came closer but I backed away.

“Can we just go to dinner?” My heart was already beginning to race, I couldn’t handle another kiss like I had experienced twice today.

“Relax.” Jon stepped forward once again and placed his hand under my chin. “I got it, not too fast. Enjoy the weekend.” He butted his head against mine. “Just know you’re fucking sexy as hell and I can’t wait until you’re ready.

“You…you look great too.” I said breaking close contact.

“You think so?” He went back to the mirror and fiddled with his tie. “I think the blazer is too much, it’s just us I’m not trying to impress anyone else. What do you think?”

“Whatever makes you comfortable.”

“Hmm, yeah I think it’s just a little too much.” He undid his tie and Blazer and took his cufflinks off. “I just go overboard sometimes you know?”

“You? Overboard? Never.” I checked my wallet for everything

“Ahh there he is. There’s Jason Andrews.” He came up behind me once again and embraced me.” I was worried my charms had turned you into a mess but there we go!”

“You’re such a twit.” I retorted as he kissed me on the cheek. “Get off me.”

“Yeah we gotta go anyways.” Jon walked towards the door as I threw on my shoes. “I know we can’t go into the gambling area but there’s a new shopping center and everything around here, lets check it out.”

“You didn’t do something ridiculous like rent out the entire restaurant right?”

“You’re the one made of money.” He held the door open for me as we walked out. “I had to exhaust a lot of family capital to get the weekend off, let alone all the stupid shit I have planned.”

“Well then big shot. Whats actually on the agenda now that we’re here?” We caught the elevator and took it down to the lobby.

“I figured we’d do dinner tonight, wander what’s left of the boardwalk before Garrix and head home Sunday morning.” He was messaging someone on his phone.

“I find that hard to believe after the whole thing with your cousin and then your uncle. I figured I was joining a family reunion or something.”

“Very funny. Maybe I have something up my sleeve, maybe I don’t. You’ll just have to find out.”

“In all seriousness your family doesn’t care about this at all? The whole dating a guy as the inheritor of the family business?”

“Yeah I’m pretty lucky. When my dad was going through everything we had a long talk about my future. I didn’t have it in my to lie to them at that point and they took the news pretty well.” He stopped to look out the window pointed at the Atlantic Ocean

“Your mom was really happy to meet me when we went to your place that first time.”

“Yeah, just goes along with what I’m doing right now. She seems content with her life, carrying on my dads legacy. My sister is already graduating college in Spring and I’m on my way out so she has plenty of time on her hands now. I wished he was still around but we’ve made peace with it. When I graduate from OSU and hopefully I’ll be at peace with it all.” It was pretty cool to see how put together he was considering his circumstance.

“I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life.”

“What about that Café you wanted to open up?”

“I don’t know, it just an idea. Just run a small shop and coast on my inheritance and travel.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

The shopping area was an active wide open indoor strip mall. All your standard brands were accounted for and between them you would find restaurants and coffee shops. There was a circus theme to appeal to the younger crowd and with that carnival games scattered about.

“I mean you can get into any school that you wanted because canlı bahis of your parents right?”

“My parents aren’t that rich.” That’s a lie, were loaded beyond belief. The problem was I ended up being an accident of sorts and they kind of just let me exist and thought the money would fix everything. “I don’t think I’m gonna leave the state and go to Penn.”

“Damn, that’s crazy, you can go anywhere and you just wanna go to Penn.”

“I mean I’m open to going other places. I just don’t have a plan right now” The cold truth was that I didn’t plan on making it this long. I really did think I would of snapped by now but thanks to Jenna and my uncle Calvin I managed to get to this point and I wasn’t sure where to go from here. He was right. I have all this potential and I was wasting it.

Jon motioned me to walk into the largest restaurant in the complex. One of those fancy steakhouses with a celebrity chef’s name you know the deal. He talked to the hostess about the reservation and we were immediately seated by a table on the upper level outlooking the ocean. Everything was dim and candles provided a good portion of the lighting.

The waiter came by and gave us the whole nine yards about the menu and then asked for our drinks.

“I’ll take a whiskey sour please.” I handed him my fake ID and the waiter raised his eyebrow.

“Ah you’re turning 21 today.” He didn’t sound convinced. “I’ll be right back.” He went to the bar I’m sure to scan the dumb thing.

“You have balls man.” Jon had to stop himself from laughing.

“How else am I supposed to maintain my rampant alcoholism?”

“Yeah we need to work on that.” He shook his head and looked out to the ocean. The moon was a perfect half tonight and there wasn’t a single boat out at sea from where we were. The waves crashed against the shore in rhythmic fashion.

“Before you go and trying to change me…”

“Nah, I’m not playing this shit.” Jon grabbed my hand and got my attention from looking over the menu. “It’s process. I’m your friend so even if we don’t work out I want everyone to get to know the real Jason. I want to see you be happier. “

I swallowed a lump in my throat, unsure how to respond. Thankfully the waiter came back telling me everything was fine with my ID and asked about the details with my drink order. I paid good money for the dumb thing and it had yet to fail me. We put our food order in since they took their sweet time with the ID.

“So who’s the real Jason Andrews?” I stirred my whiskey sour waiting for a response.

“The music aficionado, the guy who always has a clever comeback, the guy that never fails to put a smile on my face.” I was being narcissistic here, just wanting to hear whats so great about me and Jon was obliging. “You’re smart, you’re funny, and you’re cute as fuck. More people need to know this.”

“Alright. Alright.” That was enough sweet talk for a lifetime. “You said that Wilker came up with the idea of taking me on a trip?”

“Yeah I mentioned your birthday coming up and Kenny looked up on a website what shows were coming up in the area.” He scratched his head and started blush. “Honestly, I missed you a lot when you were in Scotland and wouldn’t shut up about you. He told me if I liked you so much I needed to make a move and helped me convince my sister to help me plan all of this.”

“Your sister huh? The town prodigy?” Karen Han was known for being a genius. She was effectively the antithesis of Jon. He excelled at sports while she excelled at academics. He was a social butterfly and she was worse than me at social interactions. Last I had heard she was graduating Rutgers a year early and moving onto a masters program in Finance.

“Yeah she’s awesome. She helped me come up with the plan to convince my mom and uncle. I had to do all the talking of course but she made it perfect. “

“Was there anyone you DIDN’T get help from?”

“Well I didn’t get help from your parents.”

“Would be hard to get help from people who don’t exist. I suppose.”

“Yeah I even got hope from Mark Houston.” He looked at me raising his right eyebrow trying to gauge a reaction..

“He what?”

“Yeah he told Jenna that I was a good guy if I had waited this long and that you need to be able to take risks.”

“Yeah that piece of shit just wants me out of the picture probably.” I felt the fires and resentment growing. “Just sees you as a way to distract me from Jenna.”

“Don’t worry, I told him to fuck off right after.” He threw in his grin for the bravado. “If you don’t like Mark, I don’t like Mark.”

“You don’t have to do this you know.”

“I should of done it sooner.” He took a drink of water. “Look, Mark left you to the wolves back then. It was fucked up and if I had been braver back then I would of stood up for you. It was a weird time for everyone, I knew I liked guys at that point though so I definitely should of said something.”

“It’s past now and that’s all that matters.” The false bravado in combination with bahis siteleri talking about Houston was making my head hurt. “You seriously knew you were into guys back in 6th grade?”

“Yeah, shit happened at summer camp and you know.” He scratched his head and blushed. “It was all just fucking honestly. There are ups and downs to both sexes but it’s growing old. My sister always says it’s a blessing that I haven’t caught an STD.”

The food was standard for a casino resort. The steak wasn’t the best I had ever had but it was more than serviceable. I loaded up on two more drinks and argued about the check but Jon wasn’t having it. I appreciated that he didn’t mention that it was my birthday. Nobody enjoys that embarrassing ritual where the staff has to sing some stupid birthday tune and you just sit there wondering how it had come to this. Once everything was settled we got up and I realized I was more intoxicated than anticipated. Good ol’ top shelf liquor will do that to you.

Jon took my hand at brought me out to the pier the resort had setup to watch the ocean. Nobody was around because it was freezing at this point so it was nice to get away from all the bustle of the shopping area. I attempted to light a cigarette but Jon took the pack out of my hands and I was in no position to take it back.

“Come on Jon. It’s been like 3 hours.” My nicotine habit was not one I was proud of.

“I can’t kiss you if you smell of smoke.” He slipped them into his pocket and dragged me to the edge of the bordwalk. “I want to enjoy the night with you.”

“Do you think you can just hug me any time you do something that you think will annoy me?”

“No.” He squeezed me tight and kissed the back of my ear. “I think it distracts you well enough though.”

My breathing changed as a fight went on in my head. One side was telling me to not trust anyone and tell him to fuck off the other just wanted to be held and feel special for a while. A combination of the ocean air, my alcohol level and Jon nibbling on my ear meant that being held would be ok, if only for tonight.

“You ok?” He put his hand over my heart, confirming his suspicions about my sudden change in attitude? “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No. This is nice.”

“As long as you’re sure.” He said cautiously. “I could do this for hours.” He kissed the back of my neck.

“You don’t need to lie to me.” I blurted out and immediately regretted.

“Nah, I really could. I didn’t think I’d ever be like this either.” He got off me and walked towards the other end dock, motioning for me to follow. “When I tell you that day you left changed me, I’m not joking.”

“Why what happened?”

“I just went right back to my old ways, and it felt awful. I was a drunk mess, banging some chick who disgusted me after I was finished and I lost it. I just kept thinking about you. I don’t even believe it still. Here I was, living the life every high schooler dreams of, falling for some guy who was telling me to fuck off half the time.” He wandered back and forth at the end of the dock as he rambled. “You’re actually so charismatic when you aren’t mad at the world Jason. You make me think about shit I didn’t think I’d worry about for years.”

“You find me charismatic? Look at that ridiculous speech you just gave. Do you even hear yourself?” I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes.

“That’s it!” He jumped up and yelled. “That’s what I’m talking about! You don’t put up with my bullshit!”

“So what was this a test?”

“Do you know how many girls that speech has worked on?”

“Every single one.”

“Pretty much. I’m bored man. There’s no connection anymore. It all feels so hallow.” He came up to me and put his finger under my chin. “Except for when I’m with you. I really do mean that. You keep me down to earth.”

“You’re not too bad yourself Jon Han.” I had to admit. He was winning me over. “I thought I scared you off for sure on Wednesday but here you are.”

“I know that isn’t you though. That’s just the liquor talking.”

I looked into his eyes as he said that. His emeralds were his best feature by a long shot and that was saying quite a bit. I always felt warmed by them especially in situations like this. I still couldn’t believe it. This guy was crazy about me.

“What if the liquor was doing this?” I moved in and met his lips.

“I think the liquor found you in a better mood tonight.” He mumbled as he returned the kiss in kind. “I also think the liquor wants this too.” He took control in classic Jon Hand fashion and bit my lip before invading my mouth with his crazy tongue. Fuck could Jon Han kiss. After a few minutes of him devouring my mouth he broke it up and recommended we continue this back in the room.

We walked in and everything in the shopping area was closing up. I scratched my arm as I thought about grabbing another drink to top of the night but Jon grabbed my hand and pleaded with his eyes to not. He was definitely getting used to my ticks. We made our way up the elevator bahis şirketleri with decorum as there were plenty of people around us.

“Now you’re sure your uncle isn’t gonna show up?”

“No, he has a room of his own. When I tell you I used a lot of my family capital on this trip I mean it.” I saw him slip the Do Not Disturb sign over the door before closing it. “This weekend is all about you.”

When Jon grabbed me as he did before my heart immediately raced and my eyes rolled back. I just wanted to relax with him, I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t.

“I get it.” He kissed my neck. “It’s hard to trust anyone.” His right hand began unbuttoning my shirt. “I think you want this though. Please tell me if I’m wrong.” His hand moved to my heart and he began rubbing my pec in hopes of calming me down.

Long deep breaths were hard to come by but I made my best attempt here. He was right. I did want to be close with him. I didn’t want to push him away like I had everyone else in my life. I just needed to focus on his touch. I moaned lightly as his lips met my neck once again. “Keep going.” I meeked out hoping he would help me get through my thoughts.

“Are you sure?” He moved to remove the remaining buttons on my shirt.

“I’ll tell you if I need you to stop. Just take it slow please.” I closed my eyes and focused on the attention he was giving me once again.

I felt my shirt being removed, my shoulders being rubbed and being turned around. My anxiety skyrocketed, I was expecting it all to be a joke, for Jon to make a fool of me and for all of this to finally culminate in the embarrassment I thought I deserved. Instead I felt his lips on mine, his hands bringing me close and a low whisper.

“I’ll never hurt you Jason.” His lips moved down my body. “Let me prove it.” We gently fell back onto the bed and he continued his oral assault. With his hands grabbing on my sides he gently bit on my left nipple causing me to whimper. “Just say stop. I promise I will.” My heart was beating with the same intensity as before but this time it was different. Breathing became easier, my head wasn’t getting lighter, it all felt so amazing.

He continued to massage my sides as he worked on my nipples. I clawed my fingers into his back letting him know the pleasure he was bringing me. After what felt like an eternity he moved down and played with my navel as he unbuttoned my pants. After pulling the zipper down I felt him get up. I looked up to see him carefully removing his shirt and revealing those incredible abs I had the pleasure of touching before. His eyes seemed lighter, as if he had adjusted every part of his being to be gentler with me. I reached to touch him but he kept my hands at my side. “No, tonight is about you.” He stated before coming back down for a deep kiss, taking a hold of my rock hard dick at the same time. I let out a loud moan as he invaded my mouth.

He slipped the remainder of my clothes off and grabbed my bare dick causing me to take a sharp breath. Never in my life had I felt such a shock of pleasure to make me nearly pass out and here I was receiving several all at once. He slowly started jerking my rock solid six inch dick, whispering in my ear about how sexy I looked. I knew what I exactly wanted now.

“Please Jon.” I managed to cry through the pleasure.

“Tell me what you want.” He whispered in my ear and he jerked my dick.

I couldn’t bear to open my eyes at this point. I was so frustrated and ready for to feel him take me over the edge. “Please, get me off. I’m begging you” I screamed grabbing onto the blanket, hips gyrating against his hand.

Within the next second he dove down deep, swallowing my head and licking the leaking precum. I writhed in pleasure, squirming and grabbing his head to go deeper. He bobbed up and down in rapid succession, clearly unsure how far could go before I was going to burst. I cursed and stomped as I felt his lips reach my top of my pubes.

“So fucking hot.” He took a moment to say before taking my right nut into his mouth and enveloping it with his tongue. He shot me a sly grin as he spit it out. He knew he was teasing me and he loved the control he had over me. He hovered his lips right over my twitching dick. “Say it again.”

“Make me cum already.” I took his head with both of my hands and shoved his head right back down on my dick. He and opened up this throat to take me halfway. I had no idea how Jon was an expert in dick sucking but it was paying off well. He took one last look at me and swallowed the remaining half of my deck. The full swallowing motion was too much. It was then I knew it was time, I sharply inhaled and let myself finally release, bucking my hips into him, exploding into his mouth until I had nothing left. Over the next thirty seconds I shot several waves of cum eventually drowning Jon, having Jon get off as the next to last load became too much. The last shot splashed over my abs as I shuddered and laid back blankly staring at the ceiling, unable to process what had just happened..

“Are you ok?” Jon snapped me out of my daze trying to hand me a water bottle as he drank his own. “You fucking nearly drowned me. You must have been horny as shit after this afternoon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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