Bathhouse Travel Ch. 01

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Spring has arrived, and due to an unexpected confluence of events, my afternoon was free to ride to another, fairly old, bathhouse, an hour away and on the fringes of a city in another state, over the natural border formed by a river. It was a Saturday, just missing the two days a week this bathhouse allows women admittance. A fact I’ve mentioned to my wife, who has a truly minimal interest in driving an hour to visit anything resembling a sauna, as several are close to where we live. Checking it out before putting any effort into having my wife with me at a bathhouse was a simple requirement to meet.

The nearby bathhouse I regularly visit is a truly nice sauna, but it does not allow women, even though the occasional woman expresses interest on the sauna’s Internet guestbook. Only to be told this a male only establishment, to their general disappointment. Which I actually understand – the bathhouse is a great place for anonymous male sex, which is not precisely a reason to exclude women, at least from some perspectives. Such as women also being curious to experience what group sex with a like minded group of strangers is. ‘Fantastic’ being a recurrent bathhouse answer, one that distinguishes a good bathhouse from so many other places to enjoy sex.

Arriving just around opening on a Saturday, I parked the bike and walked a bit, found the address, rang the buzzer, becoming basically the first visitor of the day.

The changing area was essentially utilitarian, without appeal, more like a worn athletic locker, and the lack of anywhere to sit or put clothing was a definite step down from the two other similar establishments which I have enjoyed.

Tightening my towel, I walked around to the small counter area, and then ordered a beer. Which was freshly tapped, not bottled as at my regular bathhouse, though the foam running down the side of the glass was not something I particularly appreciate – unlike some people, who prefer their beer a bit more straightforwardly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri presented.

Sitting, drinking cold beer at the small bar, a couple of other visitors arrived in the time it took me to drain the glass. I stood, and began to explore the area, walking into a section of divided rooms, a small video area, and a rear area for smokers. Which was a bit of a surprise, as it was fairly dark and discrete, though the fact it was against an outdoor building wall was the simple explanation for why it was there. Tobacco has never appealed to me, so I didn’t bother to explore further before looking for the saunas.

Which were downstairs. The Finnish sauna was small, with a glass panelled wall. There was a decent sized shower space, with three showerheads, and a door on the other far side, which I was certain led to the steam bath. However, the layout took a bit of work to unpuzzle. Turning left after entering the dim space, it was warm, and somewhat inviting, but the not what I would really consider a steam bath, especially as the space lacked anywhere to sit.

I left, going back upstairs to see what I missed on my first round, and pretty much determined that I had seen pretty much everything available. The other visitors were not in evidence, though there was no escaping the truth that this bathhouse place was definitely on a smaller scale, and more worn. Not uncomfortable, just lacking in any particular charm.

Though definitely a bathhouse, even if on a smaller and older scale, with several men my age having arrived in the meantime. The porn was not particularly interesting, and I decided to make a final, thorough round before riding back home.

Going down the stairs, my eyes adapted to the lower light level. I hung my towel, and placed my glasses and bag on a narrow ledge that was barely adequate for the purpose. Naked, I went to the shower space, and pressed. The water was hot, bordering on too hot to deal with, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri but the space was large, with frosted glass panels separating it from the passages between the two sauna areas.

Entering the steam bath area, the temperature had not changed at all, but details I hadn’t noticed before became more apparent, including a door handle on the right. The space to the left was still a bit hard to explain, though it did have a certain darkroom vibe. I entered the steam room, which was quite hot, and explored for a bit, finding a bench against the opposite wall.

Sitting down, there were no obvious signs of other men, though their towels were hung up on the wall outside.

Getting used to the steamy conditions, I spread my legs and began to play with my cock. A blast of steam filled the room, followed by the sound of a heater working. Slowly, it became dimly apparent that a man was standing near the door, along with the reality that this steambath was on the hotter end of the scale. The other man left the steambath, and I heard a shower start almost immediately.

After getting harder and jacking for a bit, I left, not caring about my swelled cock. I took a shower in the larger area, the water quite hot. Returning to the steamroom, I explored the outer darkened area a bit more. Apparently, at least part of the space I had first wandered in was for a shower, most likely cold.

Returning, sitting and stroking myself, my thoughts were slow. The place was not bad on its own terms, but it fell far short of the sort of sauna to even try to get my wife to visit. Another or the same man was near the door, his presence more obvious this time.

This time, I decided a not precisely specific invitation was in order if I wanted to enjoy some man to man sex on this visit. Standing, then taking a couple of steps, I paused at the opened door, my hand slowly moving to gently touch his right thigh, then as he stood still, lowering güvenilir bahis şirketleri my arm to meet his cock.

His hand rose to my chest, quickly finding my nipple, making me snake my hand down to my cock, already hard. His cock grew stiff quickly as I played with it, and it was clear that we both enjoyed male only bathhouse steamrooms for their particular brand of anonymous sex with willing strangers. Naked, hard and horny, we moved closer as I pulled the door closed, knowing that if anyone came in, they would see us getting off – another erotic attraction of a bathhouse, where watching and being watched is part of the pleasure of male sex.

Stroking each other, we alternated our attention, tongues beginning to slide along sweaty skin, rubbing nipple to opposite nipple, hands roaming. At one point, after making him wonderfully hard, the thought of getting him off turned me on, lengthening my stroking over his pre-cum lubricated shaft.

He moaned he didn’t want to cum yet after I began kissing his nipple, so I shifted my attention back to his ear and neck, biting lightly as my hand held the root of his cock, teasing him, knowing he was essentially helpless in my grasp. Just like I have been so many times in the past years of men getting me off. Men definitely understand a male body, and quickly learn what that means when having sex with another talented man – extraordinary orgasms.

But I understood the point of this being the very beginning of a Saturday visit, with many other men to enjoy, though when he repeated his desire not to cum in barely understandable gasps, I was surprised to see how far I had brought him to the edge. From this point, the game became a challenge – to push him as far as he could take, knowing that my hard cock was the perfect tool to measure his state, his hand clasping or loosening or growing limp.

When he finally regained the upper hand, my jutting cock happily surrendering to his sliding hand, he asked whether I wanted to cum. At that point, I said no, as it was truly time to be going home, We began to prepare ourselves to leave the Turkish bath, a few last caresses, then we showered, still both half hard.

Leaving, the visit had been pleasant enough, but this too was a place which did not need a return visit.

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