Bea – My First Mature Woman

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Beatrice – my first experience of “dogging”

When Ed and I were twenty-two, we were working in a local garden centre to get some money for a vacation after finishing college. The rest of the work force was mainly female from girls to older married women earning some pin money. We tended to get all the dirtier heavier jobs but also more overtime and a bit of fun with the younger girls over lunchtime!

Neither of us had really fantasised about older women, other than film stars, and certainly over none of the older women who worked with us, as they all looked rather plain in their overalls and wellies. However one Friday afternoon that all changed.

We had volunteered to work overtime when the others had left at lunch time and had just completed clearing a potting shed and come up to the office to report to the boss that we had finished when we heard grunts and moans. We looked in the window and to our surprise our boss; a guy in his early sixties had Bea (one of our co -workers in her early forties) up on the desk with her skirt up round her thighs and was pumping energetically between them. We watched fascinated as he obviously brought her to a moaning climax before shooting his load into her.

We were even more fascinated when he fell back into his big chair with his large cock still fairly hard and ordered her to suck him. Blouse open and small boobs hanging out, Bea obediently knelt down and grabbing her head the old guy started to ride her mouth.

Ed and I both had erections as we watched this totally unexpected sexual performance but I think we both nearly climaxed when he pulled her up and bent her over the desk with her rear exposed and roughly parted her cheeks. Ed grated through clenched teeth ” he’s going to give her it up the ass.” Surely enough the old guy tried to enter the head of his obviously renewed erection into her ass.

We saw her try to wriggle away protesting loudly ” that will hurt!”

But he was much bigger and stronger and he held her down firmly and as she resignedly held her rear up, we heard him mutter ” I’ve been wanting that sexy little ass since I hired you.” Holding her buttocks firmly he rammed it home. We heard her muffled scream and she made low moaning sounds as he thrust his huge rod in and out of her rear exhorting her to ” take it you little fuck.” Until eventually we realised that she was now responding to his thrusts and he muttered, “I knew you’d love to be ass fucked!”

With nearly bursting erections, we saw for the first time a woman put up her ass to willingly let a guy sodomise her. After a bout of energetic thrusting at her bobbing ass, he obviously climaxed and with a grunt came off in her. Withdrawing he muttered, ” that wasn’t bad at all – you’re as good a bit of ass as I heard you could be,” before lumbering off to the loo to wash himself.

For a few minutes she lay ass up on the table and I think both Ed and I would have given anything to have rushed in and replaced the old guy in those pert buttocks. Ed said, “Lets push off before he sees us,” so we went back down to the potting shed until we heard him call.

When we went up to the office I saw Ed smirk when the boss told us Bea had been helping with some paperwork and asked if I could drop her off on my way home – I was more than happy to oblige! Both Ed and I looked at her a bit differently after seeing her in action. She was about 5’3″ tall with dark shaggy shoulder length hair (with a slight reddish tinge) and at one time she had been quite a looker. She still had a slim girlish figure although this was now hidden in a baggy shirt and skirt. And from what we had seen of her rear, legs and thighs in the office and her legs as she swung her legs into the car and the longish skirt rode up, I thought she would look really well in a shortish skirt.

The conversation was a bit stilted until I dropped Ed off, but after that I managed to find out a bit more about her. She was 42 and separated with three children. Prior to her marriage she had worked as a secretary and she casino siteleri had taken her current job until a secretarial vacancy came up. In fact she said the boss and she had been talking about the possibility of her moving into the office.

When I stopped to let her out, I plucked up the courage to ask her out that night – she seemed a bit surprised and said ” I’m flattered to be asked out, but I really do think I’m much too old for you – you are only about four years older than my daughter.”

I really rose to the occasion and told her I preferred older women and had fancied her since the first time I’d seen her and had been trying to pluck up courage to ask her out.

Eventually she agreed to go out with me that night for a drink – “to see how things went” and I agreed to pick her up about 7.30. When I called Ed he was quite jealous but told me I had to tell him all the ” gory details”.

I was a bit shocked when I arrived to see Bea, her hair done but no make up and dressed in sweater and jeans, with the two younger kids. She said her daughter was supposed to baby sit but at the last minute had decided to go away for the weekend and she was going to have to cancel. I asked her could she not try someone else and she said she had tried her sister but she hadn’t called back.

The god’s smiled on me at that moment because the phone rang and it was her sister returning her call and agreeing to take the children if we could drop them off. I made myself a coffee as she rushed about getting some clothes together and I could help admiring her little obviously unbraed breasts dangling in the sweater and her curvaceous little rump in the tight jeans. I couldn’t help thinking what use I could put her body to.

Half an hour later having dropped the kids off we were back at her house and I had another coffee while she went up to change. Talk about Cinderella, when she entered the room it really was a transformation. She was very well made up and dressed to kill in a slinky tight red lycra top with obviously no bra as her nipples were poking out in a most exciting fashion. This topped a very short tight black leather skirt with black stockings. A short black jacket completed her outfit and it was with a very hard erection that I followed her out to the car.

This got even bigger and harder when I opened the door for her and as she swung her legs I got a fantastic glimpse of white creamy thigh above the lacy tops of her hold ups. She caught my glance and murmured it’s difficult to be modest with short skirts but I know you guys like them.

I took her to a local hotel and was pleased by the number of guys who showed an interest in my date. A few large G&Ts later she was telling me how much nearly all the girls and woman at work fancied me and how she had been really flattered when I asked her out. She said she hoped it wasn’t just for sex. She admitted to having had a few guys since her separation and said one of these had blabbed about how hot she was and she had a lot of guys ask her out simply “to get into her knickers”.

When I jokingly said ” how hot?” she smiled and said her ex husband would be surprised at some of the things she had done since she was married as he had thought she was frigid. After a few more drinks, when I pressed her again about ” how hot?”

She smiled and said, ” With the right guy there really isn’t any limit.”

When I smiled and asked her ” am I the right sort of guy?”

She said “mmmm, very possibly”.

Pressed again she admitted that she had been a little wild initially after the separation and when she had gone to stay with her sister, had slept with her brother in law and a couple of his younger friends. She also admitted having slept with four or five guys locally and the boss. When I said, ” mmmm that does sound fairly hot, what have you not done?”

She smiled and murmured ” gone to bed with a really nice young guy like you!”

I couldn’t wait to get her out of the hotel and immediately we got outside I pulled her canlı casino to me to kiss her. I was surprised at how willingly she responded with her tongue seeking out mine and as my hand closed over her perky little breasts with their excitingly long erect nipples, I felt one of her hands finding the bulge in my trousers. ” Mmmm” she murmured “I’ve been wanting to do that that all night”. Pushing my hand up her skirt I met no resistance and found that she was not wearing any pants. I felt the dampness of her pussy and would have taken her there and then but for some people coming out.

The drive back to her house was a blur with her hand on my cock and mine up her skirt. We literally flew up the drive of her house and I almost ripped her jacket off – I was ready to take her in the hall but she said “lets do it in bed.”

Grabbing at her little pert ass as we made our way up the stairs I threw her on the bed, rucked up her skirt to expose fantastically ripe creamy thighs and a pretty trimmed bush. She was as keen as I was and her cool questing hands guided my rod into her hot and welcoming pussy. I had never had such a willing partner. She was like a live animal under me meeting my thrusts with the most exciting pelvic movements, telling me how lovely I was and wonderful it was and as she moved towards her climax shouting and moaning in obvious pleasure at being impaled on my rod.

I felt and heard her come to climax and with a sense of relief let the flood gates go and pumped into her. As I came to a very long climax her she gripped me tightly with her vaginal muscles literally pumping me dry. As I rolled off her she was on top of me kissing and fondling me and telling me how wonderful it was before getting up and stripping off to reveal a very taut trim body with high riding small perky breasts with exciting inch long erect nipples (from feeding her kids) – a very trim waist line and a nice small tummy (albeit with a few stretch lines ” “don’t look at my tummy!”) and truly superb trim yet muscular thighs and legs well presented in sheer black hold ups. AND what was truly magnificent was her very pert yet protruding rear, which I knew she could use to very good effect.

I murmured – “you look really fantastic.”

She smiled and said, ” I’m glad you think so I’ve had to work really hard to get back into shape. Now lets see if you look as good without your clothes as you do in them!”

As I got up to strip I felt my cock stirring again at the thought of what this very sexy woman and I were going to do. And as I stepped out of my boxers I heard her say ” you are really beautiful, I’m really going to enjoy making love to you.” I had never really felt a woman want me as much if not more than me and I found it strangely exciting to let her take control. When I lay down she knelt over me to firstly lick my cock and balls before taking my throbbing length into her mouth.

As she did so I couldn’t help see her little raised rump in the dressing table mirror and pulled her round so I could knead it as she give me truly excellent head. As I thrust to meet her bobbing head I felt her hand go between my hips and I raised myself to find an exciting fingernail test my anus. When my probing finger found hers I found it had been well lubricated but she moaned, ” gently I’m a little tender there.” When her probing finger entered me I was gone and I climaxed deep into her throat. As we lay impaled on each other’s fingers, I lay pumping into her mouth, which was greedily sucking the last drop of my ejaculant.

Seemingly quite insatiable she laid back legs apart and said ” your turn, “. I roused myself and knelt between her thighs as she eagerly put her clit up to be tongued. As I tongued her she was extremely vocal and obviously really enjoying what she was getting. As I tried to bring her to climax with my tongue and fingers she suddenly murmured ” I know what you would like” and moving through 180 degrees she moved beneath me until I was kneeling on her chest and while I lapped at her pussy from the kaçak casino reverse angle I felt her hands parting my hips.

Her exploratory finger in my rear, gave me an immediate erection which found a home between her pert little breasts and was matched by mine seeking her rosebud. This erection went to almost immediate bursting point when I felt her tongue start to explore my anus. I was frantically finger fucking her in both orifices and licking her clit, and riding her boobs while she tongue fucked me. As I felt her come to climax I knew where I wanted to have my climax and turning her round I parted her upturned buttocks.

As I tried to mount her anus she moaned ” Oh Tom, take it easy I really am sore there ” but I am afraid I could not take no for an answer. As I entered the head of my cock she screamed ” take it easy I’m ripped.”

Easing back I said, ” Well you ease on to me.” Very gingerly she eased her buttocks slowly back on to me gradually inch by inch impaling herself slowly on to my waiting rod.

Eventually her soft cool buttocks were resting on my balls and with a sense of satisfaction I savoured the fact that I had my cock in a woman’s ass for the first time. Savouring the moment I pulled her back against me and with one hand fondling her breasts I pulled her round and kissed her ” murmuring that’s my first time for this.”

She murmured “I ‘m glad I don’t usually let guys take me like this but I love you inside me- I’d let you do anything!” Gently pushing her forward into a kneeling position again I slowly withdrew gently before plunging my whole rod into her again and as she moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure I really enjoyed buggering her fantastically prominent butt.

As I came off she fell forward on the bed and once again I enjoyed the sensation of her tight anal ring milking my cock dry. Once again she said “I hope you enjoyed that because I don’t really let guys take me there – in fact you are only the third guy to have me like that.” When pressed she admitted that she hadn’t even let her hubby have her there – it was only her brother in law and the boss had her like that. I feigned surprise that the boss had her and she rather shamefacedly admitted to having him that afternoon.

As we lay having a drink after our exertions, I said, “that is hot, two guys in one day “- she admitted that she had indeed felt rather risqué thinking of having the two of us in one day. And I asked her was that the most extreme thing she had done and I have to admit my erection took another jerk when she said nearly.

When pressed she admitted that she had ” nearly had two guys at once”. When she had been away on a weekend with Bill, a friend of her brother in law, in a foursome with her sister and brother in law. She was making love to her friend, rather noisily, as it happens, when her brother in law slipped into the room. He murmured ” I couldn’t get to sleep with your racket” and as Bill between her thighs kept riding, her brother in law started to kiss her and fondle her breasts. If they hadn’t heard her sister stir she said she didn’t know what would have happened. When I pressed her she said she’d had quite a few drinks but did quite enjoy the novel sensation and would probably had taken the two of them on. Although when they asked her later to do it she had turned them down.

The thought of my having this fully sexually liberated woman really did stimulate my imagination and I spent the rest of the night coupling with her including making full use of her anus a second time. I also found that the stats of the figure I had been enjoying was a girlish 34b 27 35. When I eventually left the next morning I had extracted another date for that evening but I thought I might like to give her a real surprise that is to share her pleasures with Ed.

The next night when I picked her up she was obviously keen to please in a black totally sheer see through top and a black very short tight skirt with a split up the thigh which when she walked clearly demonstrated she was wearing stockings and suspenders. When I commented on her outfit she smiled and said, ” well you’ve seen all I have to offer – so I thought I might as well present it as well as possible.” I smiled and thought to myself this is going to blow Ed’s mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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