Beautiful Laura Got Her Wish

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Laura Winters was just saying goodbye to her husband Bobby, it was 7.45am and he was off on his Saturday jolly, every week his team were either at home or away, today they were away, so he and his equally football mad friends were travelling to the match. They were staying overnight, the game was in the big city, and the four of them had got a great deal to stay at a four star hotel, with free dinner and breakfast.

The dark haired lovely was still in her dressing gown, she fussed around him, and making sure he had everything and was ready for the big day. The 29 year old was looking forward to her weekend, she knew just how busy she was going to be, but it was her time, her freedom to do what she wanted.

Her hair was up in a pony tail, the long thick shiny dark mane was trailing in waves down her back, it even looked sexy just laying on the whiteness of the short silk gown she was wearing, it came high up her superbly long toned legs, and hugged her creamy thighs as if static electricity attracted it to them.

The bow was loosely fastened, and underneath she was as naked as the day she entered God’s earth. There was no need for her to cover herself, no one could see their front door from the road they lived on. Her magnificent cleavage was a challenge to him as she kissed his cheek. Her bare feet holding up her 5ft 8″ frame called to him, and his prick twitched like it usually did on days like these.

Her deeply dark eyes were like a magnet, “I must be mad Laura leaving you here and going off without you,” he told her wistfully.

“Go on with you, you’ll be late, off you go!” she replied smiling at him, she kissed his cheek again, watched him walk to his car to go and pick up his friends. It was his turn to drive this week, he waved as he left the drive and he was gone.

As soon as he had turned out of the drive, and Laura was clicking the door lock, two arms encircled Laura’s waist. “Steve,” she muttered, huskily, “he’s hardly got out of the drive you cheeky young devil!” she admonished him. Then Laura sighed as his cool lips, and hot breath connected with her neck, and her already rising libido from behind.

Steve’s hands slipped into her gown, and cupped her heaving breasts, and clipped her nipples, this brought more seductive and submissive sighs from the beautiful woman now trapped to his firm hard body. “Steve,” she whimpered, “we still shouldn’t be doing this, it’s so wrong honey?”

She was saying this as her hands went behind her to feel for him, to feel for the super young cock that was now controlling her life. He was only wearing his pyjama bottoms so finding the weapon she now loved so much was easy. She gripped him and it grew immediately from the semi hard on he already had, to the steel bar she now knew so well.

Laura could feel the curve in the iron hard bar of flesh, the ridges up it, the veins, the muscular power, and the biggest delight was, the enormous bulbous head of it. It was like a giant mushroom, and never once had it failed to drive her almost to manic arousal and enormous climaxes.

He moved a hand, undid the bow on her dressing gown, slipped it off her shoulders, moved again, and let it fall to the floor. Laura fixed the deadbolt as Steve picked her up in his strong young arms and carried her back to her bed. The bed she had left not too long ago where she had slept the night with her ignorant husband.

Laura put her arms around his neck, and kissed him, her luscious lips making a perfect connection, Steve’s prick jumped, “she could kiss for the world,” he thought, “no one can kiss better than Laura.” He hurried, Laura whispered as he dashed up the stairs.

“Hurry Steve, I’m dripping for you already,” and she was, Laura could feel her juices increasing in her pussy. Her thoughts were trained on his prick diving deep to where no other man had ever dived before, nor ever would again, she had told herself after their first time together.

The young strikingly good looking young man dropped his beautiful married lover on to her bed, shrugged his pyjama’s off and was on top of her and sinking in before she could draw breath. Then Steve did what he does best, and what Laura craved now for. He battered her senseless, his supersonic thrusts nearly crippled her, and it forced climax after climax out of her, until she felt as if her mind had been almost decapitated from the rest of her.

Then Steve’s nearly every day finale, he jack hammered gallons of hot steaming cum into Laura’s fertile pussy. Steve knew what he was doing, Laura wanted a baby, and she hadn’t been able to conceive. Laura had mentioned it to him one day when she was having a moan about not getting pregnant yet!

And Laura knew too the possible and more than probable results of all Steve’s cum being power hosed into her very receptive womb every day for the past week. Steve lifted up, looked at her and kissed the stunning beauty, who was more than his complete partner in this hot love affair.

Laura was his older brother’s illegal bahis wife, he had moved in with them a month ago, his house had caught fire. His girlfriend and he had had to find alternative accommodation for a while. So she had gone back to her parents, and Steve had moved in here for about a month to six weeks or so.

He wasn’t delirious about starting an affair with Laura, he liked his bro a lot, they had different lives, did different things, but they were brothers. So although he wouldn’t end this affair until it was ended for them, he did have regrets doing what he was doing.

But he would defy any red blooded man not to lust after Laura; she was, in his eyes, just so stunningly sexy, and beautiful beyond compare. He had been enamoured with her from day one, from when Bobby had introduced her to their family. And the first thing that stopped him dead, was looking at her lips, he wanted to kiss her right there and then, even if he was only eighteen at the time. And later he would jack off to the imagined scene of her kneeling in front of him sucking him off.

Laura and Bobby had been married only for four years, he was nearly two years younger than her, with Steve being a further four years younger, which made him about six to seven years younger than the sexy woman he had just screwed half to death. He wondered why she had chosen Bobby. But the marriage had been fine, and in all reality it still was.

He, he knew was the fly in their particular tub of ointment, but it was what it was now, and until he left, he would make love to her for as long, and as often as he could. Laura was in a similar sort of mind, she did love Bobby, he was a fine man, a good man. He was making his way in the world, and she knew he would be the success he hoped he would always be.

But she too knew, that as long as Steve was in their home, she would be his lover, she didn’t have a say in the matter, her body ruled her mind, and her need for a baby had become an obsession. It was so imperative that Laura was starting to think she would never have one, it bothered her daily.

But now Steve had entered the equation, she had been given a real fillip. They had began the affair just over a week ago, and it had taken Laura by such surprise, resistance to it was negligible, impossible even. She rolled Steve off her and spooned in to him, as they took time to recover. She would never fall in love with him; she knew that, he wasn’t the kind of man she went for.

But he was definitely all man, although he was much younger than her, he had her number! There was no question about that. And during a chat in a moment of intimacy with Sheena, his girlfriend had told her that he decimated sometimes her in bed. Laura stupidly, in her own mind, asked Sheena what she meant, and then the penny had dropped before she answered.

“Really, honestly Sheena, he can’t be that good,” Laura had giggled, then responded with, “well, Bobby is a pretty good cock jockey too Sheena,” it was a defensive remark in favour of her husband.

“Oh but Laura he is, and he is better than good,” Sheena had told her, “and I hope you don’t mind me telling you, he has the cock of a horse!” and she fell about laughing, with Laura having to hold on to her for support.

Then the fire in their apartment had happened, they had had to go their separate ways for a while. Now here she was, in her bed with her younger brother in law, and knowing exactly what Sheena had been talking about, and she also agreed 100% with her statement about him having the cock of a horse, and the stamina of stallion.

She pushed him on to his back and kissed him, “We are naughty Steve aren’t we?” He had agreed with her, but also said that it was fantastic to love her, that she stopped him in his tracks whenever he saw her. And he reminded her that if she wanted a baby, she was in the right place, and with the right guy.

Laura looked at him pensively; this is what she didn’t like about having this love affair. But it was why she was here in her bed with this magnetic strutting sexual animal, and she knew in her heart that somehow he was right. But if she had a baby it would be hers and Bobby’s, never ever Steve’s.

She remembered how it had started, how surprised she had been, how shocked, and how she had submitted to him. It was in a way she had never submitted to any man. It wasn’t submission to sexual servitude; it was submission simply because she was so desperate for a baby. This was what her mind, heart, soul and body wanted. It wanted to be, and demanded to be rutted and bred; it was her one goal in life.

And Laura was concerned her biological clock was ticking away, and it was getting louder and louder with each passing month. She couldn’t ignore it, it obsessed her. Steve was there, he had witnessed a tiff, and listened intently, and taking his chance like any Alpha male would, and did what it would with its female.

He had been passing their bedroom early around 7am last Sunday morning; Bobby had received illegal bahis siteleri an urgent call to go to work for some reason. Steve was on his way back from the bathroom, and he stopped to listen to the quiet, but heated exchange, made possible by their door being slightly ajar.

“You can’t go to work Bobby, today is the best day for us, it’s marked on my calendar, we just get going and now this,” Laura had hissed the words.

“But Laura you know I can’t refuse, it’s in my contract,” was Bobby’s bleated reply, Steve had no idea what that meant. The quiet but evident row continued back and forth, and it ended with Laura threatening, but not meaning it, to find a guy who would get her pregnant.

“Because you!” she said, hissing at him, “are useless. You know how horny I am on these days; I need to make love even if I don’t catch on, but that’s the objective Bobby!” Steve heard drawers opening and closing so he went back to his room. Then he heard the thud of feet going downstairs. The door opened and closed, and the car engine started, Bobby had gone.

Steve thought about Laura wanting, and needing a fucking, and why she needed it too. So before his mind ran away with him, he took his cock in hand and jacked off, his hand gliding over the mushroom enticing him onwards. And with Laura as the firm centre piece of his thoughts. He shot a good load, but jacking off wasn’t the same as actually screwing her.

He made his way down, he was on his own, and he began to think of Laura again, it wasn’t long before those thoughts turned to hard flesh; his cock was on the move. He knew he shouldn’t, she was his brother’s wife for fuck’s sake. But he imagined screwing her all over the house, her begging him for more of his thick potent meat and spunk.

He had a robe on and pyjama bottoms, his cock was sticking right out and he thought of going back up and blowing another load over his sister in law. Then footsteps were on the stairs, ‘fuck,’ he thought, ‘now what am I going to do.’ He half turned so he would be a little more than sideways on, if Laura walked in he would turn right around and go back up.

He put his arm down and held his hard on to his stomach; he looked as if he had an injured arm. Laura came in and he immediately saw she had been crying. But and her face was flush too, her cheeks were red, and her luscious lips were filled with blood. Laura was hot, she was horny, and she needed to be fucked.

Steve saw the signs straight off, he was a horny young man all of the time, not just now and again. Laura too was wearing a robe, but he didn’t know what she had on underneath. His prick went dynamic, ‘Me, me,’ it shouted, ‘I’m here, come on Laura!’ Steve never stopped to wait to hear an opposing argument, or reason, or consequences of the action he was almost unknowingly about to take..

He took immediate action, right or wrong; his prick suddenly knew no conscience. He took her arm above the elbow, spun her around, and pushed her backwards over the table. Her dressing gown opened, and there it was. The honeyed treasure, which only some beautiful women are lucky enough to have, Laura had hers.

As he saw it in that moment there was moisture on the lips, it took mere seconds to complete his action, her pussy shone. Steve moved up to her, stepped into her knees, his prick out and in his hand. It was pointing right at Laura’s very own pot of gold, and he knew, it was more than ready. Laura’s hands came up in a futile attempt to get back up. Taking a hold of her knees he hoisted her legs up, and she was in the optimum position. He shoved his prick in; she was so slick there wasn’t an ounce of resistance to it.

Laura gasped, her eyes were wide open as was her mouth, she was emitting a silent scream. The intrusion wouldn’t let her breathe; Steve was in and out many times before she could even blink. But she felt the effects of his prick, the girth, the length, and especially the head. The mushroom sized head that was to stop her from even attempting to rebuff him.

Steve leaned forward and rested his hands at her side and fucked his sister in law systematically, his eyes told her, ‘I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not stopping, because you want it, you need it, I heard you say it!’ She felt the rigid spongy head pushing the walls of her pussy out of the way and then close up when he withdrew it. She was swallowing it up, as it made its way time and again to her cervix, where it rested momentarily, then withdrawing, all the way down her internal walls. Every part of her was caressed by his prick, and her pussy, as slick and dripping as it was, caressed it right back.

In her mind’s eye she saw the end of his cock, the little hole that would inject her with potent cum, peering into her womb looking for the right spot, to douse it with cum, and would eventually swell her stomach with the much wanted baby. Her desperate need to be with child held back any form of denial. She suddenly wanted him to cum in her, to flood her gates and canlı bahis siteleri swarm them with his spunk.

The dark haired beauty was now Steve’s lover, but all she wanted was to be cocked, she loved that word, ‘cocked!’ It meant to her that she was getting what she wanted, lots of lovely cock! And Laura was getting well ‘cocked now.’ She incongruously remembered what Sheena, Steve’s girlfriend had told her about him, and now she was finding out first hand. And she agreed, he was everything she had said he was.

Steve stiffed Laura, rocking back and forth in her succulent honey pot, her juices were flowing. Steve nipped her nipples and Laura came, it was wonderful. Her husband had left her hanging out to dry this very morning, he had neglected her, and now her young brother in law was doing for her what her husband hadn’t.

She came two or three times more before Steve filled her with his life giving donation, it detonated another climax in her, it was all Laura wanted. The feel of hot steaming thick cum spreading through her filled her with happiness. She lifted her legs high over her own head to stop any of his precious cum falling out.

Steve leaned down and kissed her for the first time in his life, and it was everything he had imagined, he had jacked off over those lips, and now he was kissing them, and better still as far as he was concerned, Laura was kissing him back.

And this was how their love affair had started, he had picked her up, as he had many times later and carried her back to bed. His brother was away until the Sunday lunch time. He would fuck his beautiful wife many times between now and then. That evening he rang his girlfriend Sheena to tell her he was unwell, and cancelled their date for that night.

Sheena said she would come over, but he had told her he was going to bed, he felt so rough and not to bother, he would call her tomorrow, he told her. Later Bobby rang, and during his conversation he asked to speak to Steve, Laura looked at him, his cock was in her hand and said. “He’s gone out Bobby, and I don’t know what time he will be ‘cumming’ back?” and her eyebrows lifted to him when she said that.

Steve mouthed the word, ‘Soon!’ and grinned at her, as she said goodbye to her husband, her hand put the phone down, and her mouth closed over the billiard ball sized mushroom. He was suddenly having his dream enacted; the one he had jacked off about, Laura was sucking his cock!

He had fucked her, screwed her or made love to her twice more during the day, making three times ain all. He wasn’t sure which of the three it had been. But Laura did, he had fucked her so solidly and with such vigour and force she felt she had spunk coming out of her ears! Steve had been thinking about a fourth one, but not sure if even he could manage that.

But with his dream luscious woman, with her dream luscious lips sucking him off, he was having realistic second thoughts about that. He flopped back on her bed, and let her roam all over him, he had done his duty by her, now it was her turn. He felt now as if he deserved the honour, and the excitement of cumming in her mouth, with those lips tight around him.

It took a while but then he felt that distinct feeling rolling around him, it built until it became an urgent need to spunk his cum into Laura’s mouth. She knew how close he was and almost, but not quite did the dirty on him by pulling off and getting on so he could spew his seed into her for the fourth time. But Laura knew instinctively how much he wanted her to finish him off like this.

The abject fear a man can undergo, if he thinks his sucking woman was going to stop, and deny him the ultimate pleasure of cumming like this. She pressed on, she sucked even harder, turning her head and smiling at him with her eyes, urging him on by lifting her eyebrows, as if to say, ‘Well?’

That was enough for Steve, he blew again, and Laura sucked and ate it all down, she wriggled internally, knowing what she had done to him, and for him. She alone on this here planet had made him cum, no one else could have done it quite the way she had. And if she had asked Steve, his answer would have been truly, in the affirmative completely.

They had spent the rest of the night in her bed, they didn’t make love again in the true sense of the word, but Laura knew there would be more times that she would give herself over to him in every way, just to conceive the baby she was so needy for.

In a nutshell, Steve was just a sperm donor to Laura, a way for her to conceive. He was to his way of thinking, making love to the supreme woman, but he also knew that when push came to shove, it would be him that got the push! But he didn’t mind, Laura was what he had wanted, and Laura he had got, she wanted sperm for a baby, and sperm she was getting, in truck loads.

Steve had the best nights sleep he had had for a while, all the energy he had expended screwing Laura had taken its toll, and Laura was in the same situation, her body was stiff and aching, but she felt wonderful, she was sure Steve would give her a baby. In the morning she was up early cooking him the biggest breakfast, she wanted at least two more collisions with Steve before Bobby, her husband came home.

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