Because There’s a First Time…

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Because There’s a First Time for Everything

The sun shone bright as Kay stepped from the car and rummaged through her handbag for her keys, cursing their non-existence.

“Lost something?” asked Dave, who was climbing down from his ladder and wringing out his chamois leather.

“Can’t find my keys anywhere,” Kay grumbled, not looking up as the window cleaner approached.

“Is that them?” he queried. Kay looked and sure enough, there they were hanging from the door of the car.

“Night shifts – they kill me!” she muttered as she grabbed the keys and stuffed the contents of her handbag back into its cavernous interior. “Do you need new water?”

The block of apartments Kay lived in took most of the morning for Dave to get round, and a fresh bucketful of water was always appreciated. Being the only shift worker in the building, Kay was often the only resident at home and regularly let Dave in to refill his bucket. For that she liked to believe he paid a little extra attention to her windows.

“No new water yet, but can I give you a knock when I do?” As he looked at her she melted into his deep chocolate coloured eyes, his gaze sending an unexpected but not unpleasant shiver down into the pit of her stomach.

Had the weather been warmer, Kay would have happily settled herself on the sun lounger on the back terrace and whiled away the time watching Dave as he worked his way across the building, his muscles pumping as he stretched to reach all four corners of every window. Once, as she had pretended to sleep behind Jackie O style sunglasses, she caught him looking at her slender frame casino oyna through the reflection in the glass, a look that lingered just that second too long. That time she’d turned over onto her back to break the gaze, but today, though hot and humid, with rain clouds looming she contented herself with a glance backwards as she unlocked the vestibule door and made her way down the hallway.

The flat gave its usual quiet welcome, as Kay kicked off her shoes, opened up the French windows and lowered herself down onto the couch, curling up under the soft, faux fur throw. In not time at all she closed her eyes and let sleep come over her, her chest rising and falling as her breathing became deeper and more regular.

Stirring, Kay felt an unusual but very welcome sensation in her feet. It was as though the aches and strains of walking up and down hospital wards for ten hours were being drawn out of her body. She opened one eye to find Dave sat at the foot of her couch, stroking her left foot from heel to toes, slowly and deliberately. He smiled at her and continued to stroke up and down her soft soles, drawing circular movements with his thumbs as they travelled from heel to foot and then stroking with all four fingers of his right hand as it moved back down, his left hand cradling the ankle and stroking the Achilles tendon. After several cycles of moving up and down he gently placed Kay’s foot on the soft fur and changed to perform the same magic on her right foot.

“Would you like me to stop?” he asked. Kay shook her head and lowered it back into the pillow, closing her eyes and willing Dave to make his next move.

She canlı casino didn’t have to wait long, but the shock made her gasp all the same. A freezing sensation ran up her whole foot as Dave traced her sole with and ice cube, expertly following the water with his hot tongue. The first time he performed it he moved the ice cube quickly up the soles of her feet before slowly, deliberately licking up all the liquid with his hard tongue before sucking first on her left big toe, and then on the right. As he suckled her toes he traced the ice cube across the back of them, causing Kay’s feet to splay and giving Dave’s fingers easy access to the inbetween of each toe. As his suckling became more ragged he stroked his fingers in and out of the inside of her toes, stretching to the balls of her feet before plunging back in.

Moving his face further along the top of Kay’s feet, Dave dropped feather-light kisses all over her silky skin, tracing words with his fingers across her ankles.

I want you, she read. And smiled.

I love your feet, he wrote.

I worship you.

As Dave continued to stroke Kay’s left foot her right one dropped down against his body and rested on his chest area. Directing it towards his nipple, Dave held her ankle as she see-sawed her toes across his nipple, causing it to stand erect. As she continued to apply pressure his fingers caressed her calves and moved closer to the back of her thigh. The foot caressing Dave’s nipples moved south to connect with his belly button, her big toe the perfect snug fit as her whole foot lay across his perfect abs.

Involuntarily Kay moved kaçak casino down the couch, her foot falling sideways to expose the soft arch. Dave dipped hungrily to kiss and suck on the white taut skin, before lightly biting around her heels.

Having undone his jeans, the tip of Dave’s cock now connected with Kay’s anklebone, it’s twitching sending a moan of pleasure from Kay’s mouth. Meeting Dave’s fingers with her own she guided the window cleaner into her special place, moving her underwear aside as her hot, wet lips parted and pleaded for attention.

While his hot, demanding mouth licked and sucked on the balls of her foot Dave and Kay’s fingers entwined to stroke her clit, with the lightest flicker. Her right foot dropped still further until she was pressed his cock between his hard abs and her soft arch, rocking gently as her orgasm rippled through her body and crashed against their fingers. Like a high tide the waves kept coming, as Dave kept sucking on each toe in turn and Kay kept a steady rhythm against his manhood. Taking her toes further into his mouth and sucking harder, Dave suddenly let out a low moan as he came, his sperm shooting out and dripping down into Kay’s soft underbelly.

Kay slumped back into the couch and closed her eyes, letting her breathing return to normal.

The doorbell rang. Gazing toward Dave, Kay found herself alone in the room, her fingers inside her damp underwear. The net curtain gently swayed in the breeze from the open window. She stood up and staggered into the hallway, silencing the bell that rung once more. Outside stood a smiling Dave, an empty bucket in hand.

“Nice toes,” he smiled, as she followed his gaze downwards to look at the multi-coloured nail polish she’d been experimenting with the night previous.

She smiled. “Fancy a cuppa, Dave?”

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