Behind the Scenes Ch. 09

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Author’s Note:

I haven’t forgotten this story, merely delayed it. But here it continues! I hope you guys like where it’s going. Feel free to leave a few stars and/or a comment.

And enjoy 😉

Leo’s POV:

‘Damn, finally!’ He whispered against my lips.

Connor and I stumbled into my hotelroom. I had barely turned around and closed the door before he pulled me back to him. I gave him a quick kiss before undoing two buttons on his shirt, becoming impatient and ripping it off of him. A hot moan escaping his lips as the buttons fell to the floor.

‘Fuck Leo, what are you doing to me?’ Connor hitched as I pushed him down onto my bed. I pulled off my sweater in one quick motion and straddled his thighs. ‘Fuck…’

His hands latched themselves instantly to my exposed torso, like a moth to a flame. A hot flame, full of passion and need. His warm, agile hands roamed my abs and my chest. He drew a deep groan from me when teased one of my nipples with one hand and pulled me down to him with the other.

I took the opportunity to press my hands into his more impressive pecs. There was no denying that this man had the perfect body. I was lean, and well defined, but Connor was so hot. You could see the years of work shining through in his toned body. Tanned and well developed. So warm and strong. Not like mine. I wanted to touch and lick him all over. I couldn’t believe that this man was lying before me, and just for me.

‘Goddamn, you’re beautiful.’ I said as I leaned down and caught his lower lip between my teeth, all the while looking deep into his eyes. His dark hazel eyes were filled with hunger, passion and love. But far exceeding those in that moment, was lust. I layed myself flat against his body as he tore his lip away from my teeth and smashed our lips together. I felt his strong arms wrapping around my shoulders and back. My legs were inbetween his when he wrapped his around mine. I squirmed my arms under him and held him as tight as I could while trying to dominate his mouth with mine. We were so close, so fucking close. But I needed to be even closer. As if he’d read my thoughts, Connor moaned through our kiss, ‘More… I need more.’

It took some willpower, but I tore myself away from his body for a second. I slapped his hand away that tried to grab me, he let out frustrated groan. ‘What the fuck?’

In response I pulled off his sneakers and socks. He got the gist of it and started to unbuckle his belt. As soon as he did I pulled his jeans off along with his briefs in one swift motion. I almost fell over in the haste of undressing my own bottom half. Connor fondling his alluring package in front of me didn’t help one bit. Even so, I’d never gotten naked so fast in my life.

I took a small moment to appreciate the perfect man in all his glory. We locked eyes for a moment, and he fucking had the nerve to throw his sexy smirk at me and wink, biting his lip.

Okay, if he wants to play it like that, I’ll give him a run for his money. I was going to drive him nuts.

I went down on my knees, out of his sight for a second, until he caught my eye watching me from behind his impressive cock as he was stroking it. I saw a drop of precum leaking from the tip of it, before he swiped it away with his thumb and slicked up his shaft. I had to swallow to recollect myself. The smirk had never left his face, but it disappeared when I took the big toe of his right foot in my mouth and started sucking on it.

I’d never thought of doing it, but I had read that some guys had a thing for it. Apparently, he did too because an actual whine echoed through the room as his eyes went wide.

I popped his toe out of my mouth and massaged his foot. I kissed the top of it, then his ankle, his shin, all the way up to his inner thigh, where I let go of his foot and dragged my tongue through the area between his ballsack and his thigh. I could smell his masculine musk and it went straight to my head.

All of Connor’s cockiness had vanished and he was looking at me wide-eyed and panting. I took his stiffened hand off his shaft and replaced it with mine. I could only just reach my fingers all around it. I could feel his trimmed pubes on my chin as I got a closer look at it. Stroking it slowly, but firmly.

Connor was grabbing the sheets in his fists.

By now, my dick was harder than ever and I sought friction, rubbing myself against the mattress inbetween Connor’s feet. He noticed, and started rubbing his feet on my dick. An unexpected moan escaped my lips as I felt the sensation making my cock throb between his toes.

I was expecting to see a grin on his face, but all I saw was a strained expression.

‘Fucking suck it already!’ He exclaimed as I played with the head of his dick.

I stuck out my tongue, got closer and-


I looked at my alarm clock. 6 PM. Time to get ready and not think about bahis firmaları this dream during dinner.

Jumping out of bed and shaking my head left and right, a thought came to me.

Can a life even be this cliché?

Getting ready, showering and dressing up, all the while thinking about my dream was not easy. A boner is hazardous when you need to do all that. So I forced my mind to think about what would happen at dinner.

Or… after dinner.

Shit! This is what goes on in my mind all the time. And I can’t take it. I just have to realise that nothing is going to happen between the two of us, so that I can just have my best friend.

I glanced in the mirror next to the door for a once-over. I looked alright. Slim-fit dark grey shirt, darkbrown suit-jacket and dark jeans along with my brown leather boots.

I didn’t want to seem like I’d made a huge effort or something. But I did need to fit in at the restaurant all the same. It was looked to be quite high-maintenance, if the website was any indication. I checked my phone for the reservation I made earlier. I was lucky that it’d got through because it was on very, very short notice. But I got lucky.

A table for two, at Le Caprice. I decided to make good use of the money provided by the studio, and something with a fancy French name like that was bound to be good.

Hair, cologne, wallet. Everything check. Time to go.

I opened the door to my room, locked it and went over to Connor’s. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door twice.

‘Con? It’s me, are you ready to-‘

The door opened swiftly and there, in the door-opening, stood Connor. And not just Connor.

Connor in a suit.

Incidentally, Connor in a suit was something that had crossed my mind before. I’d seen it before of course, pictures of him on a red carpet, a talkshow or two. But in real life, it fit him like a second skin. It just looked right on him. Like it was made for him.

Which, it probably was.

We scanned each other, my expressions growing from awestruck, to full-out drooling.

‘I uh…’ was all he said.

I think I was thinking the same thing.

‘Wait, I’ll change. I should have known. Stupid!’ He yelled at himself as he turned around. I felt a little bad for not telling him not to dress up too much. He seemed to be embarrassed. But I wasn’t sorry, because this image of Connor will be forever burnt into my mind.

He was ranting at himself, stomping around the room. He looked really hot when he took his tie off, and it took me a lot of effort not to stare at his beautiful torso when he took his dress-shirt off. Damn, maybe I would never get used to being surprised by that sight.

He didn’t notice me being flustered by that sudden show of skin. He did see me checking out his butt though. Bending down to take off his pants, he caught my eye through the mirror on his dresser. A small smile crept onto his face, eventhough he was still blushing.

‘Like what you see, huh?’ He asked cheekily. I could only blush.

Connor opened his closet and browsed through his clothes until he settled on black jeans and a midnight-blue shirt. He quickly put them on, probably getting uncomfortable by my staring at him.

I was, again, staring at his ass when he said, ‘Hey L, my eyes are up here, buddy.’ With a small wink and a half smile.

I looked away, embarrassed, quickly made my way to the door and held it open for him.

‘Just shut your audacious face and let’s go.’ I smirked. He smiled back and strode towards the doorframe in which I was still lingering, nervously ticking my fingertips against my thumb. As he passed me, I caught a whiff of the cologne he must have been wearing. It was strong and spicy, yet subtle and I had trouble placing it exactly. I discreetly tried to sniff my own neck to make sure that I wouldn’t embarrass myself with what now smelled like a cheap perfume that you’d buy at the nearest petrol station down the street. But before I could convince myself that I was clearly unworthy of going to dinner with Connor, I heard him call my name from down the hall, where he was sheepishly waiting for me in front of the lift.

‘What’s up, Leo? Not having second thoughts about our first date I hope?’

I hoped that my forced chuckle was convincing enough as I made my way over to the lift as well. My entire body was tingling with excitement and I could feel myself heart beating a little faster still.

What was he doing to me?

We entered the restaurant, the door was ceremoniously being held open for us and a dapper looking young man was waiting for us in the middle of the entrance hall, ready to check our reservation.

His eyes were so dark, I had to stare at them. They were pitch black to the point that they seemed almost unnatural, as if he had no irises or pupils at all, but two small black holes instead. When he asked us about said reservation, I could only stutter.

‘I uh, uhm- y-yes. kaçak iddaa Yes we did.’ I tried to recollected myself, hoping that the man hadn’t noticed my rude staring. ‘Leonard Hagens. T-that’s my name. The name of the reservation, I mean.. Me.’

A voice in the back of my head laughed bitterly at my antics. And I couldn’t blame him. This whole situation was so unnatural and strange to me. I could act perfectly cool and charming back home in the gym with Jeffrey. And here I was, acting like a nervous wreck. It made me realise even more how much of a difference there was between Connor and Jeff. And how different they both made me feel.

Perhaps I was more comfortable around Jeff.

But I had a strong feeling that I had everything to win, and everything to lose, depending on the course of that evening with Connor. And I was determined not to lose another damn thing in my life.

So when the dark-eyed man shifted his eyes to the I-pad in front of him I forced myself to get it together. Push down those stupid nerves and just be myself. This was no different than all the other times I’d spent an evening with Con, only this time there wouldn’t be a thousand miles and a questionable internet connection to seperate us.

The man searched through the screen, his eyes darting from one side to the other until he raised his gaze again.

‘Table for two, is that correct?’ He asked in a perfectly polite way.

‘Yes.’ I replied. He nodded and motioned for us to follow him.

The man took us into a beautiful space. Tasteful, expensive looking and not too crowded. Our table was next to a window overlooking Green Park, and a live band was playing soft jazz music on the small podium on the other side of the room.

Maybe Connor had been right to wear a suit after all. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and noticed that he’d been watching my awed expression. He raised his eyebrows expectantly, likely waiting for me to tell him to wipe that smug grin off his face. But I just rolled my eyes, feigning annoyance.

When I scanned the other guests as we made our way to our table though, I realised we’d fit right in with our casual outfits.

The restaurant was filled with people, but the room didn’t feel too noisy or busy. The tables were far enough away from each other so that every party could have a private conversation, but was still able to see what their neighbours had ordered for dinner.

When we finally reached our table, the host with the hypnotising eyes pulled out a chair for Connor, and gestured me towards the one opposite him.

‘Here you go, sir.’ He told Connor as he sat down, and was being pushed towards the table by the man.

I chuckled at Connor’s annoyed expression, but even then, a twinge of jealousy shot through my system.

The host got two menus out of his leather hip-bag and handed one to each of us. I was, again staring into his eyes before I dropped my gaze to the menu in my hands and thanked the host.

The man didn’t make any indication that he was about to go back to the entrance hall of the restaurant though, so I looked up and noticed Connor glaring at the guy with an angry look on his face. I hadn’t seen Connor look like that before, I gasped soundlessly in surprise. It wasn’t the anger that surprised me so much, but rather the venom and disgust with which Connor regarded the man.

Then, something seemed to click in the man’s mind for his dark eyes suddenly widened. So much that it would have looked comical, if I wouldn’t have been so curious about what was going on I would have laughed. The guy made quick work of readying the table and excusing himself to get our drinks as he quickly avoided Connor’s glare.

That was strange.

‘A waiter will take your order shortly, gentlemen. Enjoy your evening.’ He said in a strained voice, and hurriedly walked off, back to the entrance hall again.

Perhaps I could have been more subtle, or could have waited to ask, but the question was out before I was able to stop myself.

‘What was all that about?’ I asked curiously, raising an eyebrow at Connor over my menu. He was still staring at the doors that the host had closed behind him.

‘What? Oh! Oh, nothing. Nevermind.’ His eyes were wide with shock at my question. He looked cute as hell.

‘Okay then.’ I said, amused. Why was he acting so jumpy, I wondered. I glanced around the room a little, noticing all the wealthy looking guests. They were mostly middle-aged couples, probably just on a regular night out. And also a couple of people that looked like they were having a business dinner.

It made me feel a little out of place. Eventhough I was definitely wealthy at the moment. But these people all looked as if they were born rich, and belonged here. Connor was probably just as comfortable as the rest of them. Looking over at him, I was surprised to find him staring at me. His mouth was hanging open, and his menu lay forgotten on the table.

His eyes were watching me kaçak bahis so intensely, it was as if he was staring right into my soul. And I could feel myself warming up. I must have looked ridiculously out of place, stupidly gaping at the decorated ceiling as the soft jazz music flowed through my ears.

‘I’m sorry,’ I told him. ‘I am just not used to all of this… stuff.’ As I was speaking, I realised that Connor wasn’t actually listening. And I saw that he was not staring at me anymore, but now darting his eyes between my mouth and my chest. This didn’t make me feel any better. I looked down and quickly closed one more button on my shirt. I had not realised that I had a whole Elvis thing going on in a high-class restaurant.

‘Shit! Thanks, I hadn’t noticed.’ I said. This wasn’t at all going the way I wanted it to.

When I was adjusting my collar, Connor blinked a few times and took a deep breath. ‘What? Oh! Yeah, no problem L.’ He muttered. I could swear his cheeks turned a little pinker.

‘So, do you know what you’re going to order? Half of this stuff is so expensive that I could just as well do a fastfood-pubcrawl and go by all McDonald’s restaurants in London, and the other half is… well I’m not sure what it is because I can’t pronounce it.’ Connor asked me, scanning the menu, now in his hands. That made me laugh. Okay, finally we’re going back to what I knew we could be like.

‘Really? Isn’t our little child-star familliar with fancy places like this, then? I would have figured you’d be a regular here.’ I taunted. Connor smirked back at me.

‘I’m a regular, yeah. A regular at KFC and Starbucks. Not in a place that serves diamonds dipped in melted gold as a dessert.’

‘Wow, really?’ I said excitedly, quickly flipping the pages to the desserts.

‘No, not really. Are you serious?’ Connor snickered, rolling his eyes.

‘Well how am I supposed to know? I never go to places like these.’ I said.

‘And neither do I,’ Connor replied. ‘Only when I’m expected to, or when I want to impress a girl or something.’ He added in a strange tone. The way those last words came out of his mouth made it sound as if he had spoken them without thinking about it, and tried to catch himself in the middle of his sentence.

Something was definitely the matter with him and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I wanted to give him some room to get comfortable, because he obviously wasn’t. I started to browse through all the food on the menu again. After a couple of minutes of small talk, a waiter came along and took our order.

I got something-something-chicken and Connor got something or other-beef-something. Then, the waiter served our drinks. A beer for me, and a red wine from the year whatever for Connor.

‘You drink beer at dinner?’ Connor asked me, an amused look on his face.

‘Yes I do. I thought if you’re drinking wine then I can’t go with just water.’

He smiled when I said that, then looked at me again. ‘Why not go with wine then?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know, I just don’t like the taste.’ I said truthfully.

‘Well, it’s an acquired taste.’

I smiled. ‘I have always been lousy at acquiring tastes.’

Connor smirked. ‘That’s not what Darlene said.’

Ah. Here we go.

He looked way too pleased with himself. So after my little awkward chuckle I took Connor’s glass of wine and downed it all at once.

I coughed a bit and said, ‘How’s that for an acquired taste, pretty boy?’

The dumbfounded look on his face was hilarious, but it didn’t last too long. Before I knew it Con had grabbed my pint and tried to down it. He almost drank all of it before he had to stop.

I laughed at him. ‘You can’t play drinking games with an Amsterdam student, Conny. You’ll lose.’

Connor looked a bit embarrassed, but he smirked back at me. ‘You have no idea of the games that I can play Leo.’

‘Mhm. We’ll see about that.’ I said.

The waiter brought us some bread and went off to another table. As I carefully ripped of a piece and popped it into my mouth, I found Connor studying me. I decided that I wanted to know then what was on his mind, and why he had been acting so off.

‘What’s going on, Con? Why are you looking at me like that?’ I asked him, wanting to start small. He coughed and looked away immediately.

‘No, nothing, don’t worry.’ He smiled at me, then looking over to the live band playing.

‘Do you like this song?’ Connor asked suddenly.

I turned around in my seat, following Con’s gaze towards the podium. I immediately understood why he was so fixated on the song, because there was a stunning brunette singing in a black dress.

She was singing a jazz cover of Only You, and she was doing an amazing job.

‘How did you know?’ I asked him.

‘Because you were mouthing along to the lyrics.’ He grinned back at me.

‘Huh, was I?’ I considered this for a moment. Contenplating if he would remember me talking about it. ‘My grandmother used to listen to music like this all the time before she died, of course.’ I said, with a smile on my face.

‘Your dad’s mom, right?’ Connor asked, now looking me in the eye.

‘Yeah, you remembered.’ I said.

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