Beijing Beauty

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A Fuck and a Dud in Beijing

This happened to me while living overseas 10 years ago. This story includes bisexual contact and oral sex after orgasms or creampies. Some of my other stories prompted hateful comments about performing oral sex after sex. If you’re not into it, don’t read it!


I was on a long term business assignment in China for many years. I was 45 years old and I lived about an hour and a half from Beijing.

For months I had been searching on a sex dating site for some special exploits involving threesomes including bisexual play. I had always wanted to try the bisexual fun, but never had the opportunity.

Finally I found a Chinese couple who advertised they were looking for a westerner to fuck her and that he was bi and would join in. They were not married to each other, although I think they were both married to others.

They had included body only photos of her and like most Asians she was a petite brunette with perfect firm looking tits. His name was Zhen and her name was Mei. We agreed to meet at a hotel in Beijing.

I had my driver drop me off and told him I was taking some visiting westerner friends touring, and to pick me up the next day.

I ordered a fruit and vegetable platter and some drinks from room service to let them relax while we all got to know one another. I took a shower and settle in to wait.

At the planned upon time, I had a knock at my door. As I opened the door Zhen and Mei entered. Mei was looking up at me like I was a surprise, and she started chattering to Zhen about my size (I speak a little Chinese). I am 6’4″ and 220 pounds, and although I had honestly listed that in my profile, Mei seemed very surprised.

Mei spoke only Chinese, and Zhen spoke relatively good English. Zhen laughed and said he had told her I was big, but not how big.

Mei was lovely and petite, probably under thirty, with a sweet China doll face and was wearing glasses. Zhen in his mid-thirties and while he was a bit over weight, he had a good personality, and I could see why she was with him, since he also seemed sophisticated or worldly.

I showed them to the sitting area and offered them the refreshments, but Zhen just said, “Can we shower?”

“Of course,” I replied.

Zhen told Mei she could go first, and she disappeared into the bathroom. Zhen and I stayed in the sitting area and tried to make small talk. It was a bit uncomfortably, but only lasted about 5 minutes before I heard the shower stop running.

Mei returned to the room wearing only a towel and sat on the bed. I was instantly hard at the sight of her in such skimpy dress. Zhen went to shower and left us alone.

I moved to the bed, sat beside her and told Mei, in Chinese, how beautiful she was. She looked shyly down and simply said thank you in Chinese and then put her hand on my thigh. Then I touched her shoulder lightly.

I leaned over and began kissing Mei on her shoulder and neck. Mei said something very softly that I didn’t understand, but also tilted her head and moved her neck closer in obvious acceptance. I then placed my hand on her bare thigh and enjoyed the soft heat I could feel.

I asked Mei if I could kiss her, and she just looked at me with a quizzical look (my Chinese stinks).

Zhen returned wearing nothing and sporting a hard on. He sat up on the bed at the headboard and just watched us necking at the foot of the bed. I asked Zhen if she would mind if we kissed, and he relayed to Mei what we were talking about. Mei turned toward me, smiled and kissed me quickly.

I wanted more than that and kissed Mei a bit more eagerly, and she opened her mouth and we began to French kiss passionately. I raised my hand from her thigh and fondled her breast though the towel, and Mei reached up and pulled the towel away.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see Mei had very long nipples that were not evident in the online photo because it was shot from too far away. I looked up at Mei and she seemed pleased at my wide eyed admiration of her tits. I told her again, “Beautiful,” and began fondling those perfect little titties with pleasure. I loved rolling those inch long nipples in my fingers and within minutes I dropped my head to suck one into my mouth.

Mei moaned softly and place a hand behind my head to urge me on. I gently bahis firmaları pushed Mei back onto the bed and started kissing her lips, neck, breasts, and nipples. I was in heaven getting my oral thrills on this firm lovely lady.

I kissed my way down to Mei’s hips and buried my face in her soft pussy hair. Mei had her pussy trimmed so that there was a small patch running down the center, like a runway centerline. I was trying to get my tongue down into her pussy lips, but Mei’s legs were closed and I couldn’t quite make it.

I looked up at Mei’s face and simultaneously slowly pried her legs apart, which she seemed reluctant to permit, but finally allowed. I then started kissing her soft inner thighs alternating from kissing up at her knees to kissing just inches from her pussy. Mei’s skin was so soft and smooth, I couldn’t get enough of it. I looked up and Mei was now rolling her own nipples in her fingers.

Zhen crawled over and started kissing Mei just as I was about to get my mouth to her pussy. He then pulled her around me and manhandled her into a doggy position. I was really pissed!

Zhen got behind Mei and started rubbing his dick across Mei’s pussy and she made a soft whimpering noise. I decided that I was the minority here and would just go with whatever they wanted to do, but stay involved.

I got up and moved to the side of the bed at Mei’s head, and laying on my back, I wiggled under Mei till I was looking up at her sweet looking pussy. I was hoping Mei might suck my dick, but she didn’t, and as I was about to raise my head to Mei’s pussy, I saw Zhen push his cock into her.

As Zhen started thrusting, I started kissing Mei’s clit and tonguing Mei’s pussy lips. I was really excited and realized my tongue was touching my first cock as it fucked Mei. Zhen was fucking her too fast for me to get any real action, so I concentrated on Mei. I reached down and was playing with her fabulous nipples as I kissed her pussy.

Mei was crying out softly with groans of pleasure and her hips were rocking back into Zhen’s hips and sliding across my mouth at the same time. “Ohhhh, ahhh, ohhhh,” was coming out of Mei’s pretty mouth in the international language.

It had only been about 5 minutes and Zhen suddenly pulled out of Mei’s pussy without any noise or saying anything. I thought he was just going to change positions, but he just sat back on the bed and I saw semen starting to ooze from Mei’s pussy.

All I could think was, “wow that was fast, and with no speeding up, no groans, nothing. No wonder she wanted a third wheel!”

Mei was still kneeling over me and so I reached up to push her thighs backward, dropping her pussy onto my face. I may have no experience with bi-sex, but I had often eaten creampies from my ex-wife and always loved it. I returned to kissing and tonguing Mei’s pussy, and Zhen’s come dribbled out. I found it unusually sweet, none of the bitterness most come has.

Mei was really getting into this now and was rolling her hips against my face. I pushed my tongue up into her and was rewarded with not only more of Zhen’s come, but also Mei’s cries of delight. I spent a good 10 minutes loving Mei’s pussy till she began to shudder. I stuck my tongue up and massaged her clit.

Mei screamed out some unintelligible Chinese and moans and groans, “Aarrgg, ohhhh, aarrrgggg!” She then slammed her pussy hard onto my face and came hard into my mouth. Mei’s whole body was quivering, and as her pussy spasmed it pumped the last of Zhen’s come out and into my mouth.

I tenderly continued my kisses and cleaning of her pussy, until Mei slowly regained her presence. Mei then rolled off of me and scooted up to sit against the headboard like Zhen. The talked a bit in Chinese, but I couldnt understand what they were saying.

I decided this was the time for my bi experience, and rolled over till I was laying with my head in Zhen’s lap. I looked at his soft dick and after a bit of hesitation, I picked it up and sucked it into my mouth. No reaction from either Zhen or Mei.

I had looked forward to this for so long and I put all my heart into sucking on his dick. It was pretty short, probably 3 inches and very soft. I remembered that even when he was hard and fucking Mei it was only about 5 inches long. I did my best to get him hard, and was hoping to finally feel a cock explode kaçak iddaa in my mouth.

Zhen never moved, or made a sound, his dick didn’t even begin to get hard. After about 10 minutes I gave up, and decided to go play with Mei.

I rolled over and pulled Mei to me. We kissed and hugged for a few minutes then Mei pulled me on top of her and tried to get me to fuck her. Very strange; I’ve got this lovely nubile Chinese doll wanting me to fuck her and I am still thinking about that loser dick I couldn’t get hard. Now my dick wouldn’t get fully hard!

We tried for a few minutes, and I tried concentrating on those perfect nipples and her sexy mouth, but for some reason it was not working. Then Mei said something to Zhen, and he asked me in English, “You want her to suck your dick?”

I immediately replied, “Sure!” (Has anyone ever said no to that?)

Mei moved down and began to give me a wonderful blow job. She kissed the tip of my dick, licked it up and down like a lollipop, and sucked it deep into her mouth. I am not a horse, but have a respectable 7 inches, and Mei could get almost all of it into her mouth and throat! In no time I was no longer thinking of anything but Mei and was hard as a rock.

I pushed Mei back and climbed on top of her petite hot body. I kissed those wonderful nipples for a minute, then started tongue fucking her mouth. At the same time I started rubbing the head of my dick up and down her pussy lips and soon it was slipping inside of her.

Mei looked surprised and called out with a sharp gasp as I pushed into her pussy. Zhen asked her something that sounded like, “Is it too big?” But Mei never answered him.

I swiveled my hips and sank a little deeper into her tight depths. Mei’s arms went around my neck and her legs scissored across my ass. With a loud groan from me, I was all the way in.

“Ah, fuck, you’re tight,” I groaned.

Mei only moaned a sigh and tightened her grip on my shoulders and ass.

I started thrusting in and out at a nice leisurely pace and Mei was rolling her hips upward to meet me. I swear I could feel those long nipples drilling into my chest. We kissed passionately with dueling tongues as we fucked slowly.

Nature took its course and we started speeding up our fucking. Mei seemed to like it faster and harder, and I had no problem giving her what she wanted. Soon I was pounding hard down into her little body and I was afraid I was hurting her, but she was clutching me hard to her chest and spurring me on with her heels.

Mei came really hard and went rigid as a board for a second. I was still thrusting and she was whimpering loudly, “Aarrgg, yes, yes, me fuck, aarrrgggg!”

I was surprised to hear a few English words, but I just continued fucking my little China doll. I slowed my thrusting to let Mei catch up to me, and then asked her in Chinese to open her eyes. This she understood and when she looked up at me, I was mesmerized by the almond shaped beauties, and I also loved the hot smoldering look in her eyes!

While still looking into those fine black eyes, I reached under her ass and grabbed it to give me more power in the down stroke, and started long hard thrusts.

Mei searched my eyes for a long time, then she closed them and I could see on her face she was now concentrating on the pure pleasure of the sex. I fucked her hard until my orgasm started building.

We must have been fucking for about 20 minutes and I started speeding up. Mei held me tight and gave no indication that I should stop. I thought about asking Zhen if I could come in her, then decided that he had come in her, and by the time I finished think all that, I was ready to give it all to her anyway.

I started thrusting really hard and grunting loudly to let Mei know what was coming. Mei just held on and I felt it boiling up inside of me.

When I come I am not quiet by any measure. This time was no different, and as I exploded inside of Mei, I roared really loudly and felt Mei clutch me even tighter. As my thrusts became erratic, I pumped and pumped my hot sperm into Mei’s tight pussy. I could feel every thread of the come as it coursed up thought my cock and shot from the tip.

Mei then tensed and screamed, and I’m pretty sure she came again.

I was now growling, “Fuck, fuck, oh God, so fucking good, damn, aarrrgggg!”

I kaçak bahis dropped back to infrequent, but almost violent thrusts, as I pumped the last jets of my come into Mei.

Mei opened her incredible eyes and I looked into her soul. She smiled and kissed me passionately.

After we were rested, Mei got up and went to the bathroom and I heard her cleaning up. I looked over at Zhen and he was just sitting there and smiled at me.

Mei came back and after she and Zhen had a few words, she lay down next to me and we started kissing again. I played with her nipples as we kissed, and then Mei reached down and started stroking my cock.

After fondling and kissing for a while, I slid down and began kissing her pussy mound again. Mei clenched her legs together and said, in English, “No, dirty.”

I replied, “No, Beautiful!” (Beautiful, by the way is what Mei means) and with that she let me open her legs. I ate Mei to another orgasm and reveled in the taste of two men’s come inside of her.

Mei was humping hard into my mouth and chin as I feasted on her pussy and maintained her orgasm as long as possible.

Then, this time no blowjob needed, I rose to push my rock hard cock into her sweet tight pussy. Mei hugged me close and as I slipped inside of her she let out a long low groan of pleasure.

As soon as I was fully inside of her, I stopped and again asked her to open her eyes, “Zheng kai ni de yanjing.” (If I remember correctly)

I could almost have come again just looking at those sexy eyes!

We spent many minutes just staring into each other eyes, until Mei sweetly asked, “You like eyes?”

I replied, “Hen hao.” (Very good or very much)

Mei then closed her eyes and squeezed me, prompting me to again start gently fucking her. Our rampant need satisfied from the first fuck, this one was to be a slow, gentle and sweet fuck.

We spent about 30 minutes in this leisurely fuck, which easily could have been lovemaking if we knew each other better. We kissed a lot and I almost broke my neck to get my lips on those nipples, given the tremendous difference in our heights!

Mei was so warm, so sweet, so petite, and so hungry for me! As I was slowly fucking her, I noticed Zhen was asleep, and also realized how different my fucking was compared to his. He was fast and quiet, and it looked like a one shot guy. I was a little of everything, fast and slow, but never quiet in orgasm, and I tried to last as long as possible.

I also came to realize that that might be exactly what Mei needed right now, someone with loud, strong passion. Something very different. And I was now determined to give it to her!

After a long slow fuck, we started to speed up. I purposely let myself start fucking Mei hard, and got very vocal, “Oh fuck, fuck me you little fox, take it, take it hard!”

Mei responded in kind with loud cries and lots of Chinese I did not know.

“I’m coming!” I screamed, and she understood that.

Mei started coming right after I started filling her with another load of my hot come. We came and we hugged and we kissed.

Mei was giggling afterward, and I looked at her as she tried to explain. It took a while to understand her Chinese and limited English, but she was laughing at me and was basically saying, “I think you really like to make love, very loud”

We snuggled and kissed for a while and then started all over again.

I made love to my new little China doll three more times that night, and only the last time did I need her sexy mouth to get me hard first. Besides the fucking, Mei seemed to really like being eaten and really went wild when I ate her ass.

In the morning Mei and I took a shower together, and I spent a lot of time on my knees sucking on her nipples as I washed her legs and pussy. Then Zhen took a shower by himself, and while he was showering, I was kissing and playfully annoying Mei as she tried to dress. We were laughing as I chased her around the room.

Zhen seemed Ok with everything, he did not appear jealous, although not much was said as they got ready to leave.

Zhen was obviously a dud for my first bisexual desire, or maybe just a dud all around. I really wanted to see Mei again, but I only had his contact info and he never responded to my requests for another meeting. I was hoping to get them back so I could see her.

He was a dud, but Mei more than made up for that by being hot little fox!

I wish I had thought to slip Mei a business card before she left. I think we could have had a lot of good times!

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