Being Christina’s Bitch Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of Being Christina’s Bitch Chapter 2 and picks up right where the second one left off. Please feel free to comment or send me feedback. I am especially interested in hearing from any women that enjoyed this story and/or share these fantasies.

Christina and I cried around the cocks in our mouths while our assholes were being stuffed and pumped repeatedly behind us. I kept my ass as relaxed as possible so my anus wouldn’t tear as it was being pounded dry. The only lube I had been allowed was the spit I could keep that cock when it was in my mouth a moment ago. The men were really enjoying themselves as they commented on how tight our unlubed asses were and how hot it was getting to rape us as they pleased. Charlie pushed his cock deep into my throat and I felt it filling up with his hot cum. It was salty and bitter but also a little sweet. Most of it went right down my throat into my stomach but some of it leaked around his cock at the corners of my mouth and dribbled a bit down my chin.

I glanced over at Christina and noticed the exact same thing was happening to her. Tears streamed down her checks canlı bahis as the cum streamed down her chin.

“Clean each other off, bitches,” we were ordered as our anal fuckers pushed our faces together while keeping up their rhythm. We immediately started licking the cum off our chins and kissing with plenty of tongue and tasting the cum in our mouths as it swished between us.

We continued making out until Mike slowed down and announced he was cumming deep in Christina’s ass. Christina squealed as her bowels were filled with cum. Soon after, Jason repeated the same ritual and I felt hot cum fill me up too.

“Turn around, on your knees,” we were ordered. “Keep those assholes clenched and don’t spill a drop.”

We both complied and were rewarded with the same cocks that were just in our asses filling up our mouths. I tasted my own shit for the second time that night as Christina enjoyed that same filthy experience behind me. She coughed and gagged almost immediately.

“That’s disgusting, please don’t make me eat my own shit,” she begged.

“Too bad slut, you shouldn’t dish it out if you can’t take it,” Mike replied bahis siteleri forcefully as he pulled her head back onto his cock – shit and all.

After we had cleaned those cocks to their satisfaction we were spun around again face to face on our knees. That is when the ass-fucking really got started.

They pounded our asses for what seemed like hours as we both cried in pain – still being forced to endure it all without a drop of lube. We kissed as we cried, sharing in our own humiliation. It was not clear which was worse: the pain in our asses or the shame of our degradation.

Eventually our rapists tired themselves out. Christina was fortunate enough to be finished first. They spun her around so her well-used and gaping ass was pushed into my face. I knew what they wanted so I dove in – sucking the cum straight out of her open asshole. She helped me by shitting it out into my waiting mouth. Some of it was a little brown with her shit but I knew I would just get roughed up if I tried to resist so I swallowed every drop that was offered.

Luke was still fucking my ass as I enjoyed this treat and soon came for the bahis şirketleri up-teenth time. But instead of pulling out of my ass, he kept his cock in place. Eventually my insides started to feel warmer and then I realized that he was pissing up my ass! My eyes must have doubled in size as the gang started to laugh at my realization.

Charlie grasped Christina by the hair and dragged her to my ass as Luke pulled his cock out. Her face was pushed between my cheeks and I knew she would now be forced to endure what I just did but with the added element of piss.

“Oh God no! No more please!” she begged. But they just laughed and kept her in place. Soon, I had no choice as the pressure on my asshole was too much and the nasty mixture of piss and cum and shit erupted in her face and mouth like a volcano.

Our rapists had had enough of us at this point and got themselves dressed as we lay where we were, completely exhausted. But just before they left, they handcuffed Christina to the bed. Now I was free and she was at my mercy.

“Have fun with her champ. You deserve it!”

The End

Sorry it took so long to finish.

I’m very interested in everyone’s comments. I’d also like to hear from anyone (especially any women) that may have enjoyed this story and have any similar fantasies. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20