Belinda and Sue – A Love Story Ch. 05

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Willingly sharing their intimacy with someone else. Rub a dub dub, three girls in a tub.


Neither of them were sure what they expected when they arrived at what Paula called her boat. They were both stunned, it was enormous. They both looked at her to make sure she wasn’t having them on.

“Come on!” she called from the gangplank leading onto the stern. The boat had its name painted across the stern ‘Paula’s Dream’, and beneath it, registered in Malta.

“Named after me,” she said when she saw them looking. “Come on, there’s only the engineer and his wife on board tonight.”

Right on cue, an Oriental crew member dressed in brilliant whites, appeared from nowhere and turning to Paula gave a little bow and followed with “Good evening Madam.” and waited for his instructions.

“Thank you Chen, nothing else to day, goodnight.”

With that he turned and disappeared through the door from which he had just appeared.

“Come on through.” she called over her shoulder, leading them through into an enormous day cabin with polished wooden panelling and white leather arm chairs all round the walls, a dining table that would seat eight people and huge panoramic windows all round.

It was dark outside now but they could see all the harbour edge lights glowing away. The cabin lights inside were suitably dimmed giving that feeling of pure luxury. Neither of them could speak, they were totally lost for words.

Paula finally broke the silence, “What can I get you to drink, I’m going to have a bourbon, would you join me? By the way, it’s only a boat so just make yourself at home.”

‘Only’, Belinda thought, ‘Jesus what are we doing here’, she looked across at Sue who was also having a job trying to comprehend where they were.

“Bourbon is fine for me.” Belinda finally managed to say. “Some ice please as well.”

“And me.” Sue said. “What a spectacular boat.”

Paula seemed pleased to have been able to welcome the two on board and they were both excited to have had the opportunity to see such luxury and smiled at them as she moved towards the bar to get the drinks.

“Have a look round girls.” She called with an expansive gesture of the hand. “If you’re interested, all the gear for driving this thing is up there.”

They went up to the front of the boat as she suggested. It was packed with electronic boxes, Radar, Position finders, Radios and a table covered with charts and of course, the steering wheel and a driving console that looked like something out of Startrek.

Sue turned towards Paula who was behind them with a tray full of drinks as if she was going to ask a question but before she could ask it Paula laughed.

“Don’t ask me about anything up here. Big boys’ toys. I’m allowed to stand and hold the wheel from time to time but that’s about it. Ed fancies himself as Captain but we have a full time skipper who does all the complicated stuff. Here, grab a drink.”

Paula could see that they were a bit overawed with the complexity and luxury of the enormous boat and when they moved back into the day cabin and sat down she tried to put them more at ease.

“Look girls, before you think I’m some high society person, you need to know that my father was a mailman and my mother worked in a burger joint. I was just a young college girl of nineteen when I first met Ed. I guess I was pretty good looking and he had just divorced his second wife, he liked me, I liked the life style he could offer and so when he asked me to marry him, I said yes. He’s quite a bit older than me but he’s generous, doesn’t ask too much of me and so long as I am very discreet, he’s OK with that.” She reached across and grabbed up some framed photographs from the top of the cabinet.

“That’s me and Ed last year and this one is my girl Sophia. Ed idolises her, he spoils her but she’s so like me when I was her age. She is a daddies girl, but we are like sisters when she’s at home ” and with a little laugh, she added, “I don’t think Ed would ever divorce me though just in case he lost her.”

Ed certainly was, as she said, quite a bit older probably in his late sixties but he was very trim in his boating clothes, white trousers, blue blazer and a soft peaked cap. Sophia though was beautiful and we could see what Paula meant when she said she looked like her. The resemblance in her wedding photograph, taken in Vegas, which she also showed them was remarkable.

“Come on down below and you can have a look at the sleeping quarters.”

They dutifully followed her down the polished wooden stairway to the deck below and found themselves in an entrance hall with six or more doors leading from it . Some of them had signs. ‘Crew quarters’, ‘Head’, ‘State room 1’ and ‘State room 2.’

“What’s a head?” Sue asked

“Open the door and look in.”

She did as Paula suggested and there she could see a huge shower room, toilet and bidet all done out in beautiful marble.

“Wow,” Sue couldn’t help herself “It’s beautiful.”

“The crew sleep there,” Paula said pointing to the door marked Crew güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri quarters, “there are three cabins and a day room in there. They use this bathroom when they are on board.” She added as an afterthought, “Apart from Chen the engineer and his wife Lijuan who does the cooking and cleaning, those two have a double cabin back aft but they use the crew facilities up here.”

Then she opened the door marked ‘Stateroom1’ and ushered them in. It was probably the most luxurious bedroom both Belinda and Sue had ever seen and that included on the movies. It was huge, with a gigantic circular bed a couple of white leather armchairs, a very large matching two seat armchair and a really spacious dressing room with enough cupboards and wardrobes to fit clothes for fifty people.

She slid back one of the doors and it was full of suits. “Ed likes to dress for the occasion.” she said with a little laugh and possibly a little sarcasm in her voice. “Hey, take a seat and I’ll go up and get us another drink.”

After she had closed the dressing room door, Sue opened another door on the opposite side of the cabin to the dressing room.

“Oh my God Lin, look at this for luxury.”

“What is it?”

“Only an ensuite that you could die for.” They seemed to be going from one jaw dropping revelation to another as they stood and took in the opulence.

“I’m not sure we should be here.” Belinda said at last.

“Yes we should, it’s fun and I really like Paula.” Sue replied.

Agreeing with her, Belinda replied, “So do I, I think she’s lovely.”

“Hey, thanks for that” It was Paula who they hadn’t seen come in but had caught the end of the conversation. “I think you are both great too.”

She handed them the glasses of bourbon with the ice chinking about in the glass.”Look, there is another state room over there, please stay the night if you don’t mind sharing a bed then we can stay up late and you don’t have to drag back to your hotel.”

She got up and they followed her into ‘state room 2’. It was almost as big as the one they had just left.

“Ed keeps loads of sportswear in there. Just pick out what fits you for the morning, it’s all new gear.” She slid back a door and it was like Harrods sportswear department.

“We’d love to sleep over.” Sue said “And we’ve been sharing a bed since we landed in Spain haven’t we Lin?”

It wasn’t exactly an admission that they had been having sex together but Belinda felt herself blushing and Paula picked up on what Sue had said.

“Tell me more and then I’ll tell you my little secret, come on into my room and we’ll all be girls together.”

Together, they went back into the other stateroom and by invitation, climbed up onto Paula’s huge bed. Truthfully, there was room for four more people on it. Propped up with loads of cushions and feeling more than a little tipsy, Sue told Paula that they had discovered each other a couple of days ago and that Belinda really had planned to discover Sue’s intimate secrets even before they had the opportunity to holiday together. She wasn’t sure that Paula might want to hear this after she had confided their secret but it was said anyway.

Not knowing what more she could add to perhaps lighten the confession, she added, “I knew all along that you wanted my body Belinda” she joked and then she leaned across Paula who was between them and kissed Belinda full on the lips.

“Are you in love with each other?” Paula asked.

“It’s hard to say.” Belinda answered and after a little pause to consider her reply added, “The sex has been so intense but it is a bit unreal. What do you think Sue?”

“All I can say Lin is that you’ve turned me from an ordinary, not very sexual person into a raving sex bomb as Tom Jones would say and I love you for it, I don’t know if I love you but I certainly lust after you.”

Belinda wasn’t sure where this conversation was leading, they had all put away some serious alcohol during the evening and it had loosened the two lover’s tongues. They had passed the point of secrecy and with Paula being there, it felt good to Sue boasting, if that was the word, about the relationship. Belinda was amazed to hear Sue telling Paula her most intimate secrets about how she had only just become orgasmic and then relating details of what made her come and how they had been wrapped up in each other’s sexual lust for the last two days.

Belinda herself got caught up in the mood of the moment and found herself relating how she so badly wanted Sue that she used to masturbate and visualise what it would be like to be looking at her and touching her. Suddenly, Belinda realised where the conversation was leading and that it was for Paula’s benefit and excitement. When she transferred her attention from Sue to Paula to make yet another confession she saw that Paula had one of her hands down the waistband of the sports trousers she was wearing and could clearly see her hand moving between her legs.

Belinda found this unexpected sight very erotic and moved up closer to her and reached across her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to slip her hand between Sue’s thighs so that she could feel Paula’s movements on her arm. This brought her face fairly close to Paula’s and she turned slightly and kissed her. Not passionately but it was a sexual kiss rather than a quick brush of lips.

“Is that what you want?” she asked, “You said you had a secret, is it that you like girls too?”

Paula smiled at the suggestion, “Partly, but there is more.”

Sue was intrigued, she had caught what had happened as she responded to the hand between her thighs. When Belinda kissed Paula she was looking straight at her and then she looked down to see Paula playing with herself.

“Tell us your dark secret then. Lin, make her tell!”

“OK.” she started “When I was at college, before I met Ed I shared a room with another girl and we did the things that you two are doing. I had no time for the boys and we used to make love and we slept in the same bed for nearly a year. It was probably the most exciting year of my life and then she met someone else. I was devastated, the someone else was a good looking boy a couple of years older than her who eventually managed to get into her pants and once she had had a cock inside her, she couldn’t get enough of him.”

“Truth is, after we split, I became a bit of a predator and managed to get a few of the younger female students in my bed. They were really only one night stands and they saw it as a bit of test of their own sexuality. I guess I was a confirmed Lesbian as boys turned me off, I put it on hold when Ed came along, he was my way out of the unhappy circle I was in so I took it. I’m OK with him, but I do have to pretend a lot. He has no idea and I haven’t told him.”

She paused to look at the two girls to make sure they were OK with her revelations. They both were and Belinda could already feel the excitement building between her legs. Reaching behind her back she undid the buttons holding the waist of her skirt and after pulling the zip down, took the skirt off and threw it onto the floor.

“You remember the two friends I told you about in New York, well, they are both Lesbians, in a relationship with each other, but a fairly open one. I met them in a gay club a while back and we go out together and usually end up either with a threesome or else I would take one of them back to my hotel. I have to be very careful though as I need my anonymity and wouldn’t want my secrets getting back to Ed. I have had a couple of the bored wives from the social circle that needed a little forbidden excitement but one of my most exciting things at the moment is in one of the clubs we go to, lap dancing.”

“It’s so good when a naked girl moves her body all around you as you sit in a chair. No touching allowed and you’re not allowed to sexually touch yourself while she is on you. I can afford to pay for the prettiest girls and I do. I get so turned on sometimes I need to take a ten minute break and just have to finger myself till I come.”

Belinda looked across at Sue and then deliberately knelt up and took her top off and undid her bra so that her breasts were free. She didn’t take her panties off but reached down and pulled Paula’s hand from inside her pants.

“No touching” Belinda said as she moved to kneel across her and then began to undulate her body so that her breasts were brushing across Paula’s face, pressing her hips forwards to just make contact with her. Leaning down, she brushed her lips across hers, just the slightest contact then pulling her face away again. Belinda felt Paula pushing her breasts forward, still held within her top and secured in her bra so she allowed her naked breasts to meet them, although fully covered and sensually, moved her upper body from side to side.

Sue was watching every move until eventually, she knelt up and removed all her clothes and finally, was kneeling there naked. She moved Belinda to one side and straddled Paula as Belinda had done, moving her body in the same way making all the same sexual contacts, her legs wide apart and just dipping down into Paula’s lap enough to make that electric contact, but not lingering too long.

Once more, Belinda wanted to take over so slipping off her panties, she carefully moved Sue and took over again where she had left off.

Paula was right, it was very erotic, not only for her but also for the two girls, the lap dancers. Once Paula tried to touch her breasts but Belinda was quite firm with her. “Not yet.” she quietly reprimanded her, “I will tell you when. Why don’t you put some music on for us.”

It seemed that the no touching instruction was what Paula wanted, she had started to get excited and was finding it difficult to contain herself, but she wanted to play the game and adhere to the rules and it had been made clear to her that the game was for real. As Belinda moved off her lap, she got up and walked across to the music system and pressed some buttons and the soft and low music started playing. It had a strong beat which would fit güvenilir bahis şirketleri the rhythm of their game. As she moved across the room. She knew that the two were watching her and as she walked back, she deliberately moved her body in time with the music, making eye contact with first Belinda and then Sue, her hands touching her breasts and between her legs over the top of the sportswear she had on.

By the time she had returned to the bed, Belinda was sitting back on her haunches with her knees apart and she could see everything between her legs. Once again she reached out to touch and once again, Belinda stopped her by grabbing her wrist.”You can look, but not touch. Take off your clothes.” she ordered her, “But leave your underwear on.”

She did as she was told, removing first her top, pulling it over her head and shaking free her thick auburn hair which had been cut and dressed into that American Farah Fawcett style and then, slipped off her trousers. Her lacy bra and briefs were both beautiful and expensive with a fascinating silky maroon sheen. They fitted her to perfection, her mature and rounded shape complimented by her choice of underwear.

“I promise I won’t try to touch again.” She said as she climbed back on the bed.

Belinda had moved backwards onto the cushions and with her knees drawn up and held enticingly apart, beckoned for her to sit between them, her back to her. It was a struggle for Belinda to keep from running her hands over Paula’s body as she nestled back into her. Belinda could feel her quickened breathing as Paula felt her naked breasts pressing against her back.

Sue knew what to do now and once again climbed onto Paula’s lap and began gyrating to the rhythm of the music which was filling the room but without being too loud and disturbing the mood. Her long dark hair was falling across Paula’s shoulders and just to increase the suspense, Sue began running her hands through it, lifting it clear of the nape of her neck and then letting it fall like a dark curtain onto Paula’s breasts encased in their deliciously expensive underwear.

Paula was making little sounds of pleasure drawing in gasps of breath at each and every tenuous contact no matter how brief but now, she had the added excitement of naked breasts against her back and a moist vagina pressing into the base of her spine. Belinda whispered in her ear “I’m allowed to touch because I’m not sitting and I’m not the dancer.” Then she gently leant down and ran her tongue and lips across the back of Paula’s neck just below the hairline. It was as if she had been touched with an electric probe, hardly a scream but close to it. She pushed her head backwards and to one side so that the side of her neck and throat were within reach of the soft lips inviting their kisses.

With her hand, Belinda lifted Paula’s sweet smelling hair aside and kissed and licked the erogenous area that was presented to her. The effect was immediate as once again, her body shivered in little spasms of pleasure. Her head was still tipped backwards as Sue leant forward on her lap and allowed her lips to just brush across Paula’s before she made a sweet contact with Belinda, pushing her tongue between her teeth and mingling with her tongue in a passionate and erotic connection.

As Sue moved backwards again, Belinda reached around Paula and undid the front opening clip of her bra, pulling the garment from her body and allowing her breasts to fall free. They were not free long as she took one in each hand feeling the stiffness of the nipples in the palms of her hand and as she caressed Paula’s breasts, gently pinching the hard and erect nipples between her forefinger and thumb.

“Do that harder,” she moaned “That feels so good.”

Doing as she asked, Belinda could feel Paula’s nipples responding, they seemed to expand every time she squeezed them and it almost felt as if she was having an orgasm as she shuddered and her body pulsed in time with the pressure and the music. Belinda knew how she must be feeling as excited as she was and looking into Sue’s eyes, she could see that she was also at a high stage of sexual excitement.

It was Sue who took it up a step by taking over from Belinda, fondling and bending forwards, sucking at each of those delectable buds in turn, nipping at them with her teeth. In return Paula’s hands went up to pull Sue’s face towards her and kissed her with some passion, thrusting her tongue into her mouth and searching for Sue’s in return. They fell backwards together, holding each other in a tight embrace giving Belinda the opportunity to start removing the only garment being worn by any of them, Paula’s panties.

The no touching time had ended and hands were exploring each other. Once she had removed the panties, Belinda just had to look at her nakedness and pushed her gently backwards on the bed. Her eyes immediately were drawn to the pubic area which was totally hairless. No stubble and no sign of her ever having removed it. It was silky smooth and she couldn’t resist touching and sliding her finger into the crevice, parting those clean lips and feeling, only partially hidden in there, a clitoris that was both quite large and erect. Pulling the hood back so carefully, she exposed a clitoris the size of the top joint of her little finger and moving down her body, she just had to taste her and suck that most sensitive part into her mouth.

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