Belly Button

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For Sara, so sweet and tender!

I awake to the sounds of the enchanting dawn chorus. Its 5:45am and outside on the silhouetted branches of the tree outside a cluster of our small, feathered friends sing in unison at the rising of the sun. I turn to my side and see the equivalent of a dawn chorus lying beside me. God, you are so beautiful, so perfect and you look oh so fragile right now.

The crumpled sheet has fallen away from you and your firm, perky breasts are on full show. Are you dreaming about someone special I wonder? Your nipples are hard and your breaths are light and relaxed. I edge closer, reluctantly wanting to touch you, but how can I resist? The tip of my finger traces slow circles around your nipple. You suddenly flinch and I almost shriek as you startle me, I’m so lost in you. I look at you and I’m relieved my voice didn’t wake you; that’s good, for now anyway!

I return my finger to your nipple and again attempt to gently caress your skin without waking you. Goose bumps appear on your firm canlı bahis şirketleri mounds as I lightly stroke you in delicate circles. I so want to lick it, but dare I? My peaceful lust gets the better of me and I gradually lean forward. My tongue, moist and free now licks slowly over your hard nipple. I hear you moan. I pull away and glance up at your cute face. Your eyes still shut, you appear still in slumber.

I lean down and with the tip of my tongue I lick down your cleavage. My fingers carefully peel back the sheet, like a wave receding from the shore. I kiss your supple skin that adorns your perfect stomach. I see your belly rise and fall, and there it is, my destination, your belly button; a seemingly innocent hole. I gaze lovingly at it, wanting to make love with the start of your existence. I gently place my tongue in it, and lightly swirl it in its depth. It’s so soft, like all of the skin that wraps your body.

As my tongue dips in and out, my hand creeps up the waves of the sheet beneath canlı kaçak iddaa us. My fingers lightly touch your hair. My fingers from my other hand gently spread your navel wider. I want to be deep inside you, to feel you, to be at one with you. The tip of my tongue laps the outskirts and slowly dips in. It circles the edge, round and round, clockwise first then opposite. Your concaved skin now glistens and I feel the heat that’s radiating from you. I slowly trace my fingers away and they lightly stroke the curve of your breast. Over the top and on the underside, I cup your breast and it fills my hand.

I lightly blow my warm breath in your belly button. My breath is cooler than your skin and I feel you shiver slightly and you exhale a satisfying moan. You appear more conscience now and you’re coming to terms that there actually is someone so close to you. It’s not a dream baby. I can’t look at you, for if our eyes met the magic would be lost. I feel a gentle hand in my hair, slowly massaging a fistful of my canlı kaçak bahis hair. I moan into your belly button, softly kissing it, all over it and around it. I hear you speak, a sleepy voice, but I hear you clearly… “Don’t stop baby, please don’t stop…”

My tongue now laps at your naval, and I feel you fidgeting beneath me. I’m sure I recognise your movements, I’ve seen them countless times before. Surely you can’t be… can you? My eyes divert from your creamy white layer and I gaze upon your thighs. You’ve spread your legs and raised your knees. You are slowly grinding against thin air. Still I don’t want our eyes to meet, this spell can’t be broken, not just yet!

Another weary moan from you and you mutter so sexily, “baby, I think I’m gonna… don’t stop…” I now dip my tongue right in, probing your inner core. Faster I lap the delicate hole, your fingers in my hair and your moans encouraging me to pleasantly intrude the centre of your body. I hear you gasp, then gasp again. I can hear a soft urgency oozing from your lips, “yes baby… goddd… yesss.”

I feel you tense, your stomach taut, your hips and legs rigid as the wave of a silky smooth orgasm passes through you. I stay deep in your belly button, whispering my breaths into you. I hear you… “Kiss me baby…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20