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I’d been living with Ted for a little over a year now. We get along great and I can say I’m truly happy. It was just past the holidays when he had been exhibiting some stress, and upon asking him why, he confided both his parents needed care. His mother was ill and living in Florida while his father, who lived about a hundred miles from us, was becoming increasingly unable to live alone. He won’t even listen to talk of putting him in a nursing home.

I suggested Ted go to Florida as long as his mother needed him and either I could stay with his Dad or he could stay here. He did not like the idea of his father being on our house. “I love my dad, but we gotta have our own space. We just can’t live in the same house.” Well, Ted has frequent phone conversations with the old man, but I’ve never met him.

Finally he made up his mind and said, “Ok, I’ll go to stay with Mother and see what the situation is with her, and you can stay with Dad and I won’t have to worry about either of you being alone through the winter.” Ted hadn’t painted too favorable a picture of the old man, so I didn’t know what to expect, except I know he’s fast approaching 80.

On the appointed day, we both left the house with one suitcase, Ted drove me over to his Dad’s, and we weren’t very talkative in the car. He did say, “I know you’re nervous but you two will get along fine. You’re young and have a beautiful body. As long as you make your body available to him, he’ll love you!” Well I wasn’t sure how to reply to that, so I just said, “Then you want me to make my body available to him?”

“Of course, he’s been living alone for a long time, and he’s older, but he’s still a man. You he’ll love.”

A dog that looked like a smaller version of a collie greeted us. We walked into the house carrying one suitcase. “Hey, Dad, we’re here!” The old man sitting in front of the TV just grumbled “all right. Put all her stuff in that back bedroom.” Ted went down the hall and I just took off my coat and sat on the couch. He glanced up from the TV and said, “The damned Celtics are losing. I’m watching it and I still can’t believe it.” I leaned back a little bit on the couch and tried to relax. Ted came back into the room and said, “Thanks for letting Karen stay here, Dad. I didn’t want to leave her all alone in the dead of winter.”

“Hell, I thought you were just leaving her here to spy on me.”

I looked up and said, “I’d make a terrible spy.” He kind of snorted a chuckle, while Ted gave me a peck on the cheek and casino siteleri said he’d call. Suddenly he was gone and it was quiet except for the game on TV. ” By the way, my name is Ben. If you don’t want to watch the game, you can just walk around and get used to the place. I’m not gonna wait on you, so make yourself at home.” I thanked him. “Do you always wear a dress? It looks nice. I’m so sick of seeing women in pants.” I thanked him again, but neglected to tell him that most of the time I have no panties on underneath. Ted wants my pussy to be free and available to him at all times.

After roaming the house, and then unpacking, I looked around the neat, small bedroom that would be mine, and it felt good. It had a double bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a closet. On the bed were an old quilt and a stack of clean sheets. I made the bed, and grabbed a nightgown, soap, shampoo and my razor and headed for the bathroom. Wow, an old bathtub with claw feet. It looked very large, and once I got in and had the loveliest bath, there was plenty of hot water. After washing, I just leaned my head back and soaked for awhile with my eyes closed.

When I opened them, Ben was sitting on the toilet lid. “It’s been some time since I got to watch a beautiful woman take a bath. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. I’m not prudish about my body, and I’m sure you’ve seen a naked woman before.”

“Yes, but it’s been a long time.”

When I stepped out of the tub and into the towel Ben held out and spread for me, I felt tall. I am only 5’4″ and don’t think of myself as tall, But Ben was bent over and I don’t think he was over 5′ to begin with. His gnarled hands looked painful to me but I didn’t mention it. I started to pick up my nightgown and he said, “You don’t need that.” I smiled and carried it back to my room. He picked up a bottle of lotion I’d put on the dresser. “Would you let an old man massage you? I used to be pretty good at it, but it seems like a million years ago.”

I lay on my stomach after I’d pulled the quilt down to the foot of the bed. He knelt on the bed next to me and slowly began rubbing lotion into my back, my shoulders, my buttocks and my legs. He was slow, but it felt wonderful. It had been very quiet when he suddenly said, “You know, Ted told me I could do whatever I like with you, and to be sure to spank you when you get out of line.”

“Yes, Ted enjoys spanking me.”

“My wife used to enjoy it. I spanked her regularly.” I lay there thinking of canlı casino this as I heard the night stand drawer. “Your ass is so white and pretty but I think I’d like to see it welted.

He began swatting me with a belt, and I don’t know, I guess I’d assumed he wouldn’t be able to hit me very hard, but this was hurting a lot. Soon I was sobbing into the pillow but it just went on and on until I believed it would never stops.

Eventually of course he did stop. “I like to give a lot of good spanks. It’s good for you.” Well, he let me cry it out and he went to the bathroom and to the kitchen. Coming back down the hall he caught my hand as I was coming out of the bathroom. We went back to my room and I lay back on the bed on my back. He undressed in the dark down to his under shorts and undershirt. He told me to spread my legs and he knelt between them.

“I haven’t been able to eat a beautiful woman’s pussy in quite some time.”

“Well, Ted’s a pretty good lover, but he hasn’t eaten my pussy in quite awhile.” He just said, “You’re kidding. What’s wrong with him?”

He was pretty much lying on his stomach. I could barely see the top of his head in the dark, but oh! This was wonderful. I hate to compare him to his son but Ben has Ted beat in this respect. Oh, I moaned and felt my bottom still throbbing from the spanking, but my pussy felt marvelous! After the bath and the massage, I was more relaxed than I’d been in a long time. I came and came repeatedly and am not really sure how long it lasted.

When I awoke, he was nestled into my breasts on my left, the quilt was over us and it felt so good, so right. I would come to really appreciate his calm, peaceful manner. Predictable? Not really. Boring? Not at all. Whereas Ted is always stressed and on edge, the old man treated me like a rare treasure. Oh, yeah, I call him an old man writing this, but I would never say that to his face!

In the mornings I would fix him a good breakfast. I’m not crazy about eating early in the morning myself. I want coffee. I also began steadily cleaning his house. He would invariably walk back into the kitchen after breakfast. I’d have my hands in the sink washing up, and he’d lift my skirt. I didn’t wear panties anymore and his gnarled hands and misshapen fingers would be doing wonderful things to my pussy. I was instantly creamy and this he was very good at.

Then he’d lift my skirt to see the condition of my bottom. If it wasn’t sufficiently welted; and it never was enough to suit kaçak casino him. He’d open a drawer to pick up a wooden paddle; he had one in every room in the house. I’d bend over and stick my butt out farther and sometimes I was really dreading it, but sometimes I really welcomed it and couldn’t wait. He’d smack it over and over. He never would stop unless I’d been outwardly crying for sometime. I’d be crying and wiping my nose on the back of my hand. But he always held me afterward and be real nice the rest of the day.

Once we were just talking about how Ted hadn’t called in awhile. I suggested he call him, but he said no, his ex wife might answer and he didn’t’ want to have to speak to her. I said, “You mean you don’t speak?”

“No, she just got bitchy and crabby til I couldn’t stand to be around her.” I said, “Maybe you didn’t spank her enough.”

I saw something flicker through his eyes I hadn’t seen before. “That, Missy, is none of your business.” He pointed to a corner next to the TV and said, “Go stand there for awhile.” I was afraid to say anything, but did saw I was told and stood facing the corner. The movie he was watching eventually went off, and another came on and still nothing was said I had to pee, my legs and back hurt. It was starting to feel hopeless and quietly began to sob. He let me cry for awhile, then said, “Ok, Karen, you can go to the bathroom.” Ben told me to go ahead and take a bath and he’d be to bed in awhile. I dozed off but in the middle of the night lay awake; realizing Ben was also awake. He just started talking quietly and I listened to him, letting him talk.

“Hazel and I were happily married for a few years and had tried unsuccessfully to have children. Then the war started and I had to go. Sometime later I got a letter from her saying she was expecting, and of course I was overjoyed. Something about the timing was a bit off, but I was far from home and it could have happened right before I left.

“Well, I didn’t get home for another 3 years, and it was so good to see my wife and little son. But it was eerie. My son looked, acted and was the spitting image of my good friend, Ted. Not to mention she had named him Ted, which of itself wasn’t alarming except this little kid looked Just like him! I tried to accept him as my son but it just ate away at me until I finally couldn’t stand it. I gave her the option of leaving or letting me go. She packed her bags and moved to Florida.

“I tried not to take it out on the boy, since it wasn’t his fault, but I just can’t stand to be around him very long. My old friend Ted died in the war and my wife had the son to carry on his line while she never had a child from me.” I held him close, his face buried in my breasts and eventually we slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20