Beth’s Huge Sex Adventure Ch. 01

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(This is a story of mature women enjoying the excitement of playing with much younger men. None of the participants are underage. Everyone is legal… naughty, but legal)


Karen and Beth have been best friends since college, going on about twenty years now. They have shared everything, including all the juicy details of their sex lives. They often exchanged fantasies, followed by dares to make them happen and report back on the outcomes. They were both very sexual, often stimulated to progressively higher levels of libido at each other’s urgings. They were both quite uninhibited, but Beth at least a little more reserved than Karen. Karen often taunted Beth over this, and used that to coax Beth into experiences she otherwise would have foregone. Beth actually treasured that in her relationship with Karen.

Now, as they entered their forties, they each experienced changes in their lives and relationships. One trait they shared was a taste for younger men, legal, but quiet young, nonetheless. Even though each was long-term married, they felt a growing wanderlust for those sexual adventures usually reserved for those in their twenties, particularly the high-energy lust a woman could experience with a lover in his twenties. Not that either would give up the comfort of a long-term and caring husband, but they did realize and accept the trade-off of more placid and perhaps less exciting sex. Well, perhaps not. They each came to accept their longing for the excitement of predatory and forbidden sexual adventures with younger men.

In recent years they each had confided to the other specific attractions and temptations that crossed their paths. They soon were sharing admissions of daring to take a taste of that forbidden fruit, each admitting to seducing a young man here or there. Their admissions of these wanderings stimulated them and they were soon daring and coaching and guiding one another in finding, attracting, seducing young studs then sharing wet details of the adventures in long phone conversations or secret emails.

But Karen was not satisfied with guiding Beth into little brief trysts with a (much) younger man here and there. She really wanted to see Beth plunge all the way into some really wild and breathtaking lust-filled affairs where she could experience everything a forty-plus year-old could enjoy with a twenty-something with overflowing hormones, obsessed sexual curiosity, and the physical performance characteristic of such boys. So, Karen set out to make that happen for Beth.

Karen shared just a thin slice of her plan with Beth, just enough to tantalize her, but not so much as to frighten her off from what she was now working so hard to bring together. Karen told Beth she wanted to create the setting for what could be the most erotic adventure Beth had ever fantasized about having, an experience Beth would never again have available if she turned this down. That was descriptive enough to capture Beth’s interest, enough so that Karen got Beth to agree to turn her sexuality over to Karen for a one-week getaway involving one or more very select and very special playmates.

Their husbands each year took off together for a two-week hunting trip a thousand miles away, leaving the women to their own devices. Everyone enjoyed this arrangement, with the men having no idea how much so for their wives. Beth arrived at Karen’s home the day after the husbands left on their trip. She was flushed with anticipation. Karen had messed with Beth’s mind over this during the past month, tantalizing her with vague descriptions of erotic adventures they could have if they could recruit one or two of their best young lovers into participating.

Karen had coaxed Beth to describe several fantasy scenarios she found especially appealing, as preparation for their sexy vacation. It was her way of seducing Beth most completely into her plans. She would embellish upon Beth’s fantasy disclosures, to tease her to ever-higher levels of lust and excitement. By the date of her arrival Beth was totally under Karen’s sexual hypnotic spell. And Karen relished this power.

Beth had, under Karen’s guidance, contacted her most approachable young boyfriend to invite him to consider joining her on a naughty little adventure. He, of course, agreed. The young man, Bill, was intrigued when Beth instructed him to contact her dear friend Karen who was putting together this erotic little adventure that Beth wanted him to join. The young man did contact Karen and, at that point, Beth had no further contact with Bill, leaving all arrangements to Karen, as instructed. That mysterious instruction intrigued Beth. Beth did not see Bill again until the day she arrived at Karen’s.

Beth was pleasantly shocked and more than a little aroused when she walked into Karen’s spacious home to see Bill there waiting and excited to see her. He was not at all hesitant to give Beth a warm kiss, complete with drawing her close by her buttocks where she could feel his erection already anxious for her. She trembled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with excitement. As she tried to catch her breath, she noticed another young man sitting across the room. Karen introduced Mark, whose name Beth recalled earlier when Karen described with great excitement months ago how she had seduced a young man named Mark. She giggled, recalling how Karen had described so boldly inviting the boy to abandon his lawn-mowing job at her house to join her in the shower where she screwed his brains out. She had described him as having the biggest, hardest cock and the heaviest balls that produced a most massive load of semen whenever he ejaculated, which she could get him to do repeatedly.

Beth’s mind buzzed with sexual overstimulation, particularly when Mark, at this initial introduction, gave her a soft and very friendly kiss on the cheek, accompanied by a warm smile. She did not know how to reply when he said he had heard so very much about her. The words, “so very much,” had a tone that made her feel a bit self-conscious, as if Mark knew way too many details about her from Karen. She trembled at the thought of Karen and these boys having teamed up on making plans for her for this week. She even feared Karen may have shared with them her recent emails where Karen had coaxed her to divulge very intimate details of her most secret fantasies. Karen was not at all inhibited to say out loud with a naughty tone, “we are going to have so much fun this week.”

But there was more. Karen whispered to Beth, “do you remember me telling you about Pete?” Beth gasped, recalling how Karen recently had her eyes on another young man and how she had hoped to maneuver getting both Pete and Mark into her bed for a threesome, a fantasy they two of these women had discussed as the hottest going but most likely way out of reach to bring into reality. Karen continued, “he may be showing up tomorrow.” Beth immediately wanted to run. This was developing into something way too much to handle. But she knew she was probably now at a point of no return.

An hour later, after several glasses of wine and lots of small talk that made everyone very familiar and comfortable with everyone else, they found themselves in the hot tub, which was quite enormous, by the way. This was actually not a bad icebreaker. Sue, everyone was naked, and everyone saw everything as they climbed in, but all were soon more or less covered by the bubbling water. But Beth soon learned that this week was to be full of unexpected surprises and discoveries.

Karen spoke to Beth as if the boys were not present, “don’t you love it, how these boys get so hard around us?” Beth only smiled shyly. Karen continued with her verbal seduction “don’t they have such gorgeous cocks? Boys this age get really, really hard; they fuck hard; they cum hard; they really cum a lot; they stay hard; and they fuck hard some more. They are an absolute treasure, don’t you think?” Beth was appalled by Karen’s openly frank description in front of these boys. She was also taken deeper into Karen’s seduction.

“Come, let me show you something,” Karen said, almost changing the subject. “Come kneel on the padded bench right here, facing out.” Beth was shocked to feel a highly focused blast of bubbles directed perfectly to her pussy, at exactly the right angle and force to give her clitoris a wonderfully overwhelming experience. She quickly dismounted suddenly self-conscious over finding herself sexually stimulated. “Don’t you love it?” Karen said. “It is perfect for hot tub fucking, or just to enjoy yourself on your own… especially if someone is watching,” she added.

Karen quickly replaced Beth over that special hydro-jet and was soon moaning how wonderful it felt. Karen patted the deck at the edge of the tub with her hand and Mark understood. He climbed out and sat on that exact spot where her could closely watch Karen pleasure herself over the jet, plus give Karen (and Beth) a full view of his spectacular erection. It stood very tall, very engorged and rock-hard. Karen took hold of it and squeezed gently, enough to examine just how hard he was. She rocked gently over the water jet moaning her way toward and orgasm as she stroked Mark’s cock. She drew him closer and slipped him into her mouth. She immediately climaxed with a low grunting as she had a sharp and protracted climax. It was quite spectacular.

Beth expected her to suck him off or have him fuck her. But Karen, instead, slipped off the seat and settled back to catch her breath. “Your turn, Beth. Try it. It is spectacular.” Part of Beth cried out no way would she put on a spectacle like that in front of these people. But another part realized she was to do whatever Karen directed her to do, as she as totally seduced by Karen’s over powering sexual command right now. Beth obediently knelt over the jet and was immediately brought under its spell. Bubbles pummeled her clitoris. As she drifted toward orgasm she felt Bill’s hands stroking her back, sensually pulled her hair güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri off the back of her neck where he kissed her lightly. In front of her still sat Mark with his towering erection. He smiled at her when she looked up and began to sensuously stroke his cock and moan. He was putting on a deliberate show for her. Bill, meanwhile reached around her and cupped her breasts in his hands as she slid into a powerful orgasm.

Her climax was not the end of this encounter; rather, it was the beginning. There was no way she wanted to break away from this incredible encounter. She was a woman who enjoyed multiple orgasms and this was perfect for a seemingly endless cascade of climaxes. Bill held on and Mark stroked her hair as she allowed the jets to continue their cascade to her pussy. She was, of course, perfectly positioned for Bill to ease his cock into her. He slid in deeply. At first she felt a bit of panic over fucking in front of these people, but that hesitation disappeared when she felt Bill completely fill her. He began a slow but forceful and very deep fucking. Her orgasm was sharp and immediate. She cried out, louder than she wanted, making her feel rather self-conscious but able to help herself. Bill kept fucking her, harder and deeper. Mark slid forward and began rubbing his cock against Beth’s cheek. It was incredible erotic, especially as he rubbed it through her hair and down her other cheek. His erection was impressive and she marveled at it, wondering what it would feel like inside her.

As her mind wandered through all this lust, she kept cumming, each orgasm more powerful that the previous. The boys were fascinated by this. Finally, Bill moaned he was going to cum. Beth loved is climaxes because he would ejaculate very hard, spurting forcefully, splashing and flowing until it poured out of her from around his cock. He did not fail her this time. Despite the bubbles and other distractions, she could feel him like a hose in her. As he pumped her full, she recalled watching and marveling at his ejaculation one day months ago when she gave him a handjob on an almost-deserted beach. She had never seen so much semen, him spurting all over both of them. She loved it.

Bill’s climax went on for some time, another characteristic sex with boys this age. As he finally began to fade, she was reminded of Mark’s anxious erections towering over her face. She was confused and very over-sexed by this point. Mark slid back into the tub in front of her, gathering her into his arm. He lifted her just a bit to bring her breasts to his face, where he began to suck and tongue her nipples, just forcefully enough to make her pussy contract. He eased her down, sliding his legs between hers. She was suddenly breathless realizing he was about to push his cock into her. It was overwhelming. She felt his cock head push against her. She was slick with Bill’s load of semen, allowing Mark’s cock to slide in easily, despite stretching her so completely as he pushed in all the way. She was tiny and he was big. This almost immediately gave her one of those very rare but oh-so-powerful vaginal-pelvic orgasms. Karen worried distant neighbors would hear her. But that made it all the more erotic for everyone.

Mark lifted her, still impaled, turned around and sat her on the bench. She drew up her legs and he proceeded to fucker very hard and very deep, driving her quickly toward another orgasm. But he did not last long at this. He groaned und began to cum. His ejaculation was at least as powerful and Mark’s and she felt herself being overfilled with semen. She marveled at him, still pumping her deeply as he came. He kept fucking as his orgasm faded, fucking her with an erection did not fade in the least from such a climax, obviously seeking to cum again. He was incredible. She feared he would soon make her sore, too sore for whatever sex Karen had planned for them in the days to come. Just as she was about to suggest he stop, she heard him moan he was going to cum again. She could not believe what he was saying but soon realized what a treat his sex could be. He suddenly stopped, pushed in as far as he could and held still, telling her to feel him cum. It was wonderful, feeling his cock begin to pulse rhythmically as he unloaded into her.

They held each other tightly as his orgasm eventually faded. He still did not so soft, but he did gently ease out of her. “Wow,” was all she could utter at this moment.

“Told ya,” Karen announced triumphantly, victorious at bringing Beth to the full realization of what she had set up for her. “You are so in for it this week, young lady,” she teased with a giggle. “Just you wait,” she added. Beth again felt a level of fear over what she had now gotten herself into.

Beth reclined back and let the whirlpool massage her into a warm afterglow, as she watched Karen fuck Bill. She felt a little jealous over her friend fucking her boyfriend. But Bill needed to cum once more from all this. She figured Karen as just helping her out. güvenilir bahis şirketleri And it was one very erotic show watching them.

But the evening was just starting. They climbed out of the tub and patted each other dry. The girls slipped into cute little nighties Karen had laid for them as the boys remained nude, their cocks still semi-firm, hanging relaxed but still rather engorged. Beth marveled at how their erection would come and go as they sipped wine and nibbled smoked salmon. “Just wait until Peter gets here tomorrow,” Karen teased, frightening Beth a bit. How could this get any more extreme than it had already been so far, she wondered?

“We are going to have to work on these boys a bit to get them working again tonight,” Karen teased. Karen popped a DVD into the player and they sat around watching naughty movies Karen had made with mark, as well as some with another guy which turned out to be Peter. Beth was fascinated at Karen’s sexual talents, uninhibited enjoyment of herself, and her selection of young men. Beth was especially impressed with how Karen could get these boys to do whatever she requested, especially in front of her camera like that. She was especially intrigued by the video Peter had made by himself, at Karen’s instruction, putting on a young man masturbation show for her. Peter had his own gorgeous cock, slender but quite long, with balls that were simply huge. “Peter has a cock that reaches way, way in deep,” Karen explained. “Mark has a cock that stretches a girl really wide, but Peter probes deep,” she said. Fascinating.

The video got he boys excited. That’s when Karen suggested the ladies give the guys their own show. “Nothing is more sexy to a guy than watching a woman make herself cum,” she announced.

“Now what,” Beth wondered to herself. “She isn’t going to make me do this,” she worried. Sure enough, Karen went to the bedroom and returned with several sex toys. Beth allowed herself to fall back under Karen’s spell. That was easier than refusing to play like this, which is what practically every cell in her body demanded. Soon the two women were sitting next to each other on the sofa, with the boys on the floor, their cocks rock solid by now, watching the girls fondled themselves in a very sexy exhibition. Karen instructed Beth to simply follow her lead, to do exactly what she was doing. Beth was too nervous at first to get much arousal from rolling her clit with one hand and fingering herself with the other. But it slowly came to be, especially as she played in the remnants of semen the boys had left behind. That was quite sexy to encounter. She began to allow herself to enjoy this.

Karen instructed the boys to hand them the vibrators she had placed on the floor. Soon the two women were humming the toys over their clits and pulling at their nipples. The boys were limited to stroking the girl’s legs, but that was all. They were firmly instructed they could only watch. Eventually Karen and Beth each held a vibrator to their clits with one hand and slid another in and out of their pussy. Little orgasms began to occur and gradually become more intense. The boys were fascinated, as was Beth as she truly began to enjoy putting on such a show, especially seeing the boys get so excited they were each stroking their cock as they watched very closely.

Eventually Karen decided the boys were ready for more aggressive sex play. Beth was about to witness one of Karen’s favorite hobbies, one she had bragged to Beth about before. The girls had the boys swap places with them. The boys were now on the sofa next to each other with the girls on the floor between the spread legs. “Just continue to do what I do,” Karen reminded her. Soon they had extremely engorged and almost painfully hard cocks in the hands, stroking the boys to full recovery.

It had been several hours since their last orgasms, so they will be ready to go again soon. “But it may take some effort to pull one more ejaculation from them tonight,” Karen announced. “Here’s how we’ll do it,” she said, picking up a vibrator. She showed Beth how she can encircle the base of Mark’s cock with a firm squeeze to trap as much engorgement as possible, letting it swell to almost painful levels. As she did this she ran the vibrator slowly up and down the shaft, holding it firmly to that sweet spot just below the head, coaxing him along. She would them massage his balls, rolling them, almost milking the semen from them.

“There he is really building up lots of cum and he is really, really hard. He is going to cum really hard once we get him there,” she explained as she worked on him. Bill moaned on and on at this exquisite torture. “Pretty soon he’ll ne ready to cum. When I think he is ready, you climb on top and push him in deep. Then I’ll make him cum by using the vibrator on his ass as you fuck him.” Beth nodded, saying nothing. Her mouth was too dry to speak. She watched as Karen picked up the vibrator and snapped it on. She held it against his anus as he let out a groan at this new level of stimulation. “We’re going to fuck you good, young man,” she said to him as she sank the vibrator into his ass. He moaned quite loudly at this as she began to fuck him with it. “Guys absolutely love this. They’ll never admit it, but they love it. And it really makes them cum hard. He’s ready. You better climb on.”

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