Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 18

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Tim’s arms were around us, Beth’s panties still round her thighs, mine definitely in place but sticky where Tim’s stuff had slipped back out of me. “Mm,” he breathed, “you’ve reminded me just how ‘right now’ you two can be when you want.”

He shifted against my body. “Oh, yes, I love the way your stockings feel.”

“We’ll forgive you for not even letting us finish taking our clothes off,” Beth teased.

She sat up, and looked puzzled. “What?” I queried.

“I can’t decide — panties back on, or just give up and take them off,” she sighed.

“Oh, on, definitely.” I raised an eyebrow. “Then he has to take them off all over again.”

“Shouldn’t you two be getting some rest?” Tim asked. “You’ve both been up since — well, this time yesterday, at least.”

Beth threw me an amused look. “He just can’t keep up, can he.”

She slid out of Tim’s arms. “You can have a nap if you like, but Alice and I are going to play.”

“You can catch up when you’re ready,” I added teasingly. I leaned over to kiss Beth, tumbling into her arms as she leaned back…

When I woke, it was late morning, and I stretched, feeling unmistakeable evidence that Tim had found renewed interest after watching Beth and me for a while. I sat up, finding only empty space beside me in the bed, and looked around. Tim was sitting in the window seat, Beth beside him, and he was talking to her earnestly, showing her something I couldn’t quite see. She nodded vigorously, seeming to brush at her cheek, and hugged him. Whatever Tim was holding went back into his pocket, and he got up. “Morning,” he smiled at me. “Did you sleep OK?”

“Mm,” I nodded, leaning forward to accept a kiss. I wondered if I should ask what he and Beth had been talking about, but decided against it. Probably some family matter, and there were bound to be things that a brother and sister didn’t want to share with anyone else — even if she was their lover, I thought a little sadly.

“I booked us in for lunch,” Tim ventured, perhaps picking up my mood. “Want me to wash your back?”

I cheered up a little. “I’d like that.”

When we’d showered, Tim watched as Beth and I dressed — we’d brought simple summer dresses in place of last night’s sophistication — then pulled on smart trousers and a shirt. “I’ll put the stuff in the car, then meet you.”

We went in to lunch — “Mm, roast beef,” grinned Beth, “and a decent red wine again.” In contrast Tim seemed nervous, picking at his food. Beth leaned over to whisper in his ear, and again I felt a pang — what was it they couldn’t talk to me about?

So you could have knocked me over with a feather when Tim fumbled in his pocket, slid from his chair to one knee in front of me, and produced a box with a — oh god, I felt tears spring to my eyes — a beautiful diamond ring. “Alice Hannigan, will you marry me?”

I realised my mouth had fallen open, and Beth nudged me. “Say something, then.” Her eyes were glistening with tears of her own, and I turned back to Tim. “Yes — yes, Tim, I will.”

He slipped the ring onto my outstretched finger, and through my daze I heard clapping from the other tables. My first hug came from Beth, tears now tumbling down her cheeks. “We’re going to be sisters.”

An utterly incongruous thought occurred to me, and I caught Beth’s eye, smiling. “What?” she queried, but I just looked from her to Tim and back again, and waited. “Oh!” she blinked, putting her hand over her mouth. “You — and me — and him…”

She couldn’t suppress her laughter, and I joined in, getting a blank look from Tim, then a shrug as he put it down to the emotion of the moment. “Come casino oyna on,” he smiled. “Let’s go home.”

We headed for the car, and I slid beside Beth in the back seat. “When are we going to tell your parents?” I queried.

“We’re back on days tomorrow,” Beth said. “If you’re going to wear your ring, at least Liz and Claire will notice, so we ought to tell Mum and Dad today.”

“Settled, then,” nodded Tim. “We’ll stop off there on the way back.”

I could see that Tim was getting a little nervous again as we got close to the house. “It’s OK,” I reassured him.

We pulled up outside, and Beth fished out her key. “Mum, Dad?”

“In the kitchen, darling.”

We all went through, and Tim smiled hesitantly. “This is Alice.”

His mother got up from her seat. “Oh, it’s good to finally meet you — Beth’s told us all about you.”

“Got some news,” Tim ventured. “Actually Alice and I got engaged.”

I shyly held up my hand, and Tim’s mother smiled. “Well, congratulations.”

“Well done,” his father nodded, taking Tim’s hand and giving it an enthusiastic shake.

“Come and sit down,” his mother offered.

“Thank you, Mrs Oakes.”

“Please, we’re Sarah and John,” she smiled. “I’ll put the kettle on.”

Shortly we were sitting with cups of tea and some of Sarah’s home-made cake. “Those buns you baked were great,” I ventured.

“So what are your plans?” John asked Tim.

“Um, actually Alice has pretty much moved in already,” Tim said, giving me a soft smile. “We’ve not really had time to talk about the wedding, but maybe in the Spring?”

“We have first-year exams,” I reminded him. “But maybe after that?”

“Then a really nice honeymoon,” grinned Beth. “Somewhere hot?”

“Mm, yes,” I nodded.

“I’m already jealous,” teased Beth. “Exotic sights, and topping up your tan by the pool, and long cold cocktails.”

“You could come along,” Tim suggested, and I blinked. “You could book a different hotel,” he continued, “see the sights, and we’d meet up whenever we wanted for meals and stuff.”

“Would that be OK, Alice?” Beth queried.

I hoped the twinkle in my eye wasn’t too obvious to her parents. “Sure, I’d love that.”

I hesitated. “Actually I’m a bit nervous of flying, so having you there as well would really help — toilets in strange airports, and maybe being stared at while Tim was somewhere else, all that.”

“Settled, then,” Beth grinned. “We just have to decide where we’re going.”

We finished our tea — “It was great to meet you,” I smiled — and after more hugs we were on our way home.

“Wow,” breathed Beth as she slipped her clothes off in the living room. “What a weekend.”

I nodded. “Were we supposed to do anything for tomorrow?”

“Don’t think so. Nights again the week after, though.” Beth flipped open her laptop. “I know it’s not for ages, but we could look at resorts before we go to bed, couldn’t we.”

Tim sat beside her, and I took the other side. “So we’ve decided on somewhere hot, and a posh hotel with a pool,” I mused.

Beth tapped keys. “Hmm — there are all the usual ones, the Med, Portugal…”

I shook my head. “If we’re going to do this, it has to be off the beaten track. Tim, you said — ” I hesitated, but reminded myself that I was going to be his wife, we could talk about this sort of thing — “you said money wasn’t really a problem?”

Tim grinned. “I get paid pretty well for what I do, and I’m sure Grandad’s trustees would let me dip in to the fund for something as important as a wedding, a honeymoon. What are you thinking?”

I glanced at Beth. “We should all say canlı casino what our dream holiday would be, and whatever we all like, we should do it.”

Beth gave me a knowing smile. “Like in bed, you mean.”

I nudged her playfully, getting a kiss in return. “You…”

“Well,” Tim began. “We’d definitely fly — unless you two want a cruise?”

Beth shook her head. “One of us might be seasick, and there’d be all those nosey people, and someone trying to get us to join in with deck sports — no thanks.”

“Business class would be nice,” I ventured. “Those seats you can actually sleep properly in.”

Tim chuckled. “Oh, I think first class is within reach — some airlines have suites with double beds…”

He thought for a moment. “If we’re going really far, we’d probably have to stop off, somewhere like Dubai — we could have a night in a really nice hotel.”

“Mm,” nodded Beth. “But we haven’t decided where we’re ending up.”

“Can we rule out places where they mostly speak English?” I queried. “For me that’d make it not really exotic.”

“OK,” Beth agreed. “So not America, Australia, New Zealand. South America?”

“Llamas are cute,” I shrugged. “And I’ve always wanted to see Machu Picchu.”

“I’ve never been much for Spanish, really,” said Tim. “If I’m honest, I’ve always wanted to go east if anywhere.”

Beth nodded. “So, east, further than the Emirates, but south so it’s hot — Russia would be fun, but we said sunbathing, right?”

“That pretty much leaves us with Asia,” I mused. “Thailand, Burma?”

“How about India?” Tim chipped in. “There are some amazing things to see, and I know the hotels are fabulous — that one in Mumbai?”

“Wow,” said Beth. “The Taj, and Everest — well, it’s not quite India, but close. And that palace that looks like it’s floating, and maharajahs and harems and tea.”

“And they do speak English a lot, so it’d be easier to get around,” I added.

“I think we’ve made our decision,” Tim chuckled. “But India’s huge — we’ll have to do a bit more research before we know exactly where we’re going.”

Beth closed the laptop. “This’ll be fun — we can talk about it on the cold winter evenings we’re going to be getting, and imagine elephant safaris, and bazaars, and all those gorgeous fabrics — god, Alice, imagine the stuff we could bring back to wear.”

“I’m imagining you two in my harem, seeing as you mentioned it,” teased Tim. “All dripping with gold — bangles, and ankle chains, and nose rings, and rubies in your belly buttons. And dancing for me in only your jewellery…”

“Mm,” I grinned. “That sounds like something we can work on.”

Beth nodded. “Oh — and don’t a lot of the things in our book come from the Kama Sutra?”

“And temple carvings,” added Tim. “Some of those are quite… interesting.”

Beth got to her feet. “So what are you going to do to your exotic princesses tonight?” she teased.

“Let’s go in the bedroom,” Tim chuckled, “and you can both give me some ideas.”

We went through, and he sprawled on the bed, both of us kneeling by his feet. “If I’m going to be the maharajah, I have to be in charge for once,” he grinned.

Beth rolled her eyes. “I suppose the girls weren’t exactly there of their own free will, were they. But I bet a lot of intrigue went on — currying favour with the eunuch in charge, maybe even poison.”

“I’ll just have to get you two to taste all my food first,” teased Tim.

“Well, thanks a lot,” I mock-grumbled.

“Are you really going to buy us gold, and diamonds and rubies, Tim?” Beth queried.

Tim glanced at my ring, and I gave him a kaçak casino soft smile. “It’s only fair,” I pointed out. “Beth hasn’t got anything.”

A thought occurred to me. “I’ve got a couple of gold bracelets I had for my eighteenth, I bet we could wear them on our ankles, Beth.”

I opened my handbag, taking out the velvet-covered box. “Here.”

“Put them on us?” Beth grinned at Tim, handing him the box.

She stretched out one foot, and I watched as Tim draped the thin chain round her ankle, fastened the clasp. Then it was my turn, and this time Tim bent to place a soft kiss on the top of my foot. “My two favourite concubines.”

He looked thoughtful. “There must have been a lot of nights when most of the girls didn’t get to be with the maharajah — do you think they, well, helped one another?”

“I’m sure of it,” grinned Beth, throwing me a look. “If last week is anything to go by, when you didn’t come up to the ward with us.”

She chuckled. “That was the time we discovered Alice can come just from me touching her nipples.”

“Wow,” Tim breathed. “That’s… amazing.”

By now he was hard, and Beth carefully stretched her leg out to caress him with her foot, the gold chain on her ankle catching the light as she moved. “Like that?”

“Mm,” Tim managed.

I glanced at her, getting a nod, and moved my foot to press the sole against him from the other side. “Think we need something to help, Beth.”

She reached for the bottle of vanilla-scented liquid, and dribbled a generous amount over our feet and onto Tim’s hardness. “Better?”

I moved my now-slippery toes over Tim’s hard tip, and he gasped. “Mm, think so, Beth,” I grinned.

I went back to pressing my sole against him, and Beth did the same. “You have to do some of the work, Tim,” she teased.

He nodded, flexing his hips so that he slid against our soft skin. I reached to caress Beth’s breasts, fingertips brushing her nipples, and she gasped. “Mm, this is perfect — we can make him come, but enjoy one another at the same time.”

“It looks pretty good from here too,” managed Tim in a gasp, as Beth’s fingers started to touch me. I flexed my foot, changing the way I was pressing against him, and he moaned. “Oh, yes… I love it when I summon my two concubines to pleasure me, but they can’t keep their hands off one another after those nights together in the harem.”

Beth bent to take one of my nipples in her mouth, and I started to move my fingers between my parted thighs, but she shook her head. “Let’s see if we can show Tim what happened the other night.”

Her mouth moved from one nipple to the other, her fingers touching, then she did something new, using both hands on my breasts while her tongue travelled wetly between them, dabbed on each nipple in turn. “Mm — oh god, yes, Beth — that’ll make me –” I managed, then felt the now-familiar darts of pleasure from my nipples downwards. “Ohhh…”

Tim watched fascinated as I flexed my hips, tilted my head back, wetness glistening between my thighs then sliding down onto the sheet. I felt him stiffen against my sole, and Beth lifted her head to watch as Tim moved insistently on us. “Oh — yes — now –“

His face betrayed the pleasure he was feeling, and Beth gasped as his spurts of creamy fluid arced to splash on his stomach, his chest. “Mmm…”

I watched as Beth drew her fingers through the white blobs on Tim’s stomach, then pressed her now-slippery fingertips between her thighs. “Can’t quite do the same as you, Alice,” she panted, “have to touch…”

She moved her fingers more urgently, lips pressed together, and I reached to brush fingertips against her nipples, getting the reaction I expected, a sudden moan, Beth’s back arching, clear liquid spurting over her fingertips to mix with the slipperiness already there. “Ohh, yes…”

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