Better with Age Ch. 02

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The following Monday morning I came to work, my dick was sore as hell. I lost count of how many times I jerked off over the weekend as I relived the Friday afternoon in Jean Merryweather’s office. By Sunday night I was shooting blanks.

Before I started to pick up where I left off with my work on Friday I went out to the shop and put in a request for some samples to show Jean. I figured I would give her a few options to choose from. The foreman told me they were straight out in the finishing department and I might have to wait till next week. I was hoping they would be ready this week so I could return to see Jean again and fuck her silly, but I begrudgingly said that next week would be fine.

The day came and went in a blur; we were really busy this time of year. I didn’t realize it was after 6 when the boss told me he was leaving and asked me to lock up when I left as I was the last one in the office. I booted up my Auto Cad program and took out my measurements from Jean’s office and the sketches I made for her. As I started to draw up the office and added the couch and conference table I started to get aroused thinking of what had transpired there the Friday before. Since nobody was around I slid my pants and underwear down my legs and slowly began stroking my sore cock as I clicked the mouse with my other hand. The more the office came into focus on the computer the faster I stroked and soon I was shooting a small load of jizz all over my desk. I cleaned myself and my desk up, plotted the drawing out and went home.

The week went by fast and I was pretty well occupied by work and didn’t spend much time thinking about Jean and managed to leave my cock alone the whole week and the weekend as well. Finally the foreman called me on Wednesday to tell me my samples were ready and he would leave them on my desk. I couldn’t wait a minute more and immediately put a call into Jean’s law office. The receptionist picked up after 2 rings and I franticly searched my memory for the girl’s name. It finally came to me as I pictured her pretty face.

“Hello, is this Gretchen?”

“Yes, how may I help you sir?”

“This is Mike Dupree calling for Ms. Merryweather. I was in the office the Friday before last.”

“I recall Mr. Dupree, Ms. Merryweather is in a meeting at the moment, may I take a message for her?”

Shit I thought.

“Ok tell her I have the samples and drawings for her office and I wanted to stop by and show them to her.”

“Well her schedule is pretty well booked the rest of this week, how does the same time Friday afternoon as the last time you were here, will that work?”

“Yes, that works for me I guess I will see you Friday.”

I left her my cell number in case something changed.

That night it took the ultimate self control to not jack off, I wanted to save myself up for Friday. I had no doubt in my mind that we would end up having sex again. I drifted off to sleep with an aching hardon as visions of fucking Jean danced in my head.

Friday afternoon finally rolled around after what seemed an eternity. I hopped the subway and made my way to Ms. Merryweather’s law office. I entered the reception area and was warmly welcomed by the pretty but chubby Gretchen. She asked me to have a seat and told me Jean was on another conference call but shouldn’t be long. I was casually dressed in jeans and a polo shirt and I caught Gretchen stealing little looks at me, maybe she knew what I was really there for.

The wait was only about 5 minutes of which I chatted (and flirted a bit) with Gretchen. Jean emerged from her office down casino oyna the hall and came into reception to greet me.

“Mr Dupree, thank you for making time in your schedule to come see me. I can’t wait to see those wood samples.”

She was professional all the way. She was dressed far more casually than the last time, in a pair of designer jeans and tight fitting long sleeved knit shirt with a generous amount of cleavage showing. Her grey hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

“Gretchen please feel free to leave early, I think just about everyone else has left for the day, you shouldn’t have to hang around just for me.”

“Thank you Ms Merryweather, have a good weekend. It was nice to see you again Mr Dupree.”

“Likewise Gretchen take care.”

“Right this way Mr. Dupree.”

The 50 year old Jean sauntered towards her office, wide hips swaying seductively before me. She entered the office fully, no blocking the way so I could brush up against her large breasts this time. I followed her in and she closed the door behind me. All of a sudden she dropped to her knees in front of me, rapidly undid my jeans, pulled them down to my ankles and stuffed my flaccid dick in her mouth. The whole effort took less than 5 seconds and I was so surprised it took another 5 seconds for me to realize what had just happened. She was sucking hard on my pole, and it was rapidly reacting to her voracious mouth. I wasn’t in her office for 30 seconds and I was hard as a rock already. I dropped my bag with the samples and drawings by my side. She pulled her mouth off and looked up at me.

“I’ve been thinking of sucking your cock all day, I couldn’t wait a minute more.”

She just as quickly buried my hardness deep in her throat. She was sucking me hard and very noisily, no doubt anybody walking by outside could hear thru the door we were next to; she obviously didn’t care or was certain we were alone. Taking her lead I began moaning loudly as well. She was slamming my cock in and out of her mouth rapidly and had a suction grip on it.

“That’s it Merryweather, suck my cock…suck it hard…OHHH fuck!”

I took her head in my hands and pushed my cock all the way into her throat and held it there. I felt her tongue reach out and lick away at my swaying ball sack.

I was getting close to cumming so I pushed her off my cock, she did not look happy. I reached down and gruffly took her big tits in my hands. I could feel her hard nipples thru the knit shirt. I moved my hands up to the shoulders and pulled the shirt downward and over her breasts. I left it around her arms and she was trapped somewhat, although she could free herself with little effort if she wanted. I stepped towards her, took my cock in hand and slapped it against her face.

“You like sucking my cock don’t you?”

“mmm, I love sucking your cock, stick it in my mouth so I can suck you some more!”

“I want to fuck those big titties of yours first, lie down and take your top off.”

She quickly pushed the shirt down around her waist and pulled her bra off and lay down on the wood floor. I knelt over her face and stuck my cock back in her mouth to get it wet once again. She bobbed her head up and down and I felt her tongue glide all over the head in her mouth. I pulled it out and rubbed it all over her flushed face before moving down and straddling her chest. She took her big heaving tits in her hands and I slid my wet and hard dick between them. Her tits felt soft as pillows as I fucked my 8″ tool between them. Jean would lean forward and try and lick the head as it popped out between canlı casino her mounds. I felt the urge to cum come over me once again so I moved up and pushed my cock between her lovely lips. I drove my cock right into her throat, pulled out and slammed it in again. She was moaning as I pounded my dick into her mouth like I was fucking her pussy. I felt my balls tighten and my load enter my shaft. I pulled my spit slicked cock from out of her mouth and started to rapidly stroke it. I practically screamed as the first jet of cum shot like a rope across her face and into her hair. The second and third issues covered her nose, cheeks and into her right eye. As my cum diminished I directed it over her chin, lips and open mouth. Upon finishing I pushed my sensitive cock back into her mouth where she sucked hungrily, draining my shaft of anything left inside.

“Holy Fuck that was some cock sucking you just gave me!”

I rolled off her and lay down on the floor. She leaned over and continued to nurse on my still hard prick.

“I knew you would like it if I showed you what a slut I can be.”

She rubbed my dick all over her cum covered face, getting it all wet with Cum and then plopping it into her mouth to clean it off.

“mmm yummy!”

She did this till her face was clean and I had to beg her to stop my cock was so sensitive.

While I lay on the cool wood floor Jean stood up and slid her jeans and underwear off facing away from me. She bent over and gave me a great view of her nice wide ass and shook it back and forth like a go-go dancer. Then she pivoted and was straddling my chest

“It’s my turn now.”

Moving forward she bent her legs and slowly squatted down till her large cunt was planted directly on my mouth. She was hot and her snatch was already soaked with her juices. Unlike last time when I was in charge of eating her out, this time she was in control. She pushed her hot pussy onto my mouth and began grinding it back and forth and around in circles. I stuck my tongue out and tried to lick her as best I could but it wasn’t easy. She was basically humping my mouth and lower face and my nose even entered her as she face fucked me.

Then all of a sudden her hard clit was in my mouth.

“Suck it stud, eat my fucking clit!”

I bit down hard on her throbbing clit and she screamed as an orgasm rocked her body. I kept her hard clit between my teeth and gave it a tongue lashing to end all tongue lashings. Jean’s climax intensified and her juices practically drowned me they were flowing so much. She continued to face fuck me as I kept sucking hard on her clit. I thought that it might rip right out of her she was moving so much. I slid my hands up to her ass to try and keep her steady. I let her clit go and greedily munched on her sopping wet hole. She was moaning and groaning her pleasure the whole time. After about 2 minutes of feasting on her lips I returned to her hard clit and sucked it between my lips. At the same time I slid a finger between her cheeks and popped it into her little asshole. She wailed as an intense orgasm over took her. I held on for dear life as she ground her hot fuck hole down on my mouth.

Jean’s orgasm seemed to go on forever. I was practically suffocating as she rode my face into a state of sexual bliss. Finally she pulled her cunt off my mouth. My face felt like a glazed doughnut. She lay down beside me and we both caught our breath.

“Holy Fuck that was some cunt eating you just gave me!”

We both laughed out loud at her humorous statement. As our breathing and heart rates began to return kaçak casino to normal, we rolled onto our sides facing each other. She brought her face down to mine and we slowly kissed, tasting each other’s fluids on our lips and tongues. The intensity of our kissing quickly escalated and our hands began to explore one another. My fingers found her hard nipples and began to roll them between my thumb and forefinger. Her fingers found my ball sack and she stroked and pulled on them. My cock was getting hard again, ready for more of this exciting older woman before me.

Her hand traveled up from my balls to my hardening rod.

“I need this in me.”

My hand traveled down between her legs and found her damp with need. She most certainly was ready to be fucked.

We jumped up from the floor and went over to the couch, the scene of our first sexual encounter. She sat down and I pushed my hardening rod into her mouth. She sucked voraciously on my dick getting it rock hard once again. I pulled it out of her mouth and slapped it playfully against her cheeks.

“You want this in your pussy?”

“Oh yeah baby…fuck me with that big dick of yours!”

I maneuvered her onto her side and pulled her leg up over my shoulder. Her cunt yawned open and I pushed the head of my swollen cock between her wet lips.

“Tell me what you want Jean…tell me how bad you want my cock.”

She growled at me, not happy that I was denying her of the fucking she needed so badly.

“Put it in me…fill my fucking cunt with your cock…fuck me like the slut I am!”

This was music to my ears and I obliged sinking my fuck stick balls deep into her hole. I ground my cock in circles, Jean moaned her approval. I pulled all the way out and held my cock still at her entrance.

“Please fuck me…please…I need your cock in me so bad…please!”

I plunged in and Jean came hard.

I reached down and grabbed a handful of tit, both for pleasure and to give me something to hang on to. As Jean continued to climax, I began to pound my dick in and out of her at a furious pace. Sweat beaded my forehead and the room resounded with the sounds of our sexes slapping together and Jean’s continuous moans. Over and over again I pummeled her cunt with my invading rod. I felt my balls constrict and my load enter its point of ejection. I cried out as cum raced out of my cock and began to fill Jean’s steamy hole. The physical exertion of our fucking had me shaking with the force of my orgasm. Jean was also spilling a torrent of noises from her open mouth as she went over the edge once again. Jet after jet of jizz expelled from my cock as I kept it buried deep inside her pussy until I was spent.

I let her leg fall off my shoulder and eased my softening tool out of her well fucked hole. Some cum oozed out onto her folds and thigh. I scooped it up with my fingers and brought them to her mouth and she greedily sucked them dry. We finally caught our breath and rearranged ourselves on the couch. I was half sitting, half lying on the cushion and she settled into my lap with her back to me. I languidly played with her breasts and she sighed her contentment.

“So are you going to show me those samples Mr. Dupree or do we need to make another appointment for that?”

We both laughed.

“Tell you what I’ll leave them with you and then I will come back next Friday afternoon so you can tell me what you think.”

“You can come by every Friday and show me your wood if you like Mr. Dupree.”

Jean turned to me with a wicked smile. I returned her smile with a wink of my eye.

As I dressed to leave I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I was to have met up with this sexy older woman. I don’t know if I could go back to a young chick after this. I guess women just get better with age.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20