Bill Finds It Never Too Late

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Joe who had moved next door to us about three months ago asked if I could help him with running a cable in his loft whist our wives went shopping.

The day was hot and I was wearing an old coverall, the heat in the loft was so intense that I stripped to my briefs before inching my way to where Joe was pushing through the cable. As I pulled it through he climbed up into the loft and squatted behind me.

“Umm…., what have I been missing,” he chuckled moving closer to me on his knees and I became extremely aware of him pressing against me.

As he moved closer I was especially aware that I could feel something hard against my buttocks and soon realised it was his erect penis and when I asked him to take hold of the cable his hand slid around my waist brushing against the front of my briefs. He fed the cable between my legs and slid his other hand between them to reach for it. At first I thought it was accidental that his fingers rubbed across my penis but when they rested there, I knew it was no accident and unexpectedly a thrill ran through my body and surprisingly I found myself enjoying the feeling and my own penis soon began to rise and stiffen. Having just turned sixty I could never ever have thought anything like this was possible, even though for several years I had fantasised about having sex with another person.

I didn’t know what to do or say when suddenly he stopped, moved his hand from my growing erection, stood up and immediately started to apologise.

When I looked up and looked at him, Amsterdam Shemale my thoughts strayed to my fantasies, which just lately after finding a few gay sites on the net included even a guy, although I had never even seen a naked penis except in the gym changing room during my early school days, let alone touched one. Now for the first time I realised just how attractive a man could be and said “Its okay, stop being sorry,” trying to hide the bulge of my erection.

“Seems you could feel the same way.” He quietly smiled.

“What do you mean….” I stammered trying to hide my ever increasing erection with my hand.

“I don’t know why but I’ve always fancied you and from the vibes and look of it, it goes both ways,” he said moving away with the cable.

“I don’t……” I stammered.

“Let’s finish this later and get out of this heat.” He said climbing from the loft and when I reached the hallway, he was standing by the bathroom and suggested I should have a shower whilst he got a couple of cold beers.

I’d just stepped out of my briefs and into the shower when he opened the door with a couple of beers in his hand, immediately I covered my penis with my hand.

“I’ll wash your back……” he smiled as he undid his belt and slipped his jeans and pants off to reveal his proudly erect cock which looked at least seven inches long. Slowly he started to rub his shaft, and I was mesmerised.

“Jeeeese…..!” I groaned as it was the first (and only) time I had seen a man’s naked, hard cock in Rotterdam Shemale the flesh, although I’d looked wishfully at many on the web. Suddenly all my inhibitions seemed to flow away as the years of frustration finally got to me and I squeezed deeper into the shower and turned the water on.

“Umm…., that feels good…..”

“My cock or hand,” he whispered as he rubbed both over my buttocks and back.

“Both!” I breathed almost cumming as a hand slipped between my legs, sliding though my cleft onto my balls.

Turning me around so that our cocks rubbed against each other he soaped the flannel and washed me from my shoulders down to my cock, holding it with one had he pulled my foreskin back and washed my shaft.

“I’m cumming……..” I groaned but before I could he gripped me tightly under my glans and squeezed hard.

“Not yet…., calm down!” he ordered.

When after a few minutes my breathing eased and I relaxed he loosened his grip. As I looked down, his finger wiped away the glistening precum from my slit and sucked it between his lips.

“Come on, we haven’t long, take my robe whilst I get rid of this dirt,” he said watching me step from the shower.

When he joined me, he took my hand and led me to his bedroom and after easing me down on the bed, spread my legs by kneeling between them before smoothly lowering himself onto his elbows and rubbed his penis on mine. Without a word he slid down my body, lowering his head to my cock and wrapped his warm wet mouth around it, Netherlands Shemale bobbing up and down.

Julie, my wife had always refused my pleas and never made love to my cock with her mouth before and the sensation sent shivers through my whole body making me gasp and moan with the sheer pleasure.

Slowing for a moment, still keeping his lips wrapped smugly around the head of my cock he started pumping his hand up and down ……

It wasn’t long before I was groaning that I was going to cum and I expected him to stop but he sucked and pumped harder until I shot cum in his mouth and he swallowed every drop……

My whole body was shuddering and I knew it was the best feeling I had ever experienced and wanted to hug and kiss him, so pulled him up and planted my mouth onto his and we shared my cum….

When I had calmed down he pushed my head towards his crotch and though I didn’t need persuasion, I was a little apprehensive, as I wasn’t sure I even knew how to do it, but just thought I’d do what had felt good to me and copy what he had done to me.

His cock, which he took hold of between his thumb and forefinger was completely hairless as was the rest of his pubic area, it was so silky smooth and he guided it towards and into my mouth. I was aware again that all this was making me hard again, and then I thought I’d gag as he pushed harder and his soft spongy head nudged against the back of my throat. Pull it slightly out I began sucking and pulling his foreskin back and forth until unexpectedly he grasped the back of my head and was soon spurting hot cum into mouth. Having never ever had or tasted cum in my mouth before, except my own on his tongue I was startled, but soon began to enjoy the salty taste of his and we kissed again.

To be Contd.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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