Bimbo! Ch. 03

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks, and Fantasy Fucking

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It was with some trepidation that I opened the front door. Two days ago Mom and my sister had each consumed two bottles of my Uncle’s bimbo formula. I had already seen some effects. Both of them were becoming blondes! And their hair was growing very fast! There were changes happening very quickly!

Mom never had seemed at all interested in her appearance. If it wasn’t for all the tennis she played with her friends I suspect she would have been a lot heavier. But now her hair was getting lighter and lighter. And longer. It now fell well past her shoulders only three weeks after her last haircut. She pointed that out but didn’t seem upset. In fact I noticed that she was playing with her hair while talking on the phone or to Kimberly or myself. Very unusual.

I had also seen Mom examining herself in the hall mirror. She was posing and preening, looking at her butt and legs. When she saw me watching she blushed and hurried into her room.

Kimberly was also more conscious of her looks. She had always been one of those “mean” girls. Always pointing out the faults in others while ignoring her own inadequacies. But now she was starting to dress like the girls that she used to sneer at. Tighter, shorter and more revealing.

So it had been a strange couple of days. And I feared it was going to get weirder. But now I was back from school and uncertain what might have changed today.

As soon as I hit the kitchen I found out. There was a sandwich and chips on the counter. There was a glass of iced tea, too. Mom was beaming at me as I came in. I almost fled. Mom never smiled at me like this.

“I made you a snack, Ralph. I know you get hungry after school and I thought you’d like a sandwich.” She actually seemed interested in my reaction.

“Um, thanks, Mom. It looks good!” I tucked into the food, which was very good, and looked Mom over. She saw me looking but didn’t move. Instead she endured my examination stoically. She too was wearing high heels and a mini-skirt.

“You look good this afternoon,” I ventured.

“You think so? Thanks, honey.” she replied . She smirked as she looked down at herself before she turned and left.

It had been the longest, most civilized conversation we had had in a long while.

I headed up to my room and ran into Kimberley in the hall. She was dressed like a tramp! It wasn’t a good look for her. She was pudgy in the first place and the tight clothes only made that more obvious.

“How are you doing, Ralph?” she asked. This, too, was unusual. I think if I were to die her only question would be whether she could move into my room. It was a bit larger than hers.

“Um, fine, thanks. Mom made me a snack!”

“Yeah, I wonder what’s going on?” Kimberly remarked.

“Dunno,” I said as I ducked into my room.

A few days later I was hiding out at the Library. It was something I had begun doing to avoid going home.

Things at home were getting. well, weird. Both Mom and Kimberly had kept changing. Faster than I had expected. They were becoming bimbos. Twin Bimbos!

Physically they were changing into top-heavy, bootylicious babes! Their hair was getting longer. They were both definitely blondes now! There had always been a strong family resemblance between them. Now they were starting to look like twins. It was difficult for me to tell them apart sometimes!

They spoke the same. Used the same vocabulary, laughed the same way. Made the same gestures.

And they were starting to dress to show off their burgeoning figures. Shorts, tiny mini-skirts, crop tops. Skin tight blouses pulled tight over their boobs. Kimberly was no longer pudgy. Her normal pudginess had melting away. Being replaced by a slender waist, showgirl stems and a predilection for stiletto heels.

Both she and Mom were sporting a real set of knockers!

And they were starting to act friendly toward me. That was what really freaked me out. They had never been friendly. But now…

So I went to the School Library as often as I could to avoid going home.

And today, as I settled into my normal seat Ms. Hornrider took notice and gave me a flirty finger-wave. As I watched, she took off her jacket and put it over her chair. I had a clear view of her new look. And it was IMPRESSIVE! More impressive than it had been just a week before. Particularly as she strutted across the room toward me!

Her gloriously gigantic boobs were bouncing and rocking under her low-cut blouse. Unrestrained by a bra, they were moving and shaking, wiggling and quivering. The top third of each breast was exposed by her new blouse. The buttons were being tested to their limits by her size and mobility! Her cleavage was surging and swelling as I gaped at her.

“Good afternoon, Ralph.” her voice was low and husky. It was like having whisky poured in my ear. Really sexy! casino siteleri She stood right next to me.

“I’ve been hoping that you would come in this afternoon. What do you think of my new look? Is it too much?’ She arched her back. She shimmied just a little bit and we both watched as her breasts shook and jumped under her blouse. It took a long time for the quivering to stop.

“Well, I love it!” I responded. “But I’m not sure how the Dean will respond.”

“That old fuddy-duddy? He was in earlier today. He seemed to like it just fine! Particularly when I did this.” she leaned toward me and made my shoulder and half my face vanish into her epic boob canyon!.

“He stayed in there for about ten minutes. I didn’t hear any objections from him!” She giggled at the memory.

“Now, Ralph, why don’t you come back to my office and we can discuss my new look in detail?”

And we did! I spent the better part of an hour helping Adellia decide how many buttons she should keep open. And how many more she needed to open in order to titty-fuck some lucky guy!

And we had time for her to lie back on the sofa while I tried my best to fuck her to unconsciousness! She loved every moment of it! She was constantly encouraging me to go faster and harder and deeper!

As we were going at it I noticed a little detail that was new.

Adellia, was looking great! I had been so focused on her breasts immense size that I had overlooked that her skin was translucent! She didn’t have wrinkles or crow’s feet any more. They had vanished! She looked years younger than she had before I fed her my Uncle’s formula. Amazing!

She was busy sucking down my last load of sperm as I contemplated her new look.

“I have to close the Library now,” she announced. “There is a District wide meeting of Librarians this afternoon at the Central Office. So, off you go, Ralph. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sure thing,” I told her. I was already dreading what was waiting for me at home.

When I got home I had no more than closed the door than both of them descended upon me. Apparently I had interrupted a fight and they wanted me to make the decision.

“Ralph, which is bigger? Kimmies little E-cup titties or my Double D cup boobies?” This was my Mom asking me? And saying ‘titties’ and ‘boobies’? She had never talked like that before. Both of them were wearing bras and yoga pants. Kimberly was carrying a tape measure.

“How would I know? Aren’t they the same thing?” I asked reasonably.

“Oh, I just knew you would take her side,” Kimberly pouted and stamped her foot before leaving.

“I wasn’t taking anyone’s…” I started to explain when Mom snuggled up to my side.

“I made you another snack, Ralph,” she purred. “Come into the kitchen and I’ll pour you a glass of milk.” She drew me to the kitchen by the arm and sat me at the kitchen island.

After she brought me a glass of milk she stood right next to me while I started to chow down. I could feel her boob pressing against me while she watched me eat.

“I am so glad that you have a good appetite.” she remarked. “And my boobies ARE to bigger than Kimmie’s titties!” She emphasized the point by rubbing herself against me even harder. Her cleavage swallowed my tricep!

Both her hands were now resting on my thigh. I could feel her fingernails digging into my leg.

“I know that I’ve been kind of mean to you lately, Ralph. I’m sorry. I think I was taking out on you my anger at your Dad for dying and leaving me with two kids. I’d like to make it up to you. Somehow.” Her hands were no longer on my thigh. They were in my lap!

My Mom was caressing my crotch! With both hands!

“Mom! What are you doing?”

“Oh, Ralph, call me Missi. It’s what my Dad always called me. I miss him. And your Dad. I want us to be friends. Close friends.” Both her hands were stroking my hard-on thru my pants.

“Oh my, you have a nice dick! I love a big hard dick! I bet your’s is bigger than your fathers. And maybe bigger than my Daddy’s, too!”

As I scrambled out of the kitchen I heard her call behind me.

“I want what you’re hiding, Ralph! I want it!”

On my way up to my room I ran into Kimberly.

“What’s the matter, Ralph? Did Mom scare you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” she was chuckling as I closed my door behind me.

Well, that was the day things started to get REALLY weird. Both my Mom and my sister were dressing to arouse any male with-in range. Both of them now wore mini skirts and short-shorts. The difference was that Mom wore tight fitting tops that exposed her cleavage. The bulges of her tits were being pushed into the space exposed by her low-cut outfits. I think she was wearing push-up bras!

Kimberly, on the other hand, was showing a lot of under-boob! Her crop tops never made it to the bottom of her boobs. She rarely wore a bra so the creamy flesh of the twin wonders she now sported was always on display. Her nipples were almost canlı casino always hard too!

I was trying my best not to have to interact with them but it was difficult! After all we lived in the same house! Mom was always pushing her burgeoning boobs up against me. Her hands kept running over my butt or across my groin. And, like Kimberly, her tits were still expanding!

They were no longer arguing about who had the biggest tits. They were both carrying a big set of boobs in front of them. Mom’s hung proudly in front of her. I could see her aureola thru many of the blouses she wore. Like Kimberly, her nipples were poking thru what ever top she was wearing.

Maybe because she was younger, Kimberleys breasts did not sag at all! They jutted almost straight ahead. Despite their size they were round and didn’t really sag or hang at all! Her nipples were perched upon a pair of amazing puffy aureola and all of that could usually be clearly seen. I often saw her cupping and stroking the exposed bottoms of her tits with her finger tips while proudly looking at her reflection in a window or mirror.

The two women were acting more and more like a pair of teen-agers. Not too far off for Kimberly but kind of jarring when it came from my Mom! I would often see them giggling together, whispering behind cupped hands and sneaking glances at me all the time.

I came home one day to find them waiting for me at the door. I tried to get by them but they each grabbed an arm and forced me against the wall.

“We want to talk with you,” announced Mom. “Kimmi and I have been talking. We think that since you are the man of the house now that we should call you,” she nodded to Kimberly and they said in unison:


“And I want you to call me Missi,” Mom told me.

“And I want you to call me Kimmi” said Kimberly. She was rotating her upper body, causing her big titties to rub against me. Mom, or MIssi, was doing almost exactly the same thing on my other side. And there were two hands caressing my groin!

This time there was no escaping them. They were both determined to keep me in place. Mom, um, I guess I mean Missi, planted her lips on mine and gave me a scorching hot kiss with lots of tongue!

While that was happening my sister, who had always insisted upon being called Kimberly, was running her hand under my shirt and stroking my abs and pectorals. She teased my nipples while sticking her tongue in my ear.

“Kimmi wants to help Daddy relax,” she husked into my ear. “Kimmi wants to do everything she can to help her Daddy relax when he comes home from a hard day.” Her hand was caressing my boner while she was talking. I was pretty sure what she had in mind to help me relax!

And on the other side Missi was doing exactly the same thing! Her tongue was now probing my ear while her hands were squeezing my butt and fondling my rapidly growing hard-on. There was room for both of their hands on my rapidly growing erection!

Mom pulled away from me to gaze deep into my eyes. At the same time she was moaning and her tongue was running over her lips.

Kimmi took the chance to glue her lips to mine. She was also moaning and whimpering with lust as she tried to swab my mouth out with her tongue. She was as good a kisser as Mom, um, Missi, had been and she added some squirming motions with her body that managed to rub herself all over me!

“Now there are going to be some changes here, Daddy.” announced the bimbo that had been my Mom. “Both Kimmi and I are going to do all that we can to take really good care of you! When you are at home, you are in charge. It’s only right. After all Daddy knows best!” As she finished speaking she drove her self back onto me. Her tongue dueled with mine and explored my mouth.

Kimmi had knelt in front of me and was busy extracting my hard-on from my pants.

“Oh, how pretty!” she exulted. “So pretty and so large! When did Daddy get such a big, hard, cock for Kimmi and Missi to play with?”

Missi pulled back to glance down. She did a double take when she saw what Kimmi had in her hands.

“Oh, My God! You are bigger! So much bigger even than my Daddy was! Jesus, look how thick you are! So fucking thick and so fucking long!” She was now kneeling next to Kimmi and the were both using both hands to stroke and fondle my shaft and balls. It was amazing! It felt so good!

“I bet I can take more of Daddy’s cock than you can,” challenged Kimmi.

“Oh, no you can’t you little tramp! After all, I’ve had more practice than you have!” responded Missi. “Watch and learn, Kimmi!”

With out preamble Missi dove onto my erection. She didn’t hesitate as she took all of my dick head in the first moment. She powered further down before pulling back and starting to pile drive up and down my shaft. She got almost ten inches down before she had to pull back, chocking and coughing.

“Hah! You think you are such a slut! Watch me!” crowed Kimmi as she pushed Missi to one side.

“Um, kaçak casino I love how your dick head fills my mouth,” she told me while stroking my shaft with both hands. “Now to show Missi how to handle a giant cock like Daddy’s!”

She grafted her lips to my dick head and began to suck and lick up all the pre-cum that was bubbling up from my dick head. Slowly she took my dick head into her mouth. Unlike Missi, Kimmi slowly worked her way down my shaft. She was taking inch after inch. She would get another inch or two into her mouth and throat before she would pull back and then make the return trip.

“I just love sucking on a huge dick like this!” she announced.

At last she too had to pull back, unable to take any more into her throat. She had reached almost exactly the same point that Missi had gotten to. Both of them had done really well. The feelings were amazing as they both were stroking my cock.

“Oh, that feels amazing!” I told them. “Oh, yes, I’m going to cum! You cock suckers did almost as well as the librarian, Ms. Hornrider did! She got within an inch of my ball sack before had to give up!”

I was patting both of them on the head while I started to spew onto their upturned faces. It felt so good to blow my huge load onto them! And they seemed to enjoy it too!

“I told you I could do better than you,” they said at the same time.

“Now you two just hold it!” I interjected. “Daddy knows best, after all! And I say it was a tie! You both did really, really well! Now you kiss and make up!”

And they did. For the next few minutes Missi and Kimmi exchanged tongue twisting kisses and cleaned up each other of the cum that I had dumped onto their faces, chests and tits.

While they were at it I went into the kitchen and made a sandwich. When I was done the two bimbos had moved to the couch and were busy eating each other out and sucking on each other’s tits.

I quietly went upstairs to get a nap.

The next day:

I stepped out of the shower, leaving Kimmi collapsed on the tiles behind me. She had joined me in the shower to “wash your back”. But after getting me stiffer than I could ever recall she had insisted on getting fucked standing up. After reaching half a dozen orgasm she was too worn out to move!

Just as I was reaching for a towel Missi showed up and began to run a big bath towel over my back and legs. She slithered around to my front and playfully toweled off my head while pulling my face into her cleavage. I took a moment to motor-boat her titties before she dropped to her knees to confront my dick.

After my recent bout with her near twin it was hanging limply in front of me.

Using both hands she got me back to full strength in no time.

“I can’t believe you, Daddy,” she moaned. “SO big, SO hard! And just after giving Kimmi a great fuck. She looks worn out, poor girl. Now come with me so I can attend to this huge, hard log you’re carrying around. You are such a pervert. We love it!”

“I’m not a pervert,” I argued. “You and Kimmi do everything you can to get me hard. To keep me erect and to fuck my brains out every chance you get!”

“How am I supposed to resist you and your big, fat, G-Cup whoppers or Kimmi’s Double F-Cuppers?” The girls had made it a point to keep me up to date on their continued metamorphic evolution.

“Oh, poor baby! It’s so cute when you complain about getting all the sex you can handle from two of the hottest sluts in town!” She laughed. “Now come to my room and get to work between my thighs and make me feel good!”

Forty-five minutes later Missi had just rolled me over so she could take charge of the fucking. She had had several orgasms and I had emptied myself into her once. If it wasn’t for my Uncle Jack’s miracle serum there was no way I could have maintained the pace these bimbos set!

While Missi was taking foot long trips up and down my fat dick Kissi strolled into the room and sat at the vanity to watch us fucking. She had brought a snack! So she was eating popcorn and watching a live sex show! Watching her Mother and her brother fucking and sucking each other to orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, Missi groaned loudly and pulled herself off my hard-on to rest next to me on the bed. Without a word Kimmi clambered over her body and settled herself onto my still erect cock. And she picked up right were Missi had left off. Foot long strokes, taking all of me time and again. Within a few minutes she was exulting in a deep, throbbing eruption as I dumped my sperm into her pussy.

Taking pity on me Kimmi knelt between my legs and cleaned me up using her mouth and lips. When she was done she cuddled up to Missi and they exchanged kisses for a while. My jism was passed from one to the other and back again. Finally the two twats took the 69 position and began to eat each other out.

I watched for a little while while they tongued and lipped each other before I fell asleep. When I woke up it was hours later and I was alone. I snuck downstairs after I dressed and eased out the front door while Missi and Kimmie were in the kitchen. I needed to get away and get some peace and quiet! Maybe I could hide out in the Library! There I only had to cope with Ms. Hornrider!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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