Birth of the Ringtaker # 5 – Who’s the man?

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So I’m laying there with Aunt Barbara riding me like a fucking jockey. We’re at the cabin mom and ‘dad’ own. Mom is on the sofa eating the carrot I just had her fucking herself with. ‘Dad’ and Uncle Rich thankfully couldn’t come. ‘Dad’s running the bar since it’s Labor Day weekend. Uncle Rich and Aunt Barbara had a big fight and she told him she didn’t want to see him this weekend.

It’s nice when one of your bitches are so obedient.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Mrs. Wallace (I get to call her Gail when we’re not at school), is behind Aunt Barbara. It seems Gail and her husband had an equally intense argument. Gail’s got her arms wrapped around Aunt Barbara’s fat waist. I’ve got these 3 cunts all to myself for the entire 3 day weekend.

Life is indeed good!

Then I feel something. A liquid drips on my chest. I look up. Gail has he hands wrapped around Aunt Barbara’s titts. They’re leaking milk. I’ve been doing some reading up on what to expect. I AM a father to be twice over after all. I lean up and take one of her titts in my mouth and suck. Aunt Barbara winces. Her nipples and mom’s nipples have gotten very tender lately. The taste of her milk is slightly sweet but still flat. The book told me her milk would become sweeter after the baby is born. My mouth switches from one titt to another. I finally cum deep inside her. I’m fucking exhausted. Gail’s new to the group so I want her to get some special treatment. I toss a bottle of edible oil to mom and order her and Aunt Barbara to oil Gail up. I sit back and watch the show. Gail’s on the wrag this weekend and honestly I wasn’t sure about fucking her. However it actually worked out. She was good and lubed as I fucked her doggy style. I guess maybe it had something to do with me having mom eat her pussy out in advance. Anyway my cock just popped right in there.

Of the 3 women, Aunt Barbara easily had the better rack. Even though mom had gone on the rigid diet her doctor put her on and I’d ordered her to obey, her titts were still smallish and flabby. Gail’s titts were slightly larger than mom. They were by far superior, being firm and perky. I checked her bra, she wore a 34c cup. Her titts had the biggest areola I’d ever seen.

Gail lay back as I’d told her to. Mom and Aunt Barbara went to work on her. Mom dribbled a little oil on Gail’s chest between her titts then made another small puddle in Gail’s belly button. As instructed, mom went to work on the lower end. Using the flat of her hand mom spread the oil over Gail’s pelvis. Meanwhile Aunt Barbara leaned down. Her lips met Gail’s. Aunt Barbara’s tongue slithered into Gail’s. As she did Aunt Barbara began to smear the oil around then over Gail’s breasts. Gail got an evil grin then playfully caught Aunt Barbara’s tongue in her teeth. She laughed as did Aunt Barbara. For having such small, pert titts Gail had ENORMOUS nipples. They were comperable to Aunt Barbara’s. Gail’s hand slid between Aunt Barbara’s legs. She began to finger Aunt Barbara’s twat. Aunt Barbara closed her eyes and moaned then got back to work.

Down below mom was slowly working the oil around with her right hand while she fingered Gail’s twat with the other. The slightly bloody mess would have normally grossed mom out. This, however, was anything but normal. Mom leaned down and softly nibbled on Gail’s hip bone. Gail, it seems, is ticklish. She had to work at it just to stay in place and not skitter away like she wanted to. Gail’s nostrils flaired as she felt mom’s thick fingers working in and out of her pussy.

For her part, Aunt Barbara was having a hard time concentrating on giving Gail her oiled massage. Gail was quite the talent when it came to fingering pussy it seemed. Aunt Barbara looked at me longingly. I gave her the nod. Slowly and carefull Aunt Barbara swung a leg over Gail’s head then lowered herself onto Gail’s face. Gail eagerly ate Aunt Barbara’s pussy out. Aunt Barbara’s body shuddered as the orgasmic wave washed over her. Her head leaned back. She played with her own titts. Her fingers crawled from her chest to her neck then behind her head. She played with her long honey blonde hair. Gail used her fingers to spread Aunt Barbara’s pussy lips apart. She took Aunt Barbara’s clit in her mouth and sucked on it. Teasing it with her tongue then drawing the clit into her mouth, I could see Gail playing with it. Aunt Barbara began to moan more intently, as did Gail. Mom now had 3 fingers in Gail’s snatch. She nibbled lightly on the flesh across Gail’s pelvis. Gail’s pussy mound was dark, signifigantly darker than the hair on her head. I’d deduced that she bleached her hair to lighten the color. Between her being on her period, all the sweat and all the cum juice, it was now even darker. Mom’s fingers combed through the dark bush as her hand began to pump faster and deeper in and out of Gail’s still tight pussy. Suddenly Aunt Barbara groaned loudly. I could hear Gail slurping as she gulped at Aunt Barbara’s pussy and drank her gushing orgasm.

Slowly first Aunt Barbara then Gail then eventually mom each crawled toward me. Aunt Barbara’s now huge melons swung freely as she crawled to me like a dog. Aunt Barbara got to snuggle to my right side, mom to my left. I let Gail curl up inside my legs. She had my cock in her mouth. Her mouth, oh FUCK did she know what to do with it! It was warm and always wet. She didn’t have the gag reflex mom and Aunt Barbara had. She easily fit my entire package in her mouth. She seriously got off on giving me good head. Her head bobbed up and down on my member. I didn’t think I had another round left in me but she managed to inspire me. I got hard in her mouth. Her agile fingers gentlely cupped my balls. She licked down the length of my cock then took turns softly taking first one ball then the other in her mouth and tenderly sucking on them. She had a way of sliding her tongue around the base of my member and licking all the way up. The effect was incredible. When her jaw tired and she needed a break her long fingers wrapped around the girth of my fat cock and began stroking. She was back at it just in time. She could feel my cock twitching in her mouth. She relaxed the back of her throat, slid her mouth down to the base of my cock and drank the streams of warm, thick goo shooting into her gullet.

Ok now I WAS fucking worn out. I drifted off to sleep lying on the bed, mom on one side, Aunt Barbara on the other and Gail between my legs. Even in my slumber I could feel Gail kissing my balls and shaft lovingly.

Aunt Barbara woke me up. She was dressed, wearing the loose fitting skirt she’d worn to the cabin. I could see a puddle of water on the floor of the bathroom.

“Stan, we have to go to the hospital, if that’s ok”, she asked?




Her fucking water broke. I lept up, scrambling around and got dressed quickly. I thought for a moment. Taking mom and Gail in ANY state would probably complicate the situation more than it already was. I thought about calling Uncle Rich as I lead Aunt Barbara to my truck. I wasn’t exactly sure how that conversation would go:

“Hey Uncle Rich, I know Aunt Barbara told you to fuck off and die but we were at the cabin fucking like rabbits and now the (MY!) kid is on the way”.

Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

I’d already started making some decisions and now was as good a time as any. I flew down the highway with my hazards blinking and completely ignoring anything to do with a speed limit. The nearest hospital was 25 miles away over some winding country roads. I cursed the luck. Why couldn’t this bitch have gone into labor back home?

I pulled up to the emergency room, hopped out and started screaming like a mad man. One of the orderlies came out with a wheelchair and helped Aunt Barbara out of my truck and into the emergency room. The nurse took all of Aunt Barbara’s information. I had to dig into Aunt Barbara’s purse to find her insurance card. As I handed it to the nurse she gave me an odd look.

“Um, you the father”, she asked as she looked at Aunt Barbara and then me obviously noting the differences in our ages.

“Um, no. This is my Aunt. She and her husband, well, they’re seperated right now”, I stammered.

“Still, shouldn’t HE be here with her”?

“NO! I WANT STAN WITH ME”, Aunt Barbara shouted as she clutched my hand.

“You’re Stan I take it”, the nurse asked as she turned. She grabbed a set of scrubs and tossed them to me. “Well Stan you follow me to get changed. We’re going to take her to the delivery room and you’ll join her there”.



I could of course give Aunt Barbara the command to let me off the hook but there really wasn’t an opportunity to do so. I was fucking stuck.

I put the scrubs on, putting the mask on last then followed the nurse to the delivery room. Aunt Barbara already had her feet propped up in the stirrups. She was coated in sweat already.

“She’s going to deliver any time”, the doctor on duty said with his back to me. “Dad, you stand on the other side of her and hold her hand”.

“Um Doctor, this isn’t the dad. She wants him in here though”, the nurse advised.

“Ok well that’s fine. Still you stand over there. I need her concentrating for me”, he said as he poked his head between Aunt Barbara’s legs and peered under her gown. “Yup, 10cm. She’s fully dilated”.

“The ultrasound’s got the baby in place doctor”, someone else in a gown and mask said as she held the ultrasound wand on Aunt Barbara’s round belly. There was complete chaos, lots of screaming, lots of breathing and we were apparently getting close.

She pulled me close to her and whispered: “Please don’t leave me. Don’t let him take our baby Stan”.

I tried to swallow but my mouth was too dry and my throat too parched. “I mean it”, she added.

One more round of breathing and another push and BOOM, I was a daddy. My first child was a son. He was perfectly healthy. Aunt Barbara was handed our son.

“He looks just like his father”, she said as she held my hand and gave me a wink.

I was suddenly keenly aware others heard her.


I didn’t have the nerve to look at them. Instead I tended to mother and son. It’s a staggering experience, being there like that. The nurses took our son to clean him up and give him his exam. Aunt Barbara (oh hell I just call her Barbara now right?), was wheeled to her room. She was given a sedative. I left her room only to find the nurse standing outside giving me the evil eye.

“None of my business. That’s ALL I’m saying”, she muttered as she walked away.

Barbara was going to be out for most of the night so I drove back to the cabin. I left the cabin phone number with the front desk. Before I left I stopped by the nursery. I’d be back first a.m. and get the business handled.

Mom and Gail were asleep in the bed. They were naked and wrapped in each other’s arms. I went to the guest room and crashed. I was beyond beat. I was up before the women were. I grabbed a quick shower, dressed and grabbed some McDonalds as I drove back to the hospital. Barbara was up and feeding the baby, OUR baby, as I walked in. There was a new crew on duty now and no one knew or cared enough to give me a dirty look. She looked wiped out and exhausted. There was paperwork on the traytable in front of Barbara. She nodded her head toward it as she smiled at me.

Infant name: Johnathan Stanley Hill

Infant mother: Barbara Marie Hill

Infant father: Stanley Marcus Hastings

I looked up at her. I grabbed the pen she’d used to fill it out, scratched through the name she’d written and wrote –

Infant father: Richard Buchanan Hill

Barbara looked up at me with a pained look. “But Stan, John’s YOUR son”!

“I know. But my way Rich is on the hook for the kid. See what I mean”?

Barbara gave me a faint nod in agreement. “Whatever you want Stan. You’re the man”.

I honestly never got tired of hearing that.

While Barbara nursed my son John I pulled the sheet down and took a look at her pussy. The doctor said the labor had gone without a hitch. I personally didn’t see it that way. She didn’t need to be cut for the delivery so that was good news. I pulled the sheet back, gave Barbara a long, wet kiss then kissed my son on his forehead. As I turned to leave there was a nurse standing in the doorway. She had her hand on her heart and a tear in her eye. “That is just SO PRECIOUS”, she gushed.

I gave her a smile and went about my way.

Back at the cabin mom and Gail were napping. I crawled in the bed with mom and woke her up as I was taking a hit off her titts. Gail heard us and joined us in the bed. I slid off the bed and positioned Gail so her face was buried in mom’s snatch. As I slid my shaft into her tight married pussy it made a squishing sound. My hands on her hips I began to pump furiously. Gail grunted with each thrust and moaned as I pulled out. She attacked mom’s gash with her mouth. Mom moaned and came for Gail. With my shaft fully lubed I pulled my cock out. I took my time as I probed her virgin asshole. Gail had told me her husband had tried to fuck her up the ass several times but never got the job done.

Well, he wasn’t the man, was he?

Gail whined as the mushroom shaped head of my shaft penetrated her tiny asshole. I took my time. Not that I gave a damn if it hurt or not, I just wanted to enjoy this moment for as long as I could. Her leg muscles tensed then trembled as I plowed deeper into her tight ass cheeks with each thrust. In what I deduced was incredible agony Gail buried her forehead in the mattress as I pumped deeper into the place no man had ever gone before. Her ass cheeks were narrow, tight and muscled. Gail worked out like a demon and her body showed it. I had half my shaft into her when Gail suddenly lurched. She propped herself up on her hands and screamed in pain. I gave her firm ass a hard slap, hard enough to leave a handprint. As an exclaimation point I gave her another thrust. That was the winner. I felt the muscled walls of her anus fold tightly around my shaft. Since the muscled walls couldn’t prevent me from raping her ass, they wrapped around the middle part of my rod. I felt the head of my cock penetrate into her anus. The slightly larger opening allowed me to begin to saw in and out of her. Gail was in great pain. I felt great, and that’s the important thing right? I picked up the pace and contined fucking her ass harder and deeper. The feeling was intense beyond belief. Gail was sobbing in horrible agony. Her body shook with her sobs. She looked back and I saw tears freely streaming down her face.

“Who’s the man you fucking cunt”, I hissed?

“Y-y-y-yuh-yo-you-you-you a-ah-ah-ah-are…”, she sobbed.

I felt the building wave approaching so I pumped harder, deeper and faster. I sneered at her as I plowed into her. I came deep in her anus. She felt it and nearly wretched but held it back. Gail collapsed on the mattress, her puckered asshole casino oyna impaled on my shaft. Slowly pulling my cock out, I shoved her up on the bed. She sighed and moaned in pain. Curling into the fetal position on the bed, mom snuggled up to her and began to kiss her. I dropped onto the bed, reached for one of mom’s titts and took another sip.

Later in the shower Gail switched between mom and I. She ate mom’s pussy while jerking me off then fingered mom’s twat while she took my cock in her mouth and gave me a blow job. Mom wobbled and nearly fell as she came on Gail’s fingers. I was so exhausted as I came deep in Gail’s mouth and filled her gullet with my jizz.

We left monday morning. No one could reach us at the cabin because I’d turned the phone off. I let Gail feel mom up as she kissed mom fully on the mouth. I pressed Gail against the car as I felt her up then kissed her. I whispered the code phrase in her ear. She’d drive home and remember none of this.

I drove mom and I home. ‘Dad’ was fit to be tied. He struggled to even be nice to mom but had nothing but scorn for me. Mom went to bed and left ‘dad’ and I to ourselves. He was in one of those moods where he was itching for a fight. I wasn’t in the mood. I checked my mail and saw I’d gotten a letter with no return address. I wasn’t sure what it was so I shoved it in my pocket then left, used my fake ID and bought some beer and went back to my favorite spot behind the high school. I knew what I wanted, more or less, I just wasn’t sure about the exact details. I was on my 3rd beer when I decided to open my letter. I was getting interest from colleges and thought maybe it had something to do with that.

Instead it was from Taylor. He thanked me for the $100 in his account and wanted me to come back for another visit. The rest of the week wasn’t going to work so I decided to see him on the weekend. ‘Dad’ was at work at the bar when I got home. I gave a brief thought of pulling out my wedding set trophies but honestly I was tired and besides my dick was sore from all the fucking I’d done.

First period was Social Studies. My teacher was Gail. She handed back our first tests. I smiled as I looked down at my A+. I got a 100 plus all 10 extra credit points. The 2 subjects I hated most were anything Social Studies and Lit. My Lit teacher, Mrs. Ackerman, was a short little spitfire of a woman. I’d be generous to say she was even 5’4″. She was a bit on the round side, though you certainly couldn’t call her fat. She had a NICE rack. Her titts were so firm I’d never seen them jiggle. She had a round, doll face. She had jet black hair with a pixie haircut, shortly cropped all around and rounded inward at the ends. Ruth Ackerman was a sassy little thing. She looked good enough to be sure, but she was also a total BITCH! NO ONE liked her. Don’t get me wrong, Gail could bust balls with the best of them (with the excepting of the one real man in her life). But Ruth Ackerman seemed to actually enjoy fucking with her students. She was one of those that saw literature as the end all be all of academic endevors. She sought nuance and hidden meeting in every line of every fucking story she required her poor students to read. The hell of it was Gail and Mrs. Ackerman were best friends. I just didn’t get it.

I got my first test back from her, I got a 76, barely a C. I’d busted my ass for that test and hated her more and more every moment. I swear she snarled at me as she laid it on my desk. No one, not even the Lit geeks, could get ahead in this bitch’s class. It was a friday and I figured I’d earned a break. I went home to find a snarky note from ‘dad’. He had a list of chores for me to do and ended the note with his usual “…get it ALL DONE”! There was a 2nd note, this one was from mom:


I’ve gone shopping for Barbara’s baby shower. I’m meeting your teacher Mrs. Wallace at the mall. We’re probably going to have dinner together. I’m so glad you introduced us! I left some dinner for you in the freezer. Have fun and I’ll be home late tonight.

Love ,


I made a perfect 3-point shot as I tossed ‘dad’s note in the trash. I showered and went out with the chores being undone. I cruised around town several times, at least until the cops showed to discourage cruising. I happened to drive by ‘dad’s bar and saw mom’s car in the parking lot. I stepped in because I needed some money. I was going to see Taylor tomorrow and needed some travelling money plus I wanted to put some more money in his account. ‘Dad’ at least was too busy behind the bar to do anything but give me a nasty look. My presence there obviously indicated that the chores were not done. Mom was sitting with Gail. The high school team had won a big victory, their 2nd of the season, and the parents wanted to celebrate. Apparently they’d been a key part of the victory so they’d earned the right to party. As usual there were cops everywhere.

I plopped in the booth next to Gail. I told mom I needed $150 because I had some things to do. She only had $100 because they’d been shopping. Gail came up with the other $50. ‘Dad’ saw and he was livid. I got a kiss on the cheek from mom as I left. ‘Dad’ followed me out to the parking lot.


I kept my back turned to him and mumbled that he could just go fuck off. As I peeled out of the parking lot kicking up gravel I saw him storming back into the bar. I’m sure he and mom were going to have some words. I knew there were plenty of cops around so they’d keep dad in line. She was pregnant with my baby after all.

Her name was Tricia Drayper. She’d been a girl I’d occasionally been interested in. The cops had left the main drag through town and thus abandoned it to the teens that cruise again. She was riding in the back of a truck owned by our football team’s back up quarterback. He was an affable kid named James Tyler who liked to attend church every time the doors opened and never ceased to bore his teamates with all he’d learned about heaven, hell and in general not having any fun. His truck was a handme down from his dad. Trust me when I say the starting quarterback for our team was driving NO ONE’s cast off. James was with his girlfriend, Angela Knight, who swore to James she was as chaste and clean as he was. I understand the starting point guard on our basketball team said she gave head like a pro, but no one wanted to dishearten a sweet kid like James so everyone just let it go. I pulled up beside James and we chatted. As always he asked if I wanted to attend sunday services with he and his family. I just smiled and said I’d think about it. Aside from being a naive twit, James was all in all a pretty good guy. Before I knew it Tricia had jumped out of the back of James’ truck and into mine. She gave Angela, her best friend, a wave and said she’d be fine. James turned right and I turned left at the end of Main St.

“So, I was just wondering Stan, when do you think you were going to get around to asking me out”?

“Do what”? Ok I was stunned. Granted I’d only told about 5 of my closest friends that I had a boner for Tricia, but they’d all been sworn to secrecy. So how did she know?

“Angela told me that Lisa Bounds said you told her brother that you wanted to ask me out. Well…”?

Tim Bounds, The blabber mouth fat FUCK! I made a mental note to kick his ass! “So, where to”?

Tricia and I debated possible places to go and things to do and eventually settled on the drive in theater. As usual there was a double feature, the first movie was all the rage, 3 years ago. The 2nd feature was Halloween, the best and by far the best of the series. Tricia and I stopped at the concession stand and picked up some snacks. Tricia was about to grab something to drink but I waved her off with a nod. I had beer in the cooler. I watched from the check out station as Tricia debated how much butter she wanted on her popcorn.

Tricia was flat out gorgeous. Her dad owned the local Ford dealership so her family had money. Tricia always had the best of everything but she was never snotty about it. She was entirely approachable. Her hair was a lovely mixture of dark brown and blonde. She wore it in a thick layer that usually hung to the right and flowed over her shoulder and was held in place by a white ribbon. Her pretty round face was tastefully adorned with make up. She liked wearing short fur coats. For our date this night it was one of her rabbit fur coats. The jacket gracefully spread to reveal a VERY nice, firm set of titts covered by her white turtleneck. She had a narrow waste that fell into a nice round ass. She liked her jeans tight to accentuate her figure. Even though she had daddy’s money Tricia never flaunted it. She wore little if any jewelery. Normally she’d wear a nice set of earrings, a watch, a couple of bracelets and on occasion a ring.

We climbed in the bed of my truck and watched the movie. It didn’t hold our interest and soon I made my move. I had my arm around Tricia’s shoulder and pulled her to me. We kissed. Her lips were so full and soft. My hand reached for her. I slipped it inside her rabbit skin coat. Her breast was firm and full to my touch. Through the thin fabric of her turtleneck I could feel the nipple harden. Her breathing deepened as my hand folded around her supple breast. She reached for me. She touched my face. Her touch was warm and soft. She ran her fingers through my hair. We soon wrapped each ourselves in each others arms. Slowly I took the fabric of her shirt and gave it a tug. My hand slid down her belly. Slowly my fingers made their way between her legs. Using my fingers I began to massage the crotch of her jeans. Her breathing changed again and she gave a slight sigh.

“Oh God Stan, this is so incredible”, she whispered.

“I’ve wanted you for so long Tricia”, I replied.

My lips softly kissed her neck. Bringing my hand back up I slid it inside her shirt. My fingers probed her. Extending them I touched the soft fabric of her lacey bra. Taking her heaving breast in the crook of my hand, I began to slowly strum my fingers over her bra. Her excited nipple stiffened even moreso.

Tricia suddenlylooked around and realized how public this setting was. She pushed me away.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm, WAY too fast Stan. If, um, well if you want to we can go somewhere else”, she said with a wicked grin.

I knew just the place. I hopped out of the bed of my truck and started it up. She’d no more than closed her door when I peeled out. In no time I’d parked my truck at my favorite place behind the high school. Tricia crinkled her nose as she smiled and winked at me. We climbed back into the bed of my truck and resumed. She responded to me paying so much attention to her breasts. She whimpered when I slid my hand under her shirt and began to tease her nipples through her bra. They were so fucking firm to my touch. Slowly I slid my hand back between her legs. We kissed like wild animals. My mouth opened and attacking hers. Her tongue in my mouth. She squeezed her legs around my hand and grinned. Bringing my hand up I began to fumble with her belt then worked at unbuttoning her tight jeans. I felt the lacey material of her panties.

Everything was incredible beyond belief.

It was just too good to be true.


She responded to my fingers teasing her pussy through the crotch of her panties with heaving breathing and grunting. She gasped into my mouth and I nibbled on her tongue as I felt the crotch piece of her panties begin to moisten. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back. Her full breasts heaved with every gasp of air.

Then I used my middle finger to push her panty crotch aside and began to stroke her pussy directly.

Tricia’s eyes snapped open. She closed her mouth and took a deep gulp. I felt her fingers clamp around my wrist.

“No Stan. That’s far enough”.

I honestly thought she was just playing with me.

I grinned. “Nah, there’s more to go”, I said as I quickly leaned forward to kiss her again. I felt the vertical slit moisten then tighten around my fingertip.

I then felt her grip on my wrist tighten as she tried to pull my hand away from her pussy. “I said NO Stan. I MEAN it”!

She’s still playing, I told myself. I wrenched my wrist loose then my hand resumed mauling her twat.

“I-SAID-NO-STAN”, she screamed as she lurched up out of my grasp. Her half exposed ass skidded down the bed of my truck as she pulled her pants back up and began to zip and button her jeans up. With a jump she was on the ground then turned to me. “Look Stan, I like you and yeah, I’m interested in you but NOT like THAT”!

She was serious?

Are you kidding?

This fucking BITCH!

I shoved myself off the truck and to the ground and landed just behind her as she turned to leave. In one continuous motion I seized her by her arm, wheeled her around and shoved her against my truck. “Where the fuck do you think YOU’RE GOING”?

Tricia raised her arm, bent her elbow and jerked her arm free of my grip. “Get your hands OFF ME”!

I grabbed her by her arms and shook her. “What did you think we were going to do when we got here”?

I never saw her knee coming up. She just missed my balls but did catch my thigh. It hurt but didn’t do much more than surprise me. Tricia turned and tried to run. I reached for her, grabbed her rabbit coat and jerked her back. She took a swing at me which I easily blocked.

“You fucking JERK! Don’t you TOUCH ME”, she yelled!

I pinned the arm she’d used to try and hit me with behind her back then backhanded her with my free hand.

“Fucking cock teasing CUNT! You get in my truck, let me feel you up then when it comes to delivering you decide you’re going to cut me off? I don’t fucking THINK SO”, I hissed!

She gasped when she felt my blow. Slowly she turned and tried to bring her arms between the 2 of us. She had her pants zipped back up but hadn’t gotten around to buttoning them. Seizing the waistband I jerked straight down. Without exactly meaning to I’d pulled not only her pants down but her panties as well. She tried to run but tripped with her jeans gathered around her ankles. Seizing a fist full of her well manicured hair, I pulled her off the ground and threw her bodily over the tailgate of my truck. When she tried to stand and resist I punched her in the back of the head. She lay draped over the tailgate in stunned silence. Taking advantage of my opportunity I opened my pants. My cock was hard already. Shoving my pants and shorts down I stood directly behind her, my feet positioned on her pants holding her in place. She groaned as she tried to come to her senses. I took one hand and pinned her down, holding her down. My other hand wrapped around my shaft. I felt the soft, plump ass cheeks. My cock twitched then grew larger and harder. Just when the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips Tricia screamed and tried to turn. I held her in place, barely even letting her move. Before she could stop canlı casino me or do anything about it I rammed about 3 inches of my shaft into her.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo…”, she screamed. Her shout faded into a pitiful whimper. Suddenly Tricia began to understand she couldn’t force me to stop and couldn’t escape. “S-S-st-Stan, p-p-p-puh-pl-puh-please stop. P-p-p-pluh-please don’t”, she whispered. “N-n-no-no-nonono-puh-pluh-please no…”

I gave her round ass a hearty slap with an open hand. I now had both hands on her hips and held her in place. The toes of her shoes began to bounce off the ground each time I thrust into her. She screamed for me to stop. A flury of angry curse words flew from her mouth. She spat threats at me.

Even so I continued fucking. Her pussy was just so damed tight.


I felt the walls of her pussy wrap tightly around the length of my shaft like she wanted to strangle it.


Her pussy began to lube my cock. It was so warm and inviting. The more I fucked her the more I wanted her.


My balls slapped her clit with each thrust. I heard the suspension of the truck groaning each time I plowed my shaft down her sweet pussy. The entire truck rocked from the forced fucking.

I was close, soooooooo damned close.

And she knew it.

“FUCK NO! Don’t you DARE cum inside me”!

I gave her ass cheek another hard swat and began to fuck harder, deeper and faster.

“ohgodohgodohgodnooooooooooooooo”, she whined as she knew I was about to climax deep inside her.

In her state of panic Tricia tried to bring one of her legs up and crawl up into the bed of my truck. Instead of finding a way to escape me all she did was allow me the much deeper into her pussy.

I came.



Tricia’s well manicured nails dug into the plastic liner of my truck bed. Streams of thick jizz fired into her pussy. Her head slowly leaned downward and she began to sob as I planted my seed deep inside her tight pussy. I stood there, my legs pressed against the back of her legs. Every muscle was locked. I held my position, her tight sweet pussy impaled on my thick cock. Her body shook with her sobs. If I gave a shit I guess I might have had pity for her.

Tricia gulped a deep breath of air and almost managed to regain her full composure. “I can’t believe it. You unbelievable bastard. You raped me. You actually raped me”. She turned her head because she wanted me to see her face when she said what she had to say. “Somehow, someway, I will fucking make sure you pay for this you sadistic PRICK”!

The little cunt still had some fight in her?


I reared back my hand and gave her a punch directly to her right cheek bone. I don’t think I knocked her out but she was damned sure stunned. Slowly pulling my member out of her, I took my lubed cock in one hand. With my other hand I spread her ample ass cheeks. The tight ring of Tricia’s virgin asshole flexed tightly trying to prevent me from entering her. She couldn’t talk just yet but that didn’t stop her from at least attempting to put up a fight. Slowly I rolled my hips. Each time I did I forced her virgin hole open more. She grunted with each thrust, unable to form the words to beg me no. My hands now back on her hips, I began to drive myself into her. I began to feel her narrow poop chute begin to yield. I heard her pounding on the bed of my truck but I didn’t care. She wasn’t going anywhere. She made a sick gurggling sound when the entire head of my shaft disappeared inside her. Pulling back then thrusting forward, I began to penetrate deeper into her. I gave one massive thrust and buiried my shaft balls deep and penetrated her anus.

“OOOOOWWWWWWWWWeeeeepppppp”, was the only sound she made as she flopped around like a fish. I couldn’t help myself. It was funny as hell.

So I laughed.

Then I began pumping harder and faster. My cock see-sawed in and out of her asshole. She was crying and begging I guess. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying. All I could hear was the sound of my heart beating. My pulse began to quicken. The thudding in my ears was all but deafening. Pulling back to the point that only the head of my shaft was inside her I allowed her virgin hole to seal around me. Making quick, shallow thrusts the tender flesh stroked the sweet spot just below the tip of my cock.

I felt a stream of jizz coursing up the length of my rod. Driving deep inside her I shot jet streams of cum deep into her anus. Tricia flailed around again as she felt my cock hosing her insides with my cum. I held my position until I’d let her spasming asshole milk every drop of jizz out of my dick.

Slowly pulling out, taking extra precaution to let her experience every agonizing inch of my thick shaft, Tricia’s puckered asshole made a smacking sound as I pulled away. Suddenly her pussy and her asshole belched and a thick dribble of orgasmic goo dribbled down her inner thighs.

I stepped back then had to lean against my truck. I wobbled to the cooler and pulled out a can of beer. Taking a long swig, I downed nearly the entire can in one shot.

Slowly, her body wracked in pain, Tricia began to climb up into the bed of my truck. Once inside she curled in the corner furthest away from me. Her eyes were glazed over and vacant. Her lower lip trembled. She wanted to cry but I wasn’t sure she had any more tears left.

So, THAT’S what it’s like to officially rape a woman?


I cracked open another can of beer and took my time drinking this one. I gave a fleeting look at my pathetic victim. Yeah, I could have wined and dined her. I could have worked at getting into her panties. I could have told her how I’d been so into her for so long. I could have used words like ‘love’, ‘care’, all that bullshit. This was better, quicker and more efficient. Reaching into the cooler I pulled out another can and held it in her direction.

“Here, take this. You’ll feel better”. I don’t know why I said it. I didn’t especially believe it. It just seemed like the thing to say.

After a minute Tricia slowly reached her trembling hand out and took the ice cold beverage. She couldn’t manage to get the can open so I took it from her, popped it open, took a long swig from it then handed it to her. She wouldn’t meet my eyes. Everytime I looked at her she averted her eyes away from me. She spent a lot of time looking blankly down at the ground.

“S-Stan. W-w-why? I mean, don’t you like me”?

“Yeah Tricia. Now more than ever”, I said with a wicked smile.

“I-I-I’ve never been with…, I mean, I can’t believe…, you’re the first…, not like that, I mean I didn’t…, it wasn’t supposed to be like that”. Her voice trailed off and she resumed looking down at the ground.

So, I popped the bitch’s cherry.


Tricia slowly sipped on her beer. Some of it dribbled down her chin and she didn’t seem to care. When she finished her first beer I was on my 3rd. I gave her another. I was actually somewhat shocked that she didn’t decline. I think it had as much to do with the fact I’d told her to drink it as anything else. We shared one more beer. She looked up at the sky. She looked back at the school. She looked down at the ground, anywhere but at me.

“Um, is it…, I mean can I…, can you, um, can I go home now Stan? I’m um, well I’m…I’m n-nuh-not feeling very well right now”.

“Sure. Let’s go”, I said as I crushed then tossed my empty beer can. The tires of my truck sprayed gravel as I peeled out. I placed my arm on the back of her seat and pulled her across the bench seat towards me. I felt her body tremble as it melted against my body. DAMN but she did nasty things to a blouse! I pulled onto her street.

“Um, you should probably just let me off here. If my dad sees your truck…”

“Yeah. He might not let me pick you up tomorrow night”.

“Um well yeah I guess. Actually Stan I’ve got plans for tomorrow night”.

I lowered my eyelids and rolled my eyes in her direction. She looked up at me. You know someone once said if God didn’t want them sheered he wouldn’t have made them sheep. That’s exactly the look she gave me.

“BUTICANCHANGETHEM”, she blurted out.

I said nothing. I pulled over and stopped. I felt her up as we kissed good night. Tricia wobbled as she walked away from my truck. I revved the engine and jerked a doughnut on the fresh asphalt and went home.

‘Dad’ was not home yet but mom was. I wasn’t up for any more fucking so I went to bed without incident.

I was awake at first light to find another snarky note from ‘dad’. Apparently he thought maybe perhaps I hadn’t seen his previous note and so was giving me the benefit of the doubt. He’d listed all the chores he needed me to do. I went to the bathroom, took a shit, wiped my ass with his note and left it on his briefcase.

Gee I wonder if he got THAT message?

I had a little conversation with mom. With ‘dad’ sleeping off last night’s drinking binge we weren’t going to be disturbed. My kid was sound asleep so I had mom give me a quick hit off her teat and a blow job. She gave me her ATM card, I already had the code (like there was any doubt?), made a stop at the bank then the grocery store.

I drove to the prison. I occupied myself with a recounting of last night’s triumph. I’d fucked my mom, my aunt, knocked both of them up then raped one of my teachers for good measure. And now? Now I could add Tricia’s cherry to my trophy collection. Actually it was just the panties she’d been wearing. When Tricia got dressed I guess she forgot to look for them. 4 cunts down. Taylor, my REAL father, seemed almost proud of the fact that he’d raped 4 women by the time he was 19. I’d just turned 17 and had already caught him, plus I’d put 2 buns in the oven.

I was already ahead of him.

I was just getting started.

Since this was the weekend after a holiday the guards were lax with security. Taylor had arranged for an outdoor visit. I didn’t know what that was at first. All I knew was Taylor had asked me to bring some food and beer. The guards lead me to the picnic area where Taylor was already waiting for me. The guards had checked the cooler and spotted the iced down beers. One guard gave the one checking me out a wink. They each copped a can of beer and sent me on my way.

Taylor and I had a nice conversation. He was up for parole but didn’t have much hope of getting out. He’d behaved himself and had no problems with the other prisoners or the guards. Even so, given the severity of his crimes he didn’t like his odds. The guards had found a distraction in discussing the football season and couldn’t have cared less what Taylor and I were doing. I reached into my pants and slid out the panties with the flowery prints.

Tricia’s panties.

Taylor looked at them then at me.

“What’s this”?

“This”, I said as I slid them across the concrete picnic table, “is from last night”.

“You’ve been busy. Anyone you knew”?

“Oh, just some little cunt I’ve been chasing for way too long. Got bored with trying to be nice about it so I took matters into my own hands”.

Taylor’s head tilted as he smiled. He was honestly proud of me.

“How’d she feel about it”, he asked?

“I dunno. Didn’t ask”.

I got a high 5 from Taylor.

The conversation turned to family history.

“So, tell me what happened with mom and the other women you raped”, I said flatly. There was no judgement in my voice. Who was I to judge him after all I’d felt, after all I’d done? “You didn’t rape them”?

“Well first off, yeah, I raped the SHIT out of them”.

“But before you said…”

“What I SAID was, I gave them what they needed. Don’t get me wrong Stan, they didn’t want what I was offering. Zero interest in me. But see, I didn’t care what they wanted or what they THOUGHT they wanted”.

“It was all about what you wanted”. He looked at me as I said it. It was obvious I wasn’t judging or disapproving of him.

“This little bitch you were with last night. I take it she didn’t want to fuck”?

“Why did you change the subject”? This was frustrating me. I wanted information and Taylor was the only one that could give it to me.

“I’m not. Answer the question. Little Miss Flowery Panties didn’t want to fuck”?

“No. Not really”.

“But you fucked her anyway”. There was no judgement in his tone either.


“How did you end it with her”? His eyes bore into mine.

“Told her I was going to be seeing her tonight”.

“What’d she say”?

“She already had plans”. I saw the look of disappointment in his eyes.

“And you took that shit from her”?

“Nah. I just kind of looked at her and she said she’d change her plans”. I saw the smile broaden across his face.

“So now you see I DIDN’T change the subject. You answered your own question”. Taylor could see I wasn’t quite getting it. “Look Stan, you wanted something, this little honey pot. She wasn’t in the mood to give up the pussy so you took it anyway. You fuck her up the ass”?


“That’s a Vincent thing. Nothing LIKE that feeling. Total ownership. Total control”. He could see that now I was getting it. “Stan your mom, these other cunts, they had needs. Needs that weren’t being fulfilled. I could just smell it on them. I’m betting you can to. Am I right”? I nodded my head. “This little thing from last night, you think she’s going to the cops”?

“Nah. It’s all good”.

“See? That’s part of it to”.

“But what a minute. Mom and the other women you raped, they called the cops on you. They pressed charges against you”.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh”, he said disgusted. “That was MY fucking fault. It was all about your mom. If she hadn’t gone to the cops none of this would have happened and I wouldn’t be in here”.

“Now you lost me”.

“I finished fucking your mom but I hadn’t finished fucking with her mind yet. I got drunk, passed out and by the time I came to the cops were all over the place. I had no choice so I booked”.

“Did you know mom was a virgin”?


“Oh yeah. She was”.

“No chance Stan. Your mom was married”.

“Yeah I know”.

“I mean, she was MARRIED! She hadn’t been married all that long, or so I remember from the trial but…”

“She was a virgin”.

“How do you know? And speaking of which, how did you find out about me anyway”?

“She told me. Well, she KIND of told me”.

“Kind of told you how”?

“Mom writes a journal. She has since she was a little girl”.

“And you found it”?

“Yup. Found them and read them”.

“Ok but that STILL doesn’t explain how she was a virgin”.

“Dad”, the word caught in my throat, “per her journal he tried getting with her a couple of times but she freaked out on him”.

“That kaçak casino damned church upbringing. Fucks them up every damned time”, Taylor said with a whince. “Totally fucking un-fucking-believable. I need another fucking beer”.

I tossed Taylor a cold beer. He lit up a cigarette. I reached for one.

“I thought you didn’t smoke”.

“Yeah. Lots of changes going on I guess”, I said as he lit me. I took a draw on it. The Salem was menthol and had a minty flavor. It actually wasn’t too bad.

“So not only did I plant my flag up your mother’s ass and knock her up, I was her fucking first. Cracks me up”, Taylor snorted. He caught himself and I guess he felt like he needed to squelch his disdain for my mother along with the rest of the female gender. “Well, I guess your mom all in all is a good woman. She kept you and raised you. Now look at you”.

“Yup, a chip off the old block”, I replied with a smile.

“Well anyway, how’s that asshole your mom’s married to treating you”?

“Like shit”. I said the words without needing to think about them.

“Something going on”? I could hear the concern in his voice. It seemed odd and out of place.

“He’s rode me every day of my life”.

“Welllllll, let’s be fair. Afterall he wasn’t your real dad. I can only imagine how I’d feel if some other asshole popped my old lady’s cherry and left me a kid as a parting gift”.

“Still not good enough. I’m the only one that didn’t have anything to do with it. He’s been on me from day one. I just didn’t know why until recently”.

“Good enough. So, no bullshit this time. Was last night your first”?

“Oh HELL no”!

“Your first rape”? He raised his eyebrow and grinned and took hit off his Salem and a swallow of beer to wash it down.

“Nope”. He could tell by the tone in my voice I wasn’t fucking around.

“Well just make DAMN sure you don’t end up in here with me boy”! Again his concern for my wellbeing seemed weird.

“Not going to happen”.

“Well, ok”. Taylor leaned back and surveyed me up and down. I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. His eyebrows furrowed. “Something different about last night, wasn’t there”. Taylor had so much self assurance in his voice.


“How so”?

I dug a hole in the grass with the toe of my brand new sneakers.

“Stan? Seriously who am I going to tell”?

That actually made sense to me. So much so I laughed.

“Well, there were 3 others…”

“THREE OTHERS? So that’s what, FOUR of them? Holy SHIT BOY! You ARE going to end up in here”!


Taylor tilted his head with a puzzled look on his face.

“Ok well, here’s how it is. They don’t even remember me raping them. See I sort of drugged them”.

“Ooooooohhhhh, so last night was your first wide awake bitch then”?

“Something like that, yeah”.

“Fucking roofies. They’re a blast”! I was looking for some sort of disappointment in Taylor. He’d raped 4 women, 4 ‘wide awake’ women. I’d only done 1. Would he think I was slacking or cheating? “No problem there boy. You’re still doing good work there”.

I suddenly felt better. The swagger returned.

We spent the rest of our time together just chatting. We understood each other fully. We didn’t hug when I left but I did promise to return. I told him I had money for his account and I’d leave it with the front office.

I had another reason to go by the office. Something Taylor had said stuck with me.

Mrs. Cole was every bit the shrewish bitch I’d imagined. She obviously had better things to do than waste time with the family member of a convict and all but told me so. I had the $200 I took with mom’s ATM card. I gave Mrs. Cole $100 for Taylor. The rest was for me. Then I asked her about Taylor’s parole hearing. She gave me the date and a pamphlet that detailed what did and didn’t help. I read down through the pamphlet and saw what I was looking for.

‘Dad’ was standing in my way as I pulled in. I REALLY didn’t have the time or patience for this shit! He got mouthy with me, called me names (like that was a big surprise) then kicked my truck out of frustration when I ignored him and went in the house. He was still out there as I talked to mom. She was nursing our kid. I gave the code and told her I wanted her to get ‘dad’ off my ass. She said she’d do as I told. If this prick was going to keep getting in my face I was going to have to do something about it.

I went upstairs, showered and got ready for my date with Tricia. When I came down mom was gone and ‘dad’ was obviously pissed. He called me a moma’s boy because I’d went to mom instead of dealing with him and doing what I was told. I had a little time before I was going to pick Tricia up. I just sat there and let ‘dad’ frothe at the mouth as he yelled and cursed me. Finally I’d had enough.

“Dad, I’m going to cancel my date tonight. I think you and I should work this out”. My change in tone and sudden attention caught ‘dad’ off guard. “Let me get you something to drink and we’ll talk, ok”?

“Uh, ok”. ‘Dad’ still didn’t know what to make of this.

‘Dad’ downed the cup of coffee I made for him. About 5 minutes later I needed to help ‘dad’ to his seat. I gave him a VERY specific set of instructions.

Normally I’d call Tricia and tell her I was coming over. Fuck that shit. I was in a bad goddamned mood and besides I didn’t do that shit anymore. I pulled up to her driveway and honked. Her dad came to the door and invited me in. Like I needed his bullshit tonight. I gave him a wave and Tricia pushed past him and hopped into my truck.

Tricia gave me a blow job before I bothered to hit a drive through for something to eat. I took her back to my house and took her upstairs. She was concerned that my ‘parents’ were going to walk in on us. The kid was with a sitter. Mom was at the bar because ‘dad’ was a no show. So we had the house to ourselves. I had her bent over the bed slamming my cock up her ass after I’d mounted her and hammered her pussy. She whimpered and put up a fight when I started probing her tight asshole with the tip of my cock. I was figuring out they always did. She was crying when I was done with her. She’d fallen off the edge of the bed and curled into the fetal position on my floor. I crawled into bed, lit up a Salem and relaxed. Eventually Tricia crawled onto the bed and cuddled up next to me. She didn’t want to smoke but did because I told her to. She coughed on the first couple of drags but she got it down. She mounted me after an hour of just laying there and not saying anything. I didn’t even tell her to. She took my cock in her petite hands and guided it to her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto my shaft and began to ride me. FUCK but her pussy was TIGHT!

We finished fucking and relaxing an hour later. She sheepishly asked if I would take her home. I didn’t want any shit with her folks so I agreed. What the hell, I was done with her for the night anyway.

Mom was home with our kid waiting for me when I got back home. She put the kid to bed and said she needed to talk to me. She asked if I’d talked to ‘dad’ or if I knew where he was. I, of course, had no idea. I had to congratulate myself on my feigned ignorance. She was really worried. He hadn’t shown up for work at the bar and no one could find him. The next morning mom called the cops and reported ‘dad’ missing. I had to calm her down, as only I could, for all of that sunday. I really just didn’t feel like dealing with all her emotional bullshit. I had her mount me sunday morning and had her titt milk for breakfast. I fell asleep while mom dealt with our kid. She was properly concerned for ‘dads’ whereabouts when anyone else was around. The cops had no clues but put an APB out on ‘dad’ and his truck. When it was just she and I, she couldn’t have cared less.

And me?

I spent sunday night fucking Gail and Barbara, spiced with a couple rounds of having them eat each other out.

The rest of the week ‘dads’ disappearance had become big news. He’d show up back at home sunday of next week at exactly 6pm. He hadn’t shaved. He hadn’t bathed. He was covered in the worst kind of funk like you wouldn’t believe. Mom, of course, was instantly relieved. That lasted all of 5 minutes. When ‘dad’ couldn’t give an account for his whereabouts for the last week, mom lost it. I spotted the tape on the end table next to the couch. Mom was about to call the cops when I told her to wait. She agreed we should watch the tape. To her credit mom sat through enough of the tape to see ‘dad’ on his hands and knees, naked except for the tasteful dog collar. She looked like she would be sick. ‘Dad’ just sat there in a state of near catatonia. Mom stood, took one more look at the big bruiser fucking ‘dad’ up his ass while he sucked the cock of the broken down old cross dresser sitting in their wheelchair. Mom’s shoulders trembled. She wheeled around, slapped ‘dad’ across his face and stormed upstairs to their bedroom. ‘Dads’ head tilted. He seemed more curious than upset. I plopped down on the couch next to him. On the tv ‘dad’ was lip syncing “It’s Raining Men” and doing a miserable job of it.

“Tom”, his name, “I just wanted you to experience in the matter of a week what you’ve put me through all my life. Now, I’ve got some hard news for you. You’re just going to sit there and listen. Every word is true. I know you’re not my real father. I guess you could have forced mom to give me up for adoption or something, I don’t know. Regardless you had no good reason to treat me like you have. You’ve been a prick to me all my life. I just recently found out why. I didn’t ask to be born but you agreed to keep me, you FUCK”! My punch landed squarely on his cheek bone. It rocked him so much he rolled onto the floor. I squatted on his chest. I wasn’t done yet. This was going to be my last chance to get every inch of revenge on this cocksucker so I was going to get my money’s worth.

“Tom I just wanted you to know that kid that you’re so proud of, he’s not yours”. I saw a tear forming in the corner of his eye. Maybe it was from the pain of the punch I’d given him. Me personally? I like to think somewhere down deep his heart was breaking and he was finding himself in hell. “See, he’s mine. Yeah, last Christmas I fucked mom. I fucked her rotten. I ate her flabby pussy out. I mounted her and fucked her harder and deeper than you ever even THOUGHT about. I had her mount me and ride me like the cunt she is. Then for good measure, I fucked her up that cottage cheese ass. Oh yeah, Aunt Barbara’s kid is mine to. TRUST me when I say that Barbara is a WAY better fuck than mom”! I paused. The look on his face was priceless! “I know you’re in there somewhere Tom. I know somewhere in there you can hear what I’m saying and you don’t want to believe me. That’s cool. I’m about to convince you in the best way I know how. But before I do, I just wanted you to know that I’ve met my REAL dad. I want you to think about something Tom. 2 men have fucked your wife and both did something you were NEVER man enough to do! My REAL dad and I are the ONLY ones to ever get that bitch pregnant. You’ve been married to her all these years and never so much as made her skip one period. I wanted you to know that. I wanted to be the one to tell you. When we’re done you’re leaving here. Don’t you worry though. Mom will be taken care of. Afterall besides being my mom, she’s the mother of ONE of my kids. But before you leave, mom’s going to talk to you”. I stood and headed for the stairs. “Don’t you go anywhere”, I said with a chuckle.

Mom followed me down the stairs a minute later. She still carried way too much weight, something I’d have to see about in the coming months. Even so I suddenly realized how much better she looked to me now than she had that Christmas Eve so many months ago. She was wearing her nightgown. It was one of the ones I had her go buy. It was lavender colored, very classically styled. The hem flowed freely just above her feet. It was gathered at her waist and was held up by 2 thin straps. She still wore her maternity bra. She wore a blank expression on her face, seemingly happy and without a care in the world but just not what you would call totally engaged.

She came in, told Tom what a fantastic lover I was and what a miserable disappointment he was. She told him the only time she’d ever climaxed over all their years of marriage was when she satisfied herself. Finally she’d gotten so desperate she turned to me, her own son, to satisfy her burning lust. She told Tom that Barbara had done far more for her sexually speaking than he ever had. She told Tom she was so happy to give me such a beautiful son, something Tom never could. I laid back and let Tom have a full on view of mom giving me head. She swallowed my spunk, every drop of it, then let him see her tongue lap the cum dribbling down my shaft. She had a smile on her face when she did. That’s when she stood, hiked her nightgown and settled down on top of me. Her steaming gash swallowed my cock whole. I could hear Tom making some sort of gurgling sound. Maybe that’s when his ticker gave out. I’m not sure. I was busy milking mom’s swaying utters while she rode me like a horse.

It was a nice funeral. Mom shelled out some serious cash. All the regulars from the bar including the local sherriff’s department showed up. The medical examiner said it was a heart attack. I’m not exactly sure when he kicked. I know it was after mom mounted me. The deputies that first responded to the 911 call had already been prepped by me. They helpedwith the story. No one knew where Tom had been. The deputies made sure the right gossip got to the right busybodies. By the time of the funeral the accepted story was in the midst of a midlife crisis Tom had found some blonde slut and ran off with her. They’d shacked up for a week. Tom came home just long enough to tell us all how much he loved us then he died. I was particularly gratified by all the attention paid to me. I was the man of the house now, like there was ever any doubt?

Mom sold our house. She took the life insurance money, gave the bar a serious and much needed upgrade and bought a better house further away from town. Aunt Barbara got the house in her divorce settlement. I took up residence there. At first I occupied myself playing house with Aunt Barbara but my mood changed. Eventually I had Barbara take our kid and move in with mom. It just made taking care of the kids easier. I took up residence in Barbara’s house. Tricia and I began shacking up for a couple of months. We even invited her folks to mom and Barbara’s house for Christmas Eve. While Tricia was the meat of the slut sandwich between mom and Barbara I had her mom upstairs with me. I added her wedding set to my growing collection. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Tricia’s, that was to be expected. However her virgin asshole was every bit as snug.

Tricia’s dad was thoroughly disgusted by what a slut his daughter was turning into. He was equally exasperated by the fact that his wife, Tricia’s mom, seemed to suddenly be such a fan of our relationship. Oh well, at least he didn’t make too much of a bother about it.

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