Birthday Bash

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*Warning, there is nonconsensual sex involved between siblings. Certain parts of this story are based on real events.


It was winter break during high school senior year, and Kyle was turning 18 today. His brothers Dan, 26, Troy, 24, and his sister Angela 19 were celebrating his birthday. Their parents were out of town visiting their grandparents and weren’t expecting to be back until the next day. Kyle was lanky but tall like his brothers. He and Dan had dark brown hair and Troy was blonde. Angela, as the name implied, was the angel of the family and also the only daughter. Angela had a petite build and had long wavy dark brown hair. She loved wearing skin tight clothes and whatever she was lacking on top, she made up on the bottom. Dan was the eldest in the family and was always wearing a crisp button down shirt, whereas Troy and Kyle preferred a more relaxed T-shirt style. Angela loved to dress up and was wearing a figure hugging tiny velvet crop tanktop with thin straps and a mini black leather skirt and sheer black tights. She liked to highlight her large eyes with makeup and use lip gloss to draw attention to her naturally puffy lips.

“This is boring” Angela sighed, “I’m bored. Let’s do something fun! We’ve just been sitting around drinking beer and watching TV. Where’s the tequila? Where’s the vodka? Dan, I KNOW you bought some today. This is supposed to be a freaking birthday party.”

Troy perked up at the sound of more alcohol.

Dan chuckled, “Angela, I’ve stopped going to parties a long time ago. I’m not in college anymore. That alcohol is for the Christmas party mixed drinks.”

“Bring it out! Bring it out!” Troy and Angela started chanting. Kyle quickly joined in with his siblings, finally seeing an opportunity for more fun. “BRING IT OUT!”

“Aw for fuck’s sake. Fine. FINE!” Dan jogged to his room and then came back with an overflown brown bag. He lays the bag on the ground and all the siblings gather around it in a circle. Troy starts pulling out all the drinks and Dan starts lining up all the shot glasses.

“Let’s play a game” Troy says, with a sneaky smile on his face.

“Oh! I LOVE drinking games” Angela chimes in.

“Ok. I’m thinking Truth or Dare, or drink if you forfeit.”

“Kyle should go first since it’s his birthday” Troy wiggles his eyebrows.

“Truth or dare Kyle?” Troy asks.

“Ummm…” Kyle looks up at the ceiling and then at each of his siblings faces. “Uhh… I’ll do… truth”

“Have you had sex yet?”

Kyles eyes drop the ground. “No, not yet”

“What!!” Dan and Troy both exclaim at the same time.

“Kyle… Kyle, Kyle, Kyle… we gotta change that. How can you not have? All the men in this family lost their virginity by 16,” Troy said.

“Have you at least gotten a blow job” Dan asks.

Kyle shakes his head no.

“A hand job? Sucked tits? Touched tits?”

Kyle shakes his head no at everything.

“Oh my god.” Dan slaps his forehead in exasperation.

“Guys, give him a break. The first time he does it should be with someone that actually means something to him. You know? An emotional bond.” Angela comes to Kyles support.

“I need a drink for this shit” Troy exclaims. He pours all four shot glasses and they each take a shot of vodka.

“Troy, your turn” Dan asserts. “Are you and your girlfriend ever going to get married?”

“Aw man. Yeah, I mean, I love her. A lot. See the thing is, I’d love to marry her, but I have to give up sex with other girls forever. After she caught me flirting with this chick over text a few years ago, she doesn’t trust me in the same room with other girls.”

“Dude, you’ve always been a player” Dan laughs.

“Dan, your turn. What’s your addiction?” Troy asks.

“Ohhh… hah. I know this. It’s definitely sex. I know, I’m a classic wall street bro, but I can’t help it. Sex is so fucking good. But I’m seeing a therapist now to fix it. I haven’t had sex in like 3 months because I’m trying to learn to control it. I still can’t imagine being married to one girl though.”

“Me neither” Troy joked back.

“It’s Angla’s turn!” Kyle semi-shouts over Dan and Troy’s laughter.

“Ok Angela, your turn I guess” Dan smiles. “What porn do you watch?”

Angela’s cheeks and ears went bright pink and her jaw dropped.

“Um…um… I don’t watch porn.”

“I accidentally found your sex toys in your drawer when I was looking for your charger” Kyle popped in.

“What the fuck Kyle!” Angela threw a pillow at him but he was able to catch it.

“You can’t lie in True or Dare!” Troy exclaims. “Take three shots and tell us the TRUTH”.

She groans in annoyance but downs three shots. “Wow,” she holds her head in her hands, “I’m totally forgot I’m a light weight.” She slumps against the couch behind her and instantly feels drunk. “Ok finee!!” She says, as she raises a finger up and points to the sky. “I’ll tell you, but don’t take it personally. It’s not personal!! I just like to watch…doesn’t mean anything.”

“For Christ’s sake, tell us” Dan says.

She looks away from the circle and then at casino siteleri the ground and mumbles something.


She mumbles again.

“What? We can’t hear you.”

“Fine! I like to watch sibling porn. Happy?! Doesn’t mean anything. Sheesh. Fuck.”

Everyone gets quiet for the first time since the game started.

“Shit” Troy breaks the silence.

“I don’t want it. And obviously I don’t think about you guys. That’d be gross. I just like the taboo of it all” Angela defends herself.

They all go around the circle a couple more times, the questions getting more and more provocative.

“Your turn again Dan. Truth or Dare?” Troy says playfully.

“Fuckit. Everyone’s been doing truth and this game is getting dull. Dare. Give me a dare.”

Troy gets the most mischievous smile on this face.

“I dare you to watch sibling porn on your phone while Angela is sitting your lap and unbuttoning your shirt.”

“I’m not doing it!” Angela shouts.

“Ha! Angela being there is going to turn me off, if anything.”

“What the fuck!” Angela slurs out.

“Sounds like he’s willing to do it, Angela.” Troy says. “Now hop on that lap and prove him wrong. See if you can turn that limp dick into something.”

“Gross” She frowns, but makes her way over to Dan.

Dan pulls out his phone and starts watching the first search of sibling porn.

Angela hikes her mini skirt up but realizes too late that she’s not wearing underwear. She swings one leg of Dan’s leg and sits down on his thighs as she tries to cover her parts.

“Closer!” Troy shouts.

She scootches closer.


She scootches.


She and Dan are just a breath apart.

“May as well both watch it” He says, trying to be funny, but his throat feels dry. Angela and Dan start watching the so-called siblings starting to fondle each other and have sex. As each second ticks by, he’s having a harder time controlling himself. Dan can feel Angela’s flesh against his pants, her breasts so close to his face. Her hair tickles his arms. Angela can feel her body starting to warm up. She’s sitting directly on top of her brother’s dick and she can feel it hardening underneath her. She regrets not just taking the shot instead of lying. Her fingers fumble over his buttons but she manages to unbutton each, revealing more and more of his chest. She gets to the final button and reveals his strong abdomen.

She fidgets out of discomfort, but that ends up rubbing her pussy more against brother. Dan instinctively puts his free hand on her lower back and gently pushes her down onto his dick.

Angela sucks air between her teeth as she feels her brothers strong hand on her and his penis digging in more into her soft fleshy skin, with only his pants keeping them apart. Angela bites down hard on her lips as she sees the girl in the video start to breath heavier as she’s about to climax. She finds her body naturally gently gyrating on her brother as she becomes turned on from the girl in the video, and she keeps catching herself to make herself stop.

“Oh thank god” She says, as the girl in the video climaxes and the video finally ends. Angela’s arms and legs feel wobbly as she gets up.

“Truth or dare Angela” Troy says. “Truth” she breaths out as she continues to slowly crawl back to her spot.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Fuck no.” She replies, as she finally makes it back and sits up. She can’t bear to look at Dan but she can feel his gaze on her.

“Why are you always lying” She can hear the smirk in Troy’s voice. “Whaa-” She looks over at Dan and then onto his lap. There’s a huge wet patch over his crotch where she was sitting. She didn’t realize earlier, but she could feel now that her tights are wet.

“You have to do a dare now because you lied” Troy says “Take off your top.”

“No! What the hell!” She quickly grabs a shot and takes it before anyone can say anything. “I took the shot. Next turn!”

“Troy, truth or dare?” Dan says.

“Dare” Troy smiles back.

“Take off her top.”

Angela screams and tries to make herself into a ball, but Troy towers over her and pulls the top off with ease because she’s too drunk to put up a solid fight against him.

Her breasts are completely exposed and she folds her arms over them to cover it up, but ends up making them looking larger than they actually are.

“Kyle, today you become a man. Go suck her titties.”

“Whattt, no!! No no!! No!” Angela shouts, but Dan and Troy are already holding onto her arms and legs from both sides.

“Are you sure it’s ok?” Kyle says tentatively, but he can’t get his eyes off his sister’s perky boobs.

“She’s going to enjoy it more than the rest of us.” Dan says.

Kyle comes over and holds both her titties in his hands. He gently pinches the pinkish-brown nipples between his fingers and immediately feels it harden under his touch. Angela struggles against her brothers’ grip, but can’t move much. Kyle leans over and pops the hard nipple into his mouth and starts sucking like a baby. Angela closes her eyes canlı casino shut and tries to ignore the feeling.

“Tell him how to suck you” Dan whispers in her ear. “You want to help him out right? This is like a lesson.”

Angela grits her teeth. Tears flow from her clenched eyes, but she speaks.

“Flick gently and quickly with your tongue and play with my other nipple your hand.” She continues to give directions and Kyle follows amazingly.

She gasps as he puts his teeth around her nipple, and slowly pulls up. He flicks the tip almost as if he’s not there. He switches to the other nipple and kisses all over, and starts suckling on it again. Dan leans over and starts sucking on the other nipple.

Angela gasps and her head rolls back.

“Lick her pussy” Troy orders Kyle.

“No, please no!!” Angela screams harder. She tries to kick her legs, but fails. She’s drunk and ends up falling deeper into Troy and Dan’s grasp. Troy pulls up her mini skirt again up to her waist and rips a hole in her soaking wet tights.

“Her pussy is already wet.” Dan remarks “She’s been dreaming about this moment forever.”

Dan and Troy hold her legs wide open as Kyle goes down. She feels his warm breath against her sticky wet pussy. He tentatively pulls his tongue out and licks her glistening clit. He sees her clit quiver in response. He pushes the lips of her pussy open and bring his tongue to her pussy hole and slowly goes up. Tasting each bit of her. He licks up and down her pussy slowly and gently several times, feeling her getting wetter and slicker under his tongue. He explores every fold and corner of her pussy, taking in her sweet citrusy flavor. Kyle couldn’t believe he was sucking his sister’s pussy. He just turned 18 and even though he looked younger than he was, he felt like a man. He swirled his tongue around his sister’s clit and started flicking it with his tongue.

Troy bent his head down and started sucking on her hard tits.

“Ungh” Angela lets out. “Please, oh… pleasee…ungh.. please.. stop..”

Kyle flicks her clit harder at the sound of her voice. He feels like his pants are going to rip against the strain of his hard dick.

“Oh!! Ahh, Oh… Oh…” she moans and sobs at the same time.

Troy pulls Angela up and unzips his pants, pulling out his hard penis. Angela is shocked to see how thick it is compared to her boyfriend’s. Troy puts his hands at the back of her head and pushes her to start sucking him. She wraps her beautiful big lips around his dick and pushes it in as far as she can until she chokes, and pulls out again. She places her tongue at the base of his cock and licks up in quick soft strokes. She kisses the tip and then suctions the tip in her mouth and gently sucks on it. She encircles her tongue around his tip while she continues to suck on it. She swallows the entire dick in her mouth again and pumps hard. Troy closes his eyes in bliss. His sister is giving him the best head of his life. Angela kisses down the base again and starts sucking on his balls while she continues to rub his dick with her small soft hands. Kyle is rubbing up and down the side of her body, amazed at how soft and silky she feels under his touch.

Angela spits out “Enough! I’ve done enough!” and rubs the saliva off her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Oh, but the fun has just started” Dan says. He had disappeared at one point and came back holding a giant bottle of lube and sex toys from inside her drawer.

Dan tosses the bottle to Kyle. “Start rubbing that all over her pussy.”

He takes off his belt and unzips his pants. He pulls Angela over to his dick and makes her start sucking him off too.

“Baby sister” Dan moans, “I know you’re horny. And you’re the one who made me horny even though I should’ve stopped having sex. This is your punishment now.”

As Angela sucks his dick on her knees when she feels a sudden slipperiness added onto her. Kyle’s finger roams around her pussy, mixing in the lube with her juices. His fingers press against her tiny clit and rock back and forth.

“Oh!” She gasps. Kyle feels around her pussy hole, before slowly pushing the barrier and entering.

“Ungghh” She groans at the feeling of Kyle’s finger entering inside her. She’s shocked that her younger brother dared to go in, but can’t help the rush of good feelings that she has. She hears a sound of vibration. Troy kneels behind her, his dick pushed against her lubed up ass, and wraps his arms around her. He pushes the small vibrator in his hand against her clit. Angela’s body jerks at the rush of things going on. She gives long strong passionate strokes with her mouth on Dan’s dick as Troy rubs his cock against her ass and vibrates her clit and Kyle fingers her. Troy sense the overwhelming feeling that Angela has and begins to kiss her shoulders, her neck, and her jaw. He nibbles her ear like her lover and sends butterflies flying across her stomach. And just when she felt like she couldn’t take anymore, Kyle began flicking her nipples again with his tongue.

Angela’s body quivers and shakes. Her nails dig into Dan’s sides as she tries to control kaçak casino herself. She has to remind herself that everything going on is against her will. Her brothers are taking advantage of how drunk she is and raping her. But she feels so good. She feels like she’s flying. Angela is stuck between feeling like she’s in a dream or stuck in a nightmare.

Dan pulls his dick out of his mouth. His dick is throbbing but he doesn’t want to cum just yet. Dan pulls her down on her back and spreads her legs open.

Angela’s eyes go wide in fear as she realizes what’s about to happen.

“Please, Dan, please! I’m your sister. Dan!”

Troy holds her arms up and Dan rips the hole in her tights larger. He rubs his dick at against the top of her clit, back and forth, back and forth. Angela squirms under the touch of his dick against her clit. It feels so good. His dick is slick with her pussy juices and lube. He positions dick at the mouth of her pussy hole and slowly pushes in. Dan’s dick is long and he’s never been fully able to fit his dick whole into a girl, but his dick goes in and in inside of Angela. His full cock is buried inside of Angela. They both moan in shock and pleasure. Dan has always had to be careful while fucking girls, and he can’t believe how perfect Angela fits him. Angela has also never felt as satisfied of full as Dan makes her feel. Her pussy swallows in his full long dick. Dan starts pumping hard inside her, letting his full dick be swallowed by her pussy. Kyle takes the vibrator and starts rubbing it against her clit as Dan continues to pump her hard. “AAAHhh, ooh, aaahhh, oh my god. Oh my god. oohhh ohhhh” Angela screams in pleasure. She bites down her lips to prevent the moans of pleasure from escaping, but she can’t. “Mmmm, mmm, ahh”.

Dan pulls out just in time and cums all over her chest. He switches places with Troy. Troy lays on the ground pulls Angela on top of him. Her pussy is soaking wet and is begging to be entered. She swallows up Troys dick and bounces on him. She then slowly strokes his dick with her pussy. She squeezes his cock with her pussy as she slowly pulls out and then slowly goes back down again. “Fuck, she loves to play games” Dan says.

Angela’s pussy is stretched wide by Troy’s large cock. Her pussy juices and lube help her push and pull her tight pussy against his cock.

Troy pulls Angela down while she strokes his cock with her pussy, and begins suckling on her tits. Kyle rips Angela’s tights around her ass and lubes everything up. He parts her ass cheeks and pushes his dick into her tightest hole.


Both boys take turns going in and out of her petite body. Troy enters, pulls out, and then Kyle enters and pulls out, and so on. Angela’s body is on fire. She’s filled with pleasure and pain.

“This is your dream come true baby sister” Troy whispers in her ear. And with that her body jerks. As the boys push and pull inside her body, the fire grows and grows, and her body shakes and shakes. “Oohhh, oohhh, ohhh, unngg,mmmh, oohhhhhhhhh” she gasps. The pressure builds up in her body until she can’t hold on any longer. “AAAhhhhh” her pussy throbs hard and squirts everywhere in orgasm. “OOHHHH fuckkk” her pussy keeps squirting and throbbing in pleasure. Her body collapses on top of Troy, but the boys aren’t done with her yet. Kyle keeps pumping inside her juicy plump ass until he cums too. Angela feels his thick hot semen shoot inside her ass.

He slowly pulls out and the trickle of his cum mixes in with her lube and pussy juice. Troy pushes her off of him and puts on her back. Her body feels weak and lifeless, but that turns Troy on more. He begins pumping his cock hard inside her pussy. Dan bends down and begins licking her wet clit as Troy lets the soft wet pussy swallow his dick. Her wet juicy pussy is still throbbing on Troy’s dick and Dan can feel her throbbing clit in his mouth. Angela is drunk and exhausted but her body begins to build up a fire again. Kyle pops his tit in her mouth and begins playing with it exactly the way she likes. Angela’s body wakes up and starts building the pressure up inside again. Her eyes roll back and her back arches. Her body is no longer her own. She feels like an animal. Everything feels so amazing.

Every part of her body is being stroked, and licked, and sucked. She’s never felt this amount of overwhelming pleasure at once. Her body can’t take it and she bursts out again. Just as she squirts, Troy pushes his thick cock into her pussy one more time, and bursts as well. His cock was full of cum and he feels it unloading inside of her throbbing pussy. Angela loves the feeling of her brothers hot thick cum entering inside of her. She vaguely remembers that she doesn’t have any protection, but that turns her on. As Troy tries to pull out, she grabs on to him and makes him stay until every last drop has been sucked inside her wet pussy. Her pussy squeezes around his dick as he finally pulls out, trying to get everything. Troy switches places with Dan and Dan begins stroking his long full cock inside her pussy. Everything feels so good and so perfect. Angela falls asleep as Dan continues fucking her. She goes in and out of sleep, seeing Kyle, then Troy, then Dan again, continuing to fuck her. They fill their sister up everywhere with their cum all night. Each of them fills a soft warm hole, and even while she sleeps, her pussy juice keeps flowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20