Birthday Present

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Karen and Gina were best friends practically since birth. Their birthdays were on the same day, so they often celebrated by having one huge party. This year the girls turned 18. They wanted to mark this occasion by doing something they’d never forget. They thought about doing the bungee jumping thing, or maybe a hot air balloon ride, but neither of these really sounded all that good.

“Well we have a week to decide” said Karen, “I’m sure we’ll come up with something by then.”

In the meantime, they decided a trip to the mall was definitely in order. Their parents had given them $1,000 each for their birthdays so they figured they would treat themselves to some new clothes.

“How bout this one?” asked Gina, holding up a short little red dress.

“Oh definitely that one girl, you would look so hot in it” answered Karen immediately.

“Ok, said Gina, let me go try it on”.

As she emerged from the dressing room, Karen could not believe her eyes. Her friend did look hot!!

Karen couldn’t help but notice how the dress hugged Gina’s ass, and showed off her ample cleavage.

“Well, what’s the verdict?” Gina asked, twirling around.

“It’s definitely you girl, you better buy it!!” said Karen.

“Ok then, I will!!” Gina said, smiling. “Let me go change out of it, I’ll be right back.”

“Karen?” Gina said from the dressing room.

“Yes Gina?” she answered.

“This damn zipper’s stuck in the back, will you come here and help me?”she asked.

“Sure” said Karen, laughing.

She stepped inside the small cubicle, standing behind her friend.

“Wow, it’s cramped in here” said Karen.

“Definitely” Gina agreed.

Karen slowly slid the zipper down Gina’s back as it came to a stop just above her ass. She noticed Gina’s perfect skin and sexy back. Her perfume filled the entire cubicle. Before she realized what she was doing, Karen had kissed Gina’s back.

“Oh fuck!!, I’m sorry Gina” Karen said, stepping back.

Gina turned to face her embarrassed friend.

“It’s ok Karen” she said, smiling.

Gina reached over to lock the dressing room door before slowly walking over to the corner where Karen was standing.

“What are you doing Gina?” Karen asked.

“Sssshhhh Karen” she said, placing her finger over Karen’s mouth.

The two girls stood face to face, their hot breath bouncing off each other.

“Kiss me” said Gina.

Karen slowly took Gina’s face into her hands, pulling her lips closer. Their bodies pressed into each other, almost as one, while they stood there kissing.

Gina gently pushed Karen into the wall behind her, rendering her helpless. But Karen didn’t seem to mind as she reached down and slid her fingers inside Gina’s panties.

Now fortunately, for the two girls, the store was not extremely busy today, so there wasn’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri exactly a rush for the fitting rooms. And as luck would have it, these rooms were full stalls, meaning you could not see the person’s feet underneath.

Karen realized that Gina was already quite wet and her pussy was responding to Karen’s fingers. Baring down on them, tightening and releasing, massaging them.

She whispered for Gina to lie on the floor and spread her legs. Her pussy looked so inviting all spread out and wet. Karen wasted no time burying her face into her friend’s box. Gina moaned in extasy as Karen’s mouth raped her pussy, deeper and deeper her tongue sank into the moist folds. Sucking and nibbling her hard clit.

Gina wrapped her legs around Karen’s neck, spreading her legs as far as they would go. Karen couldn’t believe how good pussy tasted, it was so warm, and sweet and the juices were drops of heaven on her tongue. She wanted to eat Gina forever. As she continued to devour her friend’s cunt, Karen got more and more turned on. Sucking and biting with a little more force.

She sank 2 fingers deep into Gina’s asshole, pumping them in and out like a small cock.

“Oooooohhhh” Gina purred, “That feels so fucking good Karen”

Just then, Karen removed her mouth from Gina’s dripping twat.

“What are you doing Karen?!?” Gina asked, surprised.

“Sit on my face Gina and 69 me baby” Karen growled.

Gina wasted no time straddling her best friend’s face while taking Karen’s twat into her own mouth.

Harder and faster Gina bucked her hips, rubbing her big, hard clit on Karen’s tongue.

Karen did the same, almost force feeding her hairy pie to Gina.

Replacing her fingers deep inside Gina’s asshole, Karen continued to pump Gina’s face with her pussy.

Gina returned the favor and crammed 3 fingers deep into Karen’s asshole. She howled as Gina’s fingers fucked her.

Karen locked her legs tightly around Gina’s head, like a vice, forcing her to suck her off.

“Oh god that’s it Gina, suck my clit baby, yeah suck me off!!” Karen pleaded.

Gina could feel Karen’s pussy walls gripping her tongue, she knew she was about to explode and this sent her over the edge.

“Oh fuck Karen, make me cum baby, make me cum for you” Gina groaned, still smearing her pussy all over Karen’s face.

As they rubbed each other’s clits faster and fingered each other’s assholes deeper, the two girls slid over the edge. Both of them cumming at the same time. Each one coating the other’s face with a waterfall of sticky sweet juices. They couldn’t contain their moans as they exploded in an orgasm neither of them had ever quite experienced before.

As the waves began subsiding, the girls stood up. Both dizzy from the monstrous release they had just been a part of. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri They embraced, kissing like starving animals as they sucked their own juices off each other’s lips.

They emerged from the dressing room, one at a time. As they headed to the exit they were stopped by a security guard.

“Excuse me ladies” he said in a deep tone.

“Yes sir?” asked Karen.

“Come with me for a minute, I need to discuss something with you.” he said, pointing to a door that said Security.

The two girls followed the tall man in uniform into a tiny office.

“Shut the door” he said.

“What’s going on?” asked Gina.

“Well I’m gonna break it down for you” he said “Having sex in a public place is against the law.”

Both girls got very red faced and hung their heads down, fearing what was gonna be said next.

“Please sir” said Gina “We didn’t realize anyone was watching and it wasn’t planned”

“Doesn’t matter if it was planned or not” said the guard “But I’ll tell you what I’ll do”

“Ok” said Karen.

“Now this has to stay just between us” he said “No one can find out what I’m about to tell you.”

Both girls nodded in agreement.

“If you let me fuck both of you, I’ll let you walk out of here, no charges” he said.

Their eyes got big as saucers, unable to believe the proposition that was just made.

“Well do we have a deal or not?” he asked.

Karen and Gina looked at each other.

“Ok it’s a deal” said Gina.

“Good” said the guard, beginning to undress. “Lock that door behind you there babe”

Gina turned and locked the door.

“Take off your clothes” he demanded. “I want one of you up the ass and the other in your pussy, I’ll leave it up to you to decide who gets what”

While the girls finished undressing, the guard called on his walky-talky that he was taking his lunch hour and did not want to be disturbed. He clicked it to the off position and layed it on the table.

“Alright, I’ll take you first” he said, pointing to Gina.

She hesitantly walked over to the naked man who was waiting by a table.

“Pussy or ass?” he asked.

“Ass” she answered, knowing Karen had never been fucked anal before.

“Bend over the table then” he ordered her.

With one quick thrust, he was deep in her ass. Pumping her harder then she was prepared for. He was rough, alot rougher then any other man she had ever been with. He grabbed her by the hair and made her talk dirty to him while he raped her over the cold steel table.

Karen watched as her friend’s ass was stretched unmercifully by this stranger. She was somewhat turned on, but also scared because she knew her turn was next.

“Tell me you love it bitch!” he ordered Gina.

“I love it, I love it!!” she moaned.

“Of course you güvenilir bahis şirketleri do bitch” he said, slapping her ass.

“You know I gotta dump my load up your ass, don’t you slut?” he asked.

“Yes!! Yes!!” she cried.

Harder he pumped her, never letting up. He slid his cock half way out only to slam it back in, stretching Gina’s asshole even more.

“FUCK!!!!!!”he yelled “HERE IT CUMS BITCH!!!!”

Gina winced in pain as he unloaded inside her. He yanked her head back one more time, kissing her neck as his cock finished up.

“Get the fuck off me” he ordered, pushing her to the floor.

“Now it’s your turn slut” he said, pointing to Karen.

She leaned over the table, it was so cold and she felt humiliated by having Gina witness this.

The man licked his finger and slid it up and down Karen’s slit, moistening it. Then without hesitation, he stuffed his fat cock so deep in her pussy it shoved her body up the table.

He grabbed her by the hips and forced her back down.

“You ain’t goin no fuckin where till I’m done” he growled.

Karen moaned and groaned as the stranger stretched her pussy.

“Oh yeah, that’s it” he growled. “I love young pussy”

He began pumping her more and more violently.

“Oh god!!!!” she cried out “You’re fuckin hurting me”

“Oh shit bitch!!!” he yelled “I’m cumming”

He held her hips with a death grip as he unloaded inside her. Shot after shot of his cum invaded her pussy.

Finally, he stopped pumping. “Get up” he ordered. “Get your fucking clothes on and get the fuck outta here”

The girls quickly got dressed, they couldn’t wait to get out of there.

“And don’t forget to drive safely” said the guard, laughing hysterically.

Karen and Gina decided not to tell anyone, how could they? So they let it slip from their minds and concentrated on planning their birthday party.

The week passed quickly and their birthdays arrived.

Their friends started arriving, gifts were piled to the ceiling, music was blaring and liquor was almost as abundant as the soft drinks.

Karen and Gina’s parents usually used this day to go out and do something, just the 4 of them so their girls wouldn’t be bothered by having the parental units around. Just as they were about to leave, the doorbell rang.

“I got it” yelled Gina’s mom.

“Gina?” “Karen?” she called out “There’s a package out here for you girls”

“Open it please Mrs. Green” yelled Karen.

It was a large manilla envelope, with the words “Extremely Important” written on the front.

Gina’s mom opened it, it was a videocassette. So Mrs. Green called everyone into the living room to see what was on the tape.

Just as Karen and Gina entered the room, they saw something they never would have expected.

It was the surveillance tape of Gina and Karen in the dressing room, then of the 2 girls fucking the security guard. On the bottom of the screen, written in big, blue letters it read :


“Oh shit!!!!” they both said together.

This had definitely turned out to be a party they’d never forget.

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