Bitch and Bear: The Beginning

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Bear was rolling down Rt 2 toward Lincoln when he saw him– carrying a small backpack, walking tanned and shirtless, in tight jeans and boots. Not hitching, but looking over his shoulder as Bear approached. He pulled to a stop beside him– tall, long-legged, with a tight ass.

“Nice bike.”

“Wanna ride Bitch?”

“I’ll ride– and I love it when you call me Bitch.”

Bitch swung his leg over Bear’s machine, pushed himself tight up against his broad. leather vest clad back, squeezed his strong legs around Bear’s hips, cupped his left hand under his balls, ran his right across Bear’s sweaty chest, and flickered his tongue in his ear.

“I know a place up ahead where we could get off the road, and have a little privacy.”

“Good– I gotta piss anyways.”

“Ooh– I’m so thirsty. Can I have a taste?”

“You dirty Bitch!”

Twenty miles down the road, Bitch saw the familiar turnout coming up. He gave Bear’s full cock-bulge a little squeeze.

“Turn left here.”

As they pulled into the lot, Bear rolled the bike to a stop near the back of the clearing next to an old woods camp.

“You know whose place this is?”

“Yeah, they’re friends of mine.”

Bitch got off as soon as they stopped, and stood there unbuttoning his jeans. bahis firmaları Bear stretched the kinks out of his legs and stepped to the edge of the clearing to piss– unzipping his fly.

“You want some, get some.”

Bitch didn’t hesitate. He dropped to his knees in front of Bear– a smile on his face, and his hands down his pants. Bear let it fly– the first few squirts going in Bitch’s face, but Bitch quickly moved his open mouth into the stream, sighing with pleasure. Bear watched as Bitch struggled to swallow as much of his hot piss as he could– as his flow slowed down, he stuck his cock into Bitch’s mouth, and felt him suck greedily at the dripping head. Bear got hard quick, and Bitch didn’t fuck around– he throated Bear’s dick all the way to his balls, and pushed back as Bear began to pump his cock into his throat– a string of thick drool mixing with the piss running down his chest.

“You like that Bitch?”


“You ready to get fucked?”


“Turn around– stick your ass in the air.”

Bitch pointed his shaved ass at the sky– pulling his jeans and jockies down around his boots. He was wearing several chrome cock rings, and his tool swung from their weight as he fingered some spit into his tight hole. Bear’s cock was kaçak iddaa slippery from Bitch’s throat, so he just shoved it into his offered anus. Bitch moaned and pushed back as Bear’s cock drilled deep inside.

“Feel that Bitch?”

“Make me feel it Baby! Use it all!”

Bear fucked him hard. Grunting as he pounded Bitch’s slutty hole– even stepping on his head with a dusty boot, and pushing Bitch’s face into the piss-wet grass. The whole time Bitch urged him on, panting.

“Fuck me hard! Cock me! Make it yours!”

Bitch milked Bear’s cock with his ass as Bear hammered him dog style. Bear felt himself getting ready to come, and grabbed Bitch’s head and shoved his already shooting cock down his throat. Bitch gagged as Bear came– holding his head and driving Bitch’s face against his hairy gut. He felt Bitch panic as he struggled to accommodate all of Bear’s pumping cock. He pulled out of his mouth and smiled as Bitch coughed with tears in his eyes– a little cum even dripping out of his nose. As soon as he caught his breath he took Bear’s softening cock into his mouth and sucked down as much of his load as he could.

“There– clean me up good”

Bitch licked and sucked Bear’s cock and balls, like a dog. He slurped and smiled up expectantly– his face wet, kaçak bahis and his lips shiny with cum.

“You like that Bitch?”

“I fucking loved it.”

“Where are you heading?”

“No place special.”

“Shit– I can drop you there when I’m done with you. You want to be my fucktoy for a while?”


“You’ll do what you’re told?”


“Your fuck-holes are mine?”


“Say it.”

“I’m your bitch– my dirty fuck-holes belong to you.”

“Get up.”

Bitch stood up with his jeans crumpled around his boots. Bear stepped up to him and pulled out a Buck Knife.

“Don’t get nervous.”

Bear sawed Bitch’s jockeys off with the knife, and threw the ruined cloth at him.

“Wipe yourself off, you’re nasty.”

“Yes I am.”

Bear shoved the backpack into one of his saddlebags while Bitch wiped his piss-soaked body down as best he could with his soiled jockeys. Bear fired up the Harley, and turned toward him.

“Get rid of that rag.”

Bitch wrung filthy jockeys out over his mouth– letting the amber drizzle fall on his tongue. Then he looked right into Bear’s eyes as he swallowed the mouthful. He smiled mischievously.

“Man– I’m going to have so much fun with you, Bitch. Climb on.”

“Where we going?”


“Sounds good to me.”

Bitch buttoned his fly, buckled his belt, swung on behind Bear, then tossed his torn, fouled briefs into the ditch as they roared away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20