Bittersweet Memories Ch. 03

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Now that Cane and I had reached a loose understanding, he led me to the restroom and closed the door so I could do my business. He must know this building because he knew right where it was and before he left he told me to meet him in the office that was next to it.

I was grateful for the moment alone. Sitting on the toilet, I rested my elbows on my knees as I covered my face with my hands and sighed. The case has been compromised. My job has been compromised. And now, my sanity has really been compromised. I had committed so many crimes in this past hour that if I was caught without him, I was fucked.

When I originally signed on to this case, I thought it would be my first class ticket to a promotion and the next rung on the ladder up. I never knew that this convicted felon held the key to the lock inside my soul I had been keeping hidden deep inside. Instead of capturing him and bringing him to justice, I was helping him stay out of the jail he escaped from. But he opened a door inside me that made me feel alive. When he was inside me, I felt so much more than a cop; I felt like a woman.

Through the wall, I heard his muffled voice laughing. He must be on the phone or something. I got up and opened the door a crack to listen to him.

“Yeah, dude. The plan is going better than expected. But I had a little glitch… No, nothing to worry about. Just someone else has been added to the mix… This one will help. Trust me. She’s a cop… Believe me, man. I have her eating out of the palm of my hand. Or in my case, off the tip of my cock.”

Eating out of the palm of his hand? Is that what he thought? I’m not a tool to be used in his trade. I gave him trust to get trust in return and he’s making jokes to some prick on the phone about me. Inside I hoped it was some macho guy ritual that he just talks about girls like that on principle. Inside I knew I was in far over my head. I needed a new plan. Plan A was fucked as soon as he kissed me. Plan B just vomited in my face. Plan C to the rescue.

I washed my face and cleaned up a bit, making myself look as presentable as possible. When I opened the door, I heard the last of the conversation.

“You’re on your way, right? Ok, see you in five.”

Cane hung the phone up and I walked into the office next to the bathroom. It was empty but for a desk, two chairs and the phone sitting on top of the dirty desk. No one had done business in here for years and I wondered at what other kind of nefarious acts have occurred in this room. In Cane’s eyes, I saw he was wondering at how much of the conversation I had heard. I decide to throw him a bone.

“Who is on their way?”

I approached him slowly, bringing the bad girl back to play and I pressed my body into him, leaning into the cradle of his arms. He was resting against the desk and puts his arms around my waist.

“My partner. He has been waiting for my call. He is right down the street at the bar, on his way now.”

“I didn’t know you still worked with a partner.”

I did. It was in his file when I researched him for the case. The team has been causing trouble and committing crimes for years together. Cane and Abel. How biblical. Abel was the brains behind the pair; Cane was the muscle. Together they have stolen upwards of 3.5 million in cash and prizes and done time for some of it in the beginning. They became smarter and contracted out most of their crimes to thugs and dealers now, so when Cane lost his temper and shot one of his minions in a fit of rage, we knew we finally had a charge on him big enough to take down the team. We didn’t count on Abel helping him break out of jail before we could even get the case together. For cops, we should have expected it all.

Purring like a kitten as I rubbed my body against his, I leaned closer and ran my fingers up and down his back. “Can’t wait to meet him.”

He smiled down at me and said, “I bet he can’t wait to meet you either, sugar. You’re just his type.”

Alarm bells rung my ears and I stiffened for a minute. His type? What would that have to do with anything? With my best Precious Moments eyes, I innocently looked to him and said, “What do you mean I’m his type?”

His hands curled around my waist and he pulled me closer, bringing his lips to my ear. “Abel likes good girls with a little bad in them. He especially likes girls with tattoos and an evil smirk in their eye that is just begging for trouble.”

Sliding my hands up his back, I held him by his nape and met his eyes. Did he mean what I think he meant?

“We share everything, baby. Everything. And Abel likes to watch as much as he likes to play.”

Before my panic could set in from his words, the door opens to the office as if on cue and Abel strolled in. The first thing I noticed about him was his smile. Cocky and crooked, he grinned like he had all the answers and all the time in the world to use them. Blond hair was messy and loose on top of his head and pushed to the side. When he turned to casino şirketleri close the door, I noticed it shaved on the sides into a Mohawk. Turning back to meet my eyes, ice blue piercing irises slammed into me and I knew then I was in way over my head.

Abel cracked a smile and sauntered over to us; there really was no other word for it. He walked with a swagger that any cowboy would envy. With an open black button down shirt over a white tee and jeans, as unassuming as a Banana Republic attendant, the only thing that made him appear like a menace was the tattoos covering his arms and the heavy shit-kickers scuffing the floor. He would probably help an old lady across the street on his way to a bank robbery.

“Have I come at a bad time?” he said through his twisted lips as he took in the scene of me and Cane in a tense embrace. I slipped my hands away from him and came to a rapid fire conclusion. Plan C was getting better and better.

“We are just getting started, sugar. You are right on time.”

Abel smiled at me and came closer as I heard a chuckle behind me when Cane watched us meet. But when Abel came close to me, when he met my eyes and the toes of his shoes met my bare feet, I needed to catch my breath. He took my hand and pressed a small kiss to the palm.

“Miss Kiss, I presume?”

The veil of sex kitten was getting thin around him, and for the first time tonite, I felt shy and vulnerable. When I broke the stare and looked down, his finger lifted my chin back up and he said softly so only I could hear, “Something tells me that we are both in too deep to climb out now.”

What the hell was I suppose to do with that?

He must have registered the confusion on my face, and as if flipping a switch, his charm started seeping from his pours. A bit more loudly, he said, “I hope Cane didn’t wear you out, darling, because I am just dying to see what other works of art are hiding under that dress.”

With his confession, something snapped in my head and I had the sudden urge to get on my knees before him and offer myself up as a sacrifice. Women all over town had most likely felt the same way and many of the less morally sound ones most likely gave into that urge. But as a true servant to desire, I waited until I was told.


That word was growled into my ear by Cane, who stood behind me. I felt like I was between two worlds. Behind me was a familiar inferno, a flame that I can just about predict which way the licks will sway and how hot they make me. But in the front I had a glacial mystery, a cool drink of water from an unknown land to quench a thirst I was quite unaware I had. What will happen when water meets fire with me in between? I was foaming at the mouth to find out.

My dress dropped to the floor and with my bra lost on the floor in the warehouse somewhere and my underwear discarded after the last encounter, I stood before the elements in all my naked wonder. Two separate groans, one familiar and one new, met my ears and sent a signal to my pussy to start her engines. Abel looked at me and licked his lips before Cane came from behind and cupped my breasts in his hands. After being thoroughly used twice tonite by the beast behind me, my body was tried and tired but when Abel looked at me like I was the last fuck before his celibacy, my body battened down the hatches and prepared for another wild ride.

I wanted him. That want increased with his gaze and grew more intense with him watching Cane pull at my nipples. That’s right… My tall drink of water likes to watch. I smiled with my newly remembered intel and leaned into Cane’s touch more, moaning at the delight his fingers were bringing me. I stared into Abel’s eyes, telling him that even though Cane was touching me and holding me, I was thinking about him. Wishing it was him. His voice rumbled low in his throat before he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“On the desk, you vixen. Hands and knees.”

Cane’s hands left my chest and I instantly walked to the desk, climbing onto the barren top on my hands and knees. I tossed a look to my left at the men watching me, searching for their approval. As they both approached me and Abel started to remove his shirts, I knew it was exactly what they wanted. I was getting excited at finally feeling Abel’s hands on me, tasting him with my lips and feeling him with my fingers but instead he pulled a chair out and sat to my right, resting his left foot on his right knee.

Before disappointment could settle in, Cane walked up behind me and kissed the small of my back. My spine bowed at the tender touch, sending ripples of goose bumps over my skin. When I looked back at Abel, he was looking at me intently and I pleaded with my eyes for him to join. Reading my thoughts, he smiled, “Soon, vixen. Soon I will let you feel my touch. But I want to know what you look like when you come. I want to see it without any distractions. Can you do that for me?”

I would pull the moon from casino firmalari the sky, hollow it out and serve him chocolate pudding in it if he asked me. But I simply nodded and focused my attention on the sensation of Cane trailing his kisses to my sore puckered hole he used during our first encounter. My ass was slightly sore from his attention but he licked me tenderly and brought every nerve on its end before moving lower and driving his tongue deep into my soaked cunt. I dropped my head and cried out at how good it felt on my sensitive flesh. I heard Abel’s chair move and my head was whipped back up by his hand on my chin. Meeting his fierce gaze, a combination of anger and lust.

“No matter what he does, no matter how good it feels, you keep your eyes on me. Got it? Don’t drop your eyes again. I want to see you.”

Even though the demand was made with a whisper, the venom that dripped from it was clear. He was not a man to be crossed. “Yes, S-” Wait. Stop, do NOT call him Sir. Where did that impulse come from? The impulse to obey and to please?

With his hand still on my chin, his eyebrow raised and he said, “Yes… What?”

I desperately wanted to drop my gaze again, sex kitten was now the shy kitten and between his demand for my submission and Cane’s tongue fucking I was so close to coming that even my fingertips were trembling with being so close. His grip tightened on my chin and he asked me again to finish. He knew what I was about to say and what I was about to do. He wanted that. And I feared if I didn’t answer him, I was never going to be able to climax, he wouldn’t let me.

“Yes, Sir.”

His gaze warmed and his fingers loosened, running up behind my head and tangling in my hair. “Very good, vixen.” He dipped his head and whispered in my ear, “Now cum for your master,” before pulling my hair to whip my head back and plundering my mouth with a demanding kiss at the same time Cane took my clit between his teeth and sucked hard like a piece of candy.

My orgasm has been building and brewing the entire time and with so much delicious stimulation at once, I exploded from the inside out, seeing stars behind my eyes as all my joints buckled so the men had to hold me up to continue their assault.

In a frenzy, I kissed Abel as desperately as I could, wanting to savor his taste and imprint it on my mind. He tasted like a glass of the sweetest brandy you could ever drink; Heady and dark but thick and sweet. At the same time, too much could bring on bad ideas and dark decisions. I hoped at least.

He pulled away from my lips and Cane stepped back. I dropped to my side on the desk to catch my breath and dared to close my eyes to just give myself a minute to readjust to this dimension. All Abel did was give me a command and kiss me and I was detonated instantly. I almost felt afraid for what would happen when he actually fucked me. I felt like I would be set on fire.

Two pairs of hands joined two pairs of lips on a journey over my body and warm breath tickled my ear. “What did I tell you about closing your eyes?”

With the hint of humor in his voice, I was a little desperate to find out if he was teasing me or if he was really angry. I opened my eyes to check and he was smiling at me with lust, humor and dark desire all focused on me. I rolled to my side and smiled.

“I’m sorry but I think I passed out there for a second.” Not a lie.

With his lips trailing over my shoulder, he chuckled and said, “Well then I guess you are forgiven. You just have to make it up to me. Now lay on your back, with your head hanging over the edge.”

I rolled to my back, and followed his orders, my mouth at almost the perfect level to meet the zipper of his jeans with his erection about to rip the seams right open. Abel ran his fingertips over my collarbone and shoulders, moving to hold my head cradled between his strong hands. Cane spread my legs wide and positioned my feet on the corners of the desk and when I thought he was going to dive right in and fuck me, I was met with empty moments.

The zipper opening by my head brought me back to Abel and as he slid his cock from his pants and presented it to me in offering, my mouth watered and my pussy tingled with wants. I had such a need to taste him that without even asking, my mouth opened of its own accord and I patiently waited for him to press inside.

“Atta girl, vixen. You don’t even need to be told, do you? I love a woman who gives as good as she gets.”

A flush ran through my body at his praise. The need to taste his cock was almost as dire as the need for his approval, for his pleasure. I needed to please this man with my last dying breath and with everything I have. Soft delicate touches trickled over my thighs and it was Cane, touching my skin and positioning me better. I met Abel’s eyes as best I could from my position and he looked at Cane, smirking before he took himself in hand and guided his cock between my lips. As I felt the first taste güvenilir casino of a man that was slowly taking charge of my mind, Cane thrust his cock inside my pussy so hard that my body jerked on the desk, forcing more of Abel inside the warm wet cavern of my mouth.

So much stimulation at once, it was overwhelming but I loved it. I loved knowing that I was taking part in pleasing two men; one by running my tongue up and down his shaft to swirl my tongue ring around the crown of his cock, the other I raised my hips to meet his thrusts, tightening the muscles in my cunt when he hit a particularly sweet spot that made me tremble. Abel moved in and out of my mouth at a leisurely pace, not rushing but savoring every sensation my mouth was giving. He held my head steady and made approving noises when Cane started to pant and fuck me harder. I was trembling but wasn’t close to cumming. This wasn’t for me; this was for the men. The beasts used me like a toy before them that they shared and while that should make me feel cheap and used, it didn’t. It made me feel desired and cherished. It made me feel sexy that I could make Abel tremble as he was doing and because Cane to hold onto the desk as his hips took command and brought him closer and closer.

Very abruptly, Abel pulled out of my mouth and took a step back, causing me alarm and Cane to slow his thrusts. Abel was breathing heavily and wiped sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. He met my inquisitive gaze and smiling, said, “The first time I cum in you is gonna be in that sweet pussy, vixen. Not your mouth. Cane, up on the desk. Miss Kiss is going to get her fill of us.”

I have never had two men at the same time. I had only just recently been introduced to anal sex, so the idea of two men inside me at the same time brought a small amount of fear with a large amount of intrigue and arousal. My whole body ached with the need for release, even after the last one just a moment ago. It’s as if my body rebooted itself and came up empty. I needed to cum so fucking bad.

Laughing, Cane helped me sit up and brought me onto his lap. He sat with his feet dangling over the edge and pulled me close to have my back meet his chest. I was no longer in control of my body. I was silent and agreeable, just waiting for the pleasure these two were going to put me through. As Abel walked between my open legs, he took them in his arms, my knees rested in the crook of his elbows. Cane slipped his hand underneath me and slid my juices to my ass, massaging my hole and preparing me for his entry. I was a bit nervous at how it might hurt; I was still a little sore. But knowing my place, I met Abel’s eyes and any nervousness evaporated. I knew he was going to make it all better.

Cane pushed his finger in my ass and when he met no resistance, pressed in another. I let my body feel loose and calm, anticipating these two men. Like a sinking ship, I sent commands to places in my body for the final moment. ‘Send extra fluids!’ ‘Loosen up those holds!’ ‘Extra armor around the heart and soul, we can’t take any chances!’

When I felt the tip of Cane’s pulsing erection prod between my cheeks and Abel resting at the tip of my vagina, I knew it. Here we go, men… Say a prayer.

Then both thrust inside my body at the same moment and all the defenses I built for the moment shattered at my feet. My body tensed and we all froze for a moment to adjust to the feeling. I was a gluttonous little kid with fists full of candy and I wasn’t about to let them go.

Don’t drop your eyes. Don’t look away.

Abel stared intently at me, gauging my emotions and trying to figure out what I was thinking. I slapped my sex kitten smile on my face and started to rock my hips. To that, both men groaned.

This. This was true power.

As if my cockiness flipped a switch in both men, Cane grabbed my hips and then both started thrusting, finding a rhythm where one was inside and one was pulling out. I tried keeping my eyes on Abel but I couldn’t. I was so over stimulated that I couldn’t control anything. My head was lolling back to rest on Cane’s shoulder and my arms came around Abel’s neck, pulling him closer. He took the opportunity to take a drink from my lips and kissed me hotly, still keeping pace with Cane. Sandwiched between my fire and my water, I had ripples of pleasure running through my body with each caress and each thrust into my body. I felt my orgasm building and boiling in my body and reached for it, ready for it spill over the edge but I held back, waiting for one last thing.




“OK, Miss Kiss. Cum for us.”

There it was. I was detonated with a small phrase and I screamed as my body shattered. I cam hard and convulsed around the two cocks in my body, knowing they could feel each ripple and twist of my muscles. They both groaned and moved even faster, as they both raced to their own climaxes. I heard Cane’s telltale signs of cumming as he growled and dug his fingertips deeper into my hips. Cane yelled out loudly and I felt him convulse inside my ass, sending more tiny orgasms to travel through my pelvis. In a whispered plea, I pulled Abel’s head closer to mine and whispered in his ear, “Cum, Abel. Cum for me. Please…”

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