BJ Queen

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There is nothing sexier then watching your wife suck a cock. My wife has always been very oral. She has sucked my cock ever since the first date we had. We had gone to the drive-in theatre and she had my cock out playing with it before the movie started. I had my pants off in the back seat and she was stroking my cock and sucking my balls into her mouth one ball at a time. I was so horny that I couldn’t control myself and blasted a big wad of cum all over the headliner.

She reached up and wiped the cum up with her hand, she then laid back and sucked the white creamy stuff off her fingers. Being as young as we where my cock was standing up again, and she bent over and sucked me off again. We went together for two years and I couldn’t fuck her because she was afraid of getting pregnant. But she was always sucking on my cock.

She said that was the best kind of birth control. I didn’t mine it, she had a very talented tongue and her lips where always swelled up from sucking so much. She was a very kinky girl and she loved to play role models One time she tied me up and shaved my cock and balls, then she when down on me and started sucking and licking on my bald cock, after she sucked my cum into her mouth she came up and placed her lips on my mouth and fed me my cum back, it was my first taste of male cum.

I liked it so much that I went into the bathroom later on that day and jacked off and ate it. I told Cindy what I had done and she got mad as hell at me. She told me that it was like me going out on her. The only way I could get her to calm down was to go down to the adult bookstore canlı bahis and buy a cock cage.

Which she makes me wear all the time now. It doesn’t bother me at all because she loves my sperm so much she is always sucking me off. She shares my cum with me every now and then. She has started sucking and licking on my asshole now. It drive’s me wild when I am up on my hands and knee’s and she has her tongue buried in my ass. Ever once in a while she would slip a finger into my ass. From that time on she started sticking two fingers in my ass, then three. She went to a sex toy party one night and come home with all kinds of sex tools.

I remember the first time she fucked me with a huge dildo. She tongued my ass good and sucked on my swollen balls. She then got out the lube and greased up my hungry asshole at this time she could get half of her hand up my loose ass. My cock was sticking straight out and she placed her open mouth about six inches from the head of my cock when she stuck that dildo in my ass and started massaging my prostate.

I shot three ropes of hot thick cum right into her mouth’ and she hadn’t even touched my cock. That’s when she discovered what you call milking a cock. For the next three weeks she milked my cock three times a day. She had a special harness made for my cock that I didn’t even have to hold it to take a piss. She loved to watch the cum shoot out of my cock and she always had her mouth their sucking up that cum.

It felt good to me too, she’s got one big dildo dong that has a suction cup on it, she will stick it to a wall and I will back up and she bahis siteleri will insert it in to my ass and I will start fucking it until my cock shoots off into her mouth. After three weeks of know body touching my cock she pulled the harness off and gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever had.

She was fist fucking me while she sucked on my balls. She placed a glass over the end of my cock and I started cumming, pumping sperm into the glass. When I quit cumming she licked the head of my cock off. And handed me the glass and told me to drink it down. I swallowed the fresh nectar of my balls.

At this time I couldn’t believe what I was letting Cindy do to me. It was like she was training me for something. She stopped making me wear my cock cage because I swore to her that I wouldn’t masturbate.

Hell’ I couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom and jack off and taste my cum. I was eating it every time I went to the bathroom. She was still sucking me off once or twice a day. She knew something was up because with me masturbating everyday and her sucking me off, my cum was clear water thin and sometimes my cock would just start pumping and nothing came out. “But it feels like heaven”

Then one night Cindy had me in the bedroom, she had me tied up with a couple pairs up her panty hose. She had a butt plug lodged in my ass, and her Venus butterfly strapped to by balls. She slipped a VHS tape into the VCR and their I was jacking off and eating my cum. She had a camera mounted in the bathroom and taped ever time I had jacked off, I had jacked off and tasted my cum 14 times in the last bahis şirketleri five days.

I was embarrassed watching myself in the film. It looked hot and very naughty. Hell one day I was so horny I had a lubed up rubber with me and I slipped it over the end of the plunger and stuck the end of it on the wall and backed up on it and fucked myself. Cindy ask me what this was all about. All I could tell her was that I liked the way cum tasted and it gets me real horny sometimes.

That I was sorry. She reminded me about what happen last time I got caught. She then told me that she loved me and that she could understand how someone could like the taste of cum. She then explained to me that me masturbating all the time was like I was cheating on her. That I was cheating her out of her share of the tasty delight. And then she told me that she wanted more cum to eat and that she had a idea.

She then opened the door and there stood a young stud with a hard cock. Cindy introduced me to Bob and told me that Bob was going to stick his cock in my mouth and feed me a load of cum. Bob walked over to where I was tied up and started rubbing his cock around my lips. Cindy watched and told me that from now on I would be sucking Bob’s cock. She said that will take care of my craving for cum and I will have all of your sweet sperm for myself. She told me that she didn’t want anybody’s cum but mine. It worked out fine She likes to watch me suck Bob off. She always keeps her clothes on and Bob hasn’t even seen her boobs. After me and Bob gets done and he leaves I always go down and suck on Cindy’s pussy. But I still haven’t fucked her YET. Part two of this series is going to be about what happens when two lovers get hooked on cum.

I hope this story made you cum and if it did try tasting it and remember to VOTE and e-mail me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20