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This story contains scenes of non-consensual and reluctant sex. All participants are over 18.


Mitch took the pictures before I even knew he had his phone out.

We were in the locker room at work. I had just come out of the shower and dried off. I opened my locker and was about to take my clothes out and put them on when he started snapping pictures of my naked body.

“Hey, stop it!” I shouted at him.

He just kept taking pictures. I decided the best thing to do was to get dressed so he’d have nothing to take pictures of. When I was mostly covered, I spoke up.

“Alright, delete those pictures.”

Mitch had seemed to lose interest in me and his photography once my private parts were covered.

“How’re you going to make me?”

He was right. He was a heavy-set, muscle-bound bully boy and I was just a small guy. The most athletic thing I did was paint models. Mitch could pulverize me and never break a sweat.

“I don’t have to make you. I’ll report you to Human Resources. I’ll call the police. You’ll lose your job or go to jail.”

“That’s some serious talk right there. Suppose I say that if you call anyone, I’ll make sure these pictures get uploaded and make you and your one-inch cock famous.”

I winced at that. “You wouldn’t take the risk.”

“There’s no risk to me. You won’t call anyone because you know I’ll do it. It’ll never be traced to me. I know how to hide my tracks online.”

“What do you even want pictures of me for?”

“You’re going to find out. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll upload those pictures and everyone will know you’re not a man, just a short-dicked reasonable facsimile.”

I didn’t want to take the chance. What could he possibly want me to do?

“Here, memorize this address.” He held a card out toward me. “I want you there tomorrow night at eight sharp.”

“Why? To do what?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow.”

I knew what would happen if I resisted. It was already hard enough to get a date with my physique. If my small cock became common knowledge on some public website, I’d never get any sex again. Besides, I’d never live down the humiliation.

“Okay, Mitch. I’ll be there.”

“See you then.”

I worried through the evening and all through the next day, but I couldn’t see any way out of it. Mitch was a nasty piece of work all around, and I believed him fully capable of carrying out his threat. I didn’t dare call the police on him for fear of those pictures being posted online.

At seven-fifty p.m., I arrived at the specified address and wondered if I had remembered it wrong. I had expected a house. Instead, the location was an old auditorium. It had been abandoned some years ago and was awaiting demolition.

I got out of my car and tentatively walked over to the main doors. They were locked. I went around to the side and found a big steel door. It was unlocked. I pulled it open and nervously entered the building.

It was pitch black inside. I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight feature. It illuminated a narrow path in front of me. I wondered if I should call out; the big open space of the auditorium was oppressive and it felt wrong to disturb its silence.

But it was almost eight o’clock.

“Mitch?” My voice echoed in the darkness.

“You’re right on time.”

I shone the light around, following his voice. It wasn’t easy with the echo. Eventually, I saw him sitting up near the front of the auditorium.

“What are we doing here?” I walked over to stand by him.

“Don’t take an irate tone with me, boy.”

“Alright, I’m sorry.”

“Better. We’re here because this is where we need to be. Follow me.”

Mitch had a more powerful flashlight than my phone provided. He lit the way and we walked down to the very front of the auditorium. Then we mounted a few steps up to the stage. On the stage were a chair, a spread of gym mats, some portable lights and several video cameras.

Mitch told me to go sit on the chair and I did.

He turned the lights on and I was surprised that there was still power in the abandoned facility. Mitch read my mind.

“I have a generator running in the back.”

Whatever was happening here, it was carefully planned. Mitch took a few minutes repositioning the lights to illuminate the centre of the stage. Then he set up the cameras. They all seemed to focus on the position of the chair.

“Okay,” Mitch said as he finished positioning the last light to his satisfaction. “Now get out of my chair.”

Once more I obeyed.

“Next, take off your clothes.”


“Don’t even think about arguing with me. What are you worried about anyway? I’ve already seen you in your birthday suit, remember? Unless you want the rest of the world to see, you’ll do as I say.”

I was helpless. I didn’t know what else to do, so again I obeyed.

Mitch held his phone up. “Now look into the camera and state your name.”

Reluctantly, I did.

“Do you give full consent to everything that is happening here casino siteleri today with full knowledge that you will be used?”


“I… give my consent.”

What choice did I have? Those pictures would ruin me on the dating scene… and I was barely on that scene now.

“Now come over here and get on your knees in front of me. You’re going to blow me.”

I was stunned. I was ashamed of the photos he had already taken of me, but if I let him make a video of me, I was giving him even more leverage. What would I rather? Blow him or let the girls at work see me naked and be the subject of shame and ridicule?

I couldn’t let that happen, so I didn’t argue. I knew there was no point. I got on my knees in front of him. He unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and let out his one-eyed monster.

“Get to work.”

I didn’t know how to begin. I’d never even had a blowjob before. I had seen lots of porn however, so I called on that experience. I leaned in and took the end of his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the tip, and captured a salty taste of pre-cum on my taste buds.

“Okay, good start. Now, go down on me.”

I had no idea how to do this and feared my gag reflex. All the same, I knew I had to try. I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. He was hitting the back of my throat. I felt a strange shiver in my own cock as if in sympathy with this gigantic prick.

“Watch it with the teeth.”

I quickly figured out that I could hide my teeth behind my lips while I fellated him. I backed off for a moment, then leaned back in and began jerking my head up and down over his cock, massaging it with my tongue.

“Suck it,” Mitch said.

This time as I took his cock in, I began to actually suck it. I formed a vacuum seal with my mouth so that my collapsed cheeks were also rubbing the sides of his dick as I bobbed back and forth over it. I was as proud of myself as I was ashamed.

“Good, keep it up, cocksucker,” Mitch said. “I took one look at your skinny little ass and your baby cock and knew you’d be good for this.”

My small cock, two inches when fully erect, was at full mast. It twitched at Mitch’s abuse.

“Oh, yeah, that feels good. You’re a natural.”

Strangely, after Mitch’s bullying, the compliment, however backhanded, felt good and I unconsciously redoubled my efforts to please him in order to elicit more praise.

“Look up at me, cocksucker.”

I raised my head. He had his phone camera trained on me.

“I didn’t say to stop.”

I returned to my work, looking up at him through the top of my eyes. He recorded me like that for a minute or so.

“Do you like what you’re doing?”

“Ymmmm,” I said without stopping.

“Get off that cock, cocksucker, and answer me clearly.”

“Yes.” I assumed that was what he wanted me to say.

“Yes what?

“Yes, I like what I’m doing.” I wasn’t really sure that I was lying for the camera.

He pushed me back on the cushioned pad on the floor so that I landed face-up, breathless and exposed. I must have been a sight. Pre-cum and saliva had dribbled from my mouth, collecting in gobs on my chin and dripping in long thin strands down over my body. My own pre-cum had likewise hung in threads off my little cock, making my balls shiny and sticky.

“Yes, it looks like you do like it. Mr. Shorty’s standing up. So forget your old name. Your name is Cocksucker now.” He let that sink in. “What’s your name?”

I didn’t hesitate. “Cocksucker.”

“Say it like you’re introducing yourself to the audience. Say it to the cameras. Who are you?”

“My name is Cocksucker.”

“Good, now get back up on your knees and go to town. That cock isn’t sucking itself.”

I did as I was told with an enthusiasm that surprised me. I told myself I was trying to do the best of a bad job so Mitch wouldn’t release his recordings of me. Even as I thought that, I knew he had the leverage on me to keep me at his service forever.

Strangely, even that turned me on. I sucked Mitch as deeply as I could over and over again in an ancient rhythm of erotic need. The part of his cock that I couldn’t get into my mouth, I jacked off with my hand.

At first I resisted the urge to reach down and pleasure my own cock with my hand but when I finally did succumb to that need, Mitch told me not to.

“Concentrate on your work,” he said.

I returned to his cock like I had something to prove. I was consciously beginning to share my cock’s enthusiasm for this labour. I was enjoying the flavour of Mitch’s pre-cum as it slid down my throat. I pumped him and sucked him relentlessly. I heard him start to breathe hard.

Then Mitch said, “Here it comes, Cocksucker!”

His orgasm sent shudders through him and it was hard to stay latched on his dick as he shook. I managed and felt his powerful member pulsing in my mouth as load after load of cum filled my mouth. The salty, slightly bitter taste overwhelmed my taste buds. I couldn’t hold all the jizz nor swallow it fast enough. canlı casino It burst out of the sides of my mouth and coated my cheeks in a slick and silky sheen.

“Alright, Cocksucker. You got the new name, now you’ve had the christening.”

“Now, are we done?” I asked.

“Not even close,” Mitch said, and somehow I wasn’t surprised.

What did surprise me was the sound of applause. First, hidden from me by darkness, then by the glare of the lamps, were people sitting out in the auditorium seats. They were clapping and praising me obscenely, calling me by my new name. Mitch told me to stand up and take a bow. I obeyed.

I could hear shuffling and realized to my dread that the audience was going to join us on stage.

There were six big men. They surrounded me. I was naked and helpless.

“You know the deal,” Mitch said. “Get down on all fours.”

I knelt in the middle of the cushioned pad on the floor. Mitch moved the chair out of the way and adjusted the cameras for this new angle. I had a feeling I knew what was next and I was filled with an odd mix of apprehension and arousal.

I felt lube poured across my asshole.

In the meantime, one of the men positioned himself in front of me so that I could suck his cock. I needed no instructions. I knew what was expected of me and I got started, applying the lessons I learned when I blew Mitch.

I sensed activity behind me. Someone had knelt down and was leaning into my ass. I had never been penetrated before but his erection slid right in. There was a sharp spasm of pain but it slowly receded as the man began fucking me slowly. The man in front of me fucked my face to almost the same rhythm as his friend behind me.

I grunted and groaned, but my noises were absorbed by the flesh and muscle in my mouth.

The task at hand, or rather in my mouth, gave me something to pay attention to while I waited for the pain in my ass to subside. That pain did eventually pass, and I found myself in wonder at the strange new sensation. I began thrusting back to meet the thrusts of the man fucking my ass.

Mitch noticed. “Getting into it, Cocksucker?”

“Ymmm,” I answered.

“Tear yourself away from that cock long enough to look at the camera and answer me. Are you getting into it, Cocksucker?”

I took my mouth off my work but I kept jacking the cock in front of me. I turned my head and looked up at Mitch and his phone camera.

“Yes, I’m into it.” I knew that was what I was expected to say, but it was also true.

“Go back to work,” Mitch said, smiling.

I did. I began working that cock in my mouth with wild abandon and its owner was feeling the effects. After just a few minutes, he cried out in ecstasy and my mouth was again flooded with baby-batter. A fresh coat of semen was applied to my cheeks and I swallowed as much of his sperm as I could.

The man behind me was getting close too. I could tell by the urgency of his thrusts. Then, suddenly, and surprisingly, he withdrew. He slapped my ass and told me to turn over. I obeyed. He yanked my legs up over his shoulders and went back to drilling me. Doggy-style may have felt dirtier, but sensually this position felt even better.

As that man continued to fuck my ass, a new cock hovered over my mouth. A new man had straddled me and was leaning down so he could insert himself in my mouth. I took him in, but at this angle I could hardly move my head up and down, so instead, I remained passive, letting him fuck my face.

My cock was still at full attention, but no one was interested in pleasuring it for me. Straddled as I was, I could not reach down and help myself, but seeing my hands moving in the futile attempt, two more men saw an opportunity.

An instant later, lubricated cocks had filled both my fists and I was pumping them both as best I could manage.

My ass-lover started thrusting urgently again and I knew the end was close. He tensed, cried out and withdrew to come all over my chest and belly. He dripped on my cock. I could feel the hot globs on my skin. Before I knew he was gone, another man was injecting himself into my ass.

Once again, I was in the act of pleasuring four cocks at once. I imagined myself as I must appear, with a cock in each hand, another pumping my mouth and a fourth hammering my ass. To top it all off my face and my body were covered in cum.

Between the stimulation in my ass and the filthy image in my mind’s eye, I couldn’t hold back. I moaned in pleasure and disbelief. My eyes rolled back in my head as my untouched cock began to spew more hot cum on my belly. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me and my satisfaction was only heightened by the fact that my face-fucker had just filled my mouth with his splooge.

Mitch laughed out loud. “I got that on every camera, Cocksucker. The edited video will be spectacular.”

“Ooooohhh,” I moaned, both in pleasure at my experience and in fear of what Mitch now had over me. It was so much more than he started out with. Yet I knew that if he asked me to do this kaçak casino again, I would have to agree without hesitation.

The next two hours continued as we had begun. One dick would leave my ass and another would fill it; a cock would finish in my mouth and another would take its place. My hands were busy most of the time, but both ends of me were in use at all times.

I never saw their faces, only their cocks. I didn’t even see their naked bodies; none of them undressed any farther than unzipping their pants to get their cocks out. The glare of the lights, and later the cum in my eyes, kept me from getting a good look at anyone. I could have been fucked by Mitch and those six men two or even three times each. I lost count of the number of times a cock glazed my abdomen or coated my tonsils.

As for myself, I came twice more, both times, as before, without being touched.

The men zipped up and left. I was alone with Mitch and his cameras. I was ecstatic at the orgasmic experiences I had just had and that left me vulnerable. I rose up out of the puddle of cum that had formed around my outline on the floor.

“Now, I want you to remind our audience that you gave full consent for everything that happened here today.”

“I fully consented to everything that happened here today.” A heavy dewdrop of cum fell off my eyebrow and onto my cheek. A thin strand connected where it fell from to where it landed.

“Say it like you mean it.”

Next, I don’t know what came over me.

“I give consent! I give my irrevocable consent to every real man to take my mouth or my ass anytime, anywhere, forever!” I shouted it at the camera, my little cock twitching in perverse joy at my utter humiliation. “Are you happy?”

“Wow,” Mitch laughed, turning off the camera. “That notice of consent exceeded even my expectations. You really are turned out.”

“I did what you wanted,” I said.

“You sure did. I think it turns out you did what you wanted too.”

“Will you delete the pictures and the video?”

“No, but I’ll keep them private.”

Exhausted, and sore in the ass and jaws, I took him at his word. I just wanted to go home. Mitch had one more task for me. He made me help carry his generator, cameras and lighting equipment back to his car. Then he drove away and left me standing naked and dripping with cum outside the auditorium. Fortunately, it was dark out and there were no houses close by. My humiliation was already complete without being observed in this condition by someone who might call the police on a streaker in their neighbourhood. With difficulty, I made my way in the darkness. I went back inside and tried to make myself presentable using a dusty drop cloth as a towel to wipe myself down. Then I got dressed and drove home.

That night, I slept well. I was tired from my ordeal and relieved of worry by Mitch’s promise to keep the recordings secret.

In the end, of course, Mitch lied.

A few days later, he released a carefully-edited version of the video that hid his and his friends’ faces while my face and my cock were clearly visible in nearly every shot. I gave my name and I gave my consent. He used multiple angles to show me in my most humiliating moments: covered in cum and coming myself without being touched while I had cocks in my mouth, my ass and my hands. Most damning of all was my everlasting consent to the world to own my ass and mouth.

I first knew the video was released when Clark, a co-worker at the factory where I worked, greeted me one morning.

“Hi, Cocksucker.”

I reddened instantly. Who else knew? I suddenly understood why the girls at reception had laughed at me when I came in. I had hoped they were laughing at a private joke, but it turned out to be a very public one.

Clark walked me into a janitor’s room and ordered me to blow him. I did it without hesitation.

Most of the rest of the trouble at work was name-calling and ostracism. There were only a few there that took advantage of me, like Clark had done: Daniel, Jamie, Wade, Terry…

Now that the video was out, I could only hope to contain the damage. Mitch had used an untraceable dummy e-mail account to distribute links to the porn site where he had posted the video. I went to the police and complained, hoping they could make the porn site delete the video. The detective said he would do what he could, but the video had already spread to other sites and had tens of thousands of views.

Then the detective bent me over a table in the interrogation room and came up my ass.

Not everyone who knew about the video wanted me to suck or fuck them. Some were threatening and I was frightened for my life. I went to H.R. to express my concerns and came out of the manager’s office with his cum all over my face.

I quit on the spot. I have just that much dignity.

Now I’m broke and can’t even afford to move somewhere new to start over. Every few days, I run into someone who received Mitch’s link and I end up getting fucked in the face or the ass. I don’t know why, but I can’t say no… not that most of them are asking politely anyway, which just seems to turn me on more.

And such has become my life. I now get more sex than I ever did in my life, but it cost me every last shred of my dignity. Was it worth it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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