blackouted drunk

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You know those nights you get so drunk you back out and you spend the next few days trying to piece it all back together. Well I had one of those nights but I was able to find out real fast what happen and it changed a lot of things in my life from that point on.

Hi my name is Ray and I’m twenty-two years old living at home with my mother Cindy and younger sister Amber. I’m going to community college and living at home to save up the little money I make and so with not a lot of bills I find myself at the local bars like every Friday night. I’ve come to be known by my friends and family as the one that stumbles home after the bar closes and wake up around three the next afternoon. Sometimes I woke to some hung-over bar girl in my bed drooling all over my pillow that I would have to kick out with out anybody seeing her, because they were not the one that I would hook up with if I wasn’t shit faced. It was ok up till last night when I blacked out and woke to something totally different then I normally do.

My mother is a single parent being that my father left some time after my sister Amber was born and as she never remarried and never really had a long term boyfriend. I never really knew if that is what she wanted or not. I never would dream that after a night of drinking with the boys I would wake up to something I never would think would happen.

I was out of it as I woke up and my head was hurting like never before. I thought to myself that I must have drunk everything in the bar by the way I was feeling. I throw the covers to my side and roll out of bed to find myself naked and one of my vibrating cock rings on. I rubbed my eyes to find that I had some girl in my bed under the covers with only her ass and legs showing. She was still wearing a pair of heels and I could see what looked like a dress ripped up the back still on her. I just stared at her ass because of how sexy it looked laying there in my bed. My eight inch cock was rock hard as I decided to get back in and get some more of that ass. I crawled back in and as I moved up behind her I could smell her perfume and how sweet it was. I lined up my cock and felt some leftover cum coming out of her ass. I thought to myself how much of a great fuck she must had been but was bummed that I didn’t remember it. I pushed my cock up her ass and it went in so easily from the fucking I must have giving her.

Still asleep she moaned as I worked my cock in and out of her ass. I could feel my cum from before lubing her asshole as I picked up the paste and fucked her harder. I leaned in and started to kiss the back of her neck as I was ramming my cock in her ass. She awoke and only moaned as I fucked her. She called with a moan and it’s too big for my ass casino oyna and this is when I froze with my cock deep in her ass. She tilted her head as she moved her hair and asked what was wrong. Our eyes met and she knew now what I knew at that point. I was in bed with my own mother and I had my cock in her asshole. My mother tried to get out of the bed but was having trouble with the hang-over she had.

She made it to her feet and I got my first real look at her; her hair was a mess and her dress and ripped in the front too with her D-cup tits spilling out of it. She was holding her ass as I realize that she was feeling the affects of the fucking she received last night. My mother asked what was going on and why was she in my bed. I told her that I didn’t know and the only thing I knew was that I went out last night drinking and woke up this morning naked and her ass hanging off from the covers. My cock got hard again and I crawled back in to find that her ass was leaking cum and my cock slid right in. My mother just looked at me dumb founded as she tried to remember her night, she told me that she went out with the girls and couldn’t remember leaving the bar. The next thing she knew was that she had big cock in her ass and seeing that it was her own son.

I tried to say that I was sorry even though I wasn’t; my mother was sexy for being in her forties. She was about 5’6” 160 lbs had brown hair and a nice set of tits. All my friends growing up would comment on how they would like to fuck her. She had a very young looking face and with her hair cut short in front it framed her face well; so most people who didn’t know us thought that she and Amber were sisters. I was still laying there with my hard cock sticking up in the air and my mother stood in front of me half naked. She was so lost in thought and trying to find the words that she still had her tits out and I could see a thick bush of brown public hair.

I told my mother to come sit next to me as I sat up in the bed. I covered myself with the sheet and handed her the robe off the floor so she could cover up. She sat down and I told her that it was ok and that nobody would know that in a very drunken state we some how fucked. My mother turned to me and was crying at this point and I put my arm around her and pulled her in and told her that it would be alright. Through the tears my mother told me that her tears are not all from what they did but mostly from the pain in her ass. She told me that she hadn’t done anal since her college days and never been with someone that had that big of a dick. We could both see that my cock was still hard and tenting the sheet over it. I told her that I didn’t know I was doing it and that I think in my drunkenness I fucked her canlı casino so hard because every girl I been with never really let me fuck them in the ass. I told her that I would start to push it in and they would change their minds about it and stop me. My mother told me it’s because it’s so big and if she was them she would stop it too.

The tears my mother had were drying up and her eyes were locked on my cock under the sheet. The sound of her voice change as she asked what if we weren’t drunk and we started to do it. I think it was because I haven’t seen my mother with another man in months for the reason she was asking but I told her I don’t know. My mother next placed her hand on my cock from on top of the sheet and grabbed hold of my cock; all she said was wow as she started to stroke it through the covers. I didn’t do anything to stop her just let her stroke my cock up and down. She told me how big and thick it was and that she has never been with a guy with a dick this big. My mother pulled the sheet back to reveal my cock and hairless balls still with the cock ring around them. I never knew why but I always loved the feeling of the tight ring around my cock and balls pushing on them.

The look in my mother’s eye was one that I never seen before as she continued to jerk my cock and now play with the balls. She asked what was with the cock ring and I told her that I like the feeling as I fucked and with that my mother lightly slapped my balls and said so you like it rough. I didn’t want her to stop but I had to make sure that she knew what was happening. I asked her if we should be doing this and that’s when my mother stopped and said I was right. She let go of my cock and got up to walk out of the room. I could see by the way she was walking that her ass was still in pain and she was holding it.

My mother left my room and headed it your room and into the bathroom. I sat there in my room with still a hard cock thinking of what I should do. I was so horny and the only person I wanted was the one that made me this way. I got up not even trying to cover myself and went out into the hallway. I looked into my sister’s room to see that she had already left for work and I made my way down to my mother’s bathroom. I opened the door and call out to her; there my mother opened the glass door to the shower and I saw her standing there in a small room filled with stream with water running down her body. It was the sexiest thing I ever seen and I didn’t say another word.

I walked up to the shower and grabbed her face with my hands. I brought her in and started to kiss her so deeply her lips were the softest I ever felt. My tongue probed her mouth and she met me with her tongue. My mother’s hand ran down my chest kaçak casino and grabbed hold of my cock she started to moan through the kissing as she jerked my long cock press her body up against mine. I couldn’t take it any longer and I turned my mother around and pushed her hard up against the wall. I lined my cock up with her ass and as I started to push it in my mother brought a hand back and tried to get me to stop telling me that it’s too big for her ass. This made me want to fuck her harder and I pushed it all the way in and my mother let out a scream while I pulled it out and rammed it back in.

I was sucking on her neck as I fucked her ass as hard as I could and with the hot water running down our bodies the cracking of my hips on her ass as I fucked her got louder and louder. My mother’s whole body was pushed up against the wall as I continued to fuck her ass with my big cock. My mother started to moan more than wine as I pounded away in her ass. I lifted her leg up onto the sit and drive it my cock into her deep; I don’t know what came over me but I was like a animal in heat fucking my mother as hard as I could. With the hot water running down our bodies washing the sweat from us I fucked my mother harder then I ever fucked some one.

My mother was on her third or fourth orgasm when I felt my own building in my balls. When I felt that I was about to cum I pulled from my mother’s ass and turned her around. It was happening so fast my mother didn’t have time to react as I pushed her to her knees and drove my cock deep in her throat. I blew the biggest load of my life that cause my mother to gag as the cum shot straight pass her mouth and right into her throat. I looked down to see a lot of my cum coming out the sides of her mouth as she tried to swallow as much as she could.

When I was done I pulled my cock from her mouth and opened the door to the shower and left with my mother still on her knees. I grabbed a towel and headed back to my room.

I didn’t see my mother again till later that night and she was walking even funnier then before. Amber came home from work bring pizza with her and we ate in the living room watching a movie. My mother sat over next to Amber on the couch and I on the chair. Later after the movie and after I my mother headed off to bed my sister stopped me in the kitchen and asked me how was the “bar rat” last night that I was fucking her brains out. I asked how did she know and Amber told me that she could her screaming and moaning as the two of us fucked. She also said how she was surprise that I didn’t wake mom at how load we were fucking and the girl moaning about how big my member was in her tight asshole. I said “good thing” and headed to bed for the night.

As I was pulling the sheet back off my pillow I saw a little note that read “my ass still hurts but I NEED that big cock of yours back in it, Love Mom”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20