BluBalls for Kitty’s BootBoy Ch. 07

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I was teasing my BootBoy in my slutty pink outfit; this look was so girly and feminine in appearance, but the ball-busting behavior on my part was quite contrary to the visual image I was presenting! And I had just discovered the thrill of one specific role play technique I was instantly beginning to enjoy – ordering him to touch my boots but not letting him, then questioning him about why he isn’t doing it. This kind of mind game is a simply delicious part of prick teasing, and I intended on exploring it in great detail!

It’s so much fun to coax a guy to make advances on me like that, then reject him, and then play dumb and ask why he’s not doing as he’s told…and on the night I seduced my BootBoy I was just discovering the joy of this little mind game and beginning to incorporate it into that night’s kinky little activities! But mind you, this was not done as a deception, it was openly discussed and was done very much with his participation and cooperation. This was a consensual teasing game…

But I had decided to allow him a little indulgence, so after teasing and denying him for a while, I plopped my sexy ass down on the couch and offered my shiny pink boot to him, giving him the spiked high heel he had been begging for, and he was really enjoying fondling it with his hands as I watched intently.

He continued to tend to my sexy boot, and I allowed his attention, noticing how he kept focusing on the bottom of it, rubbing all around my foot with one hand while the other toyed with the spike heel. I knew he was waiting for my permission to do more, and I smiled at him, toying with the idea of exactly when to encourage him to proceed a little up my leg.

I was considering allowing him some slow advances, but instead I pulled the boot away abruptly and repeated the showoff tease and deny game with the other boot. The show lasted a little longer this time as I held the boot up above him, just out of reach, and the rejection continued longer too as I gyrated my foot round and round above his face. He was mesmerized, much to my delight, and he just looked up at it, waiting patiently for me to give it to him.

And the verbal confronting began! “Do you want to touch this boot too?” My tone was smooth and sweet, but also assertive with a bit of aggression…

“Oh yes, YES! Please let me touch it! That felt sooo good to touch the other one, please, PLEASE!”

“My, my,” I said gleefully, “you know, BootBoy, that word you just said is one that I just love to hear! You like saying please to me?”


“Very good! Well, here’s what we’re going to do. When you want me to give you something, that’s the word I expect to hear from you, and if you say it just right, over and over, well, maybe I just might give you what you want! Okay??”

“Yes, Kitty!”

“Now say it again!”


“Please, what??”

“Please let me touch your other boot!”

“Hmmmm…I don’t know…you were doing very naughty things to the other one, touching it all over, and you seem to really LOVE touching the high heel, don’t you!”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I love to touch the high heel! Please let me have it!!”

I showed it to him, lifting it up high and slowly bringing it down right in front of his face. I knew he wanted to kiss it and lick it, but that wasn’t something he was going to receive for a little while. “Awwww, is this sexy high heel what you want?”

“Yes, please!”

“Very good. I suppose you have earned it now. But now you know how I want you to beg me for things…do you promise to beg for Kitty’s boots and be a good little BootBoy??”


“Well, okay…there you go!”

Again I lowered my boot down so he could get it, and his hands trembled as he began to caress it lovingly. His desire was obviously heightened and intensified by my longer period of denial before giving him what he wanted this time, and I observed him carefully as he fumbled over my boot. Again his fingers focused mainly on the slutty spike heel, and I enjoyed the idea of this immensely, as there is no part of a shoe that is more erotic and powerful…

So I allowed his indulgence for a minute or two longer before coming up with a little idea. I grinned down at him as he continued to fondle my boot and heel lovingly, and then I simply pulled it away from him.

“Please!” He practically shouted as he watched it being removed from his realm, “please let me have it, please don’t take it away!!”

I had to stifle a laugh casino siteleri at his desperation. “Well, okay, here it is! Come and get it!!”

He reached out for it, but I pulled it away some more, and at the same time I moved the other boot toward him, attracting his attention to that one instead. When he reached for that one, I pulled it away and moved the other one toward him. Over and over, back and forth, I teased and denied him, and in no time at all I had him going out of his mind as he desperately tried in vain to touch my sexy boots.

“Awwwww, pooooor baaaaby!” I said tauntingly as the wicked game proceeded, “my poor little BootBoy just wants to touch my boots some more, doesn’t he!”


“Well, what do you say?? Did you forget already?”


“Please what?”

“Please Kitty, please let me have them!!”

“Them what? What is it that you want, sweetie?”

“Your boots!”

“What about them?”


“Please what?”

We were going round and round in verbal circles now, and I was learning that the more excited and aroused he got, the more confused and unable to control himself he became. It was deliciously easy to toy with him in this state, to play with his mind and lead him round and round in circles before letting him have what he wanted. Or not!

If I so desired, I could explore this little game in exquisite detail, and I could be completely cruel and even a little sadistic if I wanted to, denying him fully, never giving him even a little bit of his boot-desires. But I usually don’t play that way…although I’ve found that I do enjoy teasing and denying my submissive lovers quite extensively for a certain period of time, but after that I also enjoy them granting certain sexual favors…sometimes.

It’s so exciting to watch them eat up every little morsel of the gifts of pleasure I impart to them, after offering and withholding things from them so deliciously!

And as I had already observed, in the case of my BootBoy this night I had realized that giving him something and then taking it away was much better than never giving him any at all. It was the indulgence of being given what he wanted that really excited him, and then, to have it taken away from him was incredibly erotic and sexually exciting!

At this point I decided to ease up on him after discovering how this little game could be nice and sweet or wicked and cruel, and I gave my boots back to him and said sweetly, “Okay, BootBoy, here you go!”

I immediately presented him with both boots this time, and he reached out to touch them, and I allowed it momentarily before pulling both away. The look on his face was priceless as I denied him again, but after letting him absorb the feeling or rejection for a moment, I gave them back and let him have them for real this time.

Both of his hands trembled as he fumbled nervously at my feet, with both of my boots now within his grasp he didn’t seem to know what to do with them. I sensed the conflict and confusion caused by my teasing and his subsequent arousal, and proceeded to pursue more of the verbal taunting I was starting to enjoy so thoroughly…

“Hmmmmm…so you like touching them, do you?”


“And that’s not all you want to do, is it?”

“No, Mistress!”

“What else do you want??”

“I wanna kiss them!”

“Well…I don’t know…that’s very naughty, BootBoy!”


“Okay! Go ahead!!”

I allowed him to touch them, but I simply pulled them away when he tried to kiss them. Mmmm…this little mind game was so deliciously kinky! I let him hold the boot in his hands, and he could caress it all over, moving his hands around the back to fondle the spike heels with his fingers, but if he reached out with his mouth, I’d deny him with a playful giggle.

This quickly became VERY erotic for both of us, and his desire intensified, due to being so close and intimate with such sexy boots. And he really seemed to enjoy having me toy with him like that, letting me choose whether or not to allow certain more erotic indulgences.

“Please, Mistress!”


“Please let me kiss them!”

“I told you you could, now what are you waiting for???” Oooo, the mind fuck!

I offered them to him, moving them to within inches of his mouth, but as he tried to kiss them I pulled them away.

“Come on!” I said with a bit of a challenging tone, “Come and get them!”

“But…you keep taking them away!”

“Yes, canlı casino I do, don’t I!” I smiled as I looked down at him, openly confronting him about the fact that not only was I denying him, but I was doing it on purpose!

God, this was so fucking kinky! I was brazenly and blatantly teasing and denying him now, ordering him to kiss them and lick them, but then preventing him from doing it at the same time, and to make matters worse, confronting him about how I was doing it on intentionally! Being in his mind like that was a deeply stimulating activity, and I was really getting off on it…

And the best part was that there was simply nothing he could do about it, nothing except play along and just hope that I would eventually show mercy on him and let him have what he wanted. I knew I was going to do that sooner or later, I’m not sure if he knew it, but that was the fun of it!

I quickly noticed that he kept trying to cradle the boot in his hands so he could kiss it, and I kept letting it fall into his palms for a moment before yanking it away as he tried to lift it to his lips. This gave me a new idea and I ordered him to put his hands at his sides.

I then lifted the boot up to his face and told him to kiss it. He reached out, pouting his lips, and I let him plant a soft kiss on the very tip of the pointy boot-toe. He moaned with pleasure as I finally gave him just a little bit of what he had been begging for, but it immediately became obvious that his enjoyment would be fleeting as I pulled it away again.

“There! That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it!”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you!”

I held it up again, right near his lips, but slowly moved it away as he leaned toward it. With him on his knees in front of me and his hands at his sides, he could only move a little bit without losing his balance, and I took full advantage of that as I started to toy with him, holding up my boot-toe and letting him come after it. But try as he might, there was simply no way for him to kiss them if I didn’t allow it…and I wasn’t ready to allow it again…not yet at least!

As I continued to torment him like that with one boot, my other one lifted up to his crotch and began stroking up and down against his obvious bulge. His whole body twitched as I touched him there for the very first time, and he had this surprised look on his face as my sexual teasing suddenly went to the next level.

This served to distract him nicely from the matter at hand, and he paused his attempt to kiss my other boot as the teasing overwhelmed him.

“What’s wrong, BootBoy? You seem distracted!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Awwwww…now I don’t know what could possibly be distracting you! What is it??”

My boot continued to caress the length of his erect cock through his pants as I talked to him in a girlish, sweet-talking voice…and he moaned as I continued to tease him…

“Oh, god, Kitty, that feels good!”

“What does, BootBoy?”

“The way you’re teasing me with your boot!”

“Me?? Teasing you with my boot?”

There it was again, that whole “playing dumb” thing…I was really starting to enjoy it, and I pushed my boot up against his cock now, pushing it into him and then starting to rub it round and round on his erection inside his pants as I continued to sweet talk him innocently…

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Teasing you with my boot? Does that sound like something I would do??”

I pulled my boot away from his crotch and his eyes rolled up into his brain as his entire body froze in place, the sensation of my teasing and denial sinking in slowly. The granting of a moment of sexual pleasure seemed served to inspire him and sealed his obedience to my little games even more.

But soon he snapped out of it, and I allowed him to cradle the bottom of one sexy boot in his hand and then slowly let him pull it to his mouth. He planted a soft kiss right on the tip of the toe of my sexy boot, and I grinned as I watched him indulge himself. Another kiss was planted in the same place, and then more kisses began to be applied, moving slowly around the boot on either side.

“Thank you, Mistress!” he panted, in between planting one adoring kiss after another on my fabulous boot-toes.

I giggled and cooed, “You’re welcome, baby! Awwww, what a good little BootBoy you are! Look at you, kissing your Mistress’ boots like that!” He continued to hold my boot in his hands, kissing it, and then he stuck out his tongue and attempted to lick it, kaçak casino but I yanked it away.

“Ah-ah-ah…what do you think you’re doing?”

I gave my other boot to him, stating flatly, “Kisses only, BootBoy! No lickies yet!!”

He glanced up at me with a forlorn look on his face, and I gazed back at him, drunk with the continually growing feeling of power and control I was exerting over him. Only certain very specific things were being allowed, with everything else being withheld until I was damn good and ready to grant it…

He gently cradled my other boot and began kissing it softly, keeping his mouth closed, obeying my instruction not to lick it. But I couldn’t resist confronting him about that kinky need of his to lick them…

“So, BootBoy wants to LICK my boots too, does he?”


“And did I say you could do that?”

“No…you didn’t…but…but…”

“But nothing! You will do what I say, when I say it, and nothing else! Got it??”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Now keep kissing my boots! And if I don’t like the way you kiss them, I will take them away from you!”


“YES! Here, let me show you!”

I pulled my boot away from his mouth, yanking it out of his hands, and simply stood up and looked down at him, posing for him with my hands on my hips in a display of complete feminine power.

“You ARE my BootBoy now, aren’t you?”


“Say it!!”

“I’m your BootBoy!”

“And my BootBoy will do what I say, won’t he?”


I began pacing back and forth in front of him again, and he stared at the bottom of my sexy boots, right where he had been kissing them. The whole act of giving them to him and taking them away was having just the right effect…he wanted them, he couldn’t take his eyes of them, they were right there, right in front of his face, but he couldn’t have them unless I decided to let him. How simply wonderful!!

I couldn’t believe how fantastic the feeling was, having him right where I wanted him like that. He was so aroused, so attracted to me, so entranced with my boots and the way I was turning the whole situation into an erotic little game that could be slowly explored and indulged by both of us!

And I knew, right then, without question…that he was MINE to tease and toy with. I had already enslaved him with my boots, and I could give them to him, or I could deny him fully, it was up to me, and only me.

I smiled knowingly and pointed down at my sexy boots, ordering him to come and get them, and told him I was going to let him kiss them some more…and maybe then I might even let him lick them! He crawled after me in a frenzy of excitement and energy, and I was shocked at how fast he managed to move as the objects of his desire were presented so beautifully for him as I attracted him to me.

But still, it was quite easy to simply back away from him, right at the last moment as he reached down with his face to try to kiss them, and I laughed out loud at his futile attempts to obtain them for his enjoyment. I tormented him some more, encouraging him to come and get them and demanding to know why he wasn’t kissing them the way I had asked…this little mind-fuck I had discovered was becoming quite diabolical, and I was getting off on it to no end.

Finally, I threatened to take them away from him forever if he didn’t kiss them right then and there, and I stopped moving and just stood there, allowing him to bend over and plant feverish kisses on the toes of both boots! I couldn’t believe how intense his actions were at that point…all this teasing was really bringing out his submissive nature, and I could barely contain my excitement at how well this whole evening was proceeding.

But there was much more to come, and it was just about time for a wardrobe change. So, after several more minutes of slobbering kisses on my boot-toes, I ordered him to stay right there until I summoned him, instructing him that I was going to change into my next little selection of outfits and that I was going to pick a new, even hotter pair of boots for him to worship. He didn’t know it yet, but this outfit and boots were going to be red…red-hot, that is, and I was going to lead him even further along into his enslavement using them…

He moaned loudly as I openly stated that the next phase of tonight’s little boot games was about to begin…

I didn’t even look at him as I spun around on my heels and marched out of the room, leaving him to fantasize about everything that had happened so far, letting him ponder all the delicious little indulges that awaited him as I continued to ensnare him in my web of love for each and every pair of my slutty, thigh high, spike heeled boots!!

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