Bob and David Become Butt Buddies

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It was a Sunday morning. Bob and David had just woken up from their house. It was time to detassel.

David says, “What is detasseling?”

Bob says, “It’s where we pick corn.”

So, David and Bob arrived at the corn field. A man had approached them and said, “Bob did you forget your overalls. YOU ARE FIRED! I told you all in an email to bring them!”

David says, “We can share my overalls.”

Bob says, “Really? Won’t we be really squished?”

The man sighed, “Fine you two can share. But you have to have them on for the whole 8 hours! If you don’t I could get sued.”

So, Bob and David put on the overalls. They were standing back to back or ass to ass in them. They were so squished because they are both really fat. So their ass cheeks were so pressed together as well as their backs.

David asks Bob, “Is it fine if I take off my jeans and my boxers and get into your jeans and boxers so we have more room in the overalls?”

Bob says, “Okaaay, suure.”

So, David took them off casino oyna and got into Bob’s jeans and boxers. David had said it would give them more room, but obviously it made them even more squished together.

Bob says, “Were kind of squished, especially our asses. I guess you can say we are butt buddies!”

David says, “Yeah haha, our butts are pretty much the same size. We sure are going to be grabbing ass all day!”

So, after about an hour, David had started to scratch his ass.

Bob says, “What are you doing?”

David says, “Just scratching my ass, it’s really itchy.” So they stopped working for 10 minutes waiting until he was done. When in reality he was trying to tie his ass hairs to Bob’s ass hairs.

Bob says “Are you done scratching yourself?”

David says, “Almost”. David was starting to get so hard because he was almost done tying all of the hair on the asses. When he finally got done he said “Okay, we can start working again.” He couldn’t believe Bob didn’t notice what he was doing. canlı casino

Every time they bent down to pick the corn now, they could both feel a tug. Almost like a tug of war.

Bob says, “Why do I feel a tug.”

David says, “It’s nothing.”

David was feeling so excited and was getting so hard at every tug he felt. He wanted these moments to last forever.

David had stuck his hand in their overalls again and made it so their butts were even closer than before. He had spread his ass cheek, and asked Bob, “Could you spread your ass cheek. I think I see what’s tugging.”

Bob says, “Okay?”

And so David put his cheek inside Bob’s ass. And Bob’s cheek fell into David’s ass. So now they each had a cheek inside one another’s asses. David says, “Oh I think I fixed the tug.”

Bob didn’t look behind him at all and about a minute later said, “Why does it feel like my ass cheek is inside your ass and your ass cheek is inside my ass.”

David said, “Oh, it’s just the sweat of our asses. kaçak casino That’s all it is.”

David was getting so aroused. It felt so incredible to him!

At the end of the 8 hours, Bob said, “Okay, let’s take off these overalls now. I think our butts have been close enough! As well as stuck enough for a day!”

David says, “I’m too lazy. Let’s do it when we get home.”

Bob says, “Fine.”

But they did take their asses out of each other but their ass hairs were still tied together.

On their way home in the subway, Bob says, “I still feel a tug.” He looks down into the overalls and see all their ass hairs tied together. “Did you do this?”

David says “It was probably our asses being together for so long, that caused them to tie together.”

Bob says, “Okay.”

So, when they got home, they untied their ass hairs. And put on their pajamas for bed. David asks Bob, “So, my pajamas are in the laundry, could we share.”

Bob says, “Haven’t we had enough of being ass to ass for one day? Fine get over here.”

So David got into Bob’s pajamas. And once again their asses were so squished together as well as their backs. They laid in bed and went to sleep. David couldn’t wait until the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20