Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 01

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To the gentle reader: The tale of these characters is told in a series of stories, which you can find in my Literotica profile-(a) We’re All Friends Here Right?, (b) April Rain, May Blossoms, (c) The Seduction of Sara, and (d) Bonfire Fairytales. Each installment can stand alone, but dedicated readers should find prior acquaintance with the characters to be rewarding.

* * * PART I (in Sara’s voice) * * *

The late-summer sun beat heavily upon the elaborate gardens behind the house. The last flowers of summer were in full bloom, and their colors popped in the brilliance of the morning glow. Walking out from the house, a sea of green washed over my eyes. My sight was dazzled by blue sage blossoms as my pupils adjusted to the bright sun of the new day. Gradually, the purple spires of anise came into focus, and as I wandered along the brick paths toward the pool, my eyes could at last attend to the soft pink impatiens that lined the neatly-trimmed walkways.

Inhaling the gentle scents of the garden, I was grateful to be house-sitting on such a beautiful weekend. The homeowners were old friends, and while it was a pity that they couldn’t be home to enjoy one of the last fine weekends of summer, I was quite glad to have the opportunity to invite over my newest friends: Julie, Drew, Lily and Steve. I had been waiting anxiously for their arrival, but my anxiety seemed to melt away on the sun-baked bricks of the garden path.

Bare-footed, I trod along the bricks that lead through the densely-planted yard. In the center, there was an oval pool that opened up to the sky and a patio that surrounded a great, brick bonfire pit. Jutting from the fireplace was a large semi-circle of brick that served as a table, and it was surrounded by several chairs and chaise-lounges. The setting was idyllic. To be able to spend the weekend here with my friends was more than enough compensation for sitting the house.

As I approached the pool in my small, lime-green t-shirt and cut-off denim shorts, I had an urge to strip down to my bathing suit and take a dive. Holding off until my friend’s arrived, I just dipped just my toes into the water. It was gloriously warm, having absorbed months and months of the summer sun. As I traced swirls in the water with my toes, I heard the doorbell ring.

My toes recoiled from the water as my anxiety returned. Calming myself with a deep breath, I called out, “Come around to the back!”

I dashed to the side of the yard, pushed open the rot-iron gate, and waited excitedly for them to make their away around the house. From around the corner, I caught sight of Drew leading the way. His face lit up with a smile as he saw me, and my insides turned to mush. His girlfriend Julie followed, with Lily and Steve shortly after. I was overjoyed to see them all again!

“Sara!” Julie called out as she approached, throwing her arms around me. For as long as I had known her, I had felt a certain safety in Julie, and as our bodies embraced, my anxiety began to subside. I invited everyone through the gate, and I was met with more welcoming hugs.

“I’m so happy all of you could come out to keep me company today! You won’t be disappointed. The house is beautiful!” I said.

“Well, it looks amazing from the outside,” Steve replied, looking around the property.

“Wait ’til you see the backyard,” I said, inviting them to follow me down the path.

They were as taken as I had been with the beauty of the gardens. As the center of the yard came into view, the subdued opulence of the pool and its surroundings brought forth gasps of awe.

“What an amazing place to spend the weekend!” Lily exclaimed.

“Yeah, I’m really lucky to have such generous friends,” I replied.

“So are we!” Drew added.

“Well, you’re quite welcome,” I said, pleased by his gratitude. “What fun would it be to spend a weekend all alone in a place like this?! Having all of you here will make for a much better time!” I added, with secret hopes. “Well, make yourselves comfortable. The water is nice and warm, and we can get in some good sun before lunch.”

“Sounds great,” Drew said, setting down his bags near one of the chaise-lounges. As he stood up, he peeled off his t-shirt. I couldn’t help but gawk at his chiseled abs and the tight muscles that padded out the contours of his chest, shoulders and arms.

He looked around the yard as he stripped down, pretending not to notice that I was watching. As he popped open the buttons of his tan shorts, a flash of heat erupted through my face. Memories rushed through my mind of the time that Drew had quite unintentionally given me a peek of what was inside his pants! Of course, this time he revealed only a pair of navy/orange swim trunks.

“The water’s perfect!” Drew called out after diving promptly into the pool. He shook the water from his dark brown hair with his characteristic sexiness.

I was distracted only by the sight of Steve beginning to disrobe as well. I kept one eye on him as Julie, Lily casino oyna and I started to turn some chaise lounges toward the sun. His body was every bit as nice as Drew’s, but with a burlier physique. I traced every last bulge with my eyes. What fun it would be to have these gorgeous boys before my eyes for the rest of the day!

* * * PART II (in Drew’s voice) * * *

Steve dove into the pool along with me, and the two of us swam while Julie, Lily and Sara set up their chaises. The sky was perfectly clear, and I could feel the warmth of the sun beating through the water. After a few laps, I rested on the edge of the pool. From across the water, I watched with interest as the girls prepare to sunbathe.

Lily peeled off her tank-top, revealing a halter-top bikini colored with bright red and yellow Hawaiian florals. Her bronze, Hawaiian skin glowed in the sun, from the pushed-up cleavage of her breasts down to the tight knots of her stomach. As she bent over to drop her shorts, I stole a glance at the cute cheeks that peeked out from the tiny, swimsuit boyshorts that hugged her hips. “Are you going to take a dip before you lay-out?” Steve asked her, interrupting my daydream.

“Sure,” Lily answered, coming over to the edge of the pool. Her long, black hair cascaded over her bare shoulders, and after twisting it behind her neck, she took a long, arcing dive into the water.

“Ohhh,” Lily moaned. “It is so nice in here! You should really come in and swim for a while,” she told Julie and Sara.

Julie walked up to the edge of the pool, still in her clothes. Dipping her toes in the water, she replied, “Oh wow, that does feel nice.”

Making up her mind to jump in, Julie quickly threw off her clothes. As always, she looked incredibly sexy in a bikini! Her body was smoking hot, and she wasn’t afraid to show it off. She wore a black, string bikini top with triangular cups that snugly fit over her sizable breasts. It showed an immodest amount of cleavage, but given our history with everyone present, Julie had little cause for modesty. Her low-cut, black bikini bottom provided equally minimal coverage, tied at the sides of her hips with only thin strings. Julie stretched her arms above her head, bending her tanned body into the sun. It was amusing to watch my girlfriend offer her scantily-clad body as eye candy to everyone present, knowing that it gave her a secret thrill.

After checking to see that her uncontainable curves were properly tucked into the tiny bathing suit, Julie sprang into the refreshing water. Watching Lily and Julie strip down to their tiny bikinis had started to get made a little hot, so I decided to slip back into the pool to disguise any bulges.

I reclined against the side of the pool, watching Sara continue to play hostess and set up patio chairs for the rest of us. She had a really sexy body, and I was dying to see how she looked in a bathing suit! There was something so intriguing about Sara to all of us: she was the only person outside of our foursome that knew about our sexual history together, and yet we had barely a glimpse into her own intimate life. For months, Sara had been an object of fantasy for me, and I had so been looking forward to seeing her once again in the flesh.

When Sara finally decided to join us in the pool, my heart began to race. Seeming to know that she was being keenly observed, she smiled at me from opposite edge of the pool. As she looked down to pop open the buttons of her cut-off, denim shorts, wisps of her soft, light-brown hair fell down around her face. She slipped her thumbs into the sides of the shorts, and took them down to her ankles. She had gorgeous, long legs! I could see the lime-green V-cut of her bathing suit arching over her hips, and as Sara stood up, she checked me with a quick glance. My erection grew as I got the sense that she wanted my eyes on her!

Now wasting no time, Sara stripped off her t-shirt, revealing the rest of the bathing suit. It was a one-piece, but it left her stomach entirely exposed through a diamond-cut opening. The top and bottom of the suit were connected only by thin strips of lime that traced the sides of her slim torso. The diamond-cut revealed every bit of skin from the bottom of her navel to her bosom. A sporty halter hugged her breasts and showed a tempting amount of cleavage. As Sara let me take a long look at her tall, sexy figure, I became fully sprung!

Sara dove in and swam with us. For the next hour or so, the five of us waded about in the pool, making conversation. As the sun began to round its peak in the sky, Julie, Lily and Sara withdrew to their chaises to take in some tanning. Still in a horny mood, Steve and I lingered in the pool long enough to watch the girls oil up with sunscreen. Once our dicks relaxed, the two of us joined them in the sun.

“Do you want to order some lunch?” Sara asked around midday. “There’s not a lot of food in the house, but I know some good places for delivery.”

We decided to order a pizza, and we sat tanning canlı casino while we waited. Lily took out a bottle of sunscreen and began to rub a second application on her skin. Her hands ran over every inch of her exposed flesh, and I secretly watched as she massaged the oil over her cleavage, bare stomach and legs. Watching her caress her hot body, it was impossible not to get aroused! Before my erection became too obvious, I excused myself to take a cool dip in the pool. Steve, I noticed, was not far behind, and I suspected that the girls knew the real reason we had to go cool off!

“Can I use some of that when you’re done, Lily?” Julie asked.

“Sure, no problem. I’m just about done… here,” Lily replied, handing Julie the bottle after squirting a last portion into her own hand.

Facing the pool as she sat upright on her chaise, Julie rubbed the oil over her arms and legs, making me wish I had stayed out of the pool to lend a hand. After rubbing a little oil on her shoulders, she asked Sara, “Hey, would you mind getting my back? I want to flip over for a while.”

“Sure,” Sara willingly replied. Sara stood up behind Julie, taking the bottle of oil. As she let a long stream of oil squirt into her hand, she gazed off toward the pool. She caught me looking directly at her. I almost averted my glance, but instead I just smirked at her. She smirked back.

Standing there in her sexy, green bathing suit, Sara was quite conscious that I was staring at her. Gently, she rested her oiled hands on Julie’s bare shoulders. Julie closed her eyes, relaxing her body under Sara’s touch. Sara worked her hands over Julie’s shoulders and down her back, and Julie’s enjoyment was really starting to turn me on!

Sara paused to squeeze more oil into her hands, and I could have sworn I saw her and Julie exchange smirks! No doubt they both knew that Steve and I were deriving a secret pleasure from watching them. Sara placed her hands again on Julie’s shoulders, letting them slip over her bare skin. She pressed her hands forward over Julie’s collar bones, just next to the thin strings of the bikini. Julie closed her eyes again, and I almost thought I heard a faint moan!

Sara must have heard it, too, because she was taken slightly aback. Undeterred, however, Sara smiled in my direction, continuing to rub her hands over the front of Julie’s shoulders. Again, Julie let out a long, faint moan. This time I was sure of what I heard!

Grinning now, Sara played along! She pressed her oiled hands along the strings of Julie’s bikini, massaging the muscles of her upper chest. Julie hummed her pleasure under her breath. By now, Lily was beginning to perk up, getting the idea that something was going on. Lying on her chaise, she craned her head around to see what the noises were about. Surprised, Lily smirked over at me when she realized that something devilish was in the works.

Each noise that Sara teased out of Julie taunted her to go further. Julie’s shoulders were glistening with oil from Sara’s repeated rubbing. As she felt Julie egging her on, Sara’s hands became more adventurous. She slipped her fingers now between the strings that ran down Julie’s chest, pressing them in along Julie’s neckline. Julie let out a long gasp as she felt Sara work in toward new territory. Noticing that everyone’s eyes were now on her, Julie turned up the theatrics.

“Mmmm,” she hummed as Sara slid her fingers along her upper chest. Sara smiled at Steve and me.

“Is that where you need it?” Sara teased back.

“Oh yeah, right there,” Julie cooed. “All over.”

Sara inched her fingers lower, leaving a coat of glistening oil on Julie’s neck and chest. She looked over at Steve and I. “What do you think, guys? We can’t let her chest get burned in this scorching sun, can we?”

Julie’s eyes snapped open as she heard Sara’s challenge. She grinned at Steve and I. Sara was really turning it up now! My dick got hard as my pulse forced the blood southward. Steve and I shook our heads with astonishment.

Sara smiled. “No, not this beautiful chest,” Sara continued, rubbing her fingers now down the center of Julie’s sternum. “It’s so exposed out here in this tiny bikini. We can’t let a single inch of it go unprotected, can we Julie?”

Julie leaned her head back against Sara’s stomach, pressing her chest out in offering. “Oh yeah, rub it all over,” she cooed in a sultry voice.

They loved messing with us!

Sara smirked down at Julie, pleased to have a green light to tease Steve and I some more! Sara pressed her fingers slowly down into Julie’s cleavage, coating its crests with oil. Steve and I were completely mesmerized, and Sara was loving it! So much of Julie’s cleavage was exposed in that little bikini, and Sara began to rub whatever she could get her hands on. Her fingers slipped over the large rounds of Julie’s breasts, making her skin wet with oil.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Julie moaned. My dick throbbed in my bathing suit, and I was dying to liberate it. But I didn’t want kaçak casino to interrupt Sara and Julie’s show. I grudgingly decided to wait it out and see how far this would go.

“Oh yeah,” Julie teased. “Rub that oil on my tits.”

Sara smiled at the suggestion, now pressing her fingers just barely inside the cups of Julie’s bikini. Julie let out a long, slow breath. I knew that the two of them were putting on an act, but Julie wasn’t this good at pretending… she was really enjoying this!

Steve and I inched out way toward the edge of the pool to get an even better view. Julie was no more than couple yards away from us, sitting upright on her chaise, her legs temptingly spread. Her back arched toward Sara, pressing out and offering her breasts to her.

As Sara slipped her fingertips in and around Julie’s bikini top, Julie squirmed and moaned in her seat. Sara worked her fingers down further between Julie’s cleavage, stretching the string that connected the cups. My cock throbbed as the two of them pushed their game further and further.

“How am I doing, guys?” Sara teased Steve and I. “Is that enough?”

Grinning, Steve and I immediately shook our heads.

Sara giggled. Julie smiled up at her, letting Sara know that she could do anything she pleased. With a devilish grin, Sara pressed her fingers inside Julie’s bikini and placed her oily hands completely around Julie’s breasts! Julie voiced a shaky breath as she felt Sara’s hands slip over her bare tits. Sara began to rub them gently, and Julie squealed with delight.

“I think that’s what the boys were after!” Lily giggled, watching Sara’s hand groping inside Julie’s top.

“That’s what I thought,” Sara grinned. Then she pulled away the cups of Julie’s bikini, exposing her large, glistening tits to the sunlight! Julie’s mouth gasped open with surprise as she felt Sara liberate her breasts and continue to rub them before our eyes. By the way Julie grinned at me, I could tell she was terribly aroused!

Excited that she was turning everyone on, Sara continued to amuse herself with Julie’s tits. She rotated her slippery hands from one area to the other, squeezing here, stroking there. The image would be burnt into my mind for life!

“There,” Sara finally said with a sense of satisfaction. “I think we’ve covered everything.” She smirked, taking a last admiring look at Julie’s beautiful bare breasts. “Now boys, you’d better calm down before the pizza guy gets here,” she admonished us.

Steve and I shook our heads in utter disregard for anyone who might be showing up. We wanted Sara to keep going! Reluctantly, Julie let Sara slip her breasts back inside the bikini top. Steve and I whimpered with disappointment. Sara winked at Julie as she adjusted the cups over her breasts. Julie smiled back, realizing that Sara knew the power of a good tease!

“Awww,” Steve and I groaned. Careful not to be ungrateful, I coated my complaints with a healthy sarcasm, but both Steve and I urged Sara to keep up her game.

“Now, now, boys,” Sara said. “Good things come to those who wait,” she giggled.

Just then, we heard the doorbell ring. Sara winked at us and started to make her way to answer the door.

“Promise?” I chided as she walked by.

Sara turned and smiled at us. “Promise,” she answered with a smirk.

Sara’s answer tickled my ears! As she made her way into the house, Steve and I looked longingly at Julie and Lily. We were all hoping to hope that Sara would make good on her promise!

* * * PART III (in Sara’s voice) * * *

It took so much self-restraint to say no to Drew and Steve. Their adoring looks were what encouraged me to take my little game with Julie as far as I did. But I have to confess that I was still a little intimidated by how close the four of them were. Part of me desperately wanted to be swept up into their world, but part of me was still afraid of the consequences. I needed to test the water before I dove in head-first. Perhaps it was best that I had just given them a little tease… for now.

In any case, the tease had worked remarkably well. Steve and Drew were flirting openly with me all afternoon, encouraged of course by Julie and Lily. It was really flattering to have the four of them fawning over me! As I lay out in the afternoon sun, I began to imagine what the night would bring.

“Did I tell you that I invited Heather to come tonight?” I mentioned around four o’clock. Knowing that Steve and Drew had an eye for my best friend, who they had known as a waitress at the local bar, I had saved this little surprise until the opportune time. Everyone’s face lit up immediately.

“Really?” Drew asked, his attention piqued.

“Yep,” I grinned. “And she’s bringing her boyfriend, Patrick. I think you’ll really like him,” I added, winking at Julie and Lily. “I think they’re both your kind of people.”

“Excellent,” Julie said. “If they’re your kind of people, they’re our kind of people,” she winked back. I smiled, laying back to enjoy the last few minutes of good sunshine.

Around 6 o’clock the sun was getting pretty low in the sky. After a nice evening swim, the five of us were just about having our fill.

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