book of fortune part four

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Brad took the bus home from school. This bus ride, unlike the one that morning, had no sexual interactions. Brad sat in the back and listened to his sisters make fun of him. They couldn’t see, but he was smiling all the way home because while they were joking about how he would never get a girl he was deciding how best to take advantage of the girls and his book.

When they got home he went up to his bedroom and closed the door. He took out his book and thought about what to write. He wanted Margret and Brenda to suffer for their relentless torturing, but he didn’t want anyone to know. He took his book and wrote, “Mom will get a call to come back to work because there is an emergency that needs her attention and will take her all night to fix. When se is gone Margret and Brenda will be overcome by the need to make me happy. They will do anything to bring me pleasure. This feeling will continue all night until mom returns in the morning where the night’s events will seem like a distant dream.”

He shut the book and waited. Moments later he heard the phone ring and his mom picked it up. He smiled as he heard her argue with the person on phone. She hung up and yelled up to the kids, “Guys there is an emergency at work and I have to go, I should be home late so don’t wait up for me. Bye.”

Brad left his room and went down to the living room to enjoy the show. He turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. His sisters walked in and sat next to him, one on each side. Then Margret turned to him and asked, “Is there something we can do for you?”

Brad smiled because this was the first time his older sister had ever asked to do something for him. Usually she did what ever she wanted and expected him to do what ever she asked him to. “Well, I do have a lot of homework you could do for me.” “Right away.” Margaret left to go do his homework and he was alone with Brenda.

“What about me what do you want me to do for you?”

“Well I was fucking your friend Amanda and Ms. Crawford today and my back is killing me. A massage would b great.”

“I have some oil in my room I can use.”

“Then go get it.”

“Ok.” This was the first time that not only was his sisters asking for him to order them around, but they were actually doing it. This was the greatest power high he had ever felt. While Brenda got the oil, he stripped down and sat naked on the couch. He lay on his stomach and enjoyed the feeling of his little sister’s oily hands as they rubbed up and down his back. She was working on his ass when Margret walked in with his completed homework. “I finished your homework for you is there anything else you want me to do?”

“You can help Brenda finish up on my ass before I roll over and you guys work on my front.” She didn’t need any more encouragement to go over by her sister and rub down brad’s ass with the oil. Brad casino oyna could feel his dick getting harder. He decided that it was time for the girls to get a mouthful of brotherly love. He told them to stop so he could get up. He sat on the couch next to his sisters sporting a semi hard cock. He had expected them to turn away is embarrassment of disgust but they just sat there and asked, “Would you like us to give you a hand job?” he thought for a moment and said, “No, first I want you two to get naked and then I want the two of you to blow me.”

Without a word of argument the two girls stood up and started taking their clothes off. Like their mother the girls had huge breasts that looked perfectly molded. Their stomachs were lean and curved to form a perfect figure. Their asses like most of their anatomy was tight and showed no sign of sagging or aging. When their clothes were all on the floor and brad could look at them in their entire god given glory they went back to him. “Would you like us to blow you now?”

“Yes I would!” that was it. He just sat back and saw his bitchy sister take a hold of dick start licking it. They licked the entire length of his cock and Margret moved to suck on his balls. It was an odd sensation having one sister licks his dick and the other licks his balls. Then Brenda put his dick in her mouth and started sucking on it. Brad though she had the mouth like a hoover, he thought she would suck the cum right out of his dick. The girls would switch places. Brenda would suck his balls, again lick a vacuum, putting one in her mouth and then rolling it around her tongue. While Margret would suck his cock, she was not as talented as her little sister but she could take more of Brad’s cock down her throat.

This went on for a while, the girls sucking and licking his dick. He felt he was about to cum but before he did he wanted to do one thing first. While Margret was bobing up and down his cock he stood up and grabbed the back of her head. Now both his sister were tormenting bitches but Margret was the oldest and was torturing him longer. So he saw this as a taste of revenge. He grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth as hard as he could. He could feel her voice box with every thrust and could hear her gag and grasp for breath. With one finale thrust he shoot his load deep into her throat. He held her there letting her choke on his dick and cum for a few seconds.

When he released her he sat back on the couch and looked at the very naked girls. “Did that make you happy Brad? Did we please you?”

“For now. But what would really please me is if you two would stay naked for the remainder of the evening. Go make me something to eat and then we will talk about how else you two sluts can please me.” They gave little smiles and went off to the kitchen.

Brad could not believe he had this power over his sisters. canlı casino He also liked the view of the two young asses walk away. This gave him an idea of what he wanted to do to them. He got up and went into the kitchen where the two naked girls were making him a sandwich. They were so invested in making sure it was perfect that they didn’t see him when he walked behind them. He walked up behind Brenda and started to nibble her ear lobe. He whispered, “Brenda tell me the truth are you a virgin?”

He let his hands roam around her body feeling her developing tits and muscular stomach. “Would you like me to be the first to fuck you?”
he then took a hold of the back of her neck and pushed her down so that she was bent over the counter. He rubbed her pussy and noticed that it started to get wetter. Her turned to Margaret and told her lick her sister’s pussy; which she did, and telling by Brenda’s moans, quite well. When he concluded that she was properly warmed up and ready for his cock he took his hard tool in hand and started rubbing it up and down her cunt. Teasing her with the head of his dick he grabbed Margaret and pulled her close to him and locked in a tight kiss.

While they trusted their tongues in each other’s mouths Brad moved one of her hands to his dick. She gave it a few soft strokes and then put into her little sister’s pussy. Brad broke the kiss so her could start fucking her. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting. He could tell she was a virgin by how tight her pussy was. It was one of tightest he had fucked and he found it difficult in the beginning to get his whole dick inside her.

However, she was so wet that he was eventually able to pick up the pace and go faster. While Brenda was moaning and telling Brad to fuck her harder, Margaret and Brad went back to tongue fucking each other. He had one hand on Brenda’s hip controlling the pace and strength of his thrusts. He had the other one behind Margaret’s head. After a while he decided that Brenda had had enough attention for now and pulled out of her dripping pussy. She complained and asked him to put it back and keep fucking her, but one look from Brad and she quieted down.

Brad took Margaret and laid her on the table with her legs open wide for her baby brother. He gave her one last passionate kiss and shoved his dirty dick into her. He enjoyed this position because he could see his sister’s tits move with ever thrust of his hips. She wrapped her long legs around his waist to try and get even more of dick inside of her. Then Brenda came over and started playing with Margaret’s tits. She kissed them and pinched her nipples making everyone more excited. Then she climbed on the table on top of her sister so that they could make out.

Brad was fucking his older sister while he was watching her make out with his younger sister. He thought there could kaçak casino be nothing better in the world. But then an idea of something better came to him and he wanted to do it.

He pulled out of Margaret and she was just as upset as Brenda had been. He then adjusted Brenda’s position on the table and started licking her ass hole. He made sure it was nice and wet, licking the rim and getting his tongue in as far as he could. He then stood up and aligned his dick to be right at her ass. When he first started to put his dick in, Brenda turned back at him and pleaded, “No Brad not there, please put it back in my pussy but not there.”

“You did say you wanted to make me happy, well letting me fuck your ass until you can’t sit will make me very happy.” With that he started putting more of his dick in her forbidden hole. He went slowly at first, easing as much of his dick in as he could. When he was all the way in he stopped and just absorbed the pleasure of the moment. He then continued to slowly pull his dick out until just the head was inside her. He kept this slow pace for a while, letting her ass hole adjust around his dick. He speed up though and lived up to his promise about fucking her until wouldn’t be able to sit. He pounded her ass hard. The table was about to break from the force he gave it, and her.

Brenda screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure while Margaret enjoyed the show. She would fondle her younger siblings, pinching Brenda’s nipples and licking Brad’s sack. Brad knew he would not be able to hold off much longer, he knew he was about to cum but e couldn’t decide where to do it. He decided to give it to them in the face. He pulled out and told the girls, “Get down on your knees I want to cover your pretty little faces with my seed.”

They got off the table and sat by his feet waiting for their reward. They had their eyes fixed on his cock and their tongues out ready to catch and swallow as much as possible. He finally came with a roar. He couldn’t tell what he enjoyed more, his orgasm or the fact that his sisters’ faces were cover with his jism and they were happily scooping it up and licking it off each other’s faces. “That’s right. You little whores love the taste of my sperm.”

After that he had them make out in front of him some more, even getting into a 69 and eating each other out. He ended the night with a group shower where they would rub soap all over his body and he would push them against the glass door and fuck them, or turn the water head on blast and shove it up their pussies. He even shoved a bar of soap up Brenda’s vagina while he was fucking Margaret.

When his sexual desires and need for revenge were quenched he told the girls to go to bed and he would do the same. He sat in his bed for a while going over what had happened that day. He knew that if fucking his sisters was that fun he knew he would do the same to his mother. He drifted to sleep to thoughts of his sisters’ tight pussies and ass holes and how his mother or their friends would compare.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20