Bootsie and Her Stepdad

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The movie was nasty.

After watching the dirty movie with my stepdad, I wobbled up from the sofa. “Um Papi, I guess I should go back to the dorm… But I couldn’t move, just stood there clutching my car keys.

“Are you okay Bootsie? You look confused.” He rubbed my leg. “Why don’t you spend the night? Your bedroom is just the way you left it, full of those damn dolls. And your mom won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“Stepdad in the movie… what was that woman doing to that guy?”

“Don’t you know? It’s called a ‘hand job.’ Haven’t you ever done that?” I shook my head. “Bootsie you’re in college, and you don’t know about hand jobs? Maybe It’s time to learn.”

“Wh-with you?”

“Of course, isn’t that why you’re staring at my bulging zipper?” I shook my head quickly. “C’mon Bootsie, you’ve spent too many years in girls’ schools. Aren’t you curious about…?”

“No Papi, NEVER.” But I was cock curious.

My stepdad moved my hand to his zipper. Touching his hard lump sent nasty shivers through my body. My nipple bumps poked out like they were ready to explode. And I felt my pussy gush.

“Boots, it’s time you learned about the Birds and the Bees, and that THING between my knees.”

He hugged me, and I felt his boner hit my thigh. “It’s okay sweetie, we’re family. Just pull down my zipper, reach in and find the hard thing.”

I squeezed my stepdad’s lump and heard my heart beating like it would explode. After a forever minute, my fingers grasped the tab of his zipper and yanked… His zipper flew open.

“That’s it dear.” He watched my eyes widen as my fingers moved through his pubes and touched his cock– it felt like touching a stiff snake. “Bootsie you’re afraid of cocks, aren’t you?”

“No sir!” Biting my lip I yanked on it, and his cock swelled, so I tugged harder. When his fat prick flew out, my mouth dropped.

“What’s wrong honey?”

“B-but Papi, it’s big… and so ugly. What happened to it?” I stepped back.

“Oh, it’s not circumcised. Didn’t you ever see real penises in sex ed?”

“No, just cucumbers. We put condoms on cucumbers.” I stared at Papi’s cockhead like it was about to strike.

“Dammit stepdaughter, you’re far too innocent. Too many years in twat school. Bootsie, give me your hand.” I did. “That’s it princess, hold my cock by the shaft. Now slide your soft hand up and down.”

My fingers wrapped around his throbbing pole, moving up and down. “Omigod Papi. It’s sinful.”

“No honey, it’s natural.”

“But stepdad your cock’s is…” I winced. “… so long and fat!”

“Yes honey. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll like it”

“Oh my gosh,” I stroked his cock as sweat dotted my face. “Stepdad, I can feel it getting stiff-ier.” I stroked faster, watching his nasty pee flap open and close. My wet pussy tingled so hard I had to wiggle my thighs.

Now casino oyna my cotton panties were on fire. Papi reached over, squeezing my soft tits as I stroked his cock to full erection.

“Bootsie, now you need to suck it.”

“B-but stepdad…I can’t fit that thing in my mouth. And it’s gross.”

“Nonsense, you’re just nervous. Let’s go to your old bedroom. We’ll close the door and get undressed. Unless you’re afraid of my cock.”

“Dammit stepdad, I’m not afraid of… it!”

“Good, then you’ll like this.” He carried me to the room, threw me on the bed, and pulled off my skirt and shoes. I felt him rubbing the moist cease in my panties.

It felt nasty getting naked with my stepdad, in my old bedroom. I saw my Girl Scout uniform on the dresser, next to my Raggedy Ann dolls. It was embarrassing the way the dolls stared at me with those judgmental, plastic eyes.

Papi whistled and dropped his pants. “Wow stepdad. You’re so muscular,” I said, staring at his thick boner and hefty balls.

He pulled off my t-shirt and my tits jiggled out—big, puffy tits topped with pointy red nipples. Papi sucked them and… Wow it felt sinful, but soo good. When I dropped my wet panties, Papi inhaled.

“OH HONEY, nice pie.” Papi delicately touched the triangle of golden pubes guarding my slit. His fingers made me giggle as they played with my curly pubes.

But touching my naked twat made his erection turn purple. I looked like it hurt. “Bootsie, come and give Papi a kissy.” He pulled me tight, with his boner poking into my belly button like he was going to fuck it!

Don’t Papi! Not that hole!”

Papi laughed pressed his soft lips against mine. I kissed him back as he slipped his long tongue into my mouth. That felt weird.

“You like kissing don’t you Bootsie?” I nodded. “You kiss nice. Who taught you to kiss like that?”

“Oh, last year behind the garage… me and Tasha.” I blushed. “There were no boys around, so we played spin-the-bottle, with just us girls… and I didn’t know how to kiss, so Tasha– “

“– Tasha taught you how to kiss?” I nodded slowly. “Nothing to be embarrassed about girls kissing girls. Um… I’d love to see that sometime.”

“Can’t. Mom caught Tasha and me, naked in my bed.”

“This bed Bootsie? Wow, I’d frickin’ love to see that too!” My little hand changed the subject by squeezing his prick. “Ooh yes Bootsie. That feels so nice but your mouth would feel nicer.”

“Okay, but stepdad could you um… finger me first?”

“Wow. I’ve never had a girl ask to be fingered. Sure honey.”

“Finger me right there,” I whispered, pointing to the bottom of my fuzzy slit.

“Honey I know where a girl’s hole is.”

I felt Papi’s long finger push into my soft, warm flesh. Then he slipped in another finger, pushing them in and out, digging inside me. His fingering canlı casino made me squirm until I told him to stop.

Papi whispered. “Bootsie, I want to eat your peach.” I wasn’t sure what he meant. My eyes bugged out when stepdad parted my thighs and pushed his face to my furry slit.

With two fingers Papi opened my pussy lips, staring into my pink hole. And my face turned pink.

I was dripping wet even before he kissed my pussy. His tongue lapped into my slit. “Oooh… Papi…” I clamped his naughty head with my thighs, and it felt wonderful, his tongue twirling through my hot hole.

“Ohmygosh!” His tongue drove me crazy — I had to grip the sheets as my pussy burned. Then he found my enflamed clitty and sucked it like a nipple… I jolted up, squealing in orgasm, “Ahhh… AHHH!”

After the last tingle my body fell limp. “Ohh, that was awesome Papi. You licked my twat way better than Tasha did. Papi, do you want me to suck you now?”

“Not yet Bootsie. Lean forward and feed me some sweet titty meat.” I did and he gulped my tits and nipples. “Now Boots, it’s time for my big idea.”

“Like what?” He whispered his big idea in my ear. “Stick that huge thing? In me?”

“Why not? You’ve lost your cherry, haven’t you Bootsie?” I shrugged and nodded yes. “Was it your cousin Brett?”

“Omigod no Papi.” I whispered, “It was a bottle. We were playing spin-the-bottle. Then Tasha wanted me to stick the bottle in her pussy. I did. Then she shoved the bottle in my pussy, hard. It hurt bad and I started to bleed.”

“That was the day mom caught Tasha naked with me.”

“Wait a minute…You lost your cherry to a Coke bottle?”

“No sir, Pepsi.”

“Ha, so my princess is still a virgin. Don’t worry Bootsie, I’ll be gentle,”

“But It’ll still hurt, wouldn’t it?” He nodded. “Let me think about it Papi.” Apparently, his enraged boner didn’t like that answer. It forced itself between my legs. “Wait! Wait stepdad!”

“Let me stick it in your tight cunt!”

“Don’t say cunt.” I tried to get away, but my stepdad caught me and yanked his prick to my slit. “Oh no…” I gasped as his cockhead slid up and down my wet lips. Then I squirmed when his purple knob pushed into me, tearing my pink tissue. “Ouch…”

He reared back, and with one quick shove, his prick skewered deep into my… cunt.

“OUCH, Papi It does hurt!” Grabbing my tits, he pushed deeper. His steel cock ripped through my tight tunnel. I felt my pussy folds pull on his shaft as my stepdad rammed in and out, his balls slapping my ass.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me Papi!” I gasped, wriggling my hips up. His shaft drove deeper and deeper into my pink tunnel. I felt my heart beating fast as we screwed. Papi panted, kissing me as he pumped his rigid cock into my yielding cunt.

My stepdad lifted my feet to my ears, and I could kaçak casino feel his prick hitting the bottom of my pussy. An orgasm raced up my spine. “Oh… Oh… OHH YESS!”

Papi screwed faster, twisting his prick inside me. Soon his head flew up and his cock twitched, spewing hot cum into my ravaged cunt. When he pulled out, my pussy was so hot it glowed.

“Wow Papi, was that… incest?”

“Yes Bootsie. It was incredible, you’re incredible. Sharing orgasms makes a family feel closer.” Stepdad kissed my lips ,and squeezed my tits and twat until his cock was stiff again. He eased me down on my knees.

“Now Bootsie, it’s time to open your pretty mouth.”

I knew what was coming, or cumming. On my knees, ready to suck off my stepfather, I looked up to see my Raggedy Ann dolls watching me, and I blushed. Papi pushed his ugly prick to my lips.

“Stepdad, does mom like to suck this thing?”

“She loves it.”

My face grimaced, and I licked his nasty prick. “That’s it honey, ungh…” He pinshed my nipples and groaned as I opened my mouth, sliding my lips down his rigid shaft. “Use your hand honey.”

I did as he asked, wrapping my little fist around the shaft while my mouth sucked in more cockmeat. “Wow Boots, you’re a great cock sucker.”

It felt horrid being called a cock sucker.

But I tried my Girl Scout best, forcing my mouth down as far as I could, even choked a couple of times when his prick hit the back of my throat. Spit streamed down his cock as I sucked faster. My hand moved to his balls.

“That’s it Boots. Pull ’em hard. You wanna make me cum don’t you?” My head nodded on his prick.

“Ahh…ahh! Get ready Bootsie… ungh… Get ready to swallow my sperm just like you mom does.” I sucked and pumped my stepdad even harder.

His pick jerked, spurting cum into my mouth and down my throat. Gagging and coughing I swallowed his cum as fast as I could with more cum drooling down my chin. And I kept sucking like a vacuum hose, until his prick went limp.

“Did I suck you good Papi?”

“More than good. Better than your mom.” I smiled in cock-sucking pride.

Papi ordered pizza, and we watched another nasty movie. “Confessions of a Cock Sucker.” After the movie my stepdad was so horny he carried me back to my bed for rounds two… three, four… and maybe five. I don’t remember.

In the morning, I woke up naked and sore as sin, right next to naked Papi. And realized I’d screwed my own stepfather, all night long.

Of course, my Raggedy Ann dolls looked at me like I was an incest slut. And maybe I was. But dammit, I liked fucking stepdad. I liked pleasuring him with my holes. I liked the way he spewed loads of hot cum inside me.

Papi woke up and we kissed. He rubbed my pussy crack, and fingered my butthole. “Bootsie roll over like a good daughter.” I gritted my teeth and gripped the sheets as Papi’s stiff prick pushed against my anus.

Stepdad shoved into my ass and— MOM stormed into my room!! Just like when she caught me naked with Tasha… but this time was probably worse.

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