Boss Likes Hypnosis Pt. 04

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“Now John.” Jack says as he turns back around, “When I say wake, you’re going act as you normally do, but you’re going to wear nothing but your shoes and tie. You are going to take off your boxers,” Jack holds up his saliva-precum damp tighty-whities “And you are going to wear these instead.”

“Yes, Jack…”

“And every time someone points out your lack of clothing, you’re going to answer with a very gay response and gesture; anything to insinuate that you are a very gay manwhore.”

“Yes, Jack…” John responds.

“Moreover” Jack grins, “If a man starts to come on to you, you will volunteer yourself to fool around with them. I am making you the gay office slut, you understand? I want this place to know you are the easiest little bitch in the building.”

“Yes, Jack…”

“Right. Wake!” SNAP!

John blinks awake and shrugs off his office jacket. He smiles as he unbuttons his polyester shirt and takes it off his hairy torso and shows off his muscles.

“So you’re sure you’re not going to need that file you mentioned?” Jack asks as he raises a brow, grinning as he watches John pull down his boxershorts and slip them off his fine Italian shoes.

“Ah, no.” John answers simply as his genitals wiggle about with each movement as he takes the moist underwear “I guess I just came in here because you called me up here?” John asks curiously as he moves one foot into the underwear and the other one as well before pulling them up “I’m not sure I remember if you-OOOooohh!” He yelps and spazzes as the chilled moisture of the cotton coats his body “Shit that’s cold, wow!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right.” Jack sneered as his employee puts on the wet briefs without a second thought, “Was wondering if you wanted to hit up Tavers with me. You know. The GAAAY bar a block away?”

“Oh sure.” John smiles and nods.

“Really? Cause you’ve always shown animosity to me asking before.”

“Hey” John shrugs “Just cause I’m straight, doesn’t mean bunch’a guys can’t check out the goods.” He smiles wide as he puts his hands on his hips after adjusting his tie.

“Yep. No doubt.” Jack then mutters under his breath “Especially when I’m making you flop those goods around and doing shots right off your ass…”



“Ahhh… Sooo…” Reaching an awkward moment, John motions to the door “Back to work then?”

“Oh yes, sure!” Jack nods and pats at John’s shoulder, “See you at the bar.”

“Yessir” John then nods and walks off, his buttocks very visible from those damp and borrowed briefs and moving as if either cheek is flexing with each step.

John walks with an ignorant smirk on his face as his tie flaps softly upon his fuzzy pecs. His coworkers stare as he struts down the hall, giving a ‘top-of-the-morning-to-ya’ gesture, or waving off at another employee.

“Uhhhh… Hi Howl?” Says Howard from accounting.

“Heeeey, Retten!” John waves to him as he goes. “Oh, and my name is Cumdumpster, by the way!” He grins.

“A-Ah, what??” Howard scoffs stunned as he watches John strut away.

“Mr Howl, where are your clothes??!” Asks a random coworker.

“Hey” John stops and starts undulating his hips, gaining a few gasps and irks from the surrounding staff, “Can’t wear clothes when you’re a horny bitch like me.” He grins casually before going back on his way.

“Hah. Nice underpants, Howl.” Says Oliver.

“Oliver.” John stops to correct him, “It’s pronounced ‘Dumpster’. And if you’re going to be talking to me, you need to have me on your lap spanking my fat ass. Got it?”

“PFFF! Yeah, whatever you say…” Oliver snickers as John parades himself further down.

“A-Ahhh…” Yet another startled and shocked employee gives John a wide berth. “Sir! What happened to your clothes??”

“You mean what happened to my man-pussy??” John shot back with a hearty scoff, “I need get some CUM in me! Come on!” He turns around to the female coworker, bends over, and points his thumb at his outlined ass “COCKS. ONLY. Heh heh heh” He chuckles casually as he goes on his merry way.

One by one, a coworker keeps attempting to tell John about his naked state. And every time, he would either stop to make a horny gesture or tell them how much meat and semen he wants. And every time someone calls him by his real name, he would specifically correct them to ‘Cumdumpster’.

“God. People and stating the obvious.” He shakes his head as John walks to the elevator and hits the button. “Don’t they get that I’m a pathetic cock slut??? Jesus Christ…”

The elevator dings and in comes the timid intern from before. He takes one step and gaps at the mostly nude employee. He stares at him up and down, seeing his well-built frame adorned only by his tie, socks/shoes, and almost transparent underwear. “Uuulllhhh…”

“You gonna get on?” John asked as the elevator dings again just before its doors started to close.

“O-Oh! Uh,” The intern yelps a little and shuffles in just before the doors close on him. He stands next to John and presses the button before casino siteleri he stands in an awkward pause with the other man.

The elevator seems to go even slower as the two of them just stand in silence before John offers his hand “I’m John, by the way.” He says with a welcoming grin, “John Cumdumpster.”

“H-Huuh??” The intern gives him a wide berth, but shook his hand all the same, “Uhh… Kevin Van Court.”

“You new here?”

“Yeeeeep…” Kevin nods and gulps. “Just an intern while I get my um…” He keeps glancing at John’s bulge – his tighty-whities are so moist, he can practically see his soft peen nestled on his balls “My um, credits.”

“Ah, been there.” John nods and smiles.

“S-S-So um… You probably already know, but um… Where, where, where are your clothes??”

“I’m wearing them” John grins as he adjusts his tie and reaches down to bounce his bulge around “Dress to impress and luck to fuck.”

“Hohhmm…” Kevin twitches and squirms on the spot. “That um… That’s the dresscode, is it?”

John’s mouth shows his teeth in a charismatic smile as he looks at the allured intern “It’s MY dresscode anyway.” John then turns and advances on the timid intern. The cute younger male gulps as John gets in close and personal with him as he puts his hand onto the elevator wall and and pushes his package right onto Kevin’s groin.

“Oh God…” Kevin nearly squeaks as he gets sweaty.

“Yeah, I see you staring at me, Kevin.” John starts to roll his hips and push his manhood pouch onto the other. Kevin moans and instinctually holds onto John’s sides. “Heck, you’ve been looking at my booty since you were hired. My wife always said you had the hots for me.”

“Oh God I’m so sorry” Kevin whimpers “You’re just so handsome, it’s just a small crush, I swear! I know you’re married, I don’t wanna-“

“Shhhhhhh” John grins as he puts two fingers on Kevin lips. “Shh, shh, shhh” He then pushes past Kevin’s lips and Kevin’s jaw opens so his tongue can welcome those digits in. Kevin blushes and moans through his nose as he bobs his head slowly to suck on John’s fingers “I know EXACTLY what you ‘wanna’.”


“That’s right, that’s okay, just taste me… Mmmfff” John grins as he continues to sensually hump Kevin’s crotch while pushing his fingers in and out of his mouth “I’ll tell you what you ‘wanna’. You wanna fuck me in the butt. That about right?”

“M-Mmhhh” Kevin nods and pants as his hands hold onto John’s wrist as he continues to nurse on John’s fingers.

“Well. Lucky for you. The boss wants to promote me to Top Executive Bitch In Heat. I need the raise, Kevin.”

“Mmffffhh… Mhm…” Kevin nods. He has absolutely NO IDEA what brought this around, but his office crush is actually coming on to him, and he likes it!

“So. In order for me to that big fat check, I’m gonna need this big fat cock to split my ass in half.” John says as he reaches down and grabs Kevin’s hard tent.

“Yessir, John, I’ll”

“Ah ah ah!” John stops him, “Let me finish. I also need more dick than that. I also need to…” John starts listing things with his wet fingers, “Suck a lot of cocks. I need to, eat a lot of assholes. I have to put MY meat in the other guys too. And I also need to play with anyone’s balls. Jack as also made it clear that I need MY boy-pussy eaten out and MY cock sucked on. My wife only lets me do vaginal stuff, so I need to get my man-meat here at work. You get what I mean? She doesn’t really scratch that ‘itch’, you know?”

“Ohhhhhhh I understand, John, I so, so get it.” Kevin nods, his whole body trembling with excitement.”

“So. I’m gonna need you to find out which of our coworkers would be willing to fuck and suck me. I’ll be doing the same, but it’s best if we get some sort of network going, you know what I’m saying?”

“Y-Y-Yeah. Looouuud and clear. Like a um… Like how Jack says about branching out to compatible companies??”

“Yes! Exactly, great job.” John smiles and nods “Except instead of broadening the work flow, I need men to use me like a cumrag.”

“Ohhhh my God yeeeees” Kevin moans out.

“Now” John grins as his own brief-covered hard-on pushes on Kevin’s firm package “How about you help me climb the corporate ladder by letting me climb you?”

“Hoohhhh” Kevin nearly buckles from where he stands.

Several minutes later, Kevin is sitting at the toilet of one of the bathrooms with his erect cock standing outside of his underpants while John is sitting on his lap, wearing only his tie, socks, and shoes, with his underwear discarded around one of his ankles.

“Hhhhoooohhgggooood” Kevin is practically hyperventilating as the nude crush of his hotdogs his cock between his cheeks. John just smiles and arches his back to push his ass onto that rigid meat as Kevin’s hands grab and feel at John’s hairy chest.

“Oh yeah, this is happening” John grins as he rises up while reaching around behind him and strokes the dick beneath him “Here we go, here we go… Uh, nnhh…” He grimaces and grunts before his anus canlı casino opens up around Kevin’s rod and he slowly impales himself on that dick.

“A-AAAWWW!” Kevin moans out as his shoes scrape onto the tile floor as his member pushes up into John’s virgin butthole. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” The younger male echoes in the bathroom as John’s torso flexes and rolls as he fucks himself on Kevin’s lap.

“Uh, uh, aw yeah, nnhh” The hypnotized man bites his lip as the pain of his sphincter convinces his brain that this is the best feeling he’s had all day. “Yeah, buddy, yeah buddy, yeah buddy, do me, fuckin do me.”

A passerby walks into the bathroom and immediately hears the ruffling and patting from inside. His eyebrows raise the sounds of moans and grunts bounce between the bathroom walls. Trying to ignore the obvious sounds, the coworker goes to a urinal to attend to his business.

“Fuck, open me up” John goads. The coworker looks over his shoulder at the handicap stall as he hears this. “UH! Ghhh! Fffff! Shit, you’re punching the hell out of my box, GNH!”

“You’re so tight, oh my God!” Whimpers the second voice.

“Loosen me up, boss says I need to get railed and nailed!” The coworker zips his pants back up and strides quickly out of the bathroom as fast as he can. “Haaaiii’m not gonna last!” Kevin whines as his own rear bears upon the toilet seat while shoving his hard dick up into that tight ass.

“You’re kidding me” John protests while his hands grasp onto Kevin’s shoulder pads “We’re JUST getting started!”

“I-I cah…” Kevin sweats as he twitches on the toilet and hunches forward. “I CUH! IGGHHK!” His legs spasm and jerk when John’s vice-like anus spurts the white fluid around the lodged member.

“Ah dammit” John frowns as he gets up, his own chubby penis wobbling in the air as he pulls up.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry.” Kevin frets “Can we try again tomorrow? I’ll try and last longer, I swear!”

“Hell, come to my office later today and see if you can get anywhere.” John says as he kicks off the underpants while Kevin pulls up his pants.

“O-Okay…” Kevin glances at John more than once as he flops and strokes his soft penis around. God, he can just stare at him for hours. “I-I-I’m gonna head to work now”

“Right, see ya.” John says as he sits on the toilet and leans his lower body down to roll his loose balls around lazily while he gets his phone out; without his pants, his phone was tucked into one of his thick socks.

Some time later, Gerald walks into the bathroom. The tall and heavily built black man looks about, seeing no one here, “Uh… John? You in here?”

“Yeah. Handicap stall.”

“Oh, uh…” The gentleman walks over and knocks hesitantly on the door, “You want me to wait till you’re finished? Orrrr…”

“No, come on in.” John replies. Gerald blinks and irks at the door.

“You serious, man?” He scoffs, “Thought you needed to talk about a report.”

“Mmmhhh yes I do.”

Shrugging and sighing, Gerald opens the door and goes into the handicap stall, “And somehow you need to talk the report here in the…” His eyes bug out as he sees John practically naked and splayed right out! His legs are wide open as John just smiles and masturbates; his shoes on with his socks stretched over his calves, and his tie flopped to the side. John’s ring and middle fingers are digging into his lubed hole as he looks at his African American coworker. “What in the-“

“Yeah, I got your report for you right here” John moans like a slut “I’m reporting you for lack of raping me.”

Gerald just simply grins as he shuts the stall door and locks it. The beefy stud just rubs his crotch as he approaches John “So NOW you wanna take my offer from last month?” He pulls down his pants and fishes out his thick and heavy cock after pulling down his shorts.

“Mmmhh you can take your offer and shove it up my ass.” John grins as those harsh black hands manhandle his thighs and shoves them up to reveal his asshole. He hands Gerald the lube so that he can oil up that inflating monster.

“Oh I’m gonna wreck your ass, Howl.” Gerald gets his meat nice and wet as he already gets hard.

“Okay. I’m only gonna say this once.” John rolls his eyes as he feels that member push into his moist crack while his legs perch on Gerald’s broad shoulders “My name is John CumdumpssTTEERRR!” He yowls as his straight asshole is invaded by that huge cock!

“You asked for it, Cumdump” Gerald huffs hard and slides his massive rod into John’s ass until he hilts.

“Holy FUCK! AAAGH!” John yells out as his legs flail and lock around Gerald’s hips “FUCK. FUCK. FUCK!” He winces and takes a minute to try and adjust, but his hole is just freaking LODGED with that member “OKAY, okay, fuck me”

“Shit man, you’re fucking tight!” Gerald growls as his hips roll back and push deep into John’s rear. “And I thought you were straight!”

“I am! I fucking am, I’m not gay!” John snarls as he tries to cope with that enormous manhood in his pucker “Fuck you’re huge!” John trembles kaçak casino and squirms as his penis flops around, completely soft.

“Well you’re the straightest cock-bitch I’ve ever seen, UMMFF” Gerald’s penis flexes deep inside of John’s bussy. John huffs hard while his muscles strain.

“Goddammit, GHHH” John winces as it’s really starting to hurt. Just then, Gerald’s phone starts to ring inside his pants.

“Ah snap” Gerald scowls before his fingers actually SNAP. John flinches as his brain takes on his post-hypnotic trigger for the next suggestion. Gerald picks up his phone and puts it to his phone “Hello?? … … … Look, I’m busy right now… Okay. Bye.” He hangs up and continues to hump John. “Right, now where were we, you horny pussy boy?”

John’s mentality takes on the suggestion puts his legs down and around Gerald’s hips. His arms hug around the manly coworker as he stops growling in pain and starts moaning in needy ecstasy. “Oh, fuck me. Fuck my hoooole”

“Ooh yeah, that’s more like it.” Gerald smiles wide as he widens his legs and starts rolling more, “That’s sexy, keep talking babe.” While he thrusts into John, John’s own cock starts to harden.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” John moans each time that huge cock pushes into his anus “Hohhh, hoohhhhhh, oh God fuck my pussy, Gerry, fuck meeee”

“Oooof, dayum, Cummer.” Gerald moans as he starts to bumping his pelvis into John faster “Ya wanna get nasty later on in my office?”

“Oh my God, YES!” John whines as he opens his legs more so his asshole swallows the pistoning cock. His own much shorter manhood even starts to ooze with precum as his new mindset gets him aroused and hungry for that intense log violating his ass “Uh, oh, yes, fuck, uuhh! Fuck those Daddy issues outta me, you black beauty, uuhh!”

“MFFF! Shiiiiiiit you’re driving me crazy, Howl” Gerald moans as his meat engorges inside of John’s anus. His hands go down and hold both of John’s buttcheeks above the toilet seat while his throbbing beast of a cock spreads him out big time.

“Cum in me, cum in my pussy!” John moans as his sphincter muscles start to milk that huge dark monster. His hands go to hold onto Gerald’s strong neck as his body is rocked back and forth “I want your cum, please blow in me, blow my fucking pussy!”

“Fucking hell, John, MMHHH!” Gerald easily loses it and grunts as he starts flooding his juices into John’s butthole. “Fuck! UH! Goddayum! Shit, mmfff”

“OhhhhmyGooood…” John moans as his own dick starts spurt precum all over himself – he’s gonna need a lot more action before his penis is ready for another orgasm after unloading in Jack’s ass.

“Fuckin hell, mmhhh” Gerald pulls out his dribbling cock and goes down to pull up his pants “If I’d known this is what you wanted, I would’ve hit you up sooner.”

“Mmmmhhhh, Gaahhhd my ass is so sooore” John says as he gets up just as Gerald was fastening his belt buckle. “I just wanna, mmrrrmmhh…” His arms go around and hug down on Gerald’s neck.

“Whoa whoa, ah heh heh” Gerald chuckles awkwardly as John starts moaning and kissing his thick lips, “Dayum, Howl, you’re gayer than Jack is, aren’t you??”

“No, I’m straight…” John groans as his back arches as his throbbing anus drools with the pearly white syrup of two coworkers, “I’m just a big fat pussy boy…”

“Shit, I don’t know what the hell’s gotten into you…” Gerald chuckles as he gives John’s mouth a thick and long kiss while his strong hands go to roughly seize and squeeze John’s buttcheeks, “But hell if it ain’t fucking hot.”


“Heh, tell ya what.” Gerald incidentally SNAPS his fingers and points his fingers idly, having no idea what he’s doing with John’s brain. John blinks as his command-trigger sets off again, “I need to head out. Why don’t you go teabag someone else’s ballsack under a desk. Then you and I can meet up at my place and I’ll show you a REAL good time.”

“… Yes, okay.” John nods. Gerald soon leaves and John takes his own phone and tucks it back into his sock and pulls up his briefs back between his legs.


“Oooh… Hmhmhm… Oh yes, mmmhhhh” Moans a blonde accountant as he rocks back and forth a bit. The handsome coworker shudders and moans as he leans on his desk and lets out a long hot moan, “Ohhhhhhh there it is, there it is…”

Under the desk, John’s face is just wet with sweat and his saliva. His coworker has his 3inch pecker throbbing out and his sack out from his pants’ zipper. John lets that ballsac rolls along the bridge of his nose as John gives a long and and firm lick from the man’s perineum up to under his nuts. His hand goes to rub on the coworker’s rigid and small cock up and down as his lips glue and slurp one ball into his mouth and sucks on it.

“Ooh!” The blonde hunk jerks up and his little member spurts pre as his hands tense at the surface of his desk, “Fuck, fuck, get’em both in, oh…” He clenches his eyes and bites his lip hard as he feels both of his testicles wade entirely in that hot and wet mouth “HaaaahhhooooooooHHHH!” He moans harshly as he ducks his head down and grabs the back of his neck with both hands. “I am so glad I let you do this, my exgirlfriend never even went anywhere near my balls, ohhhhhhh”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20