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Sundays are meant for relaxing, lounging in bed and making love until noon, when the bodies famished for more than just protein, drag themselves out of bed for breakfast. It was just such a Sunday for my lover and I.

I watched her shred the potatoes for homemade hash browns from my lounging position on the sofa. Watching her lithe, graceful body peel the potatoes, I caught a glimpse of a swinging breast under her robe as it slid away from her body when she moved. I could stand it no longer. I came up behind her to “help” with breakfast.

My hands reached inside her robe and found the tender rounds that caught my eye. My face nuzzled her neck as she labored over the appliance. The radio was playing softly in the background and our bodies began to sway as one. bahis firmaları She turned to me and put her arms around my neck. We locked in a lover’s kiss unmatched by any kiss I’ve ever known.

After a short while, I sensed something burning, and reached around her to turn the potatoes and bacon. While I was thus occupied, I felt the familiar wetness drip between my legs. Spatula in hand, I took her hand and guided it to the source of the moisture.

Her eyes, widened in mock surprise. “Oohhhhh…. mmmm… ” she moaned. Then dropped to her knees and gave my pubes a kiss and lapped at my juice.

Ummm…. Honey? Ummmm… breakfast.” I reminded her.

She groaned as I lifted her to her feet. In one swift movement, she turned the heat off the breakfast kaçak iddaa then wrapped her arms around me and lifted me to the sink. “Breakfast is just what I had in mind,” she grinned.

Giggling, I brought her face to mine and whispered, “I love you…” We locked in a passionate kiss as her hands found my breasts and their erect nipples. She moved her mouth down along my neck and across my shoulder, slowly inching toward my excited peaks. As she sucked one nipple, she caressed the other, rubbing and gently pinching until I felt I could take no more. My body was no longer my own. I was in her complete control.

Her hands slid down my sides, and rested on my hips. My thighs already spread, she lowered her head to the downy softness of my dark triangle. My kaçak bahis hands held her head and caressed her hair as she began her gentle assault on my clit. Expertly she licked my clit to hardness. This was sweet torment. She quickly brought me to the edge of orgasm, then backed off, not allowing me to come too quickly. She was obviously enjoying herself, as was I. She dipped her tongue to caress the opening to my vagina, languidly lapping up the river she was creating. As she resumed her assault on my clitoris, I could hold back no longer. I grasped her head and pulled her into me. Bucking my hips, I could faintly hear the utensils in the dish drainer clanking as they fell onto the floor. My orgasm erupted like a volcano. I felt my cum flow like hot lava.

When I could cum no more, she lifted her head back up to my face and we melted into a lover’s kiss. I wrapped my arms and legs around her and she lifted me off the sink and took me to the sofa, where we had another serving of protein.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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