Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 02

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Thank you very much to everybody for your comments on chapter one. For those of you just joining the story…I think you can figure things out fairly quickly, but as always, it makes more sense to read the earlier portion.

Once again, Brenda was…lonely…horny…and in a lesbian chat room. Whenever anyone who wasn’t obviously a bot entered, she messaged them: “Wanna cyber?” Most ignored her, asked to see her cam, or demanded to immediately know her bra size. If she was desperate enough, she told them…and went from there.

But then one person answered differently…a woman called Jennifer. Instead of “Cam?” she just said:


Normally Jennifer ignored im’s. But she was lonely and horny and needed to…well…get off with someone. If this person could write another sentence, this time with more than two words, maybe she could have some…some fun.

Brenda was happy to see a reply. She typed: “Hi, I’m Brenda.”

That was a sentence.

“Hi. I’m Jen.”


There was a pause. They both felt a little tingle – the sense of possibility.

Jennifer took the plunge. “So…you are into cyber?”

Pause. Oh crap, Brenda thought. Was she going to get preached at now?


Jen answered quickly. “Me too. Sometimes.”

“But it depends of course.”

“Oh, of course.”

“I don’t cyber with just anyone.”

Jennifer lied. “Me neither.”

The conversation went back and forth. About half was untrue, as they played coy and each tried to stay slightly more moral than the other. But the other half was honest, and drew more and more deeper as they began to open up their secret lives a bit.

Jennifer began to confess how much she thought about other women. That it excited her to think about being watched as she…touched herself. That she thought about other women touching themselves too.

Brenda confessed too. That she…masturbated. That more and more, she masturbated bahis firmaları while thinking about being with another woman.

They both knew the other obviously cybered. They didn’t talk about that much. They certainly didn’t share any details. There was too much else to talk about. Too many thoughts overwhelming them…as they cautiously chatted…not wanting to say too much…but bursting with so much to say that they had never dared to share with anyone before.

Brenda told Jennifer that she had had these thoughts for a while now…but that they were growing stronger and stronger. Many days, she felt she had to act on them…had to let them linger in her mind…while she satisfied and pleasured herself. And Jennifer said she had them too…thoughts that she couldn’t stop…that maybe she didn’t want to stop. They were so arousing, so exciting…so hot. Very hot, they both agreed. There was another long pause.

Jennifer pulled back first. “But then afterward…” she started.

Brenda finished the thought. “You maybe don’t feel so good about it all.”


“You feel guilty.”


Jennifer suddenly felt something else. This wasn’t a tingle. It felt like a glow…a feeling of intense warmth and relief that someone else understood. Someone else who felt the way she did. But it came with other feelings. She also felt the intense sharp guilt that she always did after she cybered – the deep pit in her stomach that told her all this was wrong. As she confessed that she felt guilty, she felt the guilt return. And there was yet another feeling…of excitement…that here was another woman who was so much like her. That understood her. And who had the same feelings. The feelings about naked people…touching, kissing, playing. Who was also excited by those feelings, just like they excited Jennifer. Who masturbated thinking about them…just like Jennifer.

Brenda also felt the mixed senses…of relief, of renewed guilt, kaçak iddaa and of arousal. Part of her wanted to just shut the computer off and run away. Another part wanted desperately to know how guilty Jennifer felt…whether anyone could possibly feel as bad, as awful, as despicable as Brenda sometimes felt.

And the last part wondered whether Jennifer was maybe naked right now..or if all this talk had maybe made her want to touch herself…just a bit.

It was very overwhelming. They both felt electrified and more alive than they’d ever been.

They talked more about the guilt. And here the words started spilling forth…no lies, no half-truths, but deep feelings about the hurting, binding, intense guilt they would feel after a cyber session. Masturbating made them feel guilty. The lesbian thoughts made them feel extra-guilty. But nothing felt worse than the cybering…especially mindless, anonymous cybering with some person out there they had never met, who they knew nothing about, and would probably never see again. Just emotionless masturbating with some other sex-hungry userid.

And yet they kept coming back. They kept signing on. They had some intense need…or maybe addiction…that brought them back online…sometimes with their clothes already loose or undone…needing to connect with someone else…needing some kind of sexual satisfaction.

They discovered they had both cybered with men…and had stopped. Many were just unbelievably crude and inarticulate…but others were too real…too nice and genuine…too much like the men they loved and had married and had real sex with in their real beds. They felt guilty about that…but also just uninterested. Men were not as compelling as women.

What was wrong with them? Why were they looking for sexual release with women? Jennifer confessed that it was probably the illicit excitement of lesbianism – being with a man was more conventional, while being with another woman was shocking. kaçak bahis In a sense she knew more about a man’s body than a woman’s body other than her own. She knew how she responded…how her husband responded and how her earlier boyfriends had…..but not how another woman would respond…to her touch. To her gaze. To her lust.

Brenda agreed. There was something just so different…so compelling…about another woman. And yes, it was so wrong. But sometimes she couldn’t stop herself, and it became even more exciting to think about how wrong it was in so many ways. To fantasize that another woman was watching her. Seeing her naked. That it wasn’t Brenda touching herself, but another woman…touching and fondling and caressing her all over. Exploring her naked Brenda explored hers.

They kept talking…now holding back again…not confessing just how aroused they both were. Jennifer unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her hand inside…first over her bra..then slipping under…carefully moving and feeling the rush she always felt when she touched herself. Brenda’s fingers were wandering too…pressing hard over clothes…inching underneath…as she felt herself grow wetter and wetter.

But they didn’t tell each other they were masturbating as they talked. Instead they chatted more about these feelings…the guilt, the excitement, the questions about why they did this and what compelled them. They even both went to church…they were good Christian married women…with these secret thoughts so unlike anything they had ever encountered or that were even whispered at women’s Bible study. Affairs with men, yes. Lesbian masturbation fantasies…surely that was beyond the pale…nothing that anyone could ever understand.

Except they understood each other. And as they built up to their climaxes…trying to type and keep up with the other…sharing all their feelings but not even hinting at what they were doing …they felt the glow return, by itself this time. And as they gasped and brought themselves to orgasm…a feeling of acceptance and understanding enveloped them…the sense that someone else understood.

* * *

To be continued

* * *

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