Brian Ch. 18

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The next morning the family got up early to get Brooke and Brian off to the airport. Everyone said their goodbyes and then returned to their lives. The remaining children went to get ready for school and Wendy went back to her room. She was going to lie back down and get some sleep. She hadn’t gotten much the previous night due to her jumping Brian’s buns as soon as she got him in the bed. Actually, she didn’t wait until he got in bed, she attacked him while he was trying to brush his teeth. She silently laughed while remembering Brian brushing his teeth while she was brushing hers with his cock. Later they did get in bed and she fucked him through two orgasms, his. She had so many she lost count.

As she tried to return to slumber land, he thoughts went back to Brian and then to Dylan. She remembered that she had told Dylan she was going to fuck him tonight and with those thoughts she couldn’t go back to sleep. She wanted to play with her pussy which was now creaming and getting more and more sensitive. She rubbed her pussy slightly and knew that if she continued she would never get anything done today.

She stopped her playing and got up and began to straighten the room. She stripped the sheets off the bed and piled them in the floor. Here lately she was changing the sheets almost daily. She wasn’t sure what made her become so sexually liberated and overcharged but she didn’t care. So far, no one had complained. Especially Brian and now not Dylan. Dylan would enjoy it more after tonight.

Wendy hadn’t put any clothes on as of yet and was cleaning her bedroom naked. She stopped as she passed her standing mirror and looked at her body. She looked and thought she didn’t looked too bad for a woman her age and the mother of three. Her breasts only sagged a little and she still had a nice ass and shapely legs. Not bad, not bad at all.

As she walked around the room she heard the door quietly open. Dylan walked into the room and saw his mother moving around the room straightening things and then she turned to him. He moved quickly across the room and took her in his arms. His lips found her before she had a chance to say anything. Then her mouth opened and he thrusted his tongue in her mouth. She moaned into his mouth when he hands found her ass and gripped it, pulling her naked form to his crotch.

She pushed him away after the kiss lingered longer than she realized. “Dylan, your sister is still her. We have to be careful.”

“Mom, I just wanted to kiss you. Well, actually I wanted to do more. Why should we wait until tonight? We could start as soon as Beth leaves for school. I can’t wait to have you again,” he whispered to her.

“Baby, tonight is when it will have to be. I am going shopping later with Gran and won’t be back until just before dinner. I may get something naughty to wear for tonight. So you are going to have to go to school. Besides, you do need to go to school; I have seen your grades. Maybe if you make better grades you will be rewarded. You never know,” she quietly told him. “Now get out of her before your sister catches us.”

He kissed her again and ran his hands over her shoulders, back and ass. As his tongue entered her mouth his hand held her to him while he brought the other one around and palmed her bald pussy mound. He felt her heat and wet fluid between her legs. He kissed her hard as he slipped first one then two fingers in her and pumped them in and out. He heard her moan and then she pushed him away again. She watched as he brought his wet fingers to his mouth and sucked the abundant juice off them.

Wendy felt Dylan’s big fingers invaded her pussy and her legs almost gave way. His fingers were nicely filling her insides. She wanted him to continue but knew she had to make him stop or she would jump him right then. She was so close to cumming that it would only take a little to push her over the edge. And after that, she would have a hard time explaining to her mother that she couldn’t make it to shop because she was humping her son. She reluctantly pushed him off and watched as he licked his fingers clean.

Dylan checked the hallway and then slipped out of the room and down the stairs. Within minutes he was leaving a dust trail down the road heading for school. Beth walked out of the house a few minutes later and she too headed for school. She had only yelled at her mother as she passed by her door and then left.

Wendy moved slowly to the shower and began to run the water. Her pussy was still buzzing after Dylan had played with her. She knew that if she didn’t cum she was going to be worthless all day. She wanted to rub herself but she knew it would be better if she could just lay back and let Dylan or someone else does it for her. She was still horny and was in desperate need of a good orgasm. As she stood in the warm water, she gently stroked her nipples and then rubbed her pussy and clit. She was half way through to her orgasm when she remembered that she had to meet her mother to go shopping. Her mother! “Mom, I am coming over casino oyna and with any luck I will be cumming shortly after I get there,” she thought. She quickly exited the shower and dried herself. She had laid out the clothes she was going to wear the night before but that would take to long to dress. She instead ran in her walk-in closet and found the first dress she could. She ran a brush through her hair as she put on a pair of slip-on sandals and then was out the door.

Her swollen pussy lips rubbed together as she quickly walked across her backyard and through the gate to her mother’s house. She walked in the house and went to her mother’s room. She found her mother sitting at her vanity putting on make-up wearing nothing but a towel around her body.

She watched her daughter walk across the room without saying a word taking her dress off. “You are early, babe. I didn’t think…you’d…be…here…for. I take it you have other things on your mind,” she slowly said. As she was speaking Augie finished her sentence as she watch Wendy jump in the middle of her bed and spread her legs wide. She watched as her daughter’s hand came down to her pussy and started to stroke her very wet pussy lips.

“Mom, shut up and get over here. I am about to explode if you don’t help me. Please just come here,” Wendy said panting.

Augie stood up and let the towel drop to the floor while moving to the bed. When she crawled up on the bed she heard Wendy tell her, “Mom, eat my pussy please. Dear God, please eat me before I explode.”


Beth arrived home after school. The time in her classes was sheer torture for her. Her classes were the core subjects and she had had most of the stuff being taught in her high school. All she did was squirm in her chair and watch the clock. She wore a long denim skirt that reached to her mid calf. She was glad it was that long because if it were shorter she would have been tempted to put her hand up her dress in a jill herself in class. She had gone without panties this morning like she had done everyday since her ordeal on the island. She just liked the feel of nothing covering her bare pussy. She found she hated to wear clothes. If she could have she would have gone to school nude.

When class was finally dismissed for the day, she was out the door like a race horse out the starting gate. She knew she had to get home before Dylan did if she was going to get him before mom did. She knew her mom was going shopping with Gran but she still wanted to get to the house early enough to set up everything. If her mother was there she would have to go to Plan B.

Thankfully when she arrived she saw that her grandmother’s car was gone and knew that her mother was out also. She also knew that next to sex, shopping was her mother’s favorite thing to do. That meant she was going to be gone for several more hours. Plan A would be the method of choice.

She quickly changed clothes and putting on a loose white t-shirt and pair of loose-legged shorts. Then she grabbed some water, wrote a note and headed to the guest house combination gym and training area to wait for Dylan. She did some stretches and kicks to limber up and then went through some of her cheerleading routine to pass the time. By the time Dylan was going to show up she would be nice and wet from sweat. If that didn’t work, the bottled water was going to help. She was going to make the t-shirt almost see through to make things interesting.

Dylan arrived home less than an hour later and entered the house. He saw that Beth was home and gave a yell. He also knew from his discussion with his mother that she was going to be gone for the rest of the afternoon. He would have nothing to do until his mother got home except thing about all the nasty things he wanted to do to her. He rubbed his cock as he walked into the kitchen for something to snack on. “What I would really like to snack on is mom’s pussy,” he thought as he opened the refrig. When he turned to sit at the kitchen bar he saw the note from Beth. ‘I am bored, if you want to get your ass kicked, come to the gym. If you are afraid, just say so. I will understand and not tell anyone, signed the Supreme Intergalactic Whoop-ass Champion.’

Dylan thought that was a challenge that he couldn’t pass up. Besides he would get to work off some excess energy until tonight when mom gets home. She ran up stairs and put on his workout pants and a muscle shirt. He grabbed his water on the way out. “Supreme Intergalactic Whoop-ass Champion, my ass,” he thought heading to the gym.

Beth worked hard waiting for Dylan. She hadn’t needed the water after all. She had turned the temp up in the gym and it was hot. Almost too hot. She was sweating profusely as Dylan walked in the door. When he saw his sister standing there with her hands on her hips, he stopped in his tracks. He could see she had been working out and she was covered in sweat. Her white t-shirt was sticking to her body in the wet spots. But her chest canlı casino was sweating the most, causing the white shirt to become almost invisible as it plastered itself to her skin. When she turned to Dylan he could clearly see her bit tits as if she was wearing nothing at all.

“Beth, it is too hot in her. You are sweating too much and will over heat. Let me turn the air on,” he said as he walked to the thermostat. His walking gave him time to adjust his cock which had become instantly hard looking at his sister’s tits.

“Ok, thanks, Dylan. It is hot in here and the air will hopefully cool things down,” she said. When the cool air hit her, her wet t-shirt cooled quickly and it caused her nipples to become erect. “That is what was supposed to happen, Dylan,” she said as she looked down at her chest and saw her nipples sticking out. “Phase 2 is now in effect.”

“Dylan, I am just finishing up my cheers. When I get done, will you help me with my martial arts moves? I didn’t realize how much I had learned from you and how much more I need from you after spending time on that island,” she told him. “And baby you got what else I need trying to get out of your pants,” she thought.

Dylan leaned against the wall as he watched her do her cheers. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when she started doing her kicks and leg lifts. She was already limber but the shorts she was wearing were very loose on the legs and whenever her legs came up he got a clear view of her pussy. He could tell she was shaved smooth and she had big pussy lips. Whenever she would turn away from him doing her cheer, he would touch his cock and try to rearrange it so it wouldn’t be so visible. Between her wet t-shirt and the view of her crotch, it was driving him crazy and making his dick hard enough to cut diamonds.

She finished her cheers and went to get some water. She knew she had his attention because she could see the outline of his cock in his pants. “Hmmm, nice package,” she thought as she reached down to get her water bottle. She purposely turned away from him and bent very unladylike at the waist to get it. This caused her shorts to ride up her ass and when she bent over he got a good view of her ass and pussy under the loose leg of the shorts. She heard him moan when she bent over.

When she turned around, she saw that he had stood up and had his back to her as he began to do some stretching for his workout. “Time for Phase 3,” she thought. She went to get a drink of water from her water bottle and “accidentally” spilled good portion of the ice water down her shirt. The water ran over her tits and the cold water did what it was intended. Her nipples tightened and poked out clearly. The water had made her shirt transparent. She could have entered a wet t-shirt contest at that time.

“Dylan, would you like to help me with something?” she asked innocently.

When he turned around, he started to cough. He could see everything clearly on his sister’s chest. He openly stared at his sister for a second until he realized that he was staring. He didn’t think she knew that she was showing him her tits and he wasn’t about to tell her either. She had beautiful round tits with awesome nipples. They were sticking out clearly on top of her big tits. “Sure, what can I do, Miss Supreme Whoop-ass Champion?”

Beth did her best little miss charmer smile and curtsied. “I want to work on my kicks. Will you hold a paddle for me and let me practice? I want to work on head kicks,” she said doing a roundhouse kick at medium height.

Dylan watched her do the kick and saw that he could see right up her shorts. “Sure, let me get a pad.” He walked over to the storage bin and pulled a paddle out. When he bent over he gave his cock a fix. He was hard as a rock.

Beth smiled as she watched him rearrange himself. “Phase 4 in effect, two more to go and then party time,” she thought.

For the next ten minutes she went through a series of kick under the close watch of Dylan. He kept giving her corrections and encouragement for her kicks. He continued to raise the paddle until she was kicking at his head level. With each kick he was getting an eyeful of her bald pussy. When she was kicking higher, her pussy lips would separate and her clit would become visible. He was thinking that his sister was giving him a show but if she was, that was all it was. She hadn’t made any kind of move and was acting in all seriousness about working out.

“Ok, baby, opps, Dylan. I think I have had enough. I need your help with some self defense stuff. Will you show me a few moves?” she asked. “When we were on the island, one of the guys grabbed me and I wasn’t sure what to do.” She knew she had just lied to him; no one had even come close to grabbing her except Brooke and her dad. But they were grabbing her to fuck her. Dylan was going to do that too, he just didn’t know it yet. Phase 5 beginning.

“Sure, Beth, how do you want me to do this?”

“Let me show you what he did and then you can show me what you would kaçak casino do to get out of it,” she told him.

He nodded his head and turned his back to her. Beth gave an evil smile and then moved up behind him. She molded her body to his back, pushing her hard tits and nipples into his back. She pushed her pussy into his tight buns and stood there for a second. Then she wrapped arms around him, trapping his arms to his sides. She clasped her hands around his waist and held him tight keeping her body against his. Because he was quite a bit taller than she was her hands fell on his lower waist. Her hands “accidentally” rested over his hard cock causing both of them to groan, mimicking exertion.

“It was like this,” Beth said. “Now does it slow so I can tell what you do.”

Dylan thrust his ass against her crotch and lifted her arms so her hands left his cock and went to his chest breaking the grip. Then he bent and grabbed her leg and lifted it off the ground causing her to fall. He spun around quickly while maintaining his grip and moved to simulate breaking her leg. As he stood over her with her leg in his hand her shorts legs had fallen open and her stretched pussy was visible in all its glory. He looked down at her pussy and he could see that she was wet. He wasn’t sure if it was sweat from the work out or if she was just excited. He figured it was sweat since she showed no interest in anything sexual. He continued to start at her bald pussy until he realized that he was staring. “And then I would break your leg. You understand?”

He backed up and helped her get to her feet. “Dylan, when it comes to this stuff, it takes me a few times of seeing it done before I can try it myself. Would you show me a couple more times?” She knew that was another lie. She was one who could see just about anything done once and be able to repeat it the next time on her own.

They went through the drill several more times with Beth continuing to mold against Dylan with her tits and pussy mound. Each time she wrapped her arms around his waist her hands landed on his hard cock. Now Dylan was the one sweating profusely. He was dripping and slick from all the sweat.

“Phase 6 and final phase,” she thought. “After this I am going to fuck him silly. I have to or my pussy is going to catch on fire.” Even though she didn’t let on she was doing everything she could not to just attack his ass and fuck him on the floor. She knew she was going to but she wasn’t sure who the teasing was torturing the most, him or her. “Okay, now I get to try and get out,” she said stepping in front of him with her back to him.

He stepped up behind her and it was his turn to mold himself to her. She felt his hard cock push up against her ass and she bit her lip to keep from moaning or groaning. Dylan took extra time to make sure he was in the right position before he wrapped his arms around her. When he was set he told her to go through the moves slowly and then they would go faster.

Her first try didn’t go exactly right. When she stepped, she couldn’t break his grip. Or at least she said she couldn’t. Dylan had to relax his grip to get her to move his arms. Beth knew she could have easily broken the moves but in order to keep him with his arms wrapped around her and his cock against her ass, she had to feign weakness. When he loosened his grip enough, she could break the grip to force his hands up. Each time she “tried” she just couldn’t get his arms to break the grip and she was still in his clutches. Each time she “tried” his hands would just end up holding on to her tits. She had to keep doing it until she was satisfied that she could break the hold.

Beth made him hold her tighter each time as she got the hand of the move. Each time she broke the hold, Dylan’s hands molded to her breasts. She felt his hard cock against her ass and felt the trickle of sweat dripping off him and falling on her. Dylan must be going crazy was thinking. Time to go to Phase 6 and the final reward.

After the last time Beth got Dylan to break his hold, she leaned forward to grip is leg. This caused his hands to separate and be left holding a tit in each one. She also got to shove her ass into his crotch. Because she was bending over with her legs spread, her asscheeks separated and his cock was wedged between them. Again she had to repeat this move several times to make sure she got it right.

Dylan was a nervous wreck. His sexy sister was trying to get this simple self defense move down and she had yet to complete it. The only thing she was able to do was drive her brother crazy with lust. He knew that as soon as this was over he was going to go to his bathroom and jack off. And then when his mother came home he was probably going to fuck her on the dining room table if given the chance.

Beth figured they both had had enough. She went through the entire routine from grab to release to bend and take the foot. Dylan’s cock was tightly against her ass when she lifted his foot off the ground and dropped him to the mat. As she turned to do the next move she “accidentally” tripped and landed on his chest. He saw her start to fall and he brought his hands up to catch her, but his hands ended up grabbing her tits to stop her fall.

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