Brown Eyes

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Hi, this is my first story. Please give me any kind of feedback. I’d also like to acknowledge all the stories, good and bad, that inspired me to write my own. Kudos to AsylumSeeker too for taking the time to edit it.


When I’m evaluating a sub, I always look at the eyes first. The eyes tell whole stories about their owner. You can practically touch the anticipation and apprehension flooding out of a first-time sub’s gaze. The more experienced ones tend to glance around eagerly, with only a little bit of anxiety or an obviously fake fearfulness. Kaitlin’s big, brown eyes instantly drew me with their poise and eagerness, promising an intense experience. She met and exceeded that expectation.

Pandora’s Box is the place where I first saw her. It’s a kind of fetish club where doms, subs, tops, bottoms, etc. can find each other. Every other Friday there’s a special “slave auction.” Subs put themselves on display and “sell” themselves to a master or mistress for the weekend. It’s really not much more than an elaborate way of hooking up, but it is quite a show.

Bidders usually bid hours of their time as entertainment in the club. They might dance or sing or perform for the crowd, but they might also be set up as a living decoration. During my last visit, there was a woman tied on her hands and knees as a coffee table. It’s good for doms to experience a little submission every now and then. Jess puts a lot of effort into making the bids interesting.

Jess is the owner of the club of course, and she is meticulous about keeping up the ambience. She runs it like a dictator, and she runs it well. We were on pretty good terms since I was a solid contributor to the club. I also helped her find those rare or custom-made toys and devices that made the atmosphere so unique.

That Friday, I was examining the merchandise, so to speak. There were two subs I’d had before; they were nothing special. The other guys and girls were more or less uninteresting. Actually I’m not interested in men at all, but I like to keep an open mind; maybe a special one will appear and change my mind, as unlikely as that may be.

Then I saw Kaitlin’s big, brown eyes. At first, there was nothing special about them. She had the trace of nervousness like a first-time sub, but there was also a gleam of readiness and confidence. At least, that’s how I explain it now. Then, I just knew she was special, and I was drawn to her with a force as inevitable as gravity.

Trying to preserve that first impression, I quickly looked away and rushed over to Jess. I pulled her aside, speaking almost directly into her ear to be heard above the noise.

She glanced at me, then asked, “Oh, hey Sarah! What -“

I interrupted her, the words coming out in a rush, “Who’s that brunette? The third from the left? What’s her starting price? I want her. Badly.”

Jess paused as she sorted out my questions. Slowly, a huge grin appeared on her face.

“I hoped you would spot her,” she replied. “That’s Kaitlin, a good friend of mine. She’s actually done some bondage and domination, but only with men. She’s hoping to try out a mistress this weekend.”

“I know you’ll be perfect for her,” she added confidingly.

“You’ve got a good eye – as usual – for the special ones. My friend Jim says she was definitely one of the best subs he’s ever had.”

“Can I just take her now then?” I blurted out unthinkingly. My mind was already whirling with plans and scenarios, and I was eager to get started. “I know it’s unconventional but just this one time…?” I trailed off. Jess was not known for giving favors. Not for free anyways.

Jess laughed out loud.

“Please, you know me better than that. You’ll have to win her fair and square. I’ll give you a tip since we’re friends. I’m going to make it a competition for her instead of the usual auction. The event will be pleasuring a woman.”

I smiled at that. “Well, I’ll definitely win then.”

She laughed again. “Sure, sure.”

“Oh Jess, you know I’m the best, even if it is plain vanilla sex! Don’t you remember that week last December?”

I put a hand on her hip and pulled her in snugly against my side. I cupped her breast with my other hand, teasing out her nipple through the fabric of her top with my thumb and index finger. Jess moaned softly.

She leaned in as if she wanted a kiss but pushed me away mockingly.

“Okay, okay Miss Magic Fingers, stop distracting me, I have work to do. It’ll start in an hour all right?”

I slowly released her, letting my fingers linger on her body, as if I were reluctant to stop touching her.

“If you insist,” I said, resisting what was probably a goofy grin.

“You might owe me for today!” she added, as I left.

There were plenty of sights in the club. I glanced over most of them disinterestedly. On one stage, a mistress was riding her sub around like a horse, complete with bridle and spurs. A mock horse-tail sprouted from the dildo in the sub’s rear. bahis firmaları There was a woman in the stocks, gagged and blindfolded, her ass wiggling in the air. From her expression and the movement of her hips, I suspected she had a vibrator or something else to keep her on the edge of arousal. Usually I would’ve gone over to play with her a bit, but I was focused only on my prospective sub today.

I chatted a bit with some acquaintances, seeing if they had any promising subs they would like to share or some new device or toy. But underneath all the small talk, I was impatient for the auction to begin. I could barely stop fidgeting even when they were auctioning off the other subs.

You might be wondering why I didn’t run over to Kaitlin immediately. When I pick a sub for the first time, I want our first meeting to be genuinely the first. It’s just one of my idiosyncrasies. I didn’t want to know anything about her before we would start to play.

After a few more interminable minutes, Jess finally got to Kaitlin. She was the last sub to be auctioned.

“As we’ve done before, we’ll have a contest for the last sub, Kaitlin. Since she is a particular friend of mine, I’m only allowing two contestants.”

There was a murmur around the club, but no one really protested. Jess worked hard to make this place available so everyone let her have her way with these kinds of things. Of course, I got the good end of this deal so why would I complain?

“Sarah and Alex, could you come up to the stage please?”

I knew Alex as an acquaintance, though I had never been with her. She was also a domme, and she was competent, so I had heard. I was still pretty confident as I walked up the steps though. Jess gestured us into two cushioned chairs on either side of the stage.

“Okay, bring out the girls now.”

There was a lull followed by the buzz of conversation and whispering as the girls were brought out from behind the curtain. I was sure they’d be pretty enough, but I wondered what was so interesting about them. The crowd was talking far too much for just a couple of pretty girls. I turned to look.

“I’m glad everyone’s a little bit surprised at least.” Jess gave a wicked grin. “It was pretty tough finding identical twins with this particular interest, but they owed me a favor.”

I guess the point was that they would be both equally likely to orgasm, so it was all up to our skill. That’s probably a little ridiculous. But still, it was a good gimmick.

“The contest is one you’re hopefully familiar with. The first one to make her girl orgasm is the winner. Get into position now please.”

The girls both had their blonde hair pulled into ponytails. They were completely naked except for the handcuffs binding their wrists behind their backs. There really wasn’t any reason to bind them, but maybe it helped them get a little hornier. A little bondage definitely helps me. They weren’t too good at playing the role though; neither of them even pretended to struggle at their bonds and they both had a silly, self-conscious smile on their faces. I pulled my girl onto my lap so she was straddling my thigh.

“Okay, I’m ready,” I announced.

“Me too,” Alex said.

Jess looked at both sides then nodded.

“All right; three…two…one…GO!”

I gently turned her head so I could give her a little kiss. It became a deeper kiss as I probed her mouth, exploring its shape and wrestling with her tongue. I’ve always found that a bit of kissing really gets women hotter and wetter than just going straight to the pussy. Maybe that’s just my experience. A tiny bit of suction from my mouth drew her tongue out. I sucked on it lightly, wrapping my tongue around hers. She followed my lead pretty well. It had gotten to the point where I was enjoying it too much, so I firmly told myself to speed things up.

I traced my fingertips around one nipple, being careful not to touch it. After a few circles, I lightly squeezed her breast until I felt resistance and heard her sharp intake of breath. I released it slowly, and then squeezed it again in the same way. At the same time, I pulled her against me using her breast as a handhold. I pressed my chest into her back, enjoying the feel of her skin on the fabric of my clothes, the stimulation stiffening my nipples.

While I was rhythmically squeezing her breast, my other hand lightly caressed her pussy lips. She was already rather moist. I took advantage of her wetness to smear her juices around her outer labia. They swelled up under my touch, seeking my fingertips. She had started involuntarily riding my thigh as I stroked her pussy as lightly as a feather. The feel of her wetness seeping onto my leg combined with the heat emanating from her pussy was delightful. I enjoyed the delicious sensations a few short seconds longer before I clamped her pussy lips together tightly in my hand until she squirmed. I relaxed the pressure slightly then squeezed the lips again in time with my other hand’s breast play.

After a few moments kaçak iddaa of massaging her breast and pussy and exploring her mouth, she was panting and moaning. Gently probing up and down her pussy with my fingers, I lifted the skin covering her clit. She gasped into my mouth as I brushed it. Reluctantly, I pulled out of the kiss. I nibbled and licked her ear, whispering,

“Please come for me. Now.” This was more of a command than a request.

As the words left my mouth, I tugged slightly but firmly on the nipple I had been avoiding so carefully. With my other hand, I spread her pussy open, rubbing her clit vigorously, almost roughly. I felt her twitch away from my fingers as the orgasm hit her. Never letting her body leave my touch, I pushed harder with every contraction, feeling her writhe against my fingers and into my thigh. She moaned and managed to gasp,

“I’m coming! Ohh ohhh, I’m coming!”

I looked over triumphantly at Alex, whose head was still buried between her girl’s thighs.

“Looks like Sarah’s the winner!” Jess announced.

“Remember you owe me for tonight,” she said to me in an aside.

I had to breathe deeply a few times to regain my balance. I could feel the heat in my breasts and the dampness in my crotch. I wanted to get a nice girl or even a vibrator and come right then, but I forced myself to calm down. Some mistresses come whenever they feel the urge even as they deny orgasms to their subs. In my opinion, being aroused and on edge is just as good for the mistress as for the sub. I knew my climax would be much more enjoyable if Kaitlin was as good as she seemed to be.


I had just returned home and was preparing myself for the rest of the night. Jess was sending Kaitlin over with a driver in an hour. I decided on a black corset, leather miniskirt, and black stockings. While I dressed, I thought over what I knew about Kaitlin. Since I don’t relish pain as much as some mistresses do, I didn’t need to worry about safe-words or going too fast. Her safe-word was “electroencephalograph,” incidentally. Such a long safe-word has the advantage of being distinguishable through a gag. I doubted I would ever hear it; Jess assured me that Kaitlin had done more extreme things than I would ever plan on. That thought both worried and excited me. I spent some time imagining what she might have done as I waited for the delivery.

After what seemed like an agonizingly long time, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and her eyes immediately drew me in. Her direct, almost insolent stare pinned me to the spot. With a noticeable effort, I tore myself away from her gaze. I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. What am I doing! I thought. I’m the mistress here!

“Eyes to the floor, slut! You should know better.” I took some pride in the fact that my mistress voice came quickly and easily.

Kaitlin’s head quickly tilted as her gaze dropped to the floor. She was probably abashed at slipping in her role like I had. I let it go of course since I had done no better. I usually spend a minute or two observing a sub on the first meeting, so I had time to gather myself. The prolonged silence tends to give them a little anticipation to sharpen their pleasure. I was eager to see how she had presented herself.

Many unimaginative subs just show up naked with their hair pulled into a bun or something equally boring. Kaitlin had put elegant waves in her hair, which tumbled freely down her shoulders and framed her alluring face. She wore a clingy, translucent, white negligee which sensuously emphasized her curves. The negligee’s embroidery hid most of her breasts but pushed them together to form a lovely expanse of cleavage. White stockings encased her legs, ending in lacy garters at her shapely thighs. Kaitlin was a masterpiece of feminine beauty. The blush creeping into her cheeks made her almost unbearably attractive, and I had to make a conscious effort to focus on the next step.

“Come with me, slut.”

“My name is Kaitlin,” she said. Without missing a beat, I slapped her ass hard. She barely flinched. I mentally nodded in approval.

“You have to earn your name with me. Until then, you’ll answer to slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied, with just the right amount of sullenness.

Internally, I was almost giggling in anticipation. It had been a long time since I’d had a sub who put some effort into the role-play. Most subs just relax and enjoy the show, so to speak. They might like whips and vibrators and sex instead of massages, manicures, and pedicures, but in the end, they’re still being pampered. I realize I’m sounding a little bitter, which is not my intent. I like playing with my toy girls as much as they like being played with. But sometimes I crave something more immersive and intense.

I fastened a leather collar around her neck. After attaching a leash, I led her to the basement. I like my subs to be on the edge of arousal, so I start them off with some bondage and teasing. kaçak bahis Steering her in front of my adjustable, padded stool, I lightly pushed her to her knees. I guided her down with the leash so that her stomach rested on the padding. I patted myself on the back for adjusting the height and length of the stool to her proportions correctly after just one glance. Her upper body was perfectly horizontal. Her breasts hung right off one edge while the gentle curve of her butt jutted out slightly at the other.

“Mistress, what are you doing?” she asked, injecting a slight note of curiosity mingled with worry. She had an actress’s voice control.

In response, I gave her another slap on the ass, though less harshly than before. The only explanation I offered was the rubber ball gag I stuffed in her mouth. I decided to go ahead and blindfold her at this point so she could focus on the sensations of bondage. She moaned into the gag as if in protest. The first moan might have been a genuine complaint, but the next ones were so erotic they must have been for my benefit. The sound moistened my pussy and brought heat to my breasts. I was suddenly conscious of the tightness of my corset, the feel of lace on my nipples, and the silk of my panties brushing against my crotch. I had to pause for a long moment before I could continue steadily.

I looped lengths of rope to tie her thighs to the legs of the stool. I took care to tie them so that they dug lightly into the back of her knees. For a lot of people, myself included, fondling that area can be intensely arousing. The sensation must have been even better through her stockings. I fastened her ankles together too for good measure.

While I was securing her, Kaitlin squirmed and wriggled lewdly, though never enough to disturb my bindings. Watching her writhing movements stirred my pussy even further. I had to resist the urge to reach into my panties to settle it down. Throughout the process, I tried to touch her as little as possible. This is another one of my idiosyncrasies. I like my subs to associate my touch only with release and punishment.

Taking her arms behind her back with one hand, I started looping rope around her elbows with the other. I secured her elbows and wrists very snugly first before looping rope around her forearms and biceps. The result was that her arms were wrapped in rope from the wrists almost to the shoulders. She wouldn’t be able to budge them at all.

I didn’t stop there though. I pushed her palms together, nudged her fingers straight, and started surrounding both hands with tight coils of rope. When Kaitlin realized what I was planning, she started flailing her fingers with a semblance of panic. My hand smacked her buttocks to show my disapproval, but it took ten solid spanks before she settled down.

At the time, I was annoyed with her stubbornness. Now I appreciate her presence of mind to act realistically surprised while also giving me an opportunity to punish her. Recalling how I felt watching her quiver under my palm, I realize that administering punishment was just what I needed at that point.

When I finished, the coils were tight enough to prevent her from wiggling her fingers at all. It might seem kind of excessive or pointless to tie up someone’s fingers. After all, they can’t do much with them. But sometimes the little things matter the most. The inability to even move such a small part of your body makes the feeling of bondage complete.

With her extremities bound, it was time for the more exciting body parts. I flipped part of her negligee up to reveal the twin globes of her ass. Her white thong panties bisected the flesh, which was still glowing from my spanking. I pulled the thong tightly so that her pussy strained through the silken front, making a perfect camel-toe.

Grabbing a slim vibrator the length of a pencil, I prepared for the next delicate maneuver. I twisted the vibrator to the lowest setting and carefully slid it under her crotch. My aim was to leave it right between the parts of her pussy lips swelling through her panties. The vibe would stimulate her through the silk but if it didn’t touch her skin she shouldn’t be in danger of coming.

I heard a soft cry from her as I slowly wedged the vibrator into place. Satisfied, I took a length of rope and tied her waist securely to the stool. I didn’t want her to have an inch of space to get away from the vibrator. I tied another rope around the middle of her back too for good measure.

Moving to her front, I tugged her nipples through the embroidery of her negligee, resisting the urge to let my fingers linger. They quickly grew erect, visibly poking through the fabric. As I fastened the first clip onto her nipple, she shuddered violently. I clipped the next one to her other nipple before she could recover. Taking another slim vibrator, I set it buzzing on low and eased it into her cleavage. I applauded her choice of lingerie in my head since it was tight enough around the chest to keep the vibrator from shifting.

Stepping back to survey my handiwork, I smiled in satisfaction. Her imprisoned arms bobbed up and down slightly, moving as one unit. I could see the muscles in her leg twitching as she was no doubt trying not to orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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