Butter Ball

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Butter Ball

My sister Bethany Belle took after my mother in size and appearance, unfortunately. Mom is a very big woman. She is really short and really fat too. I on the other hand took after dad. He is tall and thin. Dad loves mom just the way she is but it takes a special man to love a fat chick. Bethany Belle sometimes calls herself a beach ball with a head.

Because of her initials Bethany Belle has been called butter ball, bubble butt, and big bertha. The girls would tease her in the gym changing room because of her huge tits and her big ass. During lunch some boy always tried to toss a grape down her bra.

As she got older it only got worse. Kids would stick signs to her back saying wide load. Even the name-calling got worse. I overheard someone ask one of the pretty girls in school what she weighed and she replied, “About half of Bethany Belle’s fat ass!” That got a lot of laughs but it really hurt my sister.

When Bethany Belle turned fifteen years old she finally had enough. I found her in the barn one day just crying her eyes out. When I asked what the kids had done to her she said that the boys had started telling her that she couldn’t pay them enough to fuck her and that she would die a virgin. She believed them and that’s what hurt her the most.

For some reason I said that I would fuck her for free. I hardly realized what I had said but she started to smile and asked me if I was telling her the truth. At first I didn’t actually remember what I had said until she reminded me that I had said that I would fuck her. I had said it so of course I must have meant it. Yes I would fuck her if she wanted me too. She wanted me too! Wow! Now what do I do? It’s not that I didn’t want to fuck her. I had wanted to fuck anyone that would let me for years. The problem was that no one had wanted me too until then. I was the only sixteen-year-old virgin boy that I knew of. Unless like dad had said that most of the boys were lying threw their teeth. Anyway I didn’t know what to do so I told her so.

Bethany Belle said that she knew what to do if I still wanted to do it. When I asked when we should do it she looked around and said, “How about right now?”

We were up in what we called our fort. We were up in the hayloft in the very top of the barn. Bethany Belle and I had made a wall of hay bales and had a nice hiding place behind it. It was a place that we could call our own until just about springtime when we were almost out of hay. This was only the end of September and it was still pretty hot out. It was even hotter up in the hayloft.

Bethany Belle was a lot more gutsy than I was so she started. I had tried to catch her naked before on many occasions but she was so self-conscious that she never ever let that happen. I was the only kid she knew of that didn’t tease her about her weight.

I looked on the Internet once for a chart and found out that an average Caucasian girl age fifteen should be between 5’-1” and 5’-8” in height and that she should weigh between 96 and a 193 pounds. Bethany Belle was only 4’-10” tall and weighed casino oyna 273 pounds.

I watched anxiously as Bethany Belle started to unbutton her shirt. She saw me looking and just smiled at me but she kept unbuttoning. As her cleavage came into full view she asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her that I always like that view. I had seen that much occasionally but never any more. Eventually Bethany Belle finished unbuttoning and opened her shirt up wide. She looked up at me and shrugged her shirt off her shoulders and slid it down her arms removing her hands and placing her shirt neatly on a bale of hay. I had never seen Bethany Belle in just her bra before. It was a big bra too, a really big bra. When I asked her what size bra she wore she didn’t know. She wore all of mom’s hand-me-downs. Mom made all of her own clothes because she had trouble finding anything that she could purchase. Mom was a pretty good seamstress. My sister had a huge belly but I found it most interesting.

Next Bethany Belle started to remove her pants. I watched as she unhooked her belt, unbuttoned them, and unzipped them to. Then she stood up and let them drop to her feet. Now the hard part came into play. I watched as Bethany Belle tried to get them off of her feet. I offered to help her and she smiled at me and thanked me. She sat on a hay bale and lifted her legs up for me. I pulled on her pant legs and they came off. She said that I might have to help her get dressed afterwards too. I knew that she had several useful tools in her bedroom to help her get dressed but of course she didn’t have of them out here. I knew that mom would help her get dressed morning too. I also knew that dad always helped mom to get dressed in the morning.

So after removing Bethany Belle’s pants I just looked at her sitting there in her bra and panties. I had never seen that much of her skin before. My fat sister had a pretty face.

I asked Bethany Belle if I could help her with her bra and she said that I could. So I walked around behind her and unhooked it. She waited for me to come back around to the front and pull it off from her breasts too. Wow! Her tits were huge. I loved them. She called them bodacious tatas. Each one was almost the size of the pumpkins that we grew for Halloween. Her pink areolas were the size of the palm of my hand and her pink nipples were almost as big as my thumbs. I just admired them as Bethany Belle watched me. She laughed at me and told me that I could suck on them if I wanted too. She said that she always does. Then to prove it she lifted one of her huge breasts up placing her nipple close enough for her to latch onto it with her lips. She really sucked on it too. Then she held her nipple in her teeth and then let her breast go. It tugged at her teeth but she didn’t let go of it. I latched onto one of them and used my tongue to move it around. It was pretty pliable. I really liked it and my sister let me suck on it for as long as I wanted too. I thanked her.

Finally when I stopped sucking on her nipples she asked me if I would like to remove her panties next. Hell yes canlı casino I would! So my sister stood up for me. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and started pulling them down her body. I had to move my thumbs to the front and to the back to get her panties down off from her ass and thighs. Once I got them past her knees they were a lot easier to pull off. Then Bethany Belle sat back on the bale of hay and lifted her feet up for me. I removed her panties the rest of the way and put them with the rest of her clothes. Then she simply opened her legs up wide so that I could see her big pussy. I didn’t even know that she could get her legs that far apart. Her hairy pussy opened up like a pretty Pink flower. I could see a whole lot of pink. Bethany Belle started to tell me what I was looking at and pointing to the various objects like her clitoris, vagina, outer lips, inner lips, and her asshole. She told me that mom had given her the sex talk last year just in case. My sister had to use a mirror to see her own pussy but mom had let Bethany Belle look at her naked pussy to see what it all looked like down there. Wow Bethany Belle had seen mom’s pussy. Anyway Bethany Belle continued to explain that the clit was her ‘magic’ button that it gave her powerful orgasms. She then said that being a girl she had three holes that a boy could fuck. They were her mouth, her pussy, and her asshole. I was impressed that my younger sister knew more about sex than I did. But then again it was her body and mom had helped her out. Dad had never told me anything about sex, but he had pointed out the dogs, horses, and cows when they were fucking. That must have been my sex talk.

Bethany Belle figured that it was time for me to undress and show her my body. That was easy and didn’t take me very long at all. My hard-on stuck up nicely too. Bethany Belle grabbed it with her hand and felt it. She was as impressed with my body as I had been with her body.

She told me that she couldn’t wait and that she wanted me to fuck her right away. So I got closer to her pussy and aimed my cock at her hole. As I leaned forward it slid right in easily. Bethany Belle was so wet and ready that there wasn’t very much friction. I grabbed both of her legs around her knees and started thrusting into her and my hips bounced off her butt. It sort of felt like a trampoline. Fucking my sister was fun. Eventually I got that old feeling that I get when I jerk off and knew that I was going to cum soon. Bethany Belle told me to give it to her good so I did. I hadn’t remembered shooting that much cum before. It was fantastic and felt great. Bethany Belle thought it was great too.

She had me come around to her head and Bethany Belle started to suck my cock until it got hard again. Then she asked me to fuck her again. I did too and it took longer that time but it was just as good. I hoped that I would never have to jerk off again after that.

Bethany Belle asked me to help her get dressed so I put on her panties, her bra, and pulled up her pants. I helped her get her shirt on but she wanted to button it up herself. Then kaçak casino I got dressed and we went up to the house to eat dinner.

After the dishes were done mom told Bethany Belle that it was bath time. Bethany Belle panicked and turned red but she followed mom up to the bathroom. In about five minutes mom called for me to come upstairs. I had no idea what was up. Then mom took me into the bathroom. Bethany Belle was sitting on the toilet naked. Mom was holding her panties and they had a huge gob of cum in the crotch. Mom asked me if I had fucked my sister. I knew I was dead. I looked at the floor then looked at my sister and said yes. Mom surprised me when she said that from now on then I was to bathe my sister and help her get dressed and undressed. She said that if I could fuck my sister that I could help her too. She said that was the same deal that she had with dad. Wow! Unbelievable!

Mom left so I helped Bethany Belle get into the bathtub. I actually enjoyed washing my sister’s body. It gave me the opportunity to massage her big tits and play with her pussy. Before she got out she got on her hands and knees so that I could wash her hair and her ass. I fingered my sister’s asshole too and she liked it. She suggested that I butt fuck her next time and that idea appealed to me. As I was drying Bethany Belle off mom came back in the bathroom. Mom showed me her douche bag and told me how to mix the vinegar and water in it. Then mom showed me how to stick the nozzle in Bethany Belle’s cunt to clean it out real well. Mom said that it would be better to fuck her pussy if it weren’t so slimy in there. Good idea!

Bethany Belle asked mom about anal sex. Mom said that it was good but that I should never take my cock out of her ass and put it in her pussy because that it could lead to an infection and that was no fun at all for either of us. Mom then showed me how to change the nozzle on her douche bag, the stuff to mix with the water, and how to administer an enema to my sister. Mom said that it would clean her butt out so that I wouldn’t pack her ‘fudge’ in too hard. After that I had to wash Bethany Belle’s ass from all of the splatter. Mom told me that I could use both of Bethany Belle’s holes after that and suggested that I take her to her room and use them both right away. Mom patted me on my ass and told me to have fun.

Bethany Belle just took my hand and paraded out of the bathroom naked pulling me behind her. She didn’t even seem to care if dad saw her naked either. As we entered Bethany Belle’s bedroom mom told me to spend the whole night in her bed.

I did fuck both of Bethany Belle’s holes. In fact I fucked all three of her holes before bedtime. I even fucked her again before I cleaned her up and got her ready for school the next morning. Apparently dad and I were doing the same thing for our women because dad smiled at me and handed me the warm wet washcloth and a towel that he had just gotten ready for mom. I smiled at him, thanked him, and then headed back to Bethany Belle’s room.

That day at school nothing bothered her. Bethany Belle was just as happy as she could possibly be. No of the other kids could understand the change in her but I could!

The End
Butter Ball

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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