Camelot Apartments Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Candy slept like the dead after her evening with Mr. Morgan and his three friends. She had never had more than one lover before so she walked with a limp the next two days and decided to wait a week before an encore with Mr. Morgan. Ron knew that Candy was tired and sore so he went about his work the following week without inviting her over for a mid week fuck.

Friday afternoon, Candy ran in to Ron in the apartment’s common area near the pond. “Hello Mr. Morgan. How have you been?”

“Good, Candy. How are you? Have you recovered from last weekend?”

“Wow,” she said, “you and your friends worked me over pretty good. I could hardly walk the next day..”

Ron laughed at her. “Well Candy, you did really well. They all thought you were hot and they enjoyed using your body. They said that anytime you want to do it again, just let them know.”

Well, Mr. Morgan, I’m embarrassed to say this, but I liked it too. I have always been a little overweight and you and your friends made me feel good about myself. I liked showing off my ass and tits for you in that outfit, and I enjoyed them feeling me up before and after dinner. Maybe you’re right, Mr. Morgan. Maybe I am a slut.”

“Oh, there’s no doubt that you’re my little slut, Candy. Or should I say you’re my chubby little slut? I’m surprised you could make it all week without my cock.”

Candy said, “Mmmm, you’re right Mr. Morgan. I’ve been thinking about your cock all week, and I can’t wait to get it back into my mouth and cunt. And, by the way, if you want me to be your chubby little slut, then that’s what I’ll be as long as you give me your cock.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, my little slut. Come over tonight and we’ll have some beer and pizza. Then you can suck my cock and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Candy laughed and said, “Mr. Morgan, we both know where it’s going to go from there. You’re going to fuck me like a whore and then feed me your sweet cum. Then you’ll send me home with a sore pussy and a smile on my face.”

“That’s true,” he said. “By the way, Larry and Vickie Gibson told me that they will be moving to Colorado at the end of the month to be closer to their grandchildren.”

Candy said, “That’s too bad. They are good people and decent tenants. I’ll get an advertisement made up for the paper.”

“No need to do that, Candy. My friend Howard, who you met the other night, said that if you ever had any openings, he would like to move in.”

Candy laughed and said, “Did he mean apartment openings or my openings, Mr. Morgan? And I’m sure he’d be willing to move into either one.”

“That’s true, Candy.”

“Which one was he, Mr. Morgan? Once we all got naked and started fucking, I sort of forgot who was who.”

“He was the short fat one. You sucked his cock for a long time, if you recall.”

“Oh yeah, I remember. He had a nice 8 inch cock hidden under that big gut. Of course he can have the vacant apartment. Will you take care of letting him know and making sure it’s ready for him when the Gibson’s leave? Same rent that they were paying.”

“I’ll take care of it. Anything else?” Candy shook her head no. He said, “OK then. I’ll see you tonight my little slut.”

Candy giggled and headed home.

Candy wore her shortest cut off shorts and a halter top to Ron’s that evening. Ron was about to get in the shower when she arrived so he told her to help herself to pizza and beer. He said he when she was finished eating that she could suck his cock while he ate his pizza. Candy peeled off her clothes and grabbed a pizza and a cold beer. When she had finished, Ron came into the room with a towel around his waist and sat at the table. He grabbed a pizza and said, “Get me a beer and then get on your knees and get to work.” The timing was almost perfect; Ron finished his second piece of pizza just as he was shooting his load down her throat. They each had another beer and then he asked, “What do you want to do now?”

Candy laughed and said, “You promised to fuck me, Mr. Morgan. So I’m going to suck you cock until it’s hard again and then I want you to fuck me like you promised.” Ron laughed and motioned her over to his cock. Candy dropped to her knees and worked on his cock until it was hard. Ron instructed Candy to get on her hands and knees and then rammed his cock into her wet pussy. Candy screamed in pleasure as Ron pulled her hair and fucked her like he was riding a bronco. After pounding her pussy for more than 10 minutes, he pulled his cock out and inserted it into her chubby ass. By the time he pumped his load into her ass, Candy had cum four times. He pulled his cock form her ass and she obediently sucked it clean.

“Wow,” she said. “I love your cock Mr. Morgan. You can fuck me whenever you want.”

“I know that Candy. It doesn’t seem like you can get enough of it. You are turning into a slut.”

“That’s true Mr. Morgan. But casino oyna I’m your slut.”

Candy continued to be Ron’s slut a couple times a week. Six weeks later, Howard Anderson moved into the apartment vacated by the Gibsons. Candy stopped over to make sure everything was OK a few days after he moved in. “Everything is great, Candy. I really like it here,” Howard said. “Feel free to stop and visit anytime. Can I get you something?”

“No thanks, Mr. Anderson.” He smiled at the use of his surname. Ron told him to make sure he called her Candy or Honey and that she continued to refer to all of them as Mister because he felt that helped keep her in her place as subservient to them. “Since you’re still unpacking, why don’t you come over for dinner tonight around 6:00 if you’re free?”

Howard smiled, “That would be great. Thanks Candy. Can I bring anything?”

“Nope. Just your appetite.” As she was walking away, she thought that comment may have been a mistake. At 5’7″ and 250 pounds, she thought that Mr. Anderson could probably eat a lot.

Howard watched her swinging ass in her short dress as she walked up the steps from his lower level apartment and thought, “Living here could have all sorts of benefits.”

Howard was right on time for dinner that evening and even brought a couple bottles of wine. He had on a pair of shorts and an untucked shirt, but his gut still stretched the material and hung over his belt. Candy wore a short summer dress with the top two buttons undone. They sat on the couch, sipped wine and talked for a few minutes before Candy announced, “Dinner is ready, Mr. Anderson.”

He held her chair for her, which she thought was very mannerly. Candy had prepared a beef dish with vegetables, rolls and a salad. She noticed that Howard ate four servings. While they were eating, he said, “I had a great time last month at Ron’s place. We should do that again sometime.”

Candy looked a little embarrassed as she said, “I never did anything like that before. You guys worked me over so good that I had trouble even walking for a few days.”

Howard chuckled and said, “I’m sorry about that Candy, but you have a hot body and were so willing that we just couldn’t stop.”

Candy smiled and said, “Oh, I’m not complaining Mr. Anderson. I had a good time and it was fun servicing all of you. But when we do it again, I need to be aware that I need to plan to rest the next day instead of working around here.”

“Well maybe you should just work your way up to servicing all of us the next time. You could start with one of us, and then move on to two of us and so on.”

Candy laughed again and said, “I’m already being service by Mr. Morgan. I suppose you want to fuck me too.”

“Well, now that you mention it, yes, I would like to fuck you again. But only if you want to fuck me.”

“Mmmm Hmmm. Of course I would like to fuck you again.”

Howard said, “Why don’t I clear the dishes and you can take off your slothes.”

Candy said, “Mr. Anderson, this dress is all that I am wearing and I can get out of this in fie seconds. So why don’t I clear the dishes and you take off your clothes instead?”

“It took the fat man longer than five seconds, but he moved quickly for his size. He waited in the living room for her. When she finished cleaning up, she said, “Follow me,” and led him to her bedroom where she dropped her dress to the floor. She turned and dropped to her knees and said, “Let’s start with a blow job. OK Mr. Anderson?”

“That’s fine, HIoney.”

Candy worked on his cock for about eight minutes until she felt him about to cum. She pulled his cock from her mouth and held it so he could see the cum shoot into her mouth and onto her face. Then she used his cock to clean her face before she sucked it clean and swallowed his cum. Howard was so excited and was breathing so rapidly that Candy thought she should slow down and not give him a heart attack. She got them both more wine and they rested and talked for a while. When she finished her wine, Candy began sucking his cock again until it got hard. She then climbed on top of him and rode his cock. Her big tits were bouncing as Howard reached up and roughly grabbed and squeezed them. When he slapped her tits, she had her first orgasm. She leaned over and he began sucking on her tits and reached around and stuck a finger into her ass. That caused her second orgasm. She rode him for the next 20 minutes while he alternated between kissing and slapping and squeezing her big bouncing tits. All together, Candy climaxed six times before Howard shot his load deep into her pussy.

Candy was covered in sweat, and as she rolled off him he said, “Don’t forget to clean my cock, Candy.”

She smiled and wrapped her lips around his deflating cock and sucked it clean. “Wow, Mr. Anderson. That was great!” she said.

“Yes it was, Candy. I think I probably need to head on home now.” As he began getting dressed, he said, “We’ll do this again soon.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” canlı casino she said.

After he left, Candy rolled over and quickly fell asleep.

A few days later Ron had just finished an early evening fuck with Candy and she was on her way back across the courtyard area. She saw Howard sitting on one of the benches looking down at his shoes. “Hi Mr. Anderson,” she said.

“Oh, hello Candy.”

Candy said, “You look kind of down. What’s wrong?”

“I’m just feeling a little down, Candy. I got my invitation today for my 50th high school class reunion coming up in three weeks back home in Philadelphia.”

“Well, that’s great, Mr. Anderson. Are you going to go?”

“No Candy. I don’t think so. A lot of the kids used to make fun of me in high school for being so fat. They’ll all be there with their husbands and wives bragging about the jobs they had or retired from and strutting around like a big deal.”

Candy said, “Well you retired from a good job, Mr. Anderson. You could talk about that.”

“Yeah Candy. But I’ll have to go alone, and then I’ll be the but of their jokes all over again.”

“Gee, Mr. Anderson. I wish there was something I could do to help you. Would it cheer you up if we went over to your apartment and had sex?”

He smiled and said, “You know it would Candy.” He stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

After Candy sucked his cock and rode him for 24 minutes, he blasted his cum up her pussy. Candy cleaned off his cock and rolled back over beside him. Howard was deep in thought, and he finally rolled over and asked, “Would you consider going with me, Candy? I’d love to see the looks on their faces if I showed up and introduced you as my wife.”

Candy giggled and said, “That sounds like fun. Do you think they would believe you Mr. Anderson?”

“I don’t know if they’d believe me, but they probably wouldn’t make fun of me if I showed up with someone as hot as you, Candy. Will you do it? I’ll pay your way to Philadelphia. We can stay a couple of nights and I promise to take you out to some of the nicest restaurants.”

“Of course I’ll do it Mr. Anderson, but you don’t have to take me out to nice restaurants. I’d be happy just to spend more time with your beautiful cock.”

“Thank you Candy. I’ll make all of the arrangements and give you the dates and times tomorrow.”

Candy asked, “I supposed you’ll want me to wear something sexy that shows a lot of skin, huh?

Howard thought a minute and then said, “No, I don’t think so. Maybe we’ll go for just a little skin, because, after all, I shouldn’t let my wife flaunt her curves in front of my old adversaries.”

“That’s probably a good idea Mr. Anderson. I think my fat titties and big butt would be too much for them. Why don’t you stop over sometime this week and look through my closet and pick what you want me to wear.” Candy finished getting dressed and went home.

The next evening, Howard dropped off the reunion information and found a couple of outfits that she could wear to his reunion. Then he picked a mini skirt and tight button up blouse for the night after the reunion. Candy gave him a quick blow job and then spent the night watching television.

During the next three weeks, Candy alternated back and forth between Ron and Howard’s apartments. Ron was interested in finding how the reunion went, because he had considered the same thing for a month later for his own reunion.

Howard and Candy flew to Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon. They checked into their room and Howard had Candy naked as soon as the bellman left the room. He bent her over a chair and pulled her hair and fucked and smacked her chubby ass, and then made her clean his cock. As they lay next to each other, he said, “Candy, if I was 30 years younger, I’d marry you so that I could have sex with you all the time.”

Candy started laughing and said, “You wouldn’t have to marry me, Mr. Anderson. I like your cock and would be happy to have sex with you whenever you wanted.”

The next day, Howard showed Candy around his home town, making sure to visit Independence Hall. Later, they got ready for the reunion and Howard handed Candy a wedding ring, and said, “Put this on Candy. Tonight, you’re my loving wife. And please call me Howard instead of Mr. Anderson tonight.”

Candy wore a skirt that ended a couple of inches above her knees. Her blouse fit snugly and Howard had her leave a couple of buttons undone. Howard wore khakis and a golf shirt. When they arrived at the reunion, Howard noticed that the women checking in the alumni were two of his biggest high school antagonists. Howard waddled up to the table and they smirked at him and one said, “Well Slim, glad you could come tonight.” They both laughed.

Candy stepped from behind him and linked her arm through his and said, “Slim? Was that your high school nickname, Honey? You never told me that.” Then she laughed with the two women.

The two women looked at her as Howard said, “I’m sorry ladies. This is my kaçak casino wife Candy. Candy, this is uh . . uh . . ummm,” intentionally not remembering their names.

“Err . . uh . . I’m . uh . Millie and this is Carol. Nice to uh, meet you Candy.”

Candy gave them both a big smile and said, “Nice to meet you Millie, Carol. Did you really call him Slim? Oh, I just love that.” She squeezed his arm and rubbed her breast on it and said, “Honey, I have really been looking forward to meeting your friends tonight.” Howard appeared embarrassedon the outside but was laughing inside at the looks on Millie and Carol’s faces.

Throughout the evening, most of the men managed to sneak a look at Candy’s leg or breasts as she carelessly leaned over, sat down, stood up and turned. After a few initial insulting comments by the women at check in and a few of the high school bully boys, Candy ramped up fawning over her husband. She kissed him and laughed with him. She told him in front of several classmates that she loved him. She held his arm and hand and constantly brushed her breasts on his arm. Howard loved it. He almost wished that he could overhear the hushed conversations in the corners.

At one point Candy excused herself and went to the restroom. Carol and Millie saw her and decided they had to talk to her. They politely confronted her in the restroom and said, “Howard looks happy. You must be very good for him.”

Candy beamed ear-to-ear. “I hope I am. I love that big lug. He really makes me happy.”

Millie asked, “What was it that attracted you to him?”

“Well, I’ll tell you. He is a wonderful person. I think he is sexy.” Both women rolled their eyes. “And he is dynamite in bed.”

“Wha . . what?” Milllie asked in surprise.

Candy smirked knowingly at her. “Maam, he sexually satisfies me better than any lover I’ve ever had. I shouldn’t say this but, he has a . . umm . . big penis, and it keeps me very happy and content.” Candy went back to Howard and put her hand behind his neck and pulled him down to a kiss. She saw one of the bully boys a few feet away, so she whispered just loud enough for the bully to hear, “I love you, Howard, and I can’t wait to get you back to the room tonight.” Then she shifted her position, pretending to get even more secretive, but still whispering loud enough, “And I want you to bend me over the chair in the room and take me from behind while you pull my hair. I love it when you do that Honey.”

Both Howard and the bully boy had raging hard-ons. Candy looked down at Howards erection and giggled. She said, “Do you want me to take care of that for you, Honey?”

They held hands and drifted down a nearby hallway together. The only person who saw them was the bully boy who overheard their conversation. Fifteen minutes later when they emerged from the hallway , eight of Howard’s tormentors were standing together watching them. As Howard and Candy walked past them he said to Candy, “I’m ready to go. Let’s blow this place and head back to the room.”

“Anything you say, Howard,” she said.

Howard turned and said, “It was good to see all of you again. Let’s do this again in 50 more years.” Candy grabbed his hand and they walked out the door. Once they got into the cab, Howard leaned over and gave Candy a big kiss and said, “Thank you, Candy.”

“You’re more than welcome, Howard. It was fun.”

Howard smiled and said, “Now you can call me Mr. Anderson.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Anderson,” Candy said. “So, am I going to be your wife tonight or your little slut?”

“You’re my slut, Candy.” They stopped for a cocktail in the hotel lobby and then went to their room where Howard used all of Candy’s holes for the next couple hours. At one point, Candy thought that she had overdone it and gave her 250 lover a heart attack, but he bounced back after catching his breath.

The next night Howard dressed Candy like a slut. She wore a tank top with large arm holes and no bra. The slightest movement exposed Candy’s tits to anyone at her side. She also wore a leather mini skirt that was actually just two pieces of leather held together on the sides with laces. The laces kept the leather panels about four inches apart, so Candy couldn’t wear underwear. He then had her wear four inch heals. Candy had never dressed this slutty in her life, but since she was out of town, she was kind of excited. Her nipples were visibly hard all evening.

After a few drinks, Candy lost all inhibitions and flaunted her body freely. After dinner, Howard took Candy to her first porn theatre. They watched part of a film and Candy let Howard finger her in the theatre. As she was on the verge of her first cum, a man behind her slid his hands through the large arm holes and grabbed her breasts. Candy moaned at the two men working over her chubby body. Howard saw another man sit down on the other side of Candy and he motioned for him to take over fingering her. Howard sat back and watched the two men working on Candy. Candy came several times, and eventually the two men shot their loads and then left. Howard helped a sweating and weakened Candy back to their room where he fucked her ass while pulling her hair and smacking her ass and calling her a slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20