Can I Make It Up? Ch. 05

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Amid the dim light filling Dirk’s bedroom, Tammy was slowly waking up; her body writhing slowly underneath the light top sheet that covered her up to her shoulders; her body just as naked as when Dirk had carried her into his bedroom earlier that afternoon.

As she peered over the edge of the soft pillow cushioning her auburn-haired head, the fog of sleep scattered away from her mind as she looked for Dirk… only to realize that the other side of his bed was empty and she was alone in her younger brother’s room.

Huh? Where did that dork of a brother go? Twisting around, Tammy reached out and snagged the small alarm clock off the bedside table to raise it to her face; the aqua-green digital faceplate glowed softly, reading 7:39pm. Oh, fuck, I’ve nearly slept the whole evening away! Replacing the clock on the table, she rolled onto her belly, coming to rest in the space previously occupied by Dirk, where she could feel the lingering warmth of his body in the sheets.

That made her snuggle down into the mattress with a soft sigh. Breathing in, she could smell his masculine scent, as well as the tell-tale flavors of both of their sweat and the musk of good sex. Oh God! I still can’t believe what happened today! she thought. I thought today was going to be a total bust when Dirk got the day off. Shivering pleasantly Tammy pushed the pillow aside to rub her face into the sheets. She replayed the events that had only just occurred mere hours ago — what with Dirk giving Tammy a subtle-yet-complete seduction by their backyard pool. He teased her pussy to a mind-blowing climax, before he coaxed her naked body into a bent-over position to begin sliding his cock inside her.

This was followed by the surprise arrival of their red-haired cousin Wendy; appearing in the middle of the siblings boiling-hot fuck, right there in the pool. Then, Tammy got her world rocked further, after learning how Wendy had taught the nineteen year-old Dirk the in’s-and-out’s of sex months ago, before coaxing Tammy to join her in giving Dirk a blow job under the shade of the family gazebo.

The surprises and the sex hadn’t stopped there, after Tammy was shocked to further learn that Daniel, her father, had also discovered Dirk and Wendy’s secret sexual congress… but rather than be upset, Daniel had joined in with his son and they’d been sharing the sexy redhead’s attentions for some time now.

As the vision rolled across her mind, of her buff, forty-plus year-old father — stripped of his khaki shorts — standing in front of a kneeling Wendy; as her slim cousin eagerly slurped away on his own raging prick, she smiled at the memory of the big cherry to top the whole incestuous sundae, when her brother carried her into the house and up to his bedroom, with the singular goal to make love to his twenty year-old sister.

Shit! I thought I was going to lose my mind! Tammy thought. With a giggle, she shook herself. Actually, I did just that; when Dirk screwed me to the Madras in his own bed! Sighing, she slowly rubbed her body and limbs against the sheets, relishing the feel as she turned and flopped onto her back to stare up at the ceiling. “Damn, I thought this sort of thing only happened in fuck-tales online,” Tammy murmured. If it happened to anyone else, I’d say they’d be right to be pissed at both Daddy and Dirk for keeping a secret like that! Tammy thought idly. Then, with a fond smile, she admitted aloud, “Hell, after the fucking I got… mmm! Who could stay mad at the man who screwed their brains out, even if it was their brother?”

With another shimmy, she felt her pussy tingle with the remembered pleasure it had received at the end of Dirk’s short-but-thick prick. Even with Dirk being her brother, the young co-ed couldn’t wait to have him fucking her pussy again, and soon.

“It’s like I never knew what real sexual hunger was, until I got a really good taste of an orgasm made by a great bout of hot lovemaking.” Tammy chuckled, only to pause in her musing when she heard a soft rowr emanating from her middle. “Speaking of hunger, I should get something in me more substantial than my brother’s cock in me. I haven’t eaten real food since before noon!” Sitting up, Tammy threw the sheets off of her bare body and swung her feet over the side of the bed. Looking down at herself, she could see the faint rime of sweat on her skin… as well as get a whiff of herself as she rose to her feet.

“Phew! Eating can wait for a bit,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “I’d better grab a shower first…”

# # #

Tammy’s shower was quick and brisk; cleansing and hot enough to wake her up completely and refresh her body and mind. After drying off, she donned a clean pair of cotton panties, then wrapped herself up in her favorite bathrobe, idly twisting her long hair up in a high tail as she went downstairs to get something to eat.

Reaching the bottom of the steps, Tammy could smell a toothsome aroma and hear music drifting casino oyna through the half-open door of the kitchen, just a few feet away from the foot of the stairway. It was a slow, bluesy tune, which was indicative of her father’s musical tastes.

Ah! Seems like Daddy must be in his element. The kitchen was her father’s domain, having been their family’s sole cook for as long as she or Dirk could remember. She personally had many memories of her father making the family’s meals within; some simple, while others as extravagant as ones had in the town’s highest quality restaurant.

Well, Daddy’s bound to have something delicious in the making! Padding closer to the kitchen door, she reached out to put a hand on the brass handle–.

“Oooh, yesss.”

Tammy jerked to a halt, her ears pricking up as that moan filtered into her brain. What the–? Leaning close to the door, she strained to listen over the soft music and soon identified the voice… no, both of the voices. They were rising and falling with every ebb and flow of passion filling each moan and sigh. One was her father’s deep baritone, clearly, while the other feminine one was that of her cousin, Wendy.

“What in the world? They can’t still be–?” Piqued, Tammy reached out again and gently pushed on the door; making it slide open further. Moving as quietly as she dared, she peered into the kitchen. Her line of sight allowed her to take in the majority of the room — including the central island, the range top and counter beyond and the double sink that sat before a set of wide, curtain-covered windows — and it was what she saw that made her freeze once more.

She was correct in that both Daniel and Wendy were both inside, but if she’d thought they’d been long finished with their own sexual activities… well, she found herself quite in the wrong on that score.

Her father had on a thin white, wife-beater T-shirt and his house shoes, but the lounge shorts he’d obviously been wearing were laying in a pile on the polished floor nearby. Bare from his waist to his feet, her burly parent was standing behind her redheaded cousin, with both hands clutching onto her hips. By her own token, Wendy was barefoot and almost naked, as the baby doll-tee she wore was tucked up over her plump tits; standing with her torso tipped forwards over the marble island top. She gripped one of the overhead pot racks over the center island for support, while Daniel was vigorously fucking her cunt from behind.

Raising one hand to cover her mouth before she gave herself away, Tammy watched with wide eyes as her father pummeled Wendy’s twat without mercy. Oh, fuck me! she told herself. I didn’t think they’d still be going at it, even at this hour of the evening!

Groaning with lust, Daniel rocked his hips from side to side as he rutted into the svelte red-head. His broad chest was heaving as he slid back and forth inside Wendy’s heavenly slice, and sweat was beading on his skin, just below the hairline of the close-cut, brown fuzz covering his head. “Ah, geez, I love how you feel around my prick, lil’ fuck-bird,” he said hotly.

Tipping her head back, Wendy mewled with growing need. “Mmm, you feel just great, buried in my hot cunt, Uncle.” Her back arched, while she threw her hips back to meet Daniel’s thrusts. The slap of flesh on flesh filled the kitchen, adding to the mounting pants, growls and squeaks coming from the entwined duo.

Stepping over a bit, Tammy leaned against the doorway, nearly biting her tongue in two even though it was growing harder with every passing second to keep quiet. Oh, hell… Daddy and Wendy both admitted to fucking each other, but I never thought it’d look as hot as it sounded! Especially seeing it now. Tammy admitted to herself. Without touching herself, she could feel the emerging sticky cream beginning to manifest inside her own pussy as she looked back inside the kitchen. Unable to tear her eyes away from the spectacle before her, she crossed her legs against the rise of tingling passion and moistness while she stood there and continued to watch them fuck.

Both Daniel and Wendy were building up a good head of steam; their bodies smacking together as they both worked towards an explosive climax. A thin sheen covered their exposed flesh, reflecting the overhead lights with every flex and pump. Grunting and groaning, both uncle and niece were just seconds away from popping off . . . and Tammy had a ringside seat to the grand finale.

“Oooh, fuck! Fuck! Uncle I’m . . . ooooo, I’m going to cum!”

“Yeaaah, do it, lil gal! Gonna squirt all inside your sweet pussy!”

Tammy watched with wide eyes as her father and cousin both huffed, puffed and strained against each other . . . then, with a sudden shudder that rippled up both of their bodies, first Wendy and then Daniel both hit the limit and exploded with a messy torrent of juices. Pulling the redhead tight against his groin, Daniel roared with ecstasy canlı casino as her quim milked the cum right out of his balls.

“Shit! Oooooh, damn it, damnit, damnitdamnit–!” Cut off as her orgasm robbed her of breath, Wendy let go of the overhead rack and collapsed on the counter in front of her.

“Fuck, Wendy!” Daniel groaned. Holding himself up by the mere will of his now-rubbery legs, he bent over her shivering body and gasped for his own breath. With a huff, he trailed several wet smooches across Wendy’s neck and shoulders, before curling his arms underneath her body to hug her close. “Damnit, girl . . . you’re gonna be the death of me, each time we fuck like this.”

From underneath his burly form, Wendy sighed and giggled softly. “But, what a way to go, eh, Uncle?” Turning her head, she gazed at him dreamily, before she sighed and kissed his cheek over her shoulder. “Oooo, fuck!” she moaned, just as the sound of a wet squelch, followed by a loud plop! that echoed in the kitchen. Tammy had to grin, recognizing the sound of a spent dick leaving a well-fucked hole. Without preamble, Daniel lifted Wendy from the counter, turning her around as he nuzzled into her neck. Her body was like a rag-doll in his arms, and she didn’t protest as he lifted her into the cradle of his arms.

“Mmm, you’re a hot lil’ fuck-bird, Wendy . . . but, you sure can’t last as long as you used to,” Daniel moaned.

“Mmm, you complain’ when I can keep up with you, Old Man?” Wendy said, clearly sounding drowsy as she held onto Daniel’s neck.

“Nah,” Daniel said. “Gettin’ two or three good fucks outta you in a spell is great. I just wish you had more stamina for one last good one tonight, babe.” With a kiss, Daniel pulled Wendy away from the counter and started walking towards the kitchen door. “C’mon . . . there’s a bed in the guest room that’s got your name on it.”

Tammy realized that she was seconds away from getting discovered, so she ducked back out of the way, slipping around the corner just as Daniel emerged into the hallway with Wendy. Watching her father walk away, Tammy couldn’t help herself as she admired his broad back and stout legs as he effortlessly carried her cousin.

Fuck, Daddy sure must be some sort of super-stud! she thought. He’s fucked Wendy senseless, yet he still wants to keep going? She couldn’t stop the soft giggle that bubbled up from her throat; one that slowly died as she mulled that thought around inside her brain. Damn, Daddy still wants to fuck, but he’s got no one to fuck with.

From down the hall, through the open door of the guest room, Tammy could hear her father’s voice as he murmured words she could barely make out — clearly putting Wendy in the single bed inside, and making her comfortable so she could sleep off the sex-hangover she was suffering. From the tone, it was clear as glass that Daniel was showing his fuck-mate that he would be nearby, when she woke up.

With a sudden wave of warmth, Tammy felt both her heart and her pussy melt at the thought of her caring father, now seen in a whole new light. Shit, girl, your view of Dirk changed today… why not your own father? she thought. Her thoughts came to a crawl, as her mind turned down a corner she hadn’t even considered. “Woah, girl. What are you thinking?” she told herself. “Bad enough you committed incest with your own brother, but you can’t be seriously thinking of–!” She cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp. No, you aren’t! she thought, shaking her head. You can’t be thinking of fucking with your own FATHER!?

So? What if you are? a part of her mind shot back; the part that pretty much made up the more dominant part of her personality. After all, you’ve pretty much broken the taboo-line already. What’s one more trip across the border gonna matter now? Her mind’s eye now cast back to the recent memory of her father — humping away behind her cousin in the kitchen — and added to it the past sight of seeing him standing at the gazebo in the back yard, letting Wendy slurp away at his hard dick.

A shiver passed through her, as she realized she was getting incredibly turned on by the thought of her father’s prick… and the possibility of him using it on her! Fuck! She squeezed her thighs together, feeling her pussy squelch with renewed cunt-honey. With a soft moan, Tammy tried to focus. She was getting horny, and since Dirk was nowhere to be found . . . .

“Ooo, damnit! What the hell–?” Tammy cut herself off to the quick, as something seemed to snap into place inside her mind. Like the last click of a lock being undone, the rush of sensations of pent-up horniness, mixed with the deep affections for her father just overwhelmed the last shred of common decency she had left.

Tammy just knew it. She wasn’t just thinking about fucking her father. She was going to fuck her father.

Well, shit. If I’m gonna fuck Daddy, just how am I gonna get him–? Her thoughts were cut off again kaçak casino as she looked to the side, through the open door of the kitchen. There, still on the tile floor alongside her father’s boxers were cousin’s panties.

Her cousin’s rather damp panties.

With a grin, Tammy softly snapped her fingers. Without another wasted moment, she slipped back around the corner and into the kitchen. Moving back towards the far side of the kitchen, Tammy quickly skinned off her own panties and — after a few swipes through her swollen wet pussy lips, which saturated the cotton fabric in seconds — she deposited them right on top of Wendy’s lacy ones.

With that done, she hopped up and put herself on top of the ceramic counter top. Positioning herself on the edge, she adjusted the fall of her robe, allowing it to gape open to give what she thought would be a tantalizing view of her bare legs and her pert cleavage. Tammy also let down her blond hair, letting it fall down over her shoulders in slightly-damp waves. Oooh, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Even after all the stuff I’ve seen and done today… fuck! Just hope the sight of me will be enough to entice Daddy. she thought. If he’s still as horny as he told Wendy he was–?

Her thoughts stopped as she heard the sound of footsteps coming through the open kitchen door. Daniel was clearly on his way back down the hall. The realization of what she was attempting made her heart speed up and her pussy twitch with renewed lust. Composing herself as best as she could, Tammy tried to look relaxed as she waited for her father’s appearance.

Eventually, Daniel loomed in the kitchen doorway. His face had been wreathed with a half-sleepy, pleased look, which turned to one of surprise when he spied Tammy sitting on the counter. “Well, hi there, sweetheart.”

“Um, hi Daddy,” Tammy said, trying not to sound as nervous as she was feeling. She tried to focus on his face, which was hard to do, since he was still standing there without anything covering himself from waist to toes.

Daniel had the grace to look only slightly embarrassed, being caught half-naked, but he seemed to take Tammy’s presence in stride. “Didn’t expect you up, since Dirk said you were sleeping off your… well, afternoon delight, as it were.”

“Well, I couldn’t sleep the whole evening away,” Tammy said. “Besides, I thought you might have something cooking tonight.” She arched one eyebrow, getting over her initial nerves pretty quickly as she continued to steal short glances up and down her father’s body.

Daniel chuckled softly, “Well, yeah… you could say that, I reckon.” His belly bounced a bit with his laughter, but he cleared his throat before adding, “Um, better get my shorts, before I really get to work here.” Daniel had just then come around the far side of the island, and was in the process of bending over to get his boxers. He also reached out to get Wendy’s panties, only to freeze in mid-stride. Tammy realized that her father was just now twigging to the fact that there was more than one pair of under things on the kitchen floor.

Oh, please don’t let him freak! Tammy thought, watching as her father plucked both pairs of panties from the floor. Rising up, he stared mutely from one to the other. His eyebrow arched and his nostrils flared, and a flush of color crept slowly across his cheeks.

“Tammy?” Daniel asked, finally looking at her as he let his boxers and Wendy’s panties slip out of his one hand. Raising the other hand to bring her damp panties to eye level, he added, “You, ah . . . wanna explain this, pumpkin?”

Tammy steeled herself. Here goes everything! “What’s to explain, Daddy?” she asked, giving him a half-smile as she crossed her legs. The action parted the lower halves of her robe, giving Daniel a good view of her smooth, tanned legs.

With a snort, Daniel said, “Tamalinda, you aren’t some lil’ hussy to go leavin’ your panties just lyin’ around,” he said, though the small grin totally ruined the stern, father-figure effect he was trying to put off. His nose wrinkled again, before he went on, saying, “Much less a wet pair of panties, pumpkin.” He dipped his chin to give her a rather lecherous look. “One would think . . . hell, I’d have to guess you’re tryin’ to send a message here.”

Tammy chuckled, before leaning back on her hands against the counter. “Well, maybe I am,” she said. With a licentious look of her own, she stared right back into Daniel’s eyes. “After all, when I come down to the kitchen, and find my Daddy giving my cousin a good fucking–.”

“Oh geez!” Daniel cut her off, but he laughed sharply, instead of trying to sound cross. “I thought I told that lil’ fuck-bird we’d be better off in the bedroom.” Shaking his head, he propped both fists on his hips and laughed with a more mellow tone. “Just how much did you see, Tammy?”

Tammy reached up to toy with one edge of her robe. “Oh, pretty much the whole finish, Daddy.” She chuckled. “Mercy! Wendy really got a good seein’-to,” she said. The movement of her actions made the soft fabric of her robe brush against her breast. Her nipples turned hard as stone, tenting out against the cotton.

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