Candice’s Idea

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Edited by Cutevixen

The day that Candice came to pitch her idea for Michael and Julie was just another ordinary day. Her letter gave a brief description of what they might expect. Julie would normally have sent the usual rejection reply but something in the letter made her tingle in anticipation to at least listen to the woman’s idea. In response, Julie quickly typed a reply inviting Candice for a meeting that Thursday at nine o’clock.

After dropping it in the outgoing mail container, she knocked on her boss’s door to discuss how the interview should be handled. He invited her to join him and when she entered the office, she found him leaning comfortably in a plush, leather chair, located to the left of his desk near the windows overlooking the plaza gardens. This was his think position and she knew well that he was concerned over the recent lack of accounts the agency had suffered.

“Michael?” Julie said softly in an effort to break his silence.

Sitting with his arms folded, he stared out the window in a somewhat desperate gaze. Julie knew exactly how to capture his attentions so she stepped into his view, bent over putting her hands on her thighs, and allowed her cleavage to stare him down. Within milliseconds he responded as his head snapped to attentive stare. She smiled then gave him her famous wiggle causing her cleavage line to ripple.

“Unbelievable!!!” he said as he fixed his eyes on her long, deep cleavage.

Now that Julie had his undivided attention, she seated herself in the chair opposite his. She looked at him and smiled with her beautiful face that had so many times offered him perspective and motivation. He knew she had an idea and although willing to listen to it, he found himself lapsing back into neutral mode. The agency had done so well the last ten years but the last six months had become nothing more than a burden to him.

Julie sensed his reticence and said, “I really think this interview with Candice Morgan is worth listening to!”

“Why, Julie?” He said.

Julie pulled the proposal from the manila envelope and began to read Candice’s proposal.

“You advertised that you were seeking new ideas for erotic magazine stills. My idea is unique but effective for it doesn’t play up to the typical centerfold viewer. It does seek to stimulate men who think that size does matter to women. It rarely does although I do know women who like certain size penises.

I would appreciate the opportunity to present my idea further but feel at this time that it must be done by way of personal interview.

Cordially, Candice Morgan”

“But if size doesn’t matter to most women, how will this help to sell more mags?”

“It is true that length and girth are not the important part of many female’s requirements but females aren’t usually the ones who subscribe to the nudey pic mags! Men are of all creeds but if they think it matters to a woman then I believe it will make them want to buy more!” Julie said.

Now in the thinker pose, Michael pondered her words, seriously. He knew well that men boasted often in the size category and that women often laughed at such boasting. Men seemed to always want their female partners to be impressed at their penile magnificence.

“Julie, this sounds promising but it might be just a long shot.” He said, cautiously.

Giggling, she said, “No pun intended?”

Laughter broke his cautious spirit so he said, “Okay, let’s offer her an interview! Thirty minutes won’t kill us if it doesn’t work. Right now, we have no other ideas anyway so what’s the harm?”

“None!” Julie said in absolute agreement.

She then dropped from her chair to her knees in front of Michael and began to run her hands gently up his legs from his knees to his upper thighs. The sensations overwhelmed him quickly for he had already been stimulated quite seriously by her ripple action cleavage. In response, he spread his legs apart to allow her to get closer. She moved forward to unzip his suit pants all the while staring directly into his eyes.

She pulled his semi hard cock from his slacks and maneuvered the head so it poked freely from his boxers. It sprang forth into her waiting, squeezing hand only to find her posed to devour its full length. Then suddenly, Julie arose and walked quickly to his desk. From it, she pulled out a tape measure and came quickly back to resume her position.

“What the h?” he said, disappointed that she didn’t already have it in her mouth.

Ignoring him, she slid the measure down to the base of his dick then traced its length to the tip of the crown.

“My god, Michael! Its seven and one eighth inches long!” she said in lustful approval. “I knew it was big but I never dreamed how.” And then she cut her words off.

Stimulated almost to the max, he said, “What do you mean by never dreamed how?”

Ignoring him again, she slid her tongue onto the head of his shaft. He moaned in lust while her tongue licked and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri prodded the lid of his crown. When she slid her wet tongue downward to caress the inch and a half of sheer sensitivity on the underside of his rod, he just about exploded on her face.

“My god, baby! I love it when you do that!” he said.

Julie then wrapped her mouth around his length and slowly sucked him inside. One, two, three, four inches filled her hungry mouth till the head stopped just at the edge of her throat. She began to bob up and down on his length allowing her tongue to purposefully lick its underside. She never took it down her throat although she’d done this many times before. She knew exactly what she was doing to keep him at bay yet also keeping him fully ready to blow whenever she decided.

Michael never argued for he was too much into his own pleasure. The finger tips of her left-hand prodded his boxer, covered balls sending more stimulation throughout his body, particularly up his shaft to the head.

How he managed to hold on, she wasn’t sure. Bobbing up and down for almost ten minutes certainly brought him to the point of no return. When she finally pulled his rod out to where her tongue could lash at his most sensitive underneath region, he moaned and groaned deeply. She continued this approach till she felt the familiar throb of his cock that signaled his approaching climax.

“Uuuuuuuuuuhg!!! Uuuuuuuuuuhg!!! Uuuuuuuuuuhg!!! ” he grunted as spurt after spurt of hot, creamy load shot into her devouring mouth.

Julie usually counted the streams but lost count at seven, a fitting number for a man whose cock raged at seven and one eighth inches. Swallowing much of it, she still managed to enjoy its taste as it coated her teeth and tongue. Slightly salty was her favorite sort of sauce anyway, so his cum fit the bill perfectly.

Then pulling his now flaccid rod from her mouth, she stood, smiled, and said, “My god, Michael! I sure love to suck your long cock! I only wish I could have taken all of it!”

Panting in spent pleasure, he knew she was lying for she’d often taken him all the way down her throat. Still, his ego soared as he considered the magnificence of his previously erect cock. Being the woman she was, Julie easily sensed his amplified ego and thought that maybe one more comment might help to convince him of Candice’s great idea.

“You know, Michael!” she said in her sultry voice. “Your size matters to me!” then she turned away and left him sprawled in his leather chair.

When Thursday morning arrived, Julie met Candice in her outer office for a chance to get a good look at her and see what she, herself, might have to offer. She wasn’t there for a modeling interview but the agency often found that the idea people suited the parts very well. Julie had a keen eye for that sort of thing and as she watched Candice seat herself in the high backed chair in front of her desk, she found herself looking into the eyes of one extremely attractive woman. She was strikingly beautiful much to Julie’s surprise.

Obviously, Julie had not counted on such a specimen of womanhood, especially since Miss Morgan was in her early forties.

“Of course, she still has her clothes on!” Julie thought to herself so a later revelation might reveal additional marks that would exclude her from any photo shoots.

After cordial greetings were over, Julie stood to escort Miss Morgan into Michael’s office. Julie introduced Candice and Michael led her over to one of the leather chairs in the interview area. Candice seated herself and then handed both Michael and Julie a copy of her presentation. The pics were merely amateurs, and not very well taken at that, but nevertheless, they got the point across. Each woman posed suggestively while men stood beside or near sporting various lengths of cock sizes.

Julie watched Michael’s eyes as he listened intently. Candice explained that most nude mags displayed men with giant dicks so long they were absurd to look at. Then these men would stand next to smaller women who looked like they were so tight, it was pitiful. The viewer was left with their idea that this petite babe was going to get twenty four inches in her pussy or up her ass.

“So what’s different about your idea, Miss Morgan?” Michael said.

“Well…let’s offer four sexy, naked women whose pussies are typical and couldn’t take much more than six inch rods. Pose them in varied positions but have men stand next to them who sport the average six inch lengths. If we take a woman, for instance, who is bent over a bed, with legs spread apart, then stand an average man next to her with a six inch erection, but post a placard next to her body on the bed which tells the viewer the absolute lengths of cocks she can take, then we allow the reader to jump to his own conclusions. If the man next to her only sports a five and a half inch rod but the sign next to her says she can only handle a six incher, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri then the male reader immediately in his mind fantasizes his length to be ten inches or longer! ”

“Oh yes, I think I get it, Candice!” Julie said in a much more casual tone. “You’re removing the absurdly long dick pic but replacing it by way of suggestion, with an average length erection that will automatically increase in size in the reader’s mind. Right?”

“Exactly!” Candice said. “The men I know don’t care if the man has a big rod in the pic. They only care if the woman can’t handle the rod they fantasize themselves as having. If a man has an average six incher and he sees wording suggesting that the nude blonde can only take seven, he fantasizes ramming a dick into her that is at least eight to ten inches. If he already has an eight incher, and her limits are seven, his will immediately grow to ten to twelve inches in length.”

“So what you’re saying is that it is the limitation of the model’s mouth, pussy, or butt that stimulates a viewer to absurd lengths, not the man standing there sporting a twenty three inch telephone pole, right?” Michael said.

Candice smiled broadly and said, “Right!”

Already sold on the idea, Julie stared intently at Miss Morgan and said, “I’m curious about something, Candice!”

Candice raised her eyebrows slightly as she stared into Julie’s winning smile. Julie held her stare for she wanted to see if she could seduce this woman to demonstrate by way of stripping for them, just how much cock she could take. Michael knew well Julie’s ploy so he left her to her own imaginations. He decided to watch the facial responses to Candice’s seduction with great interest. He, too, was curious and wondered if his seven and one eighth incher could fill any one of her holes.

Candice asked Julie exactly what her curiosity was and Julie said, “I wonder just how much cock you could take, yourself! Have you ever measured your lover’s length before he filled your holes?”

Anticipating this curiosity, Miss Morgan said, “Well, Julie, as a matter of fact, my boyfriend sports an eight incher and I take it with ease but not one half inch more!”

Nobody said a word so she continued, “In my throat and in my pussy! I will say though that when he sticks it in my dark tunnel, I can only handle about five.”

Immediately, Michael’s already stiffening shaft increased from seven and one eighth inches to at least ten, in his own mind. Julie watched him out of the corner of her eye and noticed the glaze of lust come over him. She knew well that his was seven and one eighth inches but indeed wondered how big it had grown in his personal fantasy.

She quickly took charge of the moment and said, “So Candice, would you be willing to give us a demo of what you mean?”

Candice’s eyebrows immediately stood at attention as pink covered her face and neck.

“Well, uh, well, I don’t know, I mean I only brought the idea. I hadn’t counted on, well uh, that!” She said to Julie.

“But we prefer to see it in real life, not just in pic form!” Julie assertively said.

“Well, I suppose I could do it!” Candice said hesitantly but not wanting to lose the chance at selling her idea.

Having regained his wits, Michael said, “Take your clothes off Candice, right here and now!”

She stood and Julie stood to help her remove her dress. She stepped behind Candice and unzipped the long zipper in the back. Julie then pulled it down to her hips revealing her bra covered breasts, and then drew it beyond the curve so it dropped to the floor. Her waist high slip came down easily leaving her standing in front of Michael only wearing panties and a bra, black laced ones at that.

Candice breathed in deeply as she felt Julie’s caressing hands slide up and down her body. Michael’s eyes were already making love to her. She both loved the attention and felt the embarrassment of being stripped naked in front of two people she’d just met. Still, she never made a move to stop anything and in minutes, she was wetter than she’d ever been before.

Julie ceased stimulating her but moved over to Michael’s right ear. She whispered her idea into his ear and he immediately smiled but said nothing so not to give it away to Miss Morgan. Julie went back over to her and told her to bend over the desk so she could pull her panties down. Candice did as she was told all the while feeling such warmth in her body from all the stimulation.

At the desk corner, she bent down to the plant where her covered breasts were mashed erotically. Julie step beside her and began to rub her ass cheeks softly but purposefully. Candice inhaled a deep breath as she felt Julie’s probing hands on her steaming, round mounds. She had always craved a woman’s hands fondling her butt and in response, she spread her legs apart slightly to give her better access.

Michael had already removed his clothes so he stood three feet away and güvenilir bahis şirketleri watched his secretary work her into a sensual level of hot lust. Julie fondled for several minutes before she reached to unclasp the elastic waist band of Candice’s laced panties. Without warning, she yanked them downward to let Michael see the wide view of her hot, sexy butt. He groaned at what he saw all the while stroking his rod into full length.

As Candice stepped out of her panties, Michael moved to her side. Julie grabbed one ass cheek and pulled it toward her while he grabbed the other and pulled it the opposite direction. This revealed her sexy ass pucker and pussy lips. What both Julie and Michael knew that Candice didn’t was that the entire interview was being video taped from different angles. This angle gave camera number four a bird’s eye view of two holes.

Julie took her left hand and held it’s wrist down onto the top of the woman’s split ass cheeks. She then spread her fingers upward to display all five suggesting that she could only take five inches in either of the holes any given viewer might want to take.

“She said, five inches and no more, didn’t’ she?” Julie said.

Michael held his cock outward with the tape measure hanging aimlessly from the rod. Then he stepped behind her and told her to get prepared for the screen test.

“Oh no!” she said in absolute protest. “If you think you’re going to ram that seven and a half incher into my pussy or ass, you’ve got another thing coming!”

But Michael ignored her and put the head of his dick up to her now wetter than ever pussy lips. She moaned at the sensation then suddenly felt her twat spread to its limit as he pushed his rod deep inside. Inch by inch he pushed till she had indeed taken all of it, even the last eighth of an inch. Julie felt underneath his rod to see if she had indeed taken it all and squealed in delight at his progress. His dick completely disappeared into her blonde haired pussy mound.

In all the stimulation Candice had received, she hadn’t counted on actually getting fucked but it now pleased her to let him continue. His rod began to pump her purposefully like a piston in a cylinder. Pulling it out to just the last inch, he rammed it home again and again. Her coos and sighs were increasing in volume telling each of the four cameras to get ready for an explosion.

Julie could sense Candice’s orgasm was close so she moved to unclasp her bra and pull it free for added stimulation. When it fell from her body to the desktop, Candice reached under to pinch and rub her pink, pert nipples. The added stimulation did send her to the breaking point and as she felt his entire length fill her tight pussy, she threw her head back and screamed out her delights of orgasmic splendor.

Her pussy clenched his rod like it was about to bite it off then her body shuttered in overwhelming pleasure. Her shrieks and squeals were most likely heard in the plaza below but nobody cared. He pumped her senseless but made sure he saved his cum for a darker more intimate tunnel.

Then as Candice came off her high, Michael pulled his shaft from her well fucked twat. It dripped of her juices, just the way he liked it. Julie quickly dropped to her knees to examine it.

“Oh yeah, Michael!” Julie said. “She said she could take an eight incher and she easily took your length of seven and one eighth inches! I can tell for it’s completely covered in her juices”

“Like hell she took seven and one eighth! He said in surprise. “It was at least ten inches when I fucked her off to orgasm!”

Still panting from her spent pleasure, Candice said, “My god, that thing was long! I’m glad you didn’t stick it up my!”

But she was suddenly interrupted by the sensation of his still rock hard cock, waiting not so patiently at her pucker. His rod split her cheeks open sensuously but she knew she couldn’t take it up her ass, not at the length he sported.

Julie moaned in anticipating of seeing just how much this woman could take up her limited five incher butt. Julie knew what it was like to take his rod in all three holes and it pleased her to see him do it to another so limited. When he started to inch his cum soaked cock inside Candice’s hot, tight butt, Candice moaned her disapproval, loudly. She’d been butt fucked before but knew her limits wouldn’t allow such a length.

The head popped in, two inches of penetration followed, and then her butt spasmed wildly on his shaft. She loved the intense feel of anal so it began to send waves of passion throughout her body again. Her butt spasmed on his cock but as she relaxed he was able to stick three more inches inside. His dick head suddenly stopped as if he had come to a brick wall impasse.

Julie lifted the tape measure off the floor and measured the remaining length still not buried up Miss Morgan’s clenching butt.

Surprised at her findings, Julie said, “Gosh Michael, she was right! There are two and an eighth inches left outside!”

“That means she’s taken nine inches for my cock is now eleven and one eighth inches long. She’s already taken nine in her ass!” Michael proclaimed in anal victory. “Now, let’s see if we can give her some more!”

“No! I can’t take any more!” she said in a pleading voice.

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