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I have a great life and a wonderful family. I am 44 years old and work for a commercial real estate company in a small town in the Midwest. I come from a large family that was nurturing and supportive and I always dreamed of having a large family of my own.

Finding a husband was easy for me. I was blessed with good looks and I dated frequently. I met a guy, who I thought was Mr. Right. Sadly, he quickly turned into Mr. Wrong, owing mostly to his drug and alcohol problems.

Before we broke up, he did manage to leave me pregnant with my little girl Emily. Emily became the light of my life. She was such a good kid and I received much pleasure and satisfaction raising her. The only problem was that due to complications of childbirth, I was rendered incapable of having more children.

My dream of having a large family was over but I never resented Emily one bit. I enjoyed watching my little girl blossom into a beautiful young woman. She was a striking beauty and dated steadily in high school although she waited until her senior year before she became sexually active.

As the years went on, the sorrow of losing my dream of more children started to weigh heavily on me. I looked to Emily to be my salvation. I encouraged her to find a good man, settle down and start a family so I could be a doting grandmother and ease the sadness I felt.

Emily had other plans and was not the least interested in starting a family until much later in life, which I must confess, became a source of contention between us. Yes, there were some bitterness but we both tried to patch things up.

Shortly after Emily’s 24th birthday, she got a great job with a regional advertising agency, based in a city an hour’s drive from here. She shared a rented house with three other girls to share expenses. She didn’t date much; she was too busy with her career. She certainly had the opportunity to date though; Emily had a really pretty, youthful face that turned a lot of heads. She stands 5’6″ with shapely legs and 36C breasts that are beautifully shaped.

Fortunately, I had another source of joy in my life, my second husband, John. John is my night in shining armor. He is in his mid forties, tall, athletic, and his salt and pepper hair is really sexy. John manages a shipping company and he is very well respected. He has an eighteen year- old son named Scott. Scott is a really great kid. He is studious, polite and painfully shy, especially around girls. He did not inherit his father’s good looks and I think that contributed to his shyness.

John and I married when Emily was in high school and she and Scott got along fine, although I am sure her good looks intimidate him so they did not interact much.

I reached a crisis in my life one afternoon when my second husband, John, came home from work. I was sitting in our bedroom, crying my eyes out. John walked in and sat down next to me on the bed.

“Honey, what’s the matter? Are you ok?”

“Oh, I am just being silly again, I guess,” I said, through my tears.

He put his arm around me and I could feel his warmth and his strength and I felt so safe and protected.

“I’m just going through another bout of sadness over my baby dilemma. I just want a big family. I wish Emily would settle down and give me a bunch of grandkids.”

“Honey, we have gone over this again and again. You need to find a way to move past this. Don’t let it get you down, sweetheart.”

“You’re right, dear. I just wish the stork would come visit me again but I know it will never happen.”

“Ok, Carol. Enough. We are going out to dinner tonight to cheer you up,” he offered.

We went to a really elegant restaurant and I tried to put my sorrow behind me. John could sense I was still struggling.

“Hon please let me help you. I want you to be happy. All I ask is that you let me work on your problem for one week. Will you do that? In the meantime, cheer up, ok?”

I agreed and we made a date to come back to the same restaurant the very next week and John would tell me if he came up with a solution.

A couple of days later, Emily called to check in as she usually does. Everything was fine with her. She still didn’t have much time for a love life but her career was beginning to take off. She had been promoted to some sort of project manager position and she was really excited.

“Mom, I wanted to ask you about something. I have been having this problem with PMS again.”

Emily occasionally had painful bouts of PMS but it seemed to come and go.

“EM honey, maybe its just stress from your work. I know your career means a lot to you,” I said.

“Maybe you’re right but I had to take a day off from work this past month because of it I almost missed a critical deadline.”

I told her I would make some calls and see if there was a specialist she could consult. I told her I loved her and then rang off.

That night, I told John about my conversation with Emily. He seemed concerned for her.

“HMMMM…..I just had a thought. You remember Dr. Reston? He’s casino oyna an OB/GYN and his practice isn’t too far from here. He’s an old friend of mine. I’m gonna’ call him right now and see what we can do for your little girl.”

John went into his study and called Dr. Reston at home. It must have been a long conversation because it was an hour and a half before came back into the bedroom..

“Dear, Dr. Reston is fully booked for the next four months but as a personal favor, he will see Emily if the can get here late afternoon a week from Friday.”

“Wonderful! Thank you so much, darling. I want Emily to have the best care.” I said as I gave my husband a great big hug and kiss.

I went into the bedroom and called Emily immediately and she happily agreed to the appointment with Dr. Reston.

As I hung up the phone, John walked in. I began to tell him about the appointment when he took my hands and pulled me off the bed and put me down on my knees. He unzipped his pants and took out his beautiful cock. He held it close to my face and I watched it quickly inflate.

I took that gorgeous cock meat in my hand to guide it into my eager mouth.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch it,” He reproached in a commanding voice.

“Take your hand away. Right now, you are only allowed to touch it with your mouth.”

I quickly obeyed. I loved his control: it made me feel so feminine and vulnerable. He jammed his cock into my mouth and grabbed the back of my head and thrust back and forth.

He was pumping hard with that stiff dick and I knew in a moment or two, my mouth would be a receptacle for his hot, sticky cum. I didn’t have long to wait.

“AHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, come on baby, suck daddy’s dick. Here it comes, baby. Here it comes!”

My upper lip felt his throbbing vein spasm as the first hot jet of juice hit the back of my mouth. He quickly pulled out and ran his dick along my cheek as the juice spurted out, giving me a hot, sticky facial. He rubbed both cheeks and my chin and also coated my lips so I was forced to taste his cum. When he was finished pumping, he shoved it back into my mouth and ordered me to clean his manhood with my tongue.

I loved having his cum on my face and I quickly and submissively did as he ordered. I gave his cock a thorough tongue bath and I licked his balls in appreciation.

Friday night rolled around and it was time for our second date at the restaurant. I didn’t want to pester John so I waited for John to bring up the subject of my baby dilemma.

John sensed that I wanted an update, “Dear, I might have good news for you. I’ve had several conversations this past week with Dan Reston. He and I just might have a solution. I just need for you to hear me out completely before you pass judgment, ok?”

I agreed and John slowly and methodically laid out the plan that he and Dr. Reston devised. I have to admit, at first, I thought it was crazy, but John is not only very persistent, he is very articulate and eventually, I saw the wisdom of his ideas.

“I only hope Dr. Reston can help me, John. I am getting pretty desperate. I hope he can help Emily with her PMS problem as well. Dr. Reston is going to be a miracle worker if he can help both Emily and I.”

“You”ll see, honey, it will all work out. Now that we have that settled, give me a couple of days to solve world hunger” he joked, to cheer me up.


I was so grateful that mom and John knew of a good specialist. I arrived at Dr. Reston’s office late on a Friday afternoon. The sun was still bright in the sky because it was late August.

I quickly filled out the first time patient medical questionnaire and was ushered into the exam room by one of the assistants. She was a young woman in her late twenties, short, curvy but with a pleasant and reassuring manner. Her name was Cathy and I thought she was nice.

She handed me a gown that was open in the back and told me to undress completely and change into it. Cathy came back and led me to the exam table and had me sit down.

“I am going to give you a breast exam so please drop the gown straps. I did so and my bare breasts bobbled slightly. The air conditioning in the room was on which made my nipples hard. I felt a little embarrassed but Cathy didn’t say anything.

She began squeezing and massaging first one breast then the other. She ran her fingertips along the curvatures of my pear-shaped breasts to feel for lumps. She had me lay down and repeated the procedure again.

“Ok, Emily. No problems, you check out fine.”

She pulled up my gown again and told me to sit tight and Dr. Reston would be in shortly.

A few minutes later, a tall, distinguished looking man in his forties with a full head of grey hair and neatly trimmed mustache entered the room.

“Hello Emily, I am Dr. Reston. I understand you have some PMS issues.”

I told him what was happening with me and he made some notes.

Cathy stood at his side and he told me to swing my legs around the end of the table. I put on a pair of rubber canlı casino gloves and probed around the outside of my vagina.

“Emily, as I do this, please let me know if you feel any soreness or pain.”

I was doing ok and no pain or soreness.

“Ok then, let’s get to the last part.”

Cathy swung up a pair of let stirrups and helped swing each of my legs in place. Dr. Reston tilted up the back end of the exam table at an angle to support me back.

From a rolling trolley, Dr. Reston pickup up a speculum and put it up against my vulva. I kept my pussy clean-shaved so the metal instrument felt cold on the bare skin of my labia. Slowly, he pushed it inside, which hurt a little. When it was fully inside me, he turned a wheel that expanded the wings of the speculum and forced my vagina to open wide.

The doctor shined a light to look deep inside me. He had a long metal tool that he used to prod something but at that point, I tried not to look.

Soon he was done and withdrew the speculum and Cathy took my legs out of the stirrups.

“Ok Emily, nothing physically wrong. I think the best way to address the PMS issue is with a fairly new medication that’s had great results and I see no reason why you wouldn’t benefit too.”

He mentioned the name of the medication but it all sounded like medical gobbledygook. I got dressed and he gave me a ninety -day supply of the stuff, which I had to take once a day. He also warned me to stay off the pill because it might lead to a bad interaction. I wasn’t sexually active anyway and besides, there were always condoms.

Dr. Reston told me to call the office once a month to check in. He wanted to see me again as soon as the medication ran out.

The ninety days were a whirlwind. I had project after project at work and the stress was really getting to me. The holidays were fast approaching and I was looking forward to spending some time back home with mom. I had another bad PMS episode but it was manageable.

I checked in with Dr. Reston’s office and was told it was extremely important that I get an exam the instant I began my next ovulation cycle. Cathy advised me the instant I felt that characteristic wetness to call the office and Dr. Reston would arrange his schedule to accommodate me. I was desperate for a cure and I happily agreed.

Sure enough, on a Thursday afternoon, the telltale wetness told me ovulation had begun. I called the doctor’s office and arranged a late afternoon appointment for the next day.

When I got to the office, the late autumn sun was almost setting and the trees were bare of leaves. The office waiting room was empty so I walked up to the reception window where Cathy was waiting. She led me back to the exam room and handed me the open-backed gown and had me undress.

I was sitting on the exam table when Cathy and Dr. Reston walked in.

“Hello Emily, how are you?” Dr. asked.

“Doing fine, just ready to get this taken care of, Dr.”

“Emily, did you take all of the pills I gave you??

“Yes, Dr. I did. No problem.”

“Good. And I want to verify, you are not on birth control?”

“Nope, no birth control for over three months.”

“Ok, very good. Just making sure,” he remarked.

Cathy had me sit at the edge of the exam table and brought up the leg stirrups. She was very helpful in positioning my legs in the stirrups. Next, she tilted up the upper portion of the table to support my back at an angle so I was partially sitting up. Dr. Reston told me to scoot forward to the edge of the table. He sat down and soon had the speculum deep inside me again.

“Emily, you have a slight constriction deep inside here. When you have your period, menstrual blood hits this constriction and creates pressure that hits a nerve cluster, causing your pain. I think I can take care of it without surgery. Is that ok with you?”

“Yeah, great, please do,” I sighed in relief.

“I will insert a vaginal probe into the affected area and try to ease the constriction. Nothing dangerous about it but you will have to remain perfectly still so I am going to give you an injection to relax your muscles so you don’t spasm while the probe is in you. Otherwise, there could be some damage done.”

Cathy injected me in the side of my thigh that made me yelp. Dr. Reston then injected me in the other thigh. That was incredibly painful.

My head began to spin a little from the shots and I could barely make out Cathy placing a thick foam pad around each of my ankles. She then threaded a strap through a loop on the pad and securely buckles the pads to the stirrups so I could not move my legs at all.

“Don’t worry, Emily,” the doctor reassured.

“We need to keep you perfectly still during the procedure,” he added.

Two swing arms were put in place and my arms were securely strapped down. I immediately felt alarmed because now both arms and legs were strapped down and I couldn’t move. I began to protest but the medication hit me hard and I could barely talk and I felt dizzy.

I was still conscious kaçak casino and I was aware of everything going on but I had no power to do anything. Suddenly, my vagina was filled with an intense feeling of arousal. I squirmed beneath the restrains from the intense pleasurable feeling. I was embarrassed so I tried to hide what I was feeling.

“No need to be embarrassed, Emily. Its common to feel aroused during a procedure like this. Just relax and don’t try to hold back. Just let go if you need to. Cathy, pull her gown off completely, will you?”

What? Why did I need my gown off? Cathy slid it off and suddenly, I was completely naked and fully restrained and I must say, highly aroused.

I saw my breasts were fully aroused and swollen and Dr. Reston was looking right at them I still didn’t have the power to protest so I just lay against the backrest and hoped he would be finished soon. I wanted to get out of there and go home.

“We are ready to proceed, Emily. Just relax and stay calm.,” the doctor instructed.

He took what looked like a big rubber dildo from a rolling trolley tray next to him. He evenly applied lubrication from a tube and brought the dildo to my swollen pussy lips. He rubbed the lubricated tip up and down my slit and an electric sensation coursed through my pussy. I felt hot and wet. He kept working the dildo up and down, up and down. My pussy lips greedily clenched the head of the dildo, trying to pull the entire thing deep inside me, against my will.

He then pushed the dildo in more forcefully, which make me shriek. I was panting now, trying to hide the fact I was totally aroused. The doctor augured that hard rubber dildo in even farther. I began to pant.

“OHHHH, AHHHHHHH. UHUH, UHUH, get it in me,” I heard myself shout out loud.

Dr. Reston smiled and said, “Good Emily, you’re doing fine, JUUUUUST fine.”

The mediation hit me again with another jolt and the slightest touch now would push me over the edge. I didn’t have to wait long, the doctor rammed the dildo home the last few inches and I let out a scream of ecstasy. I slumped back, totally spent now, hoping this would be over soon.

The next thing I remember as Dr. Reston saying, “Emily. Emily. Look at me. Stay focused on what I am about to say. His hand held my chin to keep me looking straight at him as continued, “Emily, do you recognize this pill?”

In his other hand he held a pill just like the ones I had been taking for the past three months.

“Let me tell you something about the pills you have been taking the last three months. Turns out, you have been taking a very powerful fertility drug. Yes, that’s right, fertility drug. Studies have shown, 30% of women who take this drug and then get pregnant have a multiple birth, meaning either twins, triplets quintuplets or more

“Of course, that wouldn’t matter to you except you have not been using birth control for four months.”

My heart sank and panic began to fill me. My heart began pounding in fear. What was this man getting at?

“Finally, you began ovulating yesterday so you are at the peak of your fertility cycle, dear Emily,” he said ominously.

“If you will direct your attention to the probe I inserted deep into you, you will notice that Cathy has just inserted a clear plastic tube at the far end. The tube runs up to the syringe that Cathy will now hand to me.”

Cathy handed Dr. Reston a syringe and the tube was fastened to the tip. I had no idea what they were going to inject into my womb but I began to squirm and made a squealing sound. The drugs still had me powerless so I could not sustain a protest.

“Wha, wha are you gonna do to me?” I barely mumbled.

“Yes, that is the heart of the matter, isn’t it, darling Emily.”

He took off his gloves and rubbed my pussy lips, which made me shiver with unwanted pleasure. I squirmed beneath my restraints but the doctor was unrelenting. He then rubbed my clit slowly and softly and I let go with a shuddering orgasm.

My head turned sideways and I think I fell asleep for a moment.

I could hardly believe what I came next..

“Emily, this syringe I am holding up, contains a large amount of semen: semen that contains hundreds of millions of sperm cells, each capable of impregnating you. That coupled with the fertility drugs, no birth control and you ovulating makes for optimal conditions for impregnation,” the doctor intoned.

” We have been collecting semen from several donors for months. You will be interested to know that the donor of this syringe of semen is one Arnold Bradford.

The name didn’t register at first but then: Oh my god! That’s my grandfather!. They were going to impregnate me with my grandfather’s sperm? This cannot be happening.

The doctor gave the dildo another twist and in my already sensitive condition, another powerful rush of pleasure jolted my plugged pussy. I managed not to come but I was on fire.

In my dazed condition, I saw the doctor hand the syringe off to someone but I could not make out who it was at first. That someone was an old man, bald –headed and wearing thick, plastic frame glasses. It was my grandfather. He was wearing a full- length blue bathrobe. I had no idea what was going on but I was in a state of panic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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