Carmen Elisa Need to Die 3/5

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Carmen Elisa Need to Die

Chapter 3/5

“Amazing, her cock is still hard,” an unknown male voice said.

I tried to focus on the surroundings, but the magic dildo working my inside was so very distracting.

Below me I had Elenore, the girl that had served as my servant for the last couple of weeks. That was before bandits captured us and made us their sex slaves.

Never before in my life have I been so totally exhausted. The magic sword transforms not only into a dildo inside me but also a magic cock that replaces my pussy.

My magic cock was inside her, but I was unsure if I have been thrusting into her or if we were just fondling each other as a warm up for later sex.

I was on the border of going unconscious and struggled to focus with little success. Elenore’s fingers that touched me so sensually was the only thing that allowed me to stay awake. Basically I have not slept since the sword was transformed into a dildo inside my pussy.

Her right hand fondled my left nipple while her left hand was gripping the base of my cock. Her hand urged me to thrust into her and I drove more of the cock into her. Of course there was no way she could accept the full cock into her tiny sex.

Funny enough when the dildo handle of the magic sword was pushed into your sex the magic aid the attempt so you can get it deeper and deeper insider until it the sword transform to the current form of a magic cock.

The reverse happens when you afterwards use the cock on other females. The magic gives no relief at all but the person penetrated feels every inch of cock entering them.

Elenore groaned in sexual excitement despite how the unnaturally large cock was stretching her sex. I couldn’t tell if she really enjoyed it or faked it for the audience. I know from experience that the magic cock projects a compulsion for females to fuck it, maybe that had increased her level of lust enough to enjoy even this embarrassing sex show for the kidnappers benefit.

“This is boring, ride her instead!” another male voice commanded.

“Yes, master,” Elenore responded, her words frail and frightened.

I understood her fear. My memories were hazy after we were kidnapped, but the punishment from the whip was a repeating event. A number of times they have let me try to catch sleep only to hit me with the whip when I turned drowsy. It beats me why they torment me in such a way, maybe it was just fascination about my unnatural cock never going soft no matter how much they force me to use it.

From the journey to bandits hideout I only recalled torment and lots of sexual abuse when we were allowed a break from stumbling along pulled by the chains. When we arrived at the bandit hideout they seemed to want to increase the level of abuse a lot. I was not sure if I could take it anymore.

Elenore pushed me on my back. I wished I would be able to object and attack our tormentors, but honestly I was too exhausted to resist at all. The rough wooden floor did not feel nice, but all I managed to do as Elenore directed my cock into her sex yet again was to look around.

The crowd watching me and Elenore were a number of males that seemed to dig watching the woman freak with a cock, that was me, having sex with the nubile teen.

She rode my cock as she manhandled my breasts, considering how they dominated us and forced us to serve them the word manhandling seemed fitting despite her being a girl.

“Slap her more!” a voice commanded and she hit my cheek with an open hand again and again as she kept riding my cock. I jerked from each hit, but my current reflexes were too slow to block her strikes.

This was all wrong, I should never be a victim!

As a nobleman’s daughter, I have never before been abused. Being granted super strength from the demon in the cursed sword have made sure I have stayed in charge when traveling the roads searching for my enemy Carmen Elisa.

Unfortunately the magic sword was currently of little help due to the transformation. By now the eternal sexual stimulation was pure torture, I cannot cope with the unending lust forced on my body and I feel so weak and exhausted.

I thought actually the truth might be that my super strength granted by the sword had failed me. Maybe the evil sword had removed its unholy blessing when I did not act according to the wishes of the demon inside the sword.

If this was the case it seems terribly unfair, only in the beginning did I try to stay true to the morals of my uprising. The last two years have been a long trail of me fucking and abusing anyone the cursed sword directs into my path.

I don’t know how many marriages I have wrecked by seducing the husband or the wife and then making sure we are caught in the act. For some reason the sword seemed to love that particular ploy. Getting caught by bandits was never intended as part of my plan, but I was careless.

“Strangle her!” a male voice ordered.

I barely reacted as Elenore’s hands gripped my throat and squeezed. My artificial cock delivered its load into Elenore, but like ever the damn cock stayed hard so Elenore had no reason to stop and kept riding me. The sexual bliss from sex after the climax combined with the lack of air were too much, I felt my conscious slip.

* * *

I was lying on the corner of a bed as I came around. Fingers took hold of my legs and brutally forced them apart. It was not like the effort was needed. I was too exhausted to resist, or even to move at all. This lethargic feeling caused by the magic felt truly humiliating.

Standing between my legs was a bearded bandit that stared down at me with contempt in his eyes.

“I gonna fuck your ass so hard that your cock loosens you damn freak,” he threatened.

Never before did I ever have any anal sex, I did definitely not want him to be my first. Not that my wishes mattered.

I was too lethargic to do anything as he started to press his cock into my ass. It was simply too much as he invaded my ass. He was too large!

I could not take his cock up my ass. Weekly I tried to crawl away but he dragged me back and renewed the effort to force himself into me. It was huge and I was not anywhere near ready!

I imagined myself more rested, ready to pull the magic dildo out of my pussy and transform it back into a magic sword. What a thrill it would be to use the sword to take revenge. Too bad I did not have the energy to do anything besides letting him abuse me. I trembled as his hard cock forced itself deeper into me.

The pain from his entry had faded as he was busy thrusting into me. He drilled my ass with a steady pace, the discomfort was now more like a nuisance. I might have enjoyed the sensation more if it had been less rape kind of sex.

Had he already cummed inside my ass?

Actually, I realized I did not care anymore, he could do whatever he wanted to my poor body. I felt myself yet again slip into unconsciousness.

* * *

When I woke the constant sexual torment of the animated dildo was gone.

The room was very silent. I opened my eyes expecting to be alone, and found that I was right in a fashion. In front of me was the corpse of the male pig who had raped my ass.

It took me some moments to sort out what I was seeing. The corpse was literally impaled by my cursed sword and nailed to the roof of the room.

Somehow my fantasy about using the sword on him had made the weapon turn back into a sword and with him leaning over me as he penetrated my ass he had been directly in the path of the weapon.

The cold dildo like handle still penetrated my sex, but it was not animated anymore.

It must have been a gruesome death; there were fairly many bloodstains over me even though the sword usually swallowed all blood touching its surface.

The obvious question now: had my super natural strength returned now when I was rested? What if my humiliation had been so severe that I had lost favor with the demon in the sword?

I took hold of the sword and pushed it upwards. I needed more space to be able to take the handle out of me comfortably. Currently the sword had me pinned towards the bed. To my delight it took almost no effort to push the sword deeper into the ceiling.

The super strength granted by the sword was still there, if anything I felt stronger than before. Maybe that was just my imagination after feeling weak and vulnerable for so long. Was it days or weeks since I had been captured?

Finally I could pull myself free of the sword handle. I got up from the bed and pulled the sword free from the ceiling. It was so deeply impaled that even for me it took some moments to get it free. After that it was a simple matter to remove the corpse impaled on the sword blade. I spare you the messy details.

I discarded the body in the corner of the room and then looked for anything to wear. There were clothes dropped by the dead robber, but with him a full foot longer than me it was clear they would not fit. The same applied to the leather armor that lay discarded on the floor.

Possibly I could cut the arm guards and leg guards so they could fit on my shorter arms and legs, but it was not hardened leather so they would offer very limited protection.

Why people bother with soft leather armor was always a mystery to me. I suppose it looks cool.

My cursed sword had a number of times before destroyed my armor and clothes as punishment when I had not acted enough like a wanton slut. What if I now go into battle nude voluntary, that should count for something, right?

The location seemed to be some kind of wooden lodge.

I encountered two bandits in the next room. I beheaded the first with a mighty swing of my weapon as he stood dumb fooled and stared at my blood covered nakedness.

The other bandit tried to dodge away as he was screaming for help. It was actually a rather clever move, placing himself on the other side of the table to get out of my reach.

Let me assure you that I was not very impressed. I caught the table in a mighty swing that lifted it from the floor and slammed both table and his body into the wall.

I am not sure about how much damage he suffered, but the sturdy oak table broke in two parts so the damage to him was obviously massive.

He did not come up again. Myself I had to focus on more bandits arriving. Stupid people die quickly around me, and let me ensure you that people are stupid if they think it was a good idea to charge me with just daggers and shortswords. They had no armor that could deflect my sword so it was just a matter of using my great strength to chop them to bits.

Unfortunately stupid people are not always the same as without talent with weapons. The fourth bandit had both a throwing dagger and shortsword and the thrown dagger hit my right arm as I cut the third bandit down.

I felt the sting from the dagger penetrating my flesh even through the battle frenzy. It was a very bad sign; normally you just find your injury after the combat since adrenaline means you are too busy fighting to notice until afterwards.

The wound was really bad and the pain was enough to make my fingers start to go numb. I did the best I could of the situation and faked that I lacked the strength to hold the sword with just my left hand.

In truth I was actually sort of exposing myself in that position, the sword tip leaning on the floor meant that it was too far away to block incoming thrown weapons. In case the bandit had another throwing dagger hidden he had an opening. On the other hand, fainting from blood loss in the middle of the fight would be even worse. I needed to finish this exchange of blades within moments.

Lucky for me he did not have another dagger, but instead charged towards me with his short sword raised. I launched my great sword in a massive left hand swing that took the bandit with total surprise. He had his short sword in position to sweep my sword aside, but was not ready to actually block something comparable to a man’s two handed swing.

My sword slammed his sword aside and cut into his torso. It was a very deep cut and he ended coughing blood on the floor. It was clear he would not get up again.

I looked around but none of the other bandits looked like they were getting up either.

Good since I needed to get control of the blow flow from the injury on my right arm. The injury hurt like hell.

Did the magic strength from the demon sword aid against injury also? In truth I did not know, I had never suffered any serious damage before I picked up the sword. On the other hand the pain now almost made me faint so I guess I hurt in the same way as everybody else.

I cut some cloth from the clothes of one of the dying bandits and applied a tourniquet to my arm with the aid of wood splinters on the floor.

I know, a tourniquet was really not the best solution to an injury, but I could not see many alternatives at the moment. I could only do it with my left hand and if there were more bandits around I would need my left arm free to fight so some kind of more bandage kept together by my hand was not a viable option.

This thought reminded me of the question about how many bandits there was. During the raid on out camp I had only seen five and so far I had slain five including the one who raped my ass. There was of course no guarantee all bandits living here had been present when they took the caravan.

All the bandits present in this room were dead so I couldn’t ask them for confirmation about their numbers. It was a shame that I could not recall how many that had been present yesterday when they forced me and Elenore to fuck

Anyway, there were two unknown doors from the room going to other parts of the cottage, and the door outside. One of the doors was not totally unknown to me since there was a bunk room there were they had forced me to have lots of sex when we arrived to the cottage. Of course from my previous delirious state I remembered little from there more than the sex.

The two latest bandits had come through the last unknown door that was slightly ajar. I decided to move towards this door, anyone left in the bunk room would have heard the fight and joined the battle.

Carefully I approached the door with my sword ready.

I opened the door silently, not that the silence mattered much. Anyone present in the building must have heard all the screaming from the brutal fight.

Inside there was some kind of large store room for loot, I recognized a few of the crates as coming from the caravan that I and Elenore had guarded before we were captured.

Normally I would just ignore a store room. As a noble lady I had seldom had reasons to visit such rooms. In this case, when I was looking for some kind of cell for prisoners. I vaguely recalled spending some short time at a cell when I arrived to the cottage. Most of the time I had been in the bedrooms of the robbers. The store room seemed likely to hold a prison cell, but the cells I vaguely recalled could be in another building considering how lost to the environment I had been.

I entered the room and moved past the assembled crates and parcels. From the looks on it James Rode’s caravan was not the first to fall prey to these robbers. It was remarkable that there could be an active band of robbers so close to the toll station in the mountain pass.

Actually I was foggy about how far down the mountain this wooden cottage hideout was located. It had felt like ages when they had escorted us here as prisoners with many stops, but that could easily be a combination of me being distracted by the magic dildo and the bandits being unfamiliar casino siteleri with the pack animals so that the travel took time.

The next door opened into some kind of corridor with three doors along the left side. It looked very promising, could this be the prison cells?

I moved forward towards the first door, when suddenly the second one opened.

I had a moment of opportunity to charge the person coming out, but lost it when I realized that it was Ted from the caravan.

Ted was the young sellsword that had been so reluctant to do actual guard duty during the trip. Only the chance to have sex with me and Elenore had convinced him to participate in guard duty. I had slept with him once and I think it cost him most of his coins. Afterwards he had tried to get Elenore and me cheaply, but the older guys had constantly outbid him.

“Lydia, you are free! I was so worried when I heard the screaming!” Ted exclaimed. He beamed at me and pushed his hand through his hair in a shy fashion.

Did I buy his act? Well, him walking around the robbers headquarters without any constraints was a pretty good sign of foul play.

Why would the robbers take Ted as a prisoner and then decide he was trusted to move around freely? Seems pretty unlikely if you ask me. On the other hand I could imagine the bandits attacking the caravan when he was on guard duty and faking he was a prisoner to not blow his cover until they were safely away from the toll station. Sounded much more plausible.

In truth I felt pretty dumb from not suspecting something earlier. The way he tried to convince the rest of us to not do actual guard duty in Leonard’s Pass; very suspicious in hindsight.

“Have you been injured?” he asked with what sounded like genuine concern in his voice.

“Yes, pretty badly. I had to use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding,” I answered as I tried to decide what to do. He did not have any visible weapon ready so this seemed like a good time to attack, but getting information from him first seemed more important than an easy kill.

I did not actually have any real proof that Elenore was still around. For what I know they might have sold her as a slave while I slept, but kept me around as a sex slave for the gang. Had the sex I had with Elenore actually been yesterday or did I have memory lapses?

How much did I really care about Elenore? Tough question, until recently I would have said I did not have any compassion left in me.

Maybe it was more about possession, getting to sleep with her stroking my private parts and serving all my needs as literal sex slave had been awesome. Ted and the other bandits stealing my little love slave; totally not acceptable. The thought made me furious.

“Where are the others?” I asked, trying to act along so he did not understand I was onto him.

“Lucas and the merchant are tied up in prison cells located at the barn, I think the bandits intend to bring them to some remote part of the mountain and kill them when they have questioned the merchant enough. Elenore they intend to keep as a sex slave, she was somewhere inside the building. I don’t know what they had planned for you,” Ted answered.

“You don’t know where she is?” I asked as I moved closer to him.

“No, not at the moment. I convinced the bandits that I wanted to join them. It was the only way I could imagine to help you two and escape getting killed. Unfortunately I have not learned enough about how they run this place or their schedule, they don’t trust me fully yet,” Ted answered.

I hesitated, had I jumped to conclusions about him being in league with the bandits?

My question was answered within moments when he used my lack of attention to tackle me hard. He aimed his elbow towards the tourniquet on my arm and the pain was so extensive that I barely managed to keep conscious. All I knew was that the pain had made me drop the sword and I was down on the floor. The treacherous sellsword had me pinned down with his weight pushing me down.

Did he really intend to rape me into submission? It seemed like that was his intention. I understood from his movement he was busy fumbling with the knot that kept his pants up while he kept me pinned down.

I suppose this was a situation that the demonic spirit in the sword would love, me getting abused by some lowly sellsword. I did not like the thought very much, I don’t ever want to be a victim.

“Seems like you don’t have that mysterious cock anymore. You will pay for the humiliation I suffered when I claimed to have fucked you and they showed me your cock. What did you do to have a cock that comes and goes?” he groaned as his hands forced my legs apart.

“I gave my soul to a demon,” I answered as I caught hold of his hands. He looked back at me confused by my words. Suddenly he realized I held his hands, in response I applied more pressure to my grip.

There was nothing he could do as I used my supernatural strength to literally crush his hands. I grinned at him as he trashed around above me trying to escape the pain. I did not release him, at least not until I was done, the bones in his hands were a mess. I pushed him off me and he rolled away in agony.

“Where is Elenore?” I asked. It took some shaking to get him to hear me though his agony.

“Probably serving as sex slave in the bunk room by the kitchen,” he eventually sobbed back, nodding towards the room I had came from.

Had Elenore been lying bound inside the bunk room unable to call out as she heard me fight with the bandits?

My patience with the sellsword was over. Filled with inspiration I took hold of the sword and aimed the handle towards his mouth. After all I had made a promise to use the sword on anyone from the caravan that hurt me or Elenore.

Would the sword transform to a cock if I forced him to swallow the full handle?

I did not really know and had trouble imagining how it would look like with a mouth turned into a groin. On the other hand I had trouble imagining my cunt turned into a cock before it actually happened.

In any case I was sure the demon in the sword would love me doing something like this. Imagine his mouth turned to a cock and me taking the cock inside me?

A pretty twisted idea if you ask me, but it felt fitting. I stopped to considered the risk of the sword turning back from dildo to sword during the fuck, but then decided the transformation was probably tied to my will since I am the mistress of the sword. The thought made me chuckle, me really in command of the sword.

I can’t say I have deep throated much cock, but trust me on this, Ted the sellsword had no great talent. He struggled futilely as I pushed the sword handle deeper and deeper into his throat. With him unable to use his broken hands and me having super strength it was given how it would end.

I had most of the sword handle down his throat when I realized he was actually choking. The handle was simply too large for him to get air at the same time.

“Oh poor thing, you can’t breath,” I said. He looked back at me with relief in his eyes.

I smirked at him as I pushed the final inches of the sword into his mouth. Had he forgotten how they forced Elenore to strangle me during sex the other day?

Disappointingly enough the sword did not transform when he swallowed it totally. I suppose some ideas are just too wicked to be true.

Everybody needs to breath, except Ted of course. I was in charge and I intended to slaughter the bastard anyway so why should I care about him suffering. I have heard sex when suffering from lack or air feels great. I left the sword handle jammed down in his throat and smiled wickedly.

I ripped his trousers open and let my hand fondle his groin. He did not notice, he was too busy trying to use his broken hands to push the sword out of his throat.

“You know what little traitor, I am going fuck you as you choke on my sword handle and there is nothing you can do about it,” I said and moved so my sex was pressed towards his groin.

He actually had managed to get the massive sword out a few inches, I pushed it back in as I did my best to excite him.

It was funny how the human body works. He was staring back at me in utter panic, but somehow the recognition of the reality of his situation made his restraints go away. He was no longer just semi erect and his cock was sliding into my sex as he stared back at me in a lethargic fashion comparable with my own the other day.

I gave him my best possible fuck as I watched him suffer from the lack or air. He did some weak attempts to get free, but between my super natural strength and the massive weight of the sword that kept his head pinned down there was little he could do.

This exotic way of murder; I got a real thrill from the wickedness of it. I felt myself approaching climax and thrashed wildly as passion washed over me.

As I came down from my climax I realized that he was not moving anymore. Some time during the act he had fainted. Was he still alive at this point? I couldn’t care less.

I made sure to break his neck as I pulled the sword out just to be sure. It felt very satisfying watching his violated corpse on the floor, but I realized I could not dwell on the scene. If I wanted to keep my arm I would need to stop and loosen the tourniquet on my arm. I will spare you the details of the pain from attending my injury, but I can assure you it hurt a lot.

A while later I was ready to start searching for Elenore. Actually it did not take long. I found her bound and gagged in the bunk room. Her body was literally covered in layers of dried semen.

“Are all the bastards dead?” she asked as I freed her.

“I killed six so far, one of them being the treacherous sellsword from the caravan, but I don’t know how many they are,” I answered as I rubbed her limbs to restore circulation.

“That is all of them,” Elenore replied, but the tone in her voice was still tense.

I waited for her until she continued. “I am so sorry for the other day. I didn’t dare to hold back when they told me to hurt you since they had brought forward the whip. The older bruises still hurt a lot.”

“Lucky for me you don’t have super strength,” I said.

I gave her a smile, it was not like I would hold her responsible for what the bandits forced her to do. Well actually it was just like me to take revenge, but I had just mutilated the male pigs that had tormented me so I was kind of satisfied for the moment.

She relaxed as she heard my words, but her fear was rather reasonable. It was not until I said the words that I was sure I was not mad about her hurting me.

“I don’t know what they intended for you, but me they wanted to get pregnant. They found my protection herbs and burnt them before they took turns on me,” she said.

“Your mature lover’s night is about now, right?” I asked. The implications were given, few guys know about it but all smart women know pregnancy just doesn’t happen. What day you have sex during the month matters a lot.

“No, it was a week ago, about when we moved though Leonard’s pass,” Elenore replied. That would be the night where I had used the demonic dildo created from the sword to fuck her again and again. I have been a captive of the robbers for much longer than I cared to admit to myself if her mature lover’s night was so long past.

“You are thinking about your magic cock getting me pregnant?” Elenore asked. “Besides the sex in the tent they forced us to have plenty of sex afterwards. They were very curious about your cock staying hard even when you were all but unconscious. It was not until they get back here and divided the loot they separated us and started to rape me so I am confident I carry your child.”

I gave her a long stare, magical cum from the demonic cock at her most fertile part of the month. It looked very likely she had a child growing inside her.

“If I am pregnant I very much prefer the thought that it is your child,” she said and gave me a strange happy smile.

I did not know how to respond, did she not realize the child might not be entirely human?

Still with us in the wilderness there was not much we could do about it. The child if existing would quicken before we could buy any new herbs. Actually the possible demonic child had probably already quickened if you considered Elenore’s weird talk about how happy she was to have my baby. She ran away from home to avoid being made a housewife of some bandit and now she was glowing about the thought that she might be pregnant with a possible demonic child.

“You better stay around until we know,” I finally said.

“You mean you will allow me to stay with you? I did promise to serve you, but you never spoke about how long our arrangement would stay,” Elenore asked.

“You are mine little sex slave, keep me satisfied and you have little to worry about,” I answered.

It felt fitting saying it, after all I just before brutally killed a bunch of men because they had taken advantage of us.

“I am at your service, but maybe we should stop talking. I need to take care of the injury on your arm,” Elenore said as she looked at the tourniquet with worry.

I nodded to her and she got busy ripping bed linen to make a better bandage.

“What about the merchant, from what I heard from the bandits they kept him alive to force him to reveal business secrets they could sell to other traders,” Elenore asked.

“Ted said he should be in the barn, and we will make sure he is free before we leave, but I intend to depart when we have found my money and some clothes and gear. I see little value in assisting him with getting the wares down to the coast. To travel with him raises the risk that he starts asking questions about how the bandits were defeated. We better finish the visit to Netters Harbour before his caravan gets there,” I responded.

“What about your coins? Do you think they kept your gold separate from their own coins?” Elenore asked as she finished with the bandage.

“All the coins are mine as far as I am concerned, the merchant will have plenty of loot that he can make money from,” I answered. It was not like I assembled my current fortune by splitting fairly with other people.

She finished a better bandage without any tourniquet. My arm was wrapped to my body so I could not move it, but much better than losing the arm due to blood loss.

“With all the enemy dead I think it is time for my victory celebration. Can you gather the stuff we need for our journey in the meantime?” I asked.

Elenore actually blushed, she had seen me thanking the sword after a fight.

She hesitated for a moment. I am sure she desired to watch me, or did she want me to turn the sword into a magic cock and fuck her?

She nodded and moved out of the room. I bent down and picked up the huge sword. It must have looked weird with me carrying the sword in my left hand like the weight was nothing.

You expect me now to lay down on the beds in the bunk room and start masturbating? Sounds kind of lame, of course I entered the next room and went down on my knees in the largest pool of blood I could find.

The demon inside the sword does obviously delight in me degrading myself and doing stuff like using sex to break marriages. On the other hand the sword also does absorb blood. Maybe I am the first person cursed by sword to realize the potential of serving both cravings at the same time.

I started to feed the dildo into my cunt. It takes practice to do this since both the sword blade and the handle is huge, and sitting down on the ground means there was little space for the sword. I have discovered canlı casino that by leaning backwards I can get just the right angle to satisfy my sexual urges in the best possible ways while the tip of the sword rests in a pool of blood.

Moaning deeply I took more and more of the dildo shaped handle inside me. If I pressed the full length inside the sword would transform into the magical cock, but I actually decided against it. For the moment I wanted the sword to feed on the blood and that would be kind of hard if the cock transformed. No way that I would degrade myself by starting humping the floor.

When the sword enters a female cunt the dildo actually turns animated. Working your inside feels like if you have a score of fingers working together there. The only thing reminding me that it was a demonic dildo giving me pleasure was the coldness of the metal. It felt wickedly good.

You wonder if I was afraid of the sword’s transformation after being exposed for it so long…nah…I was just satisfied at having the perfect magic dildo inside me without getting distracted by a magic cock.

I don’t know how long it took the sword to swallow all the blood there. I had come twice by the time Elenore returned and by then the blood around me had been drained. There was of course plenty of more blood stains all over the place in other places, the sword could only absorb the blood it actually touches.

Elenore reported all had gone rather well. After some searching, she had found the coins, the sheet for the sword and actual female clothes that fit us. They had taken quite many caravans before ours and lucky for us one had carried female clothes the robbers had not been able to sell. It was linen clothes not really suited for long travel in the autumn, but at least it was tunics and trousers. Narrow skirts might look great on the dance floor but they sucks while traveling.

There was no fitting armor, but that was expected. Armor that fits my curvy female form is rather rare.

The idea of me turning up in front of the merchant with the sword that I was supposed to have dumped before the toll station did not seem very smart.

Elenore had told the merchant and the sellsword that the bandits had killed each other over who to get to rape next. The ploy that the bandits had killed each other would of course not work for long. When they saw the carnage inside the cottage they would start to suspect things and it was of course also the question how the final bandit had died.

I doubted the merchant really believed I was a real sellsword and if unlucky they would suspect I had summoned a demon or something similar. Far too close to the truth and my best idea was to slip away and hope the merchant did not dare to talk about what had happened.

I had considered getting rid of the bodies, but my thank you ceremony with the sword had taken longer than expected so we were out of time. Besides I did not have the time to let the sword absorb all the other blood stains so removing the bodies could at best buy us time. The broken furniture would also be a giveaway about the kind of violent combat that had happened in the cottage.

Me and Elenore slipping away without asking for payment for killing the bandits would no doubt be sure proof of some kind of deception, so why take the trouble to hide the corpses in the first place?

I just hope they would not dare to say anything. Talking about me and my sword might give them some money short term but it could also make them end in jail. After all it was due to merchant Rode’s caravan that I made me able to move secretly into the Netter’s Coast district in the first place. James Rode might not be so keen to talk about us if he was smart.

It was time for me to resume my quest to murder Carmen Elisa. Was she waiting for me at Netter’s Harbour?

* * *

As we traveled north towards Netter’s Harbour we kept a low profile with my right arm still in bandages. In truth, there was nothing wrong with the arm itself, but the farmer’s wife that helped me with sewing the wound had agreed that moving the arm would rip the shoulder wound open again.

Elenore kept asking for me to use the magic dildo again as a cock so I could fuck her, but I declined since I needed to heal my shoulder before I ended in a new duel.

From my point of view her fingers and tongue on my sex was enough and why should she complain? After all I do return the favor to her most of the nights.

As for the sword we had it wrapped in a carpet found at the robbers hideout. Explaining why two females on the road do carry a carpet would be tricky, but I decided it was better than being seen with the sword with a dildo handle.

Lord Netter’s soldiers would be looking for a male with a dildo covered weapon and I hoped they would fail to imagine females would have the sword hidden in a carpet.

“How far do you think is it to Netter’s Harbour?” Elenore wondered as we approached yet another one out of the many small towns along the way.

“Avoiding the main roads to keep a low profile increases the distance a lot. Takes us longer but it is positive that it gives my shoulder time to heal. If my memory was correct we will be at our destination in about a month,” I responded.

“I want you to fill me up with a certain cock, can we play around some tonight?” Elenore asked with a husky tone in her voice.

I gave her a long stare. If you looked closer her teenage stomach was not really as flat anymore. I knew there was a demon child growing inside her womb and it was clearly messing around with her head.

“It is too early,” I said and nodded towards my shoulder. “On the other hand it is time to make the demon in Nachal happy again. Do you think we can wreck a marriage before we leave the village?”

“If that makes you happy my mistress. I suppose you intend for me to do the fucking since you are still wrapped in bandage?” Elenore responded.

“The important thing is that it makes the demon in the sword happy,” I responded. No use to trying to pretend I am the real mistress, I long ago gave up trying to resist the evil suggestions from the sword.

I suppose you might be wondering how I could be sure we would get the opportunity to mess up some marriage in an unknown little town.

The answer is pretty simple, the demon in the sword directs what I do and the longer I stall causing trouble for some victim along the way the more often the demon guides me into situations where there is opportunity.

In this particular small town there was an actual apothecary. Considering the size of the town it was clear that it mostly delivered herbs to larger cities, but there was a local shop where prospective buyers could come and see how the herbs were prepared.

I guess the shop was good for the business since they seemed to be doing quite fine, but I sincerely doubt it was anything but a show for noblemen that came to visit. The bulk of the herbs delivered was probably prepared in some different place.

When we passed the apothecary the sword inside the carpet roll vibrated and it was obvious the demon had sensed some kind of opportunity.

We entered the shop while pretending we needed some relief for my shoulder. The shop was run by a middle aged man named Frank and his daughter Lauri that was around Elenore’s age. As we asked about different herbs we learned that the wife was the local midwife that normally worked in the shop, but currently she was away to assist the wife of one of the merchants that was about to have a baby.

Older guys are really not my thing, something about the baldness of middle aged men always puts me off. On the other hand I could direct Elenore to do the actual fucking.

Actually I was starting to have a wicked idea, but obviously we needed to get inside their household to have the opportunity to do anything at all. It was always harder to seduce somebody if they are at work than at home, at least if they have the honest kind of work.

I was considering how to best get us invited, but it turned out Elenore had it already covered. Lauri was warming up to have a similar age girl to talk to and soon she offered us to stay with them for the night since she believed we were short on coins after buying the expensive herbs.

I struggled to hide my smile, inside the carpet roll there was a number of coin bags that held both the coins I had gathered from duels and the coins I took from the robbers. I could easily purchase their whole business if I so desired.

As for the carpet we had some lame story about it being a family heirloom that we needed to deliver to relatives to settle an old feud. I joked about the men in the family not being men enough to dare to deliver the carpet and it seemed Frank and Lauri believed in the story. Maybe the demon actually aids our ability to persuade people of things that aid the demon’s desired agenda. I would surely not have believed our story.

Lauri guided us to their home on the backside of the apothecary, but then had returned to the shop until the day was over. It actually suited me quite well since this would allow us to plan what to do next.

They had an actual guest room that we could use. We settled our gear there and sat down to plan the night activities.

“What is the plan?” Elenore asked.

“I have this idea about you convince Frank that we are into bondage and is dying for him to hogtie us and fuck our brains out,” I said.

“Bondage? Nothing I ever had done, but sounds interesting,” she responded obviously intrigued by what I might have in mind.

“The catch is that we will make a switch so that the daughter Lauri is on the receiving end,” I explained.

“Getting him to fuck his daughter, that is nasty!” she exclaimed. “How will we do it?”

“We pretend you have actually already tied me up, but in truth it is a gagged Lauri there on the bed. We have roughly the same hair color and if we have a fake bandage and poor light I think he will fall for it. You get him inside and instruct him how to tie you up and fuck you and what he believes is me.”

“If you act horny enough he will not have reason to look closer on who he fucks. Only shame is that I don’t have any good ideas on how to make the wife discover us in the middle of the act, maybe I will manage to figure something out,” I said.

“Getting a midwife to leave a difficult delivery sounds very hard, but maybe it is not needed. If we leave enough evidence that something happened will not the wife start to suspect something?” Elenore suggested.

“That is a good idea,” I responded. If we left clues that Frank was lusting after his daughter the wife will start to watch the interaction between them more closely. Unless the daughter turns out to be a real slut there was bound to be signs of trauma for her mother to discover. Actually this would be true no matter if she liked the night or not, getting fucked by your father was bound to mean something one way or another.”

We spent the time until they returned from the shop to gather used lingerie from Lauri’s room that we could later hide in the master bedroom. One interesting discovery in the master bedroom was a drawer with lots of linen straps cut in perfect length for bondage and some very nice ropes that would be perfect for a hogtie. It seemed Frank and his wife were already into bondage.

Amazing that these trusting people would invite perfect strangers to be alone in their house. The suspicion that the demon aided me in these kinds of deceptions seem well founded.

I spare you the boring details of the interaction when Frank and Lauri came home. Elenore aided with the cooking in the kitchen and we made sure to act as the perfect guests.

One surprise became obvious during the social talk. First I thought it was a problem but actually it turned out to be beneficial.

Lauri had actually promised her mother that she would come over and aid her with the delivery of the baby. Having Frank assume his family would be away for the night made the seduction more easy and a no show from the daughter would make the mother suspicious.

My problem for the night was to sneak out, kidnap the girl when she left the house and keep her hidden silently until we sprung the trap. All this to be done with just one working arm since I still had my right arm in wraps.

Seriously, I am just messing with you. With my enhanced strength the task to subdue an ordinary girl was no real problem.

She came out of the building wearing surprisingly light clothes. Her heavy cape was actually suitable for the autumn weather but it was clear she had been using it for a number of years since it barely covered her ass and none of her legs.

Her legs were of course covered in linen cloth, but for the trained eye like mine that likes both men and women little was required for me to imagine her curves.

It felt dirty looking at her in this fashion, with our matching hair color it felt like watching a younger version of me. To be honest this just turned me on even more, I was so looking forward to again having the kind of fun the demon in Nachal have taught me to love.

I had the cloth gag ready when I jumped her from behind and before she knew it, she had the gag in her mouth. Desperately she struggled to get free and I used a fraction of my strength to bash her into the wall.

She literally froze in fear as she felt my massive strength. I used the opportunity to tie her arms behind her. She started to turn her head to see who assaulted her but I intervened and pulled a blind fold over her eyes. Her not knowing who kidnapped her would add to the experience.

In desperation she tried to kick me but I caught her foot in an iron grip. It was a shame that I with just one arm free could not molest her at the same time since her pussy was so exposed.

Actually the situation was still pretty neat. Her standing on one leg since I held her foot while she wiggled around while blinded, gagged and bound. I admired her for a while until I let go of her foot. Surprised she struggled for balance and I caught hold of the rope holding her bound arms.

What shall a poor girl do when she wants to discipline her victim with just one arm free. Simple really; I pulled the rope tight and then bit down on the rope.

If she really had tried to come free I doubt I would have had enough leverage with the rope even with my supernatural strength, but I had her afraid enough by now that she did not dare to resist.

With a wide grin I slapped her inviting ass. I aimed for a light slap, but from the sound of it I failed since she groaned in pain. The impact had her stumbling away as far as the rope arms would allow her. Using the rope I pulled her back.

She whimpered in discomfort as I took hold of the linen cloth covering her vulnerable ass and ripped. Just like that her ass was exposed for the world to see.

I really liked the white skin exposed to chill evening air, but there was nothing that cannot be improved. Grinning wildly I started to spank her, hard enough to turn her cute white ass slightly red but making sure that I constrained my great strength so I did not break the skin or any bones.

Finally she was so bruised that only touching her lightly made her whimper in discomfort. I decided enough was enough and picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She just hung there humiliated and defeated.

Getting inside again without Frank seeing us required some sneaking, but Elenore was keeping him busy with tales of how sexy she found it to be fucked when you were utterly bound. Frank was making encouraging prompts, it was clear he really was kaçak casino into bondage.

A shame that I could not tell if ever had acted on his desires. I did not take any genius to understand that he had tied his wife on at least some occasions, but there are plenty of alternatives between some mild constraints and hard core bondage scenarios that I desired.

I dumped Lauri on the bed and started to strip her clothes. At one time she tried to bolt from bed despite being blind folded. I caught her hair and brutally pulled her back to the bed. The pain did not make her drop her resistance and irritated I took a strangling grip around her throat. She got the message and stopped resisting as I tied her to a nice hogtie. I am very good with knots.

She had got her cape off her, but she still had most of her linen clothes. Most likely the poor little girl found it to be comfort that she was not totally naked. Too bad I needed linen to create the fake shoulder bandage.

I started to rip the clothes apart and I really enjoyed the trembles in her body when she realized she soon would be naked.

Actually getting the bandage look realistic with her arms hogtied behind her back was a challenge. The saving grace was that they did not know the full extent of my injury. They knew I had my arm in a sling and wrapped to the body, but could not tell that the pulled back position she was in was exactly the kind of situation I should avoid while my shoulder healed.

I did a clumsy bandage that approximately matched my own and then set back to enjoy my work.

There was a risk Frank would recognize the daughter even while naked, but I was hoping they as small business targeted at the rich city people did not have a casual nudity common in the countryside. If he had not in fact seen her naked for a number of years it might be hard to recognize her. At least she did not have any obvious scars or anything like that.

Now it was up to Elenore to trick Frank into our room in the mood for sex. The tricky bit was of course to do it in a way that allowed Elenore to pretend that she had time to tie me up before they got there.

I went out to Elenore and Frank that seemed friendly to each other, but was not anywhere near getting into anything sexual. Their topic had moved from the sex into talk about business.

Frank was busy talking about the hardship of dealing with city nobles and somehow Elenore’s experiences from serving in an Inn seemed to allow her fake interest in this boring topic. Considering my experiences from traveling the roads of the kingdom I was not really surprised; assholes are the same no matter if they are nobles or not.

Me talking about assholes, yea, I am a total hypocrite considering what I was planning for the poor family that had given us shelter.

“You know what Lydia,” Elenore suddenly said. “We got into talking about dirty stuff earlier and he shares some of our kinks.”

“What! You talked about such things!” I exclaimed as I hid my face in my hands.

One of the benefits of super strength was that I can fake a blush easily. Just a quick super powered nip at my cheeks and they turn red when I remove my hands. Of course it hurts a bit, but nothing compared to how I hurt myself the first weeks with super strength when I accidentally broke just about every object I picked up.

“Tell Frank what your favorite part is about being tied up?” Elenore asked with a naughty smile on her lips.

“That I cannot resist when they do it to me,” I responded after faking reluctance to answer for a while.

“You mean like when an older man is pounding your sex and you at utterly at his mercy,” Elenore taunted.

It was time to blush for real now as I looked at Frank. She was talking utter nonsense. I freely admit that I have issues with older men, something about them touching me freaks me out. The plan to have Frank fucking Elenore and the daughter suited me just right.

“I don’t…I mean I…” I stuttered. I did not know what to say to fit whatever plan Elenore had in mind. The assignment was for her to seduce him, should be simple right?

“She will pretend like she does not like it during the act, but then she will brag about how horny it made her to be taken like that, for weeks afterwards,” Elenore told Frank.

The lustful stare that Frank gave me deepened my blush.

“This feels awkward,” I said without lying at all.

“Good that we are alone tonight,” Frank said. “This talk would have been awkward with my daughter here.”

“Your wife would not mind the subject?” I asked.

“Actually she would,” Frank admitted reluctantly. “She used to be so open minded back in the days and I could get her to test almost anything. Then she had a religious conversion and became convinced that sex is purely for creating children.”

“Such a shame,” Elenore said. “What happened?”

“Like a year ago she ran into a nun named Carmen that talked her into this nonsense,” Frank responded.

“Carmen?” I asked, surprised by the name.

“Yes, a damn prude from the Nemthom monastery that came through town and would not leave Hilda alone until she had converted. I think she got interested since Hilda is a midwife,” Frank said.

“Do you know the family name of the nun?” I asked. The thought of the sexual minx of Carmen Elisa as a nun was ridiculous, but I had to ask.

“I never knew. Do nuns use their family name after taking the vows?” Frank asked.

He was of course right. Besides. I already had a solid lead on Carmen Elisa being in Netter’s Harbor more recently than a year back.

That lead included my ex-fiance Philip and fitted what I knew about my target much better. The similar name was most likely just a random match that did not matter for my quest to kill Carmen Elisa and send her to hell.

“Are you trying to change the subject?” Elenore asked with a teasing tone in her voice.

“Maybe,” I responded. “I don’t think it is appropriate to talk about sexual things with our kind host.”

“You are such a prude, at least until you become tied up,” Elenore said.

“I need to sleep now. It was a long trip,” I said.

“You are right,” Elenore commented. “We need sleep if we shall continue our journey tomorrow.”

“Sleep well,” Frank said.

We entered the guest room and looked at poor Lauri that lay hogtied on the bed. I wondered if she could imagine what would happen to her, I guess not.

“That went rather well,” Elenore said.

“I thought you had blown it when you went all explicit,” I said.

“I got it covered. From what Frank said before I had guessed the situation with Hilda. They have not had any kind of sex for a year now since Hilda think they are too old to have children. He is starved for sex,” Elenore explained.

“So what now? You go to him and claim to have me hogtied and ready for sex?” I asked.

“Pretty much, except I add the detail that you have a thing for the fantasy about the older man being your father. You want the older man fucking you to claim you are his daughter,” Elenore said.

“Nasty!” I responded with a wide grin.

There was no hiding space in the guest room so we had to wait until Frank had gone to bed and then I left the room and hid in the kitchen. Elenore went to Frank’s bedroom and I waited in silence.

It took awhile before I heard Frank and Elenore walking to the guest room. There was actually no door to the guest room so I did not dare to peek inside so I waited in anticipation if our trap would work.

“Take that slutty daughter of mine!” I heard Frank taunt and I knew that Lauri was having exactly the kind of experience I had wished for.

I took the risk that Frank looked towards the door since I needed to see them doing it. Like I had hoped Frank was leaning over Lauri’s bound body and fucking her hard. My hogtie left Lauri on the stomach with legs spread apart for easy access.

Personally I am more fond of the girl being on her back while hogtied, but I had decided the risk he would recognize her face was too great if he saw her face.

He was alternating between fucking her and spanking her. All the time talking dirty about how he was taking advantage of his daughter.

Elenore was actually not hogtied at all, he had just bound her arms so she could give a helping mouth and urge him on to fuck his daughter harder.

It looked like Frank was going to cum inside his daughter’s fertile pussy. The likelihood that he would turn towards the door seemed large so I moved away from the door.

Finally it all went quiet and I waited for Frank to return from the guest room. Something was nagging at my attention, but I could not tell what disturbed me. It felt like the silence just before combat, but I could not imagine where any danger would come from. Frank was not the fighting type.

Somebody was coming from the guest room and I tried to see through the gloom of the night to see what Frank seemed to be thinking about. To my surprise it was actually Elenore that broke the silence.

“Lydia, are you there?” Elenore asked. “He actually went to sleep after raping her, but he tied my hands up during the foreplay so I need assistance to get free.”

“Imagine if the wife finds him there in the morning,” I said with a purr of delight.

“Imagine him waking up besides his hogtied daughter,” Elenore said. “Shall we make sure to be gone before that?”

“I am considering it,” I said. “It would be sort of fun to be present when the wife comes home, at least be watching from a distance.”

“Okay, my hands are in front of me but too tight to loosen. Can you get the rope off my wrists,?” Elenore asked.

“I suppose I could, but would it not be nice if we messed around in the master bedroom and give evidence that there happened sex there too,” I answered.

“Sounds like you want your slave bound for a bit more,” Elenore responded with anticipation in her voice and we walked to the bedroom.

On the way there I considered if we should have just regular sex in the bed or raise the stakes a bit. What if I spanked her enough that I broke her skin so we left blood strains?

I had never been so rough with her, but there must always be a first time for everything.

The bedroom was completely dark, but after our earlier investigation we knew the layout of the room. I walked inside when I suddenly froze in alarm. I smelled something odd that I could not directly place.

Elenore had continued towards the bed when she suddenly grunted in discomfort. Suddenly I knew the smell, it was the musky smell of a male, but not old Frank but somebody unknown.

Suddenly there was light in the room from the bedside table. A smuggler’s lantern had been opened so that the bed was covered in faint light. Elenore was down on the bed with an unknown male holding a dagger towards her throat.

“If you do anything stupid your cunt dies and I kill you afterwards!” the man threatened and I instantly recognized the voice. It was Lucas the mercenary that had worked with us on the caravan. I had assumed he would stay with the merchant, but somehow he had managed to follow us to this small town.

No, I did not try to jump him or anything. He was holding a dagger to Elenore’s throat and my own weapons were back in the guest room. I might be very strong but taking out a solid warrior like the sellsword would not be quick enough if I was empty handed.

“What do you want?” I asked in a tense voice.

“Revenge on the cunts that cheated me on the pay for the caravan trip,” Lucas responded.

“That is an issue between you and merchant Rode,” I said.

“He claims you stole his money so he can’t pay me anything. Beside my own money was taken by the robbers too, but not a single coin could be found afterwards. I just got this stupid note of he owing me money,” Lucas complained.

“Oh,” I simply said as I realized my mistake. Taking every coin from the robbers hideout had not been very smart in hindsight.

“You’re so gonna regret you took my money,” Lucas threatened.

“Please calm down, I will give you money matching what Rode owes you and your own money and you will end with even more when Rode has sold the wares so he can pay you,” I said.

“More like the reverse, you get to keep the money Rode owes you and I take the rest,” he said.

“Is that so?” I asked with coldness creeping into my voice. It was not smart, much better to act docile until I had Elenore safe away from him but I couldn’t help myself. He was pissing me off.

“You damn right about that. I will sample your nubile flesh once more and make sure you learn your lesson,” Lucas threatened.

“I took the money, let her go and you can fuck me in any fashion you desire,” I suggested. If I could just separate them I could use my strength to hurt him a lot.

“Sounds like a plan, but first I need you put on those shackles,” he said and nodded towards a pair of hand shackles on the floor.

I picked them up hoping they might serve as a suitable weapon, but they were frail things with barely any weight at all even with the metal. The chain between the shackles was too short to be useful. I considered throwing them at Lucas with all my might, but it seemed risky. What if he accidentally cut Elenore when hit?

“Slip your hands into them!” Lucas prompted.

With the short chain there was no way I could push the metal sprints keeping the shackles together so maybe my best option was to play along and murder the bastard when he tried to lock the shackles with the metal pins.

I put my hands through the shackles and yelped when they snapped shut by magic.

Dumbfounded I watched the sprints locked in place and making the hands shackled. I tensed my muscles to see if I could break the slender metal. All around the shackles there were magic runes burning in eerie blue light and the metal refused to bend.

“No demon summoning for you this time,” he boasted and let go of Elenore.

I tried to resist when he bent forward to drag me to the bed, but the shackles were pulsating by magic every time I tried to use my strength. There was no way slender me could resist a full grown male with my just natural strength.

I lost my breath as he slammed me down on the bed and within moments he had literally dropped Elenore on top of me.

I grasped for air as I felt both his and Elenore’s weight pressing me down. The whimpering from Elenore left little doubt that he was forcing his cock into her unprotected sex. Crying in shame and anger I tried to break free but I did not have the needed leverage.

Suddenly I felt his cock probing at my sex and I barely had any time to prepare myself before he forced himself into me. Considering my addiction to fucking it would be a lie to say that he found the entry hard. My treacherous sex was wet and loose enough for him to enter me, but he still forced himself into me, I did not want to have sex like this. I should never be the victim!

He alternated between raping me and Elenore and when we made a lame attempt to break loose he rained down blows on her unprotected back as revenge. Elenore froze after this and I realized that there was little I could do on my own to break free from the abuse. Biting my lip I suffered through the fucking that ended with him spraying us both with his cum.

“I think I shall bring you to a nearby temple and get a bounty for turning in a demon summoner like you, but not before I have taken you again and again to compensate for when you went to others because they had more coins to spend!” he boosted as he again fucked my defenseless pussy.

All I could do in the meantime as he raped me was to stare at the magic shackles that prevented me from using the magic strength granted by Nachal. Somehow he would pay for this humiliation!

End of chapter 3/5

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